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==== ==== For the best related Tips, here the best related website: ==== ==== Fasting & Prayer For many different types of religion fasting goes hand and hand with prayer. It allows a person to move away from tangible things and to focus on their faith. It is believed that this willpower a person has will provide them with the strength they need to vanquish evil from their lives. Individuals are asked to readily identify why they are fasting. For example it could be to strengthen their faith or to get past a difficult time in their life. It is important to have a plan when it comes to the issue of fasting and prayer. How are you going to accomplish your goals during the process? How long are you going to continue the fasting process? What foods or drinks will you allow yourself to have during this period of time? How much of your time daily are you going to commit to adding more prayer to it? Also, are you in good enough physical condition that fasting isnt going to create health issues for your body? Many individuals experience hunger pangs during the first three days of fasting. They are encourage to pray each time they feel these pangs of hunger. This will help them to focus more on prayer and less on the fasting part of the process. Reading passages in the Bible about fasting can give a person direction, support, and the motivation they need to continue as well. For those that are very physically active, keep in mind that the body isnt going to be able to keep it up while fasting. Cut back on the vigorous exercises you normally do. Commit that time to prayer as well so that you can really walk away from the fasting process with a more spiritual connection. Some people find that fasting results in their mood changing. They may find it difficult to sleep, have less energy, and even become irritable. Use the power of prayer to help you find patience and to overcome these issues. Once again if you find you cant sleep then you need to use that time for prayer. It can be a very spiritual process for you to combine fasting and prayer together.

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