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A Warm Welcome It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Tuxford Academy. Everyone associated with the school is justly proud of what has been achieved over the years. Expectations are high, community spirit within the school is excellent and examination results continue to excel.


The academy has an impressive track record of success over a sustained period of time, but does not rest on its laurels. Leaders and managers’... uncompromising pursuit of excellence is securely founded on rigorous self review... Ofsted inspection report

We intend to ensure Tuxford remains a top performing school. This will be facilitated by continuing to develop productive partnerships within the school and beyond. Working closely with parents and others will benefit our students and ensure Tuxford continues to flourish. We have superb facilities available to our students and we have, in consultation with the students, developed these even further over the past 18 months. We intend to continue to invest in the buildings and grounds hence creating a first class environment for our students. Visitors to the school often comment on the positive atmosphere, the fantastic students and a strong sense of purpose that exists in the school. This is only possible by working in partnership with parents and we plan to strengthen these relationships even further. For those of you applying for places in Year 7 I am sure your daughters/sons will enjoy an excellent and successful all round education. If your application is at first turned down and you really want your child to come to this school, my advice is that you should appeal against the decision. By all means contact me at school and I will advise you on the process you will need to follow. I look forward to meeting you in the future. Geoff Lloyd Principal

Our Academy Tuxford Academy is an 11-19 comprehensive with specialist technology and teaching school status. The school today is both popular and successful. Expectations are high. Examination results are impressive and continue to climb; our Post 16 Centre is growing year by year. Although there are twelve official feeder schools in our “family” we currently accommodate pupils from over 25 primary schools who live in an area of 200 square miles.

What Tuxford Academy offers your child  Consistently high examination results

 Contained, single-site campus

 High expectations for teaching & learning

 A culture of respect for other people

 Highly motivated staff

 An integrated community of students

 A modern building with stateof-the-art facilities  Good transport links to a wide area  A safe, secure environment

S t Students are courteous and considerate. They T h conduct themselves with commendable maturity in lessons and around the academy. Their positive attitudes are a keyy factor in their progress and achievement. Ofsted inspection report

 High standards of behaviour

 A strong tradition of sporting achievement  A wide choice of extra-curricular activities and trips

A Personalised Curriculum Meeting the individual needs of all students is a core priority at Tuxford Academy. All students take Cognitive Ability Tests in Year 6 for diagnostic purposes. Support and intervention are provided when needed; anything from literacy support to building confidence and self esteem. In Years 7 and 8 students follow the National Curriculum and study the normal range of subjects including French. Students can also study a second Modern Foreign Language, either German or Spanish. The curriculum is kept as flexible as possible throughout each year to ensure a varied diet of approaches and ways of learning. As part of this we have two Curriculum Days and seven Flexible Fridays where the timetable is re-written in a creative and innovative way. This allows us to provide a wide range of educational trips and team building activities. In Year 9 the subjects are broadly the same, but there is the flexibility for some students to start their GCSE courses early in certain subjects. This may then lead to a three year GCSE course or possible early entries to exams in Year 10. The September timetable, for all students, begins after the May half term. This provides them with a head start for examination success.

Full option choices are available in Year 10 and 11, when students can choose from GCSE courses or high value BTEC courses. Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

History Geography Philosophy & Ethics Leisure & Tourism BTEC Public Services

French German Health & Social Care ICT Leisure & Tourism Spanish BTEC Public Services BTEC ICT

Art Business Studies Drama French ICT Music Philosophy & Ethics BTEC ICT

BTEC Engineering BTEC Hospitality Art Business Studies Geography History ICT Technology subject

Systematic S y use of assessment underpins students’ learning and progress. Students st are aware of their targets and how they can improve, and teachers are quick to identify any who are falling behind.. Ofsted inspection report

The academy promotes exceptionally well the students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development by encouraging them to be reflective and to value one another’s qualities and differences. Ofsted inspection report

Reliable Support and Guidance Tuxford Academy is a large school and many of our students are from small rural communities so we place great emphasis on helping the individual feel at home and settled as quickly as possible. This is why everyone joins a small vertical tutor group for the whole of his or her time in school. Approximately four students from each year group are placed in tutor groups – making about twenty students at any time in a unit that functions like a substitute family in many ways. The form groups (known as ‘Learning Teams’) are often led by two or more staff, both teaching and support. Two or three Post 16 students are also attached to each Team for part of the week. This means that there would be much help, support and guidance available to your son or daughter. However all students have opportunities to act as leaders (of activities, meetings, teams, etc) once they have gained the confidence. Learning Team time is twenty minutes a day, in the morning. Learning teams are grouped into four Colleges led by Heads of College, supported by College Progress Leaders. The colleges coordinate pastoral support, learning time programmes, inter-College sporting events, quiz competitions and much more. The colleges are also leading the school’s participation in the Investors in Pupils award scheme which aims to develop young people’s understanding of the function of schools, their leadership skills and their awareness of community values.

Motivating for Success Classroom innovation at Tuxford has included: the use of detailed performance data to set learning targets for every student, a focus on developing students’ thinking skills as well as subject knowledge and the extensive use of challenges and rewards. The Academy has a high reputation for the quality of teaching and the quality of professional development. As a teaching school and a national support school Tuxford is asked to help other schools drive up their standards too. Working in partnership with parents and students is at the heart of the way in which the school operates. We believe that students can be most effectively supported in their learning and development if school and home work closely together with full co-operation on both sides.

Tuxford Academy Mission Statement High aspirations and high expectations leading to high achievement for all - within a safe, supportive and challenging environment.

Students know what they should achieve in each lesson because learning objectives are routinely shared, and work is carefully structured and well pitched. Ofsted inspection report

The T h academy’s very high expectations and exceptional support and guidance an ensure that students, including those facing barriers to engagement and achievement, are given everyy opportunity to succeed. Ofsted inspection report

Identifying and Stimulating Talent Whilst our public examination results are impressive and continue to improve, the school is also very successful in recognising other skills. One of the major strengths of Tuxford Academy is its enterprise culture. Staff are encouraged and supported in any professional initiative they wish to take within and outside the curriculum and this is why the school is such a busy and exciting place to work.

See website for further information This admissions brochure should be read in conjunction with the school website: The academy is very proud of its reputation for quality communication - clearly written and readily available. The website is an important medium for publishing information swiftly and accurately. Schools are required by law to make various policies, procedures and data available to parents - and the website is where these can be found. Here the information can be found at any time in a single location and they are kept up to date much more easily than when they were issued once a year in printed format.

A Learning Environment At Tuxford Academy we insist that classes are “on task and on target,” that lessons are efficiently organised, have a clear purpose and are well structured. We promote positive attitudes and we will not tolerate classroom disrupters. The working environment is attractive as much effort is put into displays and seating arrangements. We are able to attract the best teachers and we ensure that they too continue to learn and develop.

Academy status and DALP Tuxford School gained academy status on 1st August 2011. The governing body took the decision to opt out of local authority control to give the academy greater freedom to manage its finances. The academy continues to work closely with the LA and buys services from county if they are good value for money. Tuxford Academy is a founding member of the Diverse Academies Learning Partnership. Currently five secondary schools and a primary school are linked within DALP to raise standards, share expertise and reduce costs across the schools - for the benefit of all students.

The T h academy’s well-structured and we flexible curriculum is central to securing students’ positive engagement and achievement. Ofsted inspection report

The quality of learning in the sixth form lessons is a notable strength. Lessons are well-structured and challenging and enable most sixth form students to make good progress and meet or exceed their individual targets. Ofsted inspection report

Successful Post 16 Centre Over recent years the Post 16 Centre at Tuxford has gone from strength to strength. New subjects have been added to the wide choice already on offer. New opportunities for students to lead have been developed and the modern building has been modified to improve amenities still further. The Centre has a well-equipped fitness suite, a refectory serving refreshments throughout the day, video conferencing facilities, a large car park and plenty of space for private study. In September each year many students join the school for the first time at post 16 level, but the school also enjoys an impressive staying on rate. Every post 16 student is promised a personalised timetable to reflect an individual pathway to useful qualifications.

The main difference that Post 16 Centre students will notice is that they are expected to take a greater responsibility for their progress. They will enjoy greater freedom to organise their study time between lessons, choose appropriate dress, relax in their own refectory and so on. As they are treated like young adults, they are expected to act in an adult manner too: setting a good example to younger pupils and becoming much more independent as students.

Skills for Life One of the strengths of Tuxford Post 16 Centre is that it is part of an 11 to 19 school. To put it simply, we offer continuity of high quality education. Most of our students already know the staff with whom they will be working and have confidence in them; there is no need to adjust to new surroundings and different staff at the start of post 16 courses. Of course several students join us after GCSEs and these new arrivals soon discover why Tuxford is famous for being a warm and welcoming school at all levels. At Post 16 our innovative and personalised curriculum continues. All subjects studied during Year 11 have a guaranteed pathway into Post 16 studies. The range of courses is suited to preparing students for the world of work or university life. At Tuxford we recognise that leisure, relaxation and making new friends are important for success. At post 16 level we encourage students to take full advantage of a wide variety of enrichment opportunities. Your confidence will grow, both academically and socially, if you take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Enrichment activities include sports leadership, Duke of Edinburgh, extended project, sporting programmes, mentoring opportunities, school based employment and wider global awareness projects.

Most sixth-form lessons observed were good or outstanding because teachers nurture academic curiosity and promote excellence. Ofsted inspection report

Catchment area Wider area served


Retford Laneham


Worksop Elkesley Walesby Ollerton Edwinstowe Norwell




North Muskham


South Muskham Newark

For further information... • Visit the website: • Book an Intake Tour of the Academy (phone Mrs R Watson on 01777 870001 ext. 555) • Book an Intake Tour of the Post 16 Centre (phone Mrs G Cupit on 01777 874207)

Admission arrangements Nottinghamshire County Council continues to administer the admissions process for Tuxford Academy. Places are allocated by applying the admission criteria that can be found on our website. Enquiries and applications for Year 6 transition should be made in writing to: NCC North Base, Meadow House, Littleworth, Mansfield NG18 2TA

Marnham Road Tuxford Newark Nottinghamshire NG22 0JH Tel: 01777 870001

Fax: 01777 872155


Constituent member of The Diverse Academies Trust and of The Diverse Academies Learning Partnership

Principal: Mr G D Lloyd

Executive Principal: Mr C B Pickering

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Tuxford brochure 2013 dp