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A Welby Wedding - Archbishop conducts daughter’s wedding. Disbelief and excitement, probably two of the several emotions Archbishop Welby felt on his enthronement. But exactly a year to that date, in the same spot his feelings had reversed – this time he was waiting for a very special bride.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rev Justin Welby looking delighted while he waits for his daughter to get to the altar.

The Archbishop’s daughter, Katherine

red-headed beauty stunned all as she

Welby, married her fiancé Michael

made the most memorable walk she

Roberts on Friday 21st March at

will ever do to her husband.

Canterbury Cathedral, himself conducting the ceremony. Wearing an ivory lace gown with statement electric blue heels, the

Close behind her train were her four bridesmaids all delightfully dressed in different colour gowns.

Her IT consultant groom and all his men added a Scottish touch to the historic English building wearing their traditional highland dress, in blue and emerald green. Cheerful carnival colours livened the surroundings of the ancient architecture, a theme that carried through to the decorations used in the auditorium of the Cathedral lodge where the reception was held. A traditional style wedding cake was even infused with multi-coloured flowers meandering around it. Tom Redman the photographer described the couple in his blog;

Heading to the lodge to continue their celebrations.

“They bring colour to each other's individual worlds which now overlap and merge to make a new, beautiful, multi-coloured one.” It didn’t take long for the dancing shoes to come on once the band began playing the traditional Scottish ceilidh music. A few of the guests monkeying around!

The guests were also treated to a photo booth where they could dress up with props provided, and add

their photo of them looking silly to a memory book for the couple. An intimate dinner for just family and close friends at the Archbishop’s Old Palace happened in the evening, finalising the day. Each guest found a Lego man believed to represent them

Evening view of the cathedral

positioned alongside their name card. Once the final supper had been

For the former policewoman who

finished the happy couple set off

spoke about suffering from

early to walk to the Abode Hotel still in their wedding attire. A guest

depression, and how a previous relationship nearly caused her to

asked the Archbishop why they were

commit suicide. She has finally found

not getting changed, his reply; “after

eternal happiness with her new

27 years of knowing my daughter, I

husband, Mr Roberts.

know not to argue with her”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Katherine’s tweets throughout her

For more photos of the wedding look

day expressed her pure delight; “SO

at Tom Redmans blog:

HAPPY #marriedtomyhansomeman”. thedral-wedding-photographerscanterbury

The newlyweds with their personal bride and groom Lego men.

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