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Arthur the Adelie Penguin’s Big Adventure

By Nicola Jackson

By Nicola Jackson

Arthur loved to spend all day playing with his friends at the edge of the ice shelf where he lived in Antarctica. One day he decided to go exploring‌

He walked and walked and walked‌ And then he heard something crack!

Before long Arthur’s ice shelf had broken into lots of small ice floes! Arthur started to get scared, so he swam to the nearest big ice berg.

Arthur’s ice berg was floating and before long he was far, far away from his home. He was getting frightened, when along came Wilbur the whale

Wilbur told Arthur not to be scared, he offered to swim home with Arthur to show him the way.

They swam for so long that the sun set, and then rose again, turning the ice around them all shades of pink and gold.

Finally Wilbur and Arthur arrived back at Arthur’s home. Arthur’s mum was very happy to see him!

Arthur thanked Wilbur, he was glad his big adventure was over!

Arthur the Adelie Penguin's Big Adventure  
Arthur the Adelie Penguin's Big Adventure  

Arthur lives in Antarctica, he goes exploring and ends up far from home. Wilbur the whale helps Willy to find his way home.