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Do You Have Subconscious Mind Beliefs Holding You Back In Life? – Part 2 Part 2 of the "Goals In Life - Starting The Year On The Right Foot" Series The first thing I do toward the end of each year, before I plan for the coming year, is examine whether or not I have subconscious mind beliefs holding me back from reaching by big goals in life. I look to see how did I do this previous year? Have I learned my lessons from the obstacles and difficulties I faces? Have I rooted out any unconscious limiting beliefs lurking away in the depths of my subconscious mind? I do this self examination exercise first, because no amount of strategic planning, goal setting, creative visualization, affirming, humming or action will succeed while there are counter beliefs operating in your subconscious mind. They need to be found and fished out, transmuted and replaced with support beliefs that will get you to where you are going. This fact is one of the reasons I now add a whole section on how to remove limiting subconscious mind beliefs in my Mission Blueprint Home Study program. It's always been a module in my Ten Step Master Plan, because this was one of the steps I did relentlessly during my campaign to save a billion dollar industry in 2006. Remember I achieved in just six months, something that industry was unable to do in seven years. One of the steps that made that campaign so successful within my Ten Step Master Plan was step four Turbo Charge Your Path To Success. This is the step where you systematically seek, find and remove all the blocks and subconscious mind beliefs that could spring up to hold you back from reaching mission accomplished. Now I've added it to Mission Blueprint because I found the single most biggest problem in just about all my clients this year, was that something in their subconscious mind was holding them back from living fully on purpose. Removing limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious mind is part of the success packaged that get's you to that life on purpose. For me, looking back at my year at the end of each year, re-examining all my goals, challenges and life lessons that occurred, to see if I've missed any limiting subconscious mind beliefs that could act as blocks to achieving next years goal, is the single most important thing to do next to goal setting itself. In fact I would say it's more important than goal setting itself because you wont' reach your goals if you have not cleared the subconscious beliefs that limit your progress. It was Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, who said, "95% of your day is living out beliefs stored in your subconscious mind." That's a lot of unconsciousness! Wouldn't it be far better to create, goal set, and live our day more consciously? Do you think you might get better results if you did so?

In my latest book Discover What You Are Here To Do I wrote: "Your subconscious mind in conjunction with a certain aspect of your brain are working together to magnetize to you the people, places, events and resources that throw you off track so you stay comfortable and you never get off the treadmill you’re currently on. You will stay stuck in this comfort zone until you re-program your brain and subconscious mind so that they congruently work together to help you move forward." That's exactly what we do in Mission Blueprint - we systematically go fishing for all the subconscious mind beliefs that might be holding you back from living your Higher Purpose and achieving your life goals. Then via a technique that was given me during my awakening and subsequent healing from cancer, we transmute those beliefs with that technique, and then program your brain to a new "Matrix Of Magnetic Beliefs" so you can pick up momentum toward your desired outcomes and experiences. Magnetizing to you instead the people, places, events and resources that help you reach your goals. This is a powerful technique that I use all year long. But what I've noticed over the years, is that doing this exercise during the time of the shift from one year to another, changes my life for the better more substantially. It happens in mystical magical ways, I'm often dumb founded at the awesome power of our creative subconscious mind. There must be something in that energy of shifting into a new year, will billions of people around the world looking forward to new possibilities for the new year, that must help us with our goal setting in some magical, mystical way. This last week of the year plus the first month of the new year, are the best times to be reassessing our lives, ridding our minds of subconscious beliefs that could be holding us back, and then goal setting from a clean slate, rather than a bucket of dirty water wouldn't you think? If you'd like to learn more about this removal of limiting subconscious mind beliefs technique and Mission Blueprint, click this link here.

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Step into the clarity of where your greatest meaning, fulfilment and success can be found, and the confidence you can make a difference living your life purpose. • • • • • •

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Discover What You Are Here To Do is a book designed specifically for people who want a live a life of purpose, meaning and fulfilment, without sacrificing the financial security of a job, or getting stuck with relentless obstacles.

About The Author Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor and 3 x International Best Selling author, helps purpose seekers find and follow their higher purpose, so they can experience the fulfilment and satisfaction of knowing they’re doing what they came here to do. She delivers speeches, workshops, mentoring sessions and online programs designed to overcome the challenges social entrepreneurs face, and take advantage of the opportunities presenting in the emerging New Era. Recently honoured with an award for implementing a strategy that saved a billion dollar change agent industry from ruin, and make history, four time author, Nicola Grace has an eclectic professional background in education, contemporary dance, politics, public relations and television starting her career as a history teacher. For the past twenty years, Nicola has captivated her audiences as an inspirational speaker, visionary, educator and transformation leader bridging the gap for her audiences, between bright ideas and successful implementation strategies. Nicola’s expert insights appear in the best selling book, Ready Aim Captivate - Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune In Your Future, along with other world leading visionaries Deepak Chopra and Jim Stovall. CelebrityPress recently chose Nicola to join a select group of the world’s leading experts to co-write the forthcoming book titled, More.Better.: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Get More Out of Business and Life With Better Results. Her most recent title Discover What You Are Here To Do, offers finer distinctions of finding your Higher Purpose, postulating that as we step into doing the very thing we were born to do, through the Butterfly Effect we begin to create the better world we all desire. As spokeswoman of the not-for-profit organization she founded, she made history with her “Ten Step Master Plan” using the Undefeatable Laws of Nature to achieve an impossible mission in 2006. She has defeated two different types of cancers with short expiry dates and gone on to teach her Master Plan to social entrepreneurs and organization leaders. Now living on the Gold Coast of Australia she writes, educates and speaks internationally on how to transform the world leveraging the Universal Laws of Nature and Law of Purpose. Her interests are as eclectic as her background. She loves the ocean, theatre, contemporary art, dance, politics, quantum science, and enjoys gourmet vegetarian food in beautiful spaces. Nicola is also an active humanitarian with a grand vision for the elevation of ALL of humanity that she would like to share with you.

If you are interested in learning more about the finding and living a life of purpose and meaning, be sure to get her “Strategy With Spirit” nuggets. Learn how you can make a difference; achieve your mission, get better results without wasting effort; develop your Soul Power & Connection to Self… and create a better world! Either: 1. 2. 3. 4.

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Do You Have Subconscious Mind Beliefs Holding You Back In Life - Part 2  
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