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How you can work with us to create cultural and artistic opportunities for children and young people across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk.


Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge is part of a national network of Bridge organisations funded by Arts Council, England. Working across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk, we aim to connect children and young people with high quality arts and cultural experiences. Our vision is that those children and young people will be enthused by, participating in and leading their own arts and cultural activities. Our team of experienced professionals is supported by an advisory group chaired by Fred Corbett – former assistant director of Norfolk County Council’s Children’s Services.

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PROVIDING SUPPORT How we can work to support you…


We have commissioned a series of reports and audits, building up a strong picture of our regions' arts and cultural provision and giving us fresh insight into a fast changing educational landscape. We are constantly updating our knowledge thanks to our on-going dialogue with key partners.This research and on the ground feedback enables us to target our resources and funding to directly benefit the needs and aspirations of children, young people, organisations and communities located in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Peterborough.


As an independent organisation we are able to broker new relationships and support existing partnerships between arts and cultural organisations and educational settings with the aim of encouraging the highest quality experience for children and young people. We can help develop networks across the region such as those we support in Great Yarmouth, Peterborough, Fenland and Suffolk.

DELIVERING OUR AIMS We are looking for partners to help achieve our aims…

• create, enhance and facilitate

networks across the arts, cultural and education sectors in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk, which create, support and promote high quality on the ground activity for children and young people.

• ensure children and young

people’s creative and cultural development is supported and accredited by growing participation in Arts Award – achieving a 30% year on year increase in Arts Award across our region.

• use responsible and strategic

co-investment to incubate innovative and sustainable programmes, helping to strengthen our region’s arts and cultural infrastructure for children and young people

• inspire educators and

practitioners by supporting and producing creative development programmes.

• encourage high quality creative

and cultural education across the curriculum by creating partnerships with education settings and supporting them to achieve Artsmark – aiming for 50% of schools across the region to have achieved Artsmark by 2015.

• share knowledge and good

practice as well as communicate arts and cultural activities to a wider audience. Signpost educationalists to relevant information and resources. Continue our research to identify where there are gaps in high quality arts and cultural provision.


We recognise the variety and unique characteristics of cities, towns and villages within Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk. We value the skills and attributes of the children and young people who live here and wish to support the development of provision which responds to this.


‘ Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge’s Artsmark support has reinvigorated our belief in promoting the Arts at a high level within our school.’ Vicki Long, Head teacher at St Mary RC Primary and Nursery School



Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge has responded to priorities highlighted in a series of reports and audits. We also have a series of targeted opportunities for arts and cultural organisations. This information can be found at

We are looking to support and invest in programmes which can help us deliver the following priorities…


National Portfolio Organisations, Major Partner Museums and Music Education Hubs have been identified by Arts Council England as key sector leaders. We wish to support these organisations as beacons of good practice and share our knowledge, expertise and impact across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk.


We are looking for activities which support the creative and cultural infrastructure in:

• Fenland • Great Yarmouth • Peterborough • Waveney

3. FUTURE OF CREATIVITY IN SCHOOLS Schools and other educational settings provide the opportunity for children and young people to engage in arts and cultural activities. We aim to support schools develop their art and cultural offer and ensure that they are linked up with arts and cultural organisations and individuals, which can offer high quality provision.



We wish to enable that all children and young people have access to creative and cultural opportunities. We aim to prioritise programmes which place special emphasis on those who are hardest to reach including:

• Children and young people in areas of socio-economic deprivation • Children and young people in rural isolation • Children and young people with disabilities • Culturally Diverse Communities • NEETs / Pre-NEETs • Young people in the Youth Justice System


Digital technology is part of children and young people’s creative practice, their communication and their consumption. We will engage in and support innovative digital projects.


There is overwhelming evidence that the first five years of a child’s life heavily predicates their future development. We aim to support and respond to early years’ focused projects.


We will support projects which build strong and sustainable partnerships both within and outside the sector and are able to share and maximise the impact of resources.


‘ We have quickly developed a great working relationship with Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge which has helped us to develop an ambitious plan to embed Arts Award and to lead from the front using Artsmark to thoroughly review our arts provision’ Richard Brown, Arts Development Manager Comberton Village College


Frequently asked questions about Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge…

Can Norfolk & Norwich Festival (NNF) Bridge develop new networks and clusters? We help to develop existing networks to increase artistic and cultural opportunities for children and young people and to identify further areas for development. We also help to establish new networks to complement those which already exist.

My organisation already works with schools successfully – how does NNF Bridge fit in with what we are doing? We support organisations to help them spot new opportunities and to develop their provision for children and young people. We encourage the sharing of good practice with the wider sector.

We’ve hardly got any arts and cultural organisations in our local area so how will NNF Bridge help?

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Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge is crucial in enabling children and young people to access arts and cultural experiences in areas with little cultural infrastructure.

We achieve this through partnership investment and help to introduce innovative and creative solutions enabling more children and young people to engage with arts and cultural activities regardless of where they live.

Can NNF Bridge provide information about specific artists and practitioners? We have an overview of arts and cultural organisations and artists in the region and can signpost schools and other education settings to help them identify and access the appropriate arts and cultural opportunities.

Does NNF Bridge assess arts and culture provision in the same way as Ofsted? We support schools in developing their arts and cultural provision through Arts Council England’s flagship programme Artsmark as an independent organisation tasked with supporting that development. We will not be 'inspecting' arts and cultural education in schools or any other organisations. 9

How will NNF Bridge support Arts Award and Artsmark development in this region?

What is the benefit of undertaking Arts Award as an arts and cultural organisation?

We are responsible for advocating both Artsmark and Arts Award. We provide a series of information sessions as well as training opportunities for those working with children and young people.

The Arts Award programme enables children and young people (aged 5 to 25) to focus on any art form including behind the scenes and technical roles and supports their creative ambition and helps develop our future arts leaders.

We are increasing engagement with these Arts Council England programmes over the next three years – achieving a 30 % year on year increase in Arts Award achievement in the region and – aiming for 50% of schools across region achieving Artsmark by 2015.

What is the benefit of undertaking Artsmark when we have other Ofsted targets to meet? There is evidence that providing a good quality arts and cultural education leads to improvement in wider educational outcomes such as literacy, increased attendance rates, improved behaviour and higher academic attainment.

Arts Award delivery helps to attract increasing numbers of children and young people to take part in and enjoy your arts programme which in turn can increase CYP engagement and visitor footfall. An existing offer can also be accredited through the flexible Arts Award framework. Arts Award enables you to build new partnerships with other arts and cultural organisations and education settings. Reˆve D’Herbert

Can NNF Bridge help promote arts and cultural organisations to schools in the region?

Artsmark is a school development tool and supports schools in providing evidence for their Ofsted inspection especially in relation to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of their pupils – a key consideration for the overall effectiveness rating an Ofsted inspector makes.

We send out a monthly e-bulletin to education settings in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk. If you wish to sign up to the e-bulletin or send information for inclusion please email

Artsmark ensures that a school becomes part of a network of schools developing their arts and culture provision and linking them closely to us as a Bridge organisation.

Can NNF Bridge give out funding and grants?


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We can source funding and coinvest with key partners to provide arts and cultural opportunities for children and young people. 11

TALK TO US If you have a project, activity or idea and wish to find out if it ties in with our priorities you can contact us at 01603 877750 or by email

THE BRIDGE TEAM Michael Corley Head of Bridge Emily Ward Programme Manager Arts Award & Artsmark

Joff Whitten Programme Manager Norfolk & Suffolk Nicola Barrell Communications Manager

General Enquiries Stephanie Hogger Programme Manager Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

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