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Conceptual Art Following the Flower of Life


r o t a l u c l a C e v i t a Cre

r o t lcula


t a e r

a C ive

I believe everyone is a kilo high silo brimful of creativity. We all like to express the content of our silos. The problem is, most people only use one medium to express this content to the world - our mouths. Your kilo high silo has a minute tap at the bottom which resembles your mouth. Everything inside us that we want to communicate to the world is channeled through this little hole in your face. Before I elaborate on this idea, it is necessary to bring physics into the equation: If a kilo high silo with a radius of 500m is filled to the top with creativity, the creative content inside the silo would contain 785 714 285.286 litres of creativity.

The Creativity Silo: Height: 1000m Radius: 500m Content: 785 714 285.286 litres of creativity

r o t lcula



a C e tiv

If the hole of the tap (i.e. your mouth) releases creativity at 10 litres per second (provided that 1 litre is equal to 1 word) it would take approximately 2490 years to verbally express everything that is on your mind (if you can speak 10 words per second). So, in order to live up to your full potential in life (which is 80 years on average), and release all the creativity that you are made of, you would need at least 31 taps, or 31 creative communication channels to express yourself. Even if you see yourself as a highly creative person, who practice your creativity through all means possible, it is never enough. Everything under the sun can be used to express your creativity.

If the hole of the tap (i.e. your mouth) releases creativity at 10 litres per second (provided that 1 litre is equal to 1 word) it would take approximately 2490 years to verbally express everything that is on your mind,

t r A rg


n oha

u b s ne

y r e l l Ga With this campaign, I advertise the Johannesburg Art Gallery. The message that I want to get across to people who have non-creative careers, is that one should not have to do something creative, but just see creatively. They can see the world from the perspective of an artist by visiting the Johannesburg Art Gallery. The campaign revolves around the tagline: “Imagine you’ve seen your world through the eyes of an artist”

s r e t s o P

s e l g og


G e l g oo

With this brief, I advertise the smartphone app Google Goggles -an image recognition application, that makes the process of gathering information easier and faster, by scanning a photo you have taken with your mobile phone which automatically browses the Internet for the most relevant information about the object in the photo. The main concept behind this campaign is that we need a quicker way of accessing online information, which is rapidly increasing everyday. The campaign revolves around the idea that Google Goggles is an physical extension of our eyes and the vast amount of information on the Internet is an physical extension of the human mind/memory. In other words, a smartphone is an extension of our mind and Google Goggles is our speedy sixth sense.

l a i r o t Adver

s t n e m e is t r e v d a t in r P

-M D AD&


ur o y ke

k r a M The main objective of this brief is to market myself to my dream employer. In order to do so, I had to do some self-exploration to find an unique personal characteristic that I can use to position myself (i.e. differentiating myself from other advertising and design students) to impress my dream employer. As a creative concept I created an imaginery disease called Anticreaphobia - the abnormal fear of not being creative and the only treatment for this disease is to work on creative projects. I also created an awareness campaign the Anticreaphobia Awareness Association, to emphasise the “seriousness� of this disease.

s r e t s o P

r e y lo p m e m ea r d y m f o EO C e h t o t r Lette


r e d i fR

f u R rg


u b n ste

With this campaign, I advertise the oddities of the typical, low-life, backwards mentality of the typical citizen of Rustenburg and the degeneration of the city’s heritage by putting it in a positive light by advertising Rustenburg as a “comical cultural experience”. The product that I’m advertising is a party bus, called the Rustenburg Ruff Rider, which travels from Pretoria to Rustenburg via Johannesburg and Potchefstroom. The primary target market I want to reach are university students from Pretoria, Johanneburg and Potchefstroom students originally from Rustenburg. The goal of this service is to get diverse groups of students of various universities and different subcultures together to celebrate Rustenburg’s culture in the most bizarre, surreal and fun manner.

s e s u p m a c y it s r e iv n u n Posters o

There’s no burger, like a Rustenburger.

, RG SET, U ENB MIND . T S RU NOT A FUCK D IT’S A MIN IT’S Hop on the Rustenburg Ruff Rider party bus, trip along Pretoria, Johannesburg and Potchefstroom and persue the comical cultural oddities of Rustenburg.

Rustenburg Ruff Rider

There’s no burger, like a Rustenburger.

, RG SET, U ENB MIND . T S RU NOT A FUCK D IT’S A MIN IT’S Hop on the Rustenburg Ruff Rider party bus, trip along Pretoria, Johannesburg and Potchefstroom and persue the comical cultural oddities of Rustenburg.

Rustenburg Ruff Rider

s r e p a p s w e n y it s r e iv n u in l ia r o t r e v Ad

There is no burger like a Rustenburger Rustenburg; the Platinum City; the fastest growing city in Africa; rich with historical and geographical information. Ideal climate for growing citrus fruit; blah blah blah. Let's be honest – these kind of facts are boring and if you're really interested in this kind of information, it will literally take you an hour or two to see all these “places of interest”. I've came to the opinion that the mentality of a Rustenburger is something special; albeit a backwards one. It is a frame of mind that needs to be learned and it takes a lot of effort to live it out. Nevermind the places of interest. What's so interesting about Rustenburg is the odd manners of its citizens. Zef is an old fad, but Rustenburgers will always reinvent its zefness into some avant-garde lifestyle in order to keep the citizens amused – like the tyre skid marks in parking lots that resembles UFO crop circles; the traffic lights and turning indicators that merely serve as all-year-round Christmas decorations; the unconventional hangout places like a Bluegum tree called The Germ that is considered to be The Root of All Evil Fun Stuff. There are also engravements on fossils stating something like “Jan was here” even though he wasn't there at that prehistoric period in time. The Rustenburg Ruff Rider party bus is the perfect way of experiencing the odd culture of Rustenburg. It is a comical cultural tour; where you can expect hot waitresses that is dressed up as old historical figures of Rustenburg, humourous live shows about Rustenburg's heritage and of course a lot of Piet Mampoer to get you in the right mood. The bus departs from Pretoria, travelling through Johannesburg and Potchefstroom and finally getting sucked into the Vortex of Oddities a.k.a. Rustenburg; submarine-ing beneath the surface of the underlying nuances of Rustenburg. Hatfield Square is just a square, Melville is just a hill and so is Die Bult in Potchefstroom; static and boring. The Rustenburg Ruff Rider is always dynamic, constantly moving through different sceneries and most importantly – the constant change of different travellers from different places, who are all celebrating the comical culture of Rustenburg. Rustenburg might just be “a waste of wonderful space”, but the Rustenburg Ruff Rider might just shuffle those words in your head that it sounds like “A space of wonderful waste”. When I was in Rustenburg High School, I always wanted to leave the little pond of ignorant tadpoles and experience the excitement of bigger cities. But if you do some research on tadpoles, which I didn't do, you would find that only 1 out of 3000 tadpoles (speaking under correction) will survive and mature. Thus, the process of maturity is dangerous for a Rustenburger. It is safer for them to stay in one place and be comfortably dumb and forever young. So, it's the passengers on the Rustenburg Ruff Rider's duty to keep the fresh ever-breeding oddities of Rustenburg in circulation and alive. Be part of the cause- hop on the Rustenburg Ruff Rider, get sloshed on Piet Mampoer and enjoy the ride. If you're not completely satisfied with the service, you will not get a refund but you're more than welcome to hop off the bus at any point along the route. The road is long, but it's one long welcome carpet, rolled out like a red carpet, and it says “Welcome to Rustenburg, we hope you enjoy your stay”

Rustenburg, it’s not a mindset, it’a mindfuck.

Radio Advertisement Title: Rustenburg Ruff Rider 1 Duration: 37” SFX: Indistinct crowd chatter. MV 1: [Afrikaans accent, excited] : “Are you ready? MV 2: [Afrikaans accent, frantic]: “Yes yes yes !” MV 1: “Oraait, let’s do this shit!” SFX: Three tapping noises of a plastic card tapping on a table followed by some scraping noises as if the characters are preparing a line of Cocaine to snort. MV MV MV MV MV

1: 2: 1: 2: 1:

“Sniff it.” [frantic and confused]: “What?” “Sniff the salt.” “But...” [interrupting MV 2]: “Just sniff t:he flippen salt,bra.”

SFX: Sound of MALE 1 snorting followed by moaning of disgust. MV 1: “Sharp! Now a squirt of lemon straight in the eyes...” SFX: Squirting sound followed by more intense moaning of disgust of MALE 2 MV1: “...and a shot of TEQUILA! SFX: One gulp sound followed by heavy breathing from MALE 2. A short pause. MV1: “Now that’s how we do it in Rustenburg.” SFX : Indistinct crowd chatter fades. ANNCR: “Rustenburg, it’s not a mindset, it’s a mindfuck. Hop on the Rustenburg Ruff Rider to see why.



Hop on the Rustenburg Ruff Rider party bus, trip along Pretoria, Johannesburg and Potchefstroom and persue the comical cultural oddities of Rustenburg.

l a eg


R s iva

The objective of this campagin is to communicate the idea that Chivas Regal is a high-class, exclusive brand that is ideal to celebrate special occasions amongst men e.g. birthday parties, weddings, bachelor parties etc.

s r e t s o P



sio i V s ’ r o k


ne i K r

io s s i M

The goal of Ster Kinekor’s Vision Mission is to get people to donate money to help children with visual impairments. We created a cinema ad that plays the role of people who regain their eyesight, appreciating all the little things we often neglect. Rather than focusing on how visual impairments rob people of the little things; we decided to celebrate all the little things they get to notice once they regain their eyesight; thus celebrating and appreciating the gift of sight. The second part of the campaign - Vision Mission’s Eyesight Appreciation Week 2013 - is aimed at inspiring people to celebrate what they can see and share it with others. After viewing the movie, the audience will receive stickers which they can fill out for themselves. Within the cinema, we placed posters to spread the word, all tied to a Facebook page. Where they can share what they things they appreciate to be able to see. Team: Nicolaas Steenekamp Robert Storom Andrew Moodley Vishalen Moodley


Copywriter Copywriter Designer Designer

t ip r c s t n e m e is t r e v d a Cinema

Cinema adverisement Title: Sterkinekor Vision Mission Duration: 30” Narration: Life’s little wonders are easily taken for granted. For many they pass by, ...unnoticed... ...unseen... ...unappreciated... ...until one day you’re lucky enough to see a glimpse, of something infinitely precious. Sight is a gift worth celebrating. Just add R2.50 to your next movie ticket. Help Ster Kinekor share it with thousands of kids, with regressive eyesight.

d r a o b y r Sto

XLS City landscape at night. “Life’s little wonders are easily taken for granted.”

Cut to CU then XCU A bright burning fire that cuts to the individual flints and ember floating in the air. “unseen...”

Cut to MS then XCU A girl with freckles smiling and playing amongst the trees followed by a shot of her face. “of something infinitely precious. Sight is a gift worth celebrating.”

WS Section of the city; showing the bright lights of cars on a higway. “For many they pass by...”

Dissolve to CU A view of a window with raindrops running down it. “unappreciated...”

Dissolve to white screen Call to action: “Help Ster Kinekor share it with thousands of kids with regressive eyesight”

Cut to XCU A flickering streetlight “unnoticed...”

Dissolve to CU A shot of leaves on a branch in the foreground and swaying trees in the background. “until one day, you’re lucky enough to see a glimpse...”

Cut to white screen Logo placement

s r e k c i t S

s r e t s o P

e g a p k o o b e c a F

t r a l a u t p e c n o C



e h t g n i w o ll

e w o l F

fe i L of In December 2010, I went on a road trip with an eccentric adventurous friend of mine in a 1968 Land Rover; travelling across South Africa to discover small bohemian settlements. I met a lot of interesting mystics, pagans and hardcore hippies. Although I'm an analytical and logical person and at that time very sceptical about any “airy-fairy esoteric nonsense�, I was still intrigued by some of their beliefs. On New Year's Eve, at a place called Rustler's Valley, we celebrated the new year by going for a ceremonial sweat lodge (also called a purification ceremony) which is basically like an unbearably hot sauna. It includes rituals like chanting in mystical languages on the rhythm of djembes and giving offerings to the spirit of the earth. The hour long ceremony put me in a deep trance (without the use of the hallucinogenic San Pedro which the locals used to enhance their spiritual experience). This experience shook the deepest and most profound knowledge within; I felt an ultimate sense of clarity which is logically inexplicable but emotionally crystal clear. This one magical experience converted me into blind believer of the spiritual world; not actually knowing what the hell I believe in. Ever since that experience, I've been trying to logically explain that revelation but all to no avail. I've tried to integrate the hard logic of maths and science with mystical elements which resulted in quite interesting but vague, abstract, and arguably, delusional theories. Nevertheless, I was still trying to figure out how I could grasp that experience again and to live my life accordingly.

r e w o e Fl


h t g n llowi

fe i L of I realised that the idea of settling in one place makes me a nihilistI get anxious to think that I will settle in one place, have a full-time job, follow a daily routine, drive the same roads and seeing the same buildings and people everyday. In a normal society, I feel uninspired, unmotivated, asocial and I don't have any aspirations whatsoever. I always had a strong urge to travel; not to a specific place but just wherever my spirit wants to guide me; hoping that I will come across a lot of little things which are in a spiritual sense significant to me. Hoping that these bits and pieces will add up to one holistic portrayal of something profoundly beautiful; something that resonates with my spirituality. As the the mathematician John Kouwenhoven said “Apparently unrelated things become interesting when we start fitting them together�. The problem is that I don't know where my spirit wants to guide me. It's like having a GPS in your soul that tries to direct you in some mystical language that I don't understand. I need some sort of spiritual reference or route to travel along.


e w o l eF


h t g n llowi

fe i L of After my great spiritual revelation at Rustler's Valley, I got obsessed with ancient signs and symbols and the meanings thereof. One symbol that really caught my attention is the Flower of Life. The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols describe the Flower as follows: “The ubiquity of this satisfying symbol is astonishing. It appears at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, in a Buddhist temple at Ajanta, India, in the Louvre and at Ephesus. It has been embroided onto the robes of Sultans. It can be seen in Beijing, the Lebanon, in Egypt, and Japan. It is chiselled into stone in Scotland and Austria. The oldest example of the Flower of Life is believed to be 2500 years old. The Flower of Life design is deceptively simple. It consists of a series of evenly spaced interlinking circles. As more circles are added the pattern emerges. The design has been favoured by religions architects, and scientists alike. Despite the seeming simplicity of the design, hidden within it are subtle complexities that have such profound meaning for some that they believe the Flower of Life depicts the fundamental forms of time and space.� (Nozedar 2008, pp 79-80)

r e w o e Fl


h t g n llowi

fe i L of So, I decided to use the Flower of Life as a spiritual reference or route to travel along. I will briefly explain how Spirit moves along the Flower of Life in order to understand how I would implement it on my own spiritual pilgrimage:

r e w o e Fl


h t g n llowi

fe i L of Knowing how Spirit moves along the The Flower of Life, I overlaid the Flower of Life on maps of cities I want to explore. I want to go to the places where the circles of consciousness intersect on these maps; basically the same way Spirit would move along the curves of the Flower of Life.

n o i t u c e Ex

r e w o e Fl


h t g n llowi

fe i L of I used photos of Google Street View of each place I want to visit (where the Flower of Life intersects on the maps of Johannesburg, New York and Tokyo); changed the opacity of each photo so that it is barely visible (representing a vague memory of a place); overlaid these photos in Photoshop and created Impressionistic landscape videos by rearranging the photos in the pile of layers, for every frame of each video.

s e m a r F

Video stills

s e c n e r Refe

Creative Calculator Visual References JAG Visual References _JPEG_-__lassdrkr_-_rightedtlightcentreBIT_DARKR_-_12_OCT_2009_.jpg Google Goggles Visual References

DA&D – Make your Mark Visual References Rustenburg Ruff Rider Visual References

Chivas Regal Visual References Ster kinekor

Flower of Life Visual References Video References Text References Nozedar, A. 2008. The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbol. Hammersmith, London: HarperElement.

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