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GINCANA @ BH 2012 Document made to introduce the project to AIESEC Belo Horizonte, January 2012.

OBJECTIVE Increasing the results of the Local Committee AIESEC BELO HORIZONTE in the period of January and February of 2012; in terms of number of new members, EPs, hosts, buddys, NGOs, enterprises and external training. With this, we are looking for improving the engagement with AIESEC process, growing of the LC and keeping working during vacation time.

DURATION January and February of 2012

PROJECT DESCRIPTION •The competition is going to be between 4 teams, each one leaded by one member of the LC and 3 more members (does not matter in which area you are working, the idea is getting to know more people of different areas). • Each team needs to develop a strategy to accomplish results in the following six aspects: 1. Number of new members invited to know AIESEC. 2. Number of EPs raised in 3. Number of hosts confirmed to receive trainees.. 4. Number of TN raised with NGOs and enterprises. 5. Number of external trainers engaged. 6. Number of buddies confirmed to help trainees. •Each one of the aspects gives points to the team, so at the end of the contest, the team that gets more points is going to be the winner. • The most important thing is to remember that this contest highlights the team work experience and not the competition between membership. This is the best way to learn, get more friends, grow as a leader and get fun improving our LC.

TEAMS SELECTION • Any one can participate and be part of a team, you just have to fill the next form QQWdvNms1cUxaVlRFZlE6MQ . •In the form you will have the opportunity to chose to be a leader or a member. If at the end of the selection, you are chosen as a leader, you will have a meeting in which you will know everything about the competition. How it will be your team, the support you will receive during the Gincana, the timeline, and everything you need to know before start this amazing contest. Deadline to apply: January 13th (23:59)

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Raise TN Corporate


Corporate Meeting Scheduled


Corporate Meeting Realized


Raise TN Non-Corporate


Non Corporate Meeting Scheduled


Non Corporate Meeting Realized


New Member Referenced


New Trainning Contact


New Host Confirmed


New Buddy Confirmed


AWARDS The team that at the end of the contest gets more points will get:

4 fees to make a GCDP internship

Our hands move our LC… We don’t stop We don’t stop making the difference We don’t stop changing lives We don’t stop believing We don’t stop growing We don’t stop… Let’s keep in Motion  OCeed Motion

Paola Rozo Nicolás Acosta

Gincana 2012 @BH Description  

Document that describes the Gincana 2012 of AIESEC Belo Horizonte.