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Chairman and CEO, Michael T. Dan, sheds light on the new year

Brink’s U.S. check imaging service sets company milestone


Awards and Recognition H.E. Ambassador Ann Wagner visits Brink’s Luxembourg


Feature Story Why Brink’s France is an expert in the aviation field


New Initiatives Brink’s Global Services opens jewelry distribution centers

Absolute Aviation


Awards and Recognition Brink’s welcomes a new addition in Macau



The Brink’s Journal takes a look at services in Asia Pacific

French Airlines and Airport Authorities trust security to Brink’s


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Showcasing Brink’s Chile Brink’s Chile creates solution worthy of Presidential Award

Regional Roundup Brink’s positions itself closer to the consumer in Latin America with ePago

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Chairman Message

Year In Review Acknowledging Our Pride Brink’s has been in the security business for nearly 150 years. From the humble beginnings of a cartage business on the streets of Chicago, we have transformed into the world’s leading provider of global risk management and secure logistics solutions. Today, the name Brink’s is synonymous with trust, and businesses all over the world rely on us to protect their valuables, information media and property. As the recognized standard for integrity and strength, Brink’s is dedicated to the spirit of innovation in all aspects of the business – constantly investing to support a state-of-the-art technology. Our history cements our lead in the industry with first-tomarket innovations and solutions, and pledges to maintain our technology commitment.

Secure Solutions For Today’s Businesses

As we embark on 2008 with yet another prosperous year behind us, it’s time to reflect on the current state of our company. Since 1859, Brink’s has perpetuated continual success by maintaining our leadership in the marketplace and preserving the overall secure logistics industry standard.

With our wide range of global services and expertise, businesses rely on our industry knowledge and superb security to support their core business. Our security solutions have helped companies reduce internal shrinkage and employee misconduct, as well as deter external and internal threats. It has even boosted employee morale due to a safer work environment and the knowledge that they’re dealing with a company they can trust. Brink’s specializes in the secure transportation, processing and storage of all valuables including diamonds jewelry, precious metals, securities, currency, high-tech devices and more. In certain markets, Brink’s secures information media to assist companies in protecting corporate files, data tapes and other media during transportation and destruction so that confidential information stays safe and out of criminal reach.

Trust, And Be Trusted Brink’s has experience unlike any other secure logistics company. Our customers come to Brink’s because of our unmatched expertise and industry knowledge. By working directly with our customers to find the best security solution, Brink’s risk management experts continually pursue new opportunities and cultivate creative thinking that leads to breakthrough solutions.

January 2008 | The Brink’s Journal |

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Chairman Message


Year in review

Because Brink’s is in the business of trust, integrity is paramount. Companies worldwide entrust their valuables to Brink’s everyday knowing we have more security options available, thus allowing more flexibility to find the most cost-effective and expedient solutions for their needs – without sacrificing the security of customers’ goods. And Brink’s can help customers operations eliminate waste and redundancies, and facilitate the economies that lower overall costs. We improve communications, standardize tasks and enhance inter-operations for our customers. At Brink’s, leveraging our secure logistics services allows for customer growth and the creation of new revenue streams.

The Brink’s Brand Whether in Hong Kong or Canada, the Brink’s brand is a widely recognized symbol of trust and security. A strong brand is invaluable. It’s a foundational piece of the corporation. Oftentimes, a brand name adds credibility to a service thus allowing the customer to know they are dealing with someone they can trust. Brink’s strong brand was built through nearly 150 years of dedicated service. Brink’s employees and customers alike should be proud of our brand. We deliver quality customer service in conjunction with quality products and solutions. Period.

Simply stated: It’s our job to service our customers. The Leader of Logistics With over 900 networked offices in 110 counties on five continents, the Brink’s footprint is the most extensive in the industry. Brink’s can pick-up and deliver virtually anywhere in the world – even in areas where competition can’t afford to go or are not insured. We have trucks, resources and facilities in key markets, making it possible to support our customers’ business needs.

We’re known. We’re strong. We’re here to stay.

People. Our people are what differentiate us from the competition. Brink’s employs only the best and the brightest in the industry. Our secure logistics specialists possess expertise in international operations, possess a deep understanding of the local markets they serve, and are trained in the highest ethical business standards. Brink’s continues to lead the industry with innovation. We routinely invest in state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, including a fulltime engineering department – the only one of its kind in the industry. Brink’s has been first to market with many of today’s standard services, all designed to enhance speed, security and efficiency. In addition to innovation, Brink’s risk management and security prevention practices are the best in the business. We maintain strict internal and external quality controls that enforce and reinforce our safety and security processes throughout every aspect of our operations. As a result of Brink’s incomparable commitment to security, we’ve been able to aquire the most comprehensive insurance in the industry. Brink’s service is backed with protection that covers loss anywhere we do business. Our insurance and claim processes are the most efficient in the industry.

Page 4 | The Brink’s Journal | January 2008

Technology Toolkit Brink’s Check Imaging Service

sets new record

Brink’s, Incorporated announced yet another milestone in the company’s check imaging service. Just eight months after launching the service. Brink’s is now processing over 1 million items per month. “Breaking through the one million items per month barrier is significant, particularly for an armored transportation provider,” says Fred Purches, senior vice president of strategic solutions and product development. “It underscores our technology leadership and our commitment to helping financial institutions transition from paper to image processing so they can take advantage of the efficiencies and cost savings created by Check 21 legislation.” Under the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act of 2004, popularly known as Check 21, financial institutions can now process check information electronically. In addition to minimizing the transportation costs associated with moving paper-based payments, Check 21 accelerates cash flow, promotes early detection of potential fraud, and speeds settlement. Brink’s check imaging solutions also help financial institutions compete in new markets without expanding their branch network. Combining cash processing and logistics, Web-based information tools, and armored transportation, Brink’s can provide check image capture and electronic presentment throughout its network of more than 100 cash vaults around the country. “Image capture is just part of the reason banks choose Brink’s,” says Purches. “Our end-to-end solution enables fully integrated cash and check processing virtually anywhere in the nation—all from one of the

most trusted names in the business. This is the ‘total package’ many financial institutions have been waiting for.” According to the Electronic Check Clearing House Organization (ECCHO), the adoption of check image exchange is accelerating. In a 12-month period ending September 2007, the number of institutions receiving electronic check images increased 96%, from 5,585 to 10,940. Brink’s utilizes Metavante’s Sendpoint, an industry-leading distributed image capture service for the remote image capture and exchange of deposits and payments received at Brink’s vaults. The cash-in tickets and paper checks are truncated as they are image-captured, then the check deposits

we’re not surprised,” says Brian Hurdis, president of Metavante Image Solutions. “Brink’s cash vault service makes them a very strong national provider and they are positioned to innovate and deliver new electronic payment services to both financial institutions and high-volume corporate depositors.” Brink’s check imaging services are in operation at several of the nation’s top 10 banks, and the company is in discussions with several others. Adds Purches, “We are on track to service at least six to ten of the top 25 banks within the next 12 months.”

About Metavante Metavante Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: MV) is the parent company of Metavante Corporation. Metavante Corporation delivers banking and payments technologies to over 8,600 financial services firms and businesses worldwide. Metavante products and services drive account processing for deposit, loan and trust systems, image-based and conventional check processing, electronic funds transfer, consumer healthcare payments, electronic presentment and payment, and business transformation services. Metavante ( is headquartered in Milwaukee. are balanced, adjusted and forwarded to the Metavante Sendpoint service where the check images are formatted as custom X9.37 files for posting or bank-to-bank image exchange. This scalable, full-service solution improves commercial customer float, provides real-time Web access to information, and reduces the costs associated with transporting and processing paper checks. “We’re excited about this milestone, but

January 2008 | The Brink’s Journal |

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Awards & Recognition

H.E. Ambassador Ann Wagner Visits Brink’s Luxembourg

Brink’s Luxembourg hosts U.S. Ambassador Ann Wagner. (From left to right) Jeffrey Rusinek, Regional Security Officer, U.S. Embassy; Laurent Turmes, Business Development Director, Brink’s Luxembourg; H.E. Ann L. Wagner, U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg; Carlo Weisen, Managing Director, Brink’s Luxembourg; and Arsène Kubiak, Director Security Services, Brink’s Luxembourg.

U.S. Ambassador Ann Wagner sponsors a commercial outreach program that incorporates American enterprises operating in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and major Luxembourg trading partners with the United States of America.

Brink’s Luxembourg employs approximately 1,000 people, and during the past 35 years has positioned itself as one of the key players in the security industry in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

As part of the Ambassador’s outreach program, Ambassador Wagner visited Brink’s Luxembourg where she received facility tour, including a presentation on the firm’s alarm monitoring center.

In a letter to Brink’s Luxembourg, Managing Director Carlo Weisen, Ambassador Wagner expressed her gratitude towards Brink’s Luxembourg for their corporate citizenship and generous contribution to the U.S. Embassy – Private Sector Scholarship Program in association with the University of Luxembourg. Ambassador Wagner also bid Brink’s Luxembourg continued success and future growth.

Over the past two years in Luxembourg, Ambassador Wagner has participated in 144 company outreach activities as well as numerous international economic business conferences and events.

The Embassy recognizes that the Luxembourg-U.S. business partnership is an important one. Trade between the two nations has doubled during the last decade and continues to grow. In 2006, Luxembourg exports to the United States were $534 million and Luxembourg residents spent $579 million on American goods and services. The Luxembourg-U.S. commercial partnership currently includes more than 100 American businesses with operations in Luxembourg, such as Brink’s. Page 6 | The Brink’s Journal | January 2008

Feature Story

Absolute Aviation A global vision for security French airline companies and Airport Authorities have entrusted Brink’s France for airport security since 1985. Today, we continue to draw on years of accumulated expertise, technology innovation and integrated security solutions. Specializing in the secure transportation, processing and storage of all valuables including diamonds jewelry, precious metals, securities, currency, high-tech devices and more, Brink’s France is a true one-stop shop for security specialties. Brink’s France provides customers – airline companies, airport management companies and freight companies – with the right tools to assist in their business development. By leveraging decades of risk management expertise, Brink’s anticipates risks before they occur allowing personnel time to respond and manage urgent situations on-the-spot. We hire only the most qualified personnel, and train them to translate our proven practices and techniques. Inside Brinks, we maintain strict internal and external controls that enforce and reinforce our safety and security procedures throughout every aspect of our operations. Because we offer the most comprehensive suite of security solutions, adapting the right solution to the customer’s need is a Brink’s specialty. We collaborate with the customer to meet today’s increasingly complex security challenges.

The Brink’s Difference With more than 20 years experience in airport security, Brink’s France uses rigorous procedures to ensure quality customer service. In the field of airport security, Brink’s is widely recognized for precise training and superior service. For example, the airport security sector is defined by Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC) established regulations, which represent the State in the aviation domain. Then airport management companies authorize companies like Brink’s with the task of

At Brink’s we value service above all regulation enforcement. The air and border police, the air traffic police and the customs officials are in charge of verifying that we perform duties correctly.

January 2008 | The Brink’s Journal |

Page 7

Feature Story | Absolute Aviation

In addition, Brink’s is one of the initial members of SESA (Union of Airport Security companies) which is the only and official representation of airport security companies for government and safety regimentation organizations. Roger Dutoit, Brink’s France president, is also SESA present president. And Brink’s is one of the few companies in France authorized by the Ministry of Transport to validate companies who ship freight and deliver products directly on airplanes. Because Brink’s has been awarded the OTH certification (authorized training body), we can offer advice to customers and complete audit operations. Brink’s dynamic and evolving security solutions are second to none. No other company can compare to the high-tech and innovative Brink’s airport and aviation security management services. Brink’s France services include: Control of passengers at check-in and boarding – Includes document control, inspection-filtering of passengers and cabin luggage. Identification of high-risk passengers – Through training, Brink’s agents identify sensitive passengers through questioning and document analysis. Aircraft access and restricted area control - Inspection-filtering of personnel, control access to restricted zones and aircraft security patrols are assured by Brink’s for the large airlines. Special verification and control of airport freight – Includes runway control and freight escort. Inspection-filtering of baggage for the hold – By using high performance equipment, Brink’s oversees baggage destined for the hold. Training – Brink’s airport and business security passed the requirements for compulsory training and is authorized to train. Advice and audit – Businesses that load freight onto aircrafts must obtain prior prefecture security approval. This approval is delivered after an audit of the company’s security program.

Every year, Brink’s France security teams inspect

16 million passengers

26 million pieces of hand luggage

14 million pieces of hold luggage

11 million parcels

Exceptional Service We evaluate customers’ specific security needs and create customized security solutions designed to increase speed, security and efficiency. Brink’s France offers a one-of-a-kind solution in aviation security. Brink’s France modifies services to implement customers’ needs, provides quality service, thus seamlessly integrating human quality and technological performance. Emphasizing quality and trust, Brink’s France operates with the integrity for which we’re known. Page 8 | The Brink’s Journal | January 2008

New Initiatives

Jewelry Logistics at its


months, BGS will introduce new programs Packing Principles available for personalization to assist cusIn conjunction with the distribution center, tomers in maximizing efficiency. BGS offers the pick & pack component of When designing each new BGS jewelry order fulfillment. Pick & pack involves idendistribution center, Brink’s thoroughly col- tifying the goods to be dispatched, physilaborates with their customers to establish cally picking them from stock or warehouse optimal operational and security standards. shelves, printing invoices, wrapping and The Brink’s Diamond and Jewelry distribu- The criteria includes: packaging the goods and producing shiption centers will play an integral role in the • Identify suitable location to meet manu- ping manifests. Real-time automation asoverall global logistics strategy and form facturing and distribution requirements sures that inventory allocation, backorder part of the organization’s effort to develop status, shipping data and more, are instanSignificantly improve order turn time a significant distribution infrastructure to • taneously updated thus eliminating redunand cost/unit for distribution meet long-term growth and provide BGS dancies in keystroking and ultimately, pickcustomers worldwide with fast, reliable dis- • Implement new material handling sys- ing and shipping errors. tribution, warehousing and fulfillment. The tem and automated picking systems Whatever the size or value of a shipment, result is that customers will receive their or• Consult on jewelry manufacturing op- BGS handles packages securely and safely. ders much faster – thanks to greater availeration Working Together ability, quicker processing, inventory manImprove material handling systems to agement and shorter delivery times, helping • Because BGS works hand-in-hand with increase capacity and reduce cost per Brink’s better serve its customers within its customers, we provide tailor-made solupair handling to meet business growth secure facilities. tions. Developing logistics management by • Perform analysis of picking alternatives overseeing distribution centers, pick & pack Customized Center to increase pick productivity and shipping leads to optimal business soBGS specializes in managing risk through Allow for growth in activity over the lutions and operational efficiencies alike. safe, secure transportation and the han- • next 4 to 6 years Customers who utilize Brink’s have posidling of valuables. Our state-of-the-art facilities serve as a full service • Perform detailed ROI on all aspects of tioned themselves for continued success. With more than 145 years of experience, center and distribution material handling systems Brink’s can add value at every point in the hub for the customer • Conduct detailed transition analysis secure logistics supply chain. involved. And in to improve strategies, minimize losses the coming and reduce physical relocation costs As part of its efforts to continually enhance service to customers, Brink’s Global Services (BGS) works closely with its customers to provide highly mechanized distribution facilities that will allow Brink’s to reduce standard shipping times to customers in key markets as well as to house inventory.

In addition, the BGS distribution center location provides numerous advantages, including international transportation, hightech communications and favorable business policies. January 2008 | The Brink’s Journal |

Page 9

Awards & Recognition

New Facility brings

Newopportunity With the heightened demand for trade show business services and ATM services in Asia Pacific, Brink’s is proud to announce the opening of Brink’s Macau Limitada. Equipped with two armored vehicles, Brink’s Macau will service its target customers in the diamond and jewelry industries, casinos, banks and financial institutions, and retailers. “We foresee Macau’s booming economy to rise dramatically,” said Tom Iam, general manager, Brink’s Macau. “Famous casinos are penetrating the Macau market bringing growth and opportunity to this part of the world.” Designed with the capabilities to withstand growth, the recently constructed facility covers approximately 700 square meters and includes a window pick-up, operations control center, cash processing center, multiple inspection rooms, and a six-truck loading zone. The Brink’s Macau vault measures 50 square meters, which surpasses the vault size of our competitors and banks. In addition, the innovative facility houses nine staff members, with plans to increase employees to 20 by 2008. Now with the expansion of the Brink’s global footprint to encompass Macau, Brink’s can expand global services as well as trade show business – both highly successful and profitable. We look forward to servicing customers in Macau.

Page 10 | The Brink’s Journal | January 2008

Regional Spotlight Asia Pacific Services Australia China Hong Kong India Japan BGS Korea Korea Macau Malaysia Philippines Singapore Taiwan Thailand Vietnam CIT Cash Processing Cash Logistics ATM (ABM) Services BGS D&J Document Destruction Bank Documents Bonded Vault Check distribution Customs Clearance ECI Management Guarding Domestic Air Courier FLM FX Processing IATA License (BGS) International Air Courier Security Consultancy Remote Site Collections Mobile Cash Vans Shows (BGS) SLM SLM Guarding

Brink’s Chile Among Distinguished Companies at International Day for the Handicapped

General Manager of Brink’s Chile, Hernan Isotta proudly showcases the prestigious Presidential Award.

Brink’s Chile was recently honored on the International Day for the Handicapped in recognition of their outstanding participation program for the hiring of employee with special needs. The awards ceremony took place at the Presidential Palace in Santiago with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and the Labor and Planning Ministers presiding. Only two other Chilean companies received similar awards.

The International Day for the Handicapped recognizes companies that have adopted a policy of hiring disabled persons. A determining factor of the award recipients was the consistent application of this policy as part of its hiring practices.

Several years ago, Brink’s Chile embarked on a mission to increase efficiency by building a solid framework for improved hiring practices and profiles. As a result, the company hired 10 deaf tellers on a trial basis for its money processing room. The positive

results were tremendous and encouraged Brink’s Chile to hire additional tellers with similar hearing impairments. Productivity increased and the deaf employees contributed to high levels of company dedication, customer loyalty and a positive work atmosphere. Today, Brink’s Chile employs 19 tellers with this impaired hearing.

Brink’s Chile is extremely proud of this national recognition by the nation’s President. This award places Brink’s Chile among the top cadre of companies that practice corporate social responsibility. Brink’s Chile CEO Hernán Isotta plans to implement similar initiatives in the future that both add value to the business and give back to the community.

During the International Day for the Handicapped celebration Hernan Isotta (right), general manager, Brink’s Chile, accepts the presidential award of honor from Adriana Delpiano, City Commissioner for Greater Santiago Metropolitan area, while a ceremony attendee watches approvingly.

January 2008 | The Brink’s Journal | Page 11

Regional Roundup

Brink’s Positions Itself Closer to the Consumer in Latin America

Customers visit walk-in service centers in Latin America to pay their bills, a growing market opportunity for the new Brink’s ePago service.

Brink’s growing e-Pago bill payment and collections business serves both corporate clients and end consumers throughout Latin America. Contributed by Allen Finch

Enter a supermarket in downtown Panama City, just blocks from giant cargo ships entering the Panama Canal, and you are likely to see a brightly-colored, glass-enclosed kiosk greeting you with a steady line of customers holding their monthly utility and credit card bills in tow. They are not at the supermarket only to buy groceries. They are also there to pay their bills at Brink’s e-Pago.

Squeeze down a narrow, congested street full of pedestrians in the colorful and car-choked urban core of São Paulo, Brazil. Then turn into an open-air appliance store with music blaring onto the sidewalk from its stereos and TVs for sale. You’ll notice a line of people moving down one corridor inside the store leading to a similar kiosk manned by young, uniformed tellers. The people in the line look ahead for their turn while taking glances at the various products for sale in monthly installments. They are not there only to look at appliances. They are paying their bills at Brink’s e-Pago.

Page 12 | The Brink’s Journal | January 2008

Replicate this image of customers paying their bills-- in person and in cash—from the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego and you have a large market opportunity. Walk-in bill payment in Latin America is an estimated $800 million market. As retailers, utilities and banks continue to outsource their front-end tellers and collections services, and increase the volumes and types of collection transactions with increasing customer purchasing power, this number is expected to climb, particularly in high-growth, developing countries.

e-Pago International Inc. is the Panama City-based walk-in bill payment and collections company acquired in early 2006 by Brink’s, Incorporated. What began as an idea conjured up by an IT expert and a former executive of NCR in 1999 has burgeoned into Panama’s number-one payments and collections outsourcing service for virtually every company that produces a bill in the country. Then add the capital and international footprint of Brink’s, in the past year e-Pago has entered new markets in Latin America,

Regional Roundup | e-Pago

cluding Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and soon, Chile. The growth strategy continues for 2008 and beyond, not only in additional countries but also by expanding e-Pago into new vertical markets and with new services in the countries where it now operates.

Core to e-Pago is its on-line transactional switching technology. The e-Pago system allows billers (i.e., banks, retailers and utilities) in Latin America to optimize their customer service payment centers by moving from collecting only one monthly bill to accepting a multitude of bills at the same location, thereby inceasing the volume of transactions per location. The e-Pago service therefore is a win-win proposition for both the business client and the end consumer, the latter who now can pay most of their monthly bills in cash at one location. In addition, transactions via the e-Pago switch can be transmitted on-line to the business customer’s data base and to their bank, rather than in periodic batch transfers. The end customer also feels assured— enhanced by the Brink’s brand— in knowing that their bill payments via e-Pago are immediate and secure.

When meeting e-Pago International’s General Manager, Ricardo Ramírez, for the first time, one can immediately sense the drive and spirit of a technology entrepreneur.

The creativity and product knowledge of Ricardo and his management team have been a key ingredient in enhancing Brink’s understanding of this exciting market segment, particularly since walkin cash bill payment is less common in countries to the north. Adding e-Pago to the product portfolio has been a powerful play in Latin America in moving Brink’s toward integrated technology solutions along with the company’s core expertise in secure cash logistics.

Ramírez explains, “What we convey to our customers— banks, retailers, etcetera— is that while the technology behind e-Pago is core to our value proposition, the real differentiator is the high level of service we provide to their customers.” e-Pago focuses heavily on customer service and on the efficiency of the bill payment process, per transaction, per minute. The combination of excellent customer service and high performance is what attracts clients to e-Pago, from cellular providers like Telefónica de España’s Movistar, banks such as Brazil’s Banco Bradesco to electric utilities Elektra Noreste and Unión Fenosa.

Further, in a consultative approach, e-Pago helps its clients understand how bill collection is not core to their business and how outsourcing helps to optimize their value-creating activities. Ramírez adds, “Solutions selling has always been our way to explain the value of e-Pago to our clients. By working closely with our clients to identify their challenges and then customize a solution, we simultaneously gain knowledge of their internal business processes. This customer knowledge allows us to upsell new offerings to them in the future.”

Bill payments and collections promises more exciting growth opportunities for Brink’s in the years to come. Add to collections the multi-billion dollar cash remittance transfers between the U.S. and Latin America, which hit $22 billion between the U.S. and Mexico alone in the first eleven months of 2007, Brink’s will continue to expand this product line in order to provide technologydriven integrated solutions to its business customers.

Allen Finch Allen Finch is Director of Business Development for the Latin America and Canada Region at Brink’s, Incorporated. When not at the Richmond headquarters, Allen may be found working on e-Pago and other new business ventures at Brink’s locations such as São Paulo, Panama City and Bogotá. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, he holds an MBA and a Master of International Management degree from the Thunderbird school of international business in Arizona, and the College of William and Mary in Virginia.

January 2008 | The Brink’s Journal | Page 13


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