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BACKGROUND • Creative industries has recently been recognised as a key sector in the fast growing knowledge economy • Rural and remote areas need to harness their cultural skills to develop businesses to maintain viable communities • New technologies in ICT offer the best hope to develop the business skills to compete effectively in the modern global market

OVERALL OBJECTIVES • Support the development of entrepreneurial culture, knowledge and know-how in the creative sector • Increase opportunities for creative young people to share creative work and develop business ideas • Support international networking between creative youth and incubators


Duration: January 2008 – June 2010 10 partners 7 associate partners 6 countries – Finland, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Northern Ireland, Scotland

• Budget 1,84 MEur

WWW.INCUBIZ.EU • Online service for business incubators and creative people to support business development • Information, knowledge, models and best practices • Platform for interaction between people and organisations in the Northern Periphery

NEW TECHNOLOGIES • Development and experiments of innovative ICT services supporting creative youth in distributing and joint-developing their products – P2P service for easy and efficient sharing of large multimedia files – Tips about cooperative production tools supporting coproduction over distances – Experiments to create a multi-media wiki tool ‒ an innovative collaborative environment using the wiki concept applied on multimedia documents

NETWORKING AND COOPERATION OVER DISTANCES • Testing the tools available and piloting the new technologies created in NoCry for cooperation over distances • Several international teams, common productions over distances • Feedback, experiences and finalising productions face-to-face

KNOWLEDGE, LEARNING, TRAINING • Developing knowledge and skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur in the creative sector • Experimental network education (Road Tour) • Transnational education material • Transnational and local short courses and workshops

NOCRY AT A GLANCE Local incubator

Local incubator

Local incubator

Online platform Busin ess ski lls Training Workshops Seminars Education

Knowledge and skills

N Contact site Co-productions over distances Face-to-face meetings

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MORE INFORMATION Kaj Kostiander Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences Tel. +358 40 849 7231