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y a thesis not reall nifesto y l l u f k n ma Tha not even a sitation. probably s i d a t o ely n & definat oklet, Maybe a bo erhaps p g a briefin even... t e l a think-


J&UthSe dTem-a IN-TIME-DELIVERY nds of supply (ing) Creative Industry...

“Be brav e take risks . . Noth subs ing titu can te e Paul xperie nce. o Co ” eho

Contention Enterprising ideas...

2 What the luck is Creative Industry?! 3 Creativity with an imagin ary gun to your head... 4 What’s out of the box? 5 Where to from here? 6 Expect the unexpected (co nventionally speaking)... Who would have believed it? 8 What happens next? 9 Next ADD-venture please! 10




ord (s)

e s i r p Enteirng) ( Ideas

There is no surprise To the spir it of enter prise As it has a lready thou ght The unimagi nable Each p roblem s solu An ins tion p i r a t ion to Creati ng the explor e, mor discov e eries Findin of a l g the ifetim time t e o drea m Could you have sailed to othe r worlds? On a promise o f something ye t unfound? When the World was absolutely flat Would you have hoped it round ?

ees As apples fall from their tr they go down? Do you wonder how it is that ways Have you ever conceived of e ground? To lift peoples feet off th

Tailors-of-the-fut ure make sails That catch the-wind s-of-change Journey beginnings , middles & ending s Finding the way th rough life again & again & ag ain... AWE4 = nic mepham


What The LUCK?

ucexcerpted from the introd is e ov ab on ti ni fi de & n The descriptio document: tion pages of the research Mapping Document 2001” “The Creative Industries ine al form can be found on-l The full document in digit st. d into sections of intere de vi di & at rm fo F PD in ) (not so easily I.E. Advertising PDF (210kb) Architecture PDF (360kb) PDF (361kb) Art and Antiques Markets Crafts PDF (247kb) Design PDF (269kb) ) Designer Fashion PDF (224kb Film & Video PDF (314kb) re PDF (175kb) Interactive Leisure Softwa Music PDF (328kb) ) Performing Arts PDF (358kb Publishing PDF (294kb) es PDF (261kb) Software & Computer Servic (248kb): PDF io Rad and n sio Televi

ure. es hiv rc la na io at e.n iv ch http://webar _doc_2001.htm /archive_2001/ci_mapping ns io at ic bl pu l/ ba lo /g uk gov.


Creativity With a G.

ly. ing anything real do d oi av to y wa ing. be a terrific ernative” to work lt Looking busy can “a st be e th be y) can anyway? Meetings (some sa -i-ness these days sy bu in e ar we ? when to be) “creative” ed ct What does it mean pe ex r (o g in ea about be What’s the big id tion? de-to-order innova ma ke ma or d an em to drink? deliver ideas-on-d ter & then forced wa to Can people really ad le be n to do? at a horse ca ing what you love do Does it follow th e ar u yo if rk wo the forests? Does it feel like that’s faraway in g in ll fa ee tr e Can we hear th ing? ould we be imagin sh y wh t bu , gs in e doing? imagine such th g that’s what we’r in ow We can of course kn t ou ab d ie ons? are we worr to prepared questi s er sw an t Why, what or whom gh ri & tions? wait for only real ng searching ques ki as of How long should we t ar e th interest in How have we lost ve? such as pro & acti s rd wo n ee tw be e ve? some duck-tap el being producti fe What if we stick u yo ke ma it es How wonder full do n to do? found something fu ve u’ yo if rk wo e & justice? busy & fake ther ideas like pr Why pretend to be ge to k ic st we ly... s al reason our things proper av de en to Is it for very re t no ve g anyway? seems to be moti ’re actually doin we Prejudice really ck he e th at wh wondering Whose watching & cupied? e to always be oc rv se it es do e ys? os What purp warriors these da an th er th ra rs ie as well. rr is in the details” Are we becoming wo l vi de he “t t ye example. e Devil’s Tools” AKA setting a good . ow “Idle Hands Are Th ll fo to es ad tive crus There are construc hing? t to do with anyt go e ov ab s ne li e ll have th ng things. Hmmmm. What The He structive) defini de n te of (& t ul diffic re. = It is wickedly creativity with ca r ou le nd ha to ? We need a moment, shall we r fo ay aw t oa fl Let’s let all that ings us? be imaginative br to y it il ab l ra ily. value a natu g IT” dilemmas da in Do t us “J Lets wonder what y) ar ys. mentary (contempor every day role-pla s he ot Cl We do face many mo l” ra tu r’s New “Cul Intangible Empero : overb proverbially pr h is gl En an g inate. en? Rememberin why we do procrast on Who Dares GrinS th as re as t” ? es ng , laughs lo courage & passions r ei th g in ow “whom laughs last ll fo h h? without The Foolis g is getting toug in go e th n How can things be he .w .. do now then Oh dear...what to ough? (ideally) tough en is at wh t ye g, l we? cted to get goin Ducks instead shal be The tough are expe to d en et pr ea, lets und dumb. Hey, here’s an id ing even it may so ag ur co en be n ca ll off. 4 taphor (& the worries) ro r Reusing an odd me te wa e th t le amlet-like) remember to tter to suffer (H It really helps to be is it r) he at her (& we (or not 2B) The question whet after decide: 2B & ) ed ct re di es e U can... or to ask (as Shak whatever U B-liev


OUTSIDE the what?

Where to from where?




like stories. Storms come & go ors do not realThey say that sail il in calm seas. ly learn how to sa in order to feel We do need change seek challenges. alive. We deeply

Expecto what?

use. Think of Think of moving ho go out with you. asking someone to k a new job or thin Think of seeking . Think of anyof making a speech ts “endeavour” thing that sugges will involve some of any kind & it ’s only natural. sort of “new”. It raid of, really. Nothing to be a af g to be “preActually somethin than in “denial” pared” for rather happens. of. Stuff always g does occaBoom. The lightnin e tree. Whoosh. sionally strike th nders in front The wild animal wa The aircraft of the car. Whizz. nway. Hush overshoots the ru common sense does make the same that then to guess that ll also happen happens in life wi eative enterin any kind of cr prise. at doesn’t The only thing th n Wisdom change (as Easter . So what? Tells), is change ution? What’s the so(u)l ure! Embrace The Advent


by-doing. Set Have a go, learnNavigate & find course of course. The-Diem & learn direction. Carpeout of mistakes to make the most ing) to learn to & be ready(& will than against) work with (rather next. Go With The whatever happens im up stream... Flow & sometime sw terprise of any In fact for any en it is creative kind (that senses haviour will in anyway) this be strategy rather become (indeed) a l thinking (irthan simply wishfu or the oversimreverent or not) rious scenarios. plification of se is use-full (as Counterintuitive scovered as ADDis its other) & di places. vice in surprising gin Group ComLook up a few “Vir nd what they pany” values & fi entals. Or ask think of as FUNdam ecutive if they a big business ex he Art of War” ever peeked at “T iration. When for corproate insp concrete-junwe listen to the be forgiven for gle drums we can each love to forgetting that we t beats & tunes. dance to differen won’t save-theCreative Industry may help resworld today yet it te lifelongcue tomorrow. Igni ills & rekindle learning savvy sk g with wits meaning & survivin rld-wide in this stormy wo work&play.

It would be a bit weird if by now you had read this far & were not beginning to wonder where is all of this really going... & it would be perfectly reasonable of you to be feeling confused perhaps, & even frustrated with me (wandering around like this) making you puzzle over where it all came from anyway. Assuming you read this far...that is. So first this “creative entrepreneur” wants to says to you. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. It is so very, very, very much appreciated. & that is precisely the point actually.

Appreciation. That’s it really, an unwritten untouchable idea yet a concept we all live (& die) by. At least that is what I beleive. I think we all really need to exchange ideas. It isn’t only to do with commercial activity yet it’s definitely to do with a kinder kind of currency.

WHO would why?

Hence a real need (hopefully I’m not alone feeling this way) for refreshing a “culture of appreciation” in any idea of “industry”. Supply & demand works in anything. In order to bring better practice to busy-i-ness we really need to render greater authenticity (wink to Pine&Gilmore as well as Neil Crofts here) to the process of personal growth. Encouraging creative living again. It takes two to tango. In modern industry (& many other fields of interest such as education, ethics & energy) it’s tough to express individual needs when our collective values are invested in appreciation of how we use our time (e.g paying bills, consuming consumerables & building likability). Benefits are as abstract as imaginary goals. Oh dear, this is sounding a lot like “Art Speak”...yet stops quickly. For me its a wild abstact concept the idea of “making money” in the first place? Why do we? & then needing to do it each day for no reason than well, making more of it? King Midas-ing!


One Inter-preta(c)tion. Like Art for Arts sake we could continue doing the same old same old of course. If it works then why fix it? But what if the plan doesn’t actually include any plan to “make” any “difference” in it? What to do when questions need directing regarding attitude & answers aren’t in any mood for listening? This has a name (& no it isn’t Voldermort). Enter-the-no-surprise:

Dilemma There’s no way out without a change of mind. Without alterring some kind of attitude.

What next?

Our appreciation of ideas like “money” for instance can really make a big difference. In the “big” picture, that difference can quite make all the difference in the world.


Wealth is something we all can appreciate. What does it feel like to feel safe? What are you glad for from today? What do you love to do? Where is love found? Why is friendship so cool? What is your favourite colour? Who do you trust? & so on...

inesssounds bus p i h s r u e n an? e g entrepr hope to me t i s e o d Encouragin t wha ’t it, but like doesn for some time s e v l o v n i ys ed to ideas alwa telling ne y r o t s Projecting y n me ted the sa . As does a i t r n e e h m n t i s u s j a d a ness h ation plot. Busi accustomis s i h t s e build its b cri stomers. urse & des sed it: Cu s e u g idea of co u o y ation of, as the cre trained etimes) & m o s d e c r e or co different hed (even c , a w o e c n e g r n a i We meth caiting so . into appre unfamiliar 1 small leap of imagination otherwise a giant step for changing that. e k i l e r a deas Business i t. s like tha e. Any idea i v add+ entur e h t e c a r b ry. “Insani It must em ty: doin of discove y e n r u g th o j over and Go on a over aga e same thing in and e ing diff xpecterent re reality. a e m o c e sults.� b o t A s l d b e . ert Eins & deeds tein A dream ne to things n i n r . u r t e t n c a a c r a s h d c r o W ated as ct... be appreci mand respe m o Deeds can c l l i w s. of any can ferent way f i & charater d y r e v e yet in som must earn. e w t c e p s e R t?) oney, righ m n a h t t a (better th n. invested i e b o t s d e te?) ne o accumula t Integrity g n i t a l u c re you spe (so what a in) t once aga a h t d a e r e, (yes pleas ing. Virtually eds nurtur e n g n i h se in: t y ever common sen e m o s g n i d exclu omics). (currently ion & econ t a c u d e , e enterpris r our enefits fo b d l i u b o t ed e are forc ly be able w l a d u n t i n f e v e e w To ide iences es along-s target aud m o d c e t l u l o a c l u o s osef rust. oduce purp value of t e h t t i also to pr s i v e lity. To r accountabi ounds. ore new gr l p x e o T . to change few conven s a s e ) n e g d n i i s l a l A wi me(or put throw out o shake-so t o t s u s p e a l h b r a e n P o e rocess sionally t rust the p T . t u tions occa o s to l e what fal o in order g t e l o t d trees & se e nee ions. ometimes w ask direct o t t o l perhaps. S a & it helps grow wings



2B continue(ing)...





A brief "Food for Thought" letter inspired by participation within the Northern Periphery Programme collaborative Project NoCrY (Northern Cr...

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