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VPFlowScope® For flow measurement in saturated compressed air Mass flow, pressure, temperature Display with keypad Built-in data logger -

> Extreme resistance to pollution > Only one insertion probe needed in the field > Complete solution, easy to use

‘If you can not measure it, you can not improve it’ (Lord Kelvin 1883)

Applications: >

Compressor efficiency monitoring.


Near ISO 1217 compliant field testing of compressors.


High temperature and saturated air applications.

Benefits: >

All-in-one: The VPFlowScope measures mass flow, pressure and temperature simultaneously, making extra sensors and cables redundant.


Proprietary design and repellent layer, make the VPFlowScope and water drops.


Easy to install: Just mount the VPFlowScope and you can start measuring immediately.


Compatible with the VPFlowScope product family.


Versatile: for various pipe sizes (2” and up).

resistant to dirt

in the pipe, enter the pipe diameter

Specifications: flow range rangeability pressure range temperature(sensor head) humidity range accuracy outputs probe length probe diameter installation diameter mounting gases data logger

: : : : : : : : : : : : :

20..200mn/sec* 1:10 0..10 bar abs -40..+150 degC. Ice should be avoided! 100% condensing, mounted vertically <2% reading over 1:10 range 4..20mA, RS485 400 mm 12.7 mm (0,5”) 50...300 mm 0.5 inch compression fitting Compressed air, N2, other gases on request 500.000 points

* Calibrated 20..120mn/sec

VPFlowScope® VPFlowScope is a registered trademark of Van Putten Instruments B.V. Patents pending. © 2006-2009

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