Bunion Aid® Splayfoot Hammertoe Foot Size Chart

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How to use the Splayfoot Support Insole •

101/2 - 111/2 9 - 10 71/2 - 81/2 6-7

1. Place insole (trim if necessary) on the ground and place the red metatarsal pad along the perforated arc with the rounded edge towards the front of the insole. The vertical holes above and below the arc mark additional positions to get a personal fit. 2. Place foot on top, stand for three minutes, allowing for the foot to adjust.

Cut the sole with scissors along the featured line to fit your shoe size

3. If needed, adjust the placement of the metatarsal pad until comfortable. 4. Place the insole on top of existing liner of shoe.

Correct placement of the Metatarsal Pad


Pattern to fit shoe size


The pad (A) should not extend beyond line of the ball of foot (B) and should be comfortable while walking.

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