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Adjustable metatarsal pad

Get the lift you need while walking

Splayfoot Insole For discomfort caused by Splayfoot, Hammertoe, Claw Foot, Calluses & Metatarsalgia

Splayfoot Insole Relieves pain of the forefoot caused by hammertoe, splayfoot, metatarsalgia, and calluses. • Easily position the pad to fit to your specific foot shape and shoe style. • The adjustable metatarsal pad supports the transverse arch. • Proper placement of the pad re-establishes normal distribution of pressure throughout the front of your foot.

Hook & loop surface prevents slippage.

Place on top of shoe liner; easily transferable from one shoe to another.

• Adjustable metatarsal pad allows for individual variances of foot size and shape.

• Light-weight and thin, slips smoothly into many styles of shoes – whether dress or casual.

Metatarsal pad supports transverse arch, relieving pressure of the forefoot. Material breathes –comfortable to wear in varying temperatures.

Transferable without removing shoe liners.

Contents: 1 pair of insoles. 1 pair of metatarsal pads. Insoles can be trimmed to fit. Other Alpha Orthotics™ products: • Bunion Aid™ • Bunion Aid Plus™ Replacement Set • Medial Mid-foot Brace

US 6-7 71/2 - 81/2 9 -10 101/2 -111/2

Splayfoot Insole With compliments from:

Alpha Orthotics Corp. PO Box 1107 Tiburon, CA 94920 Toll Free 1.877.389.7969 Made in Germany International patents pending. Alpha Orthotics™ is a trademark of Alpha Orthotics Corp. Part # 101001-box01

Hammer toe insole  

Hammer toe insole with its unique movable metatarsal pad relieves splayfoot and hammertoe pain.

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