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Ten Reasons why Medial Mid-foot Brace is the Best Brace for Treating Mid-foot Pain Stay active with maximum mid-foot support 1. Medial Mid-foot Brace is an adjustable brace that relieves mid-foot pain caused by general foot stress and strain including splayfoot and fallen arch. 2. Medial Mid-foot Brace and its metatarsal pad support the middle bones of the foot and the transverse arch which in turn supports the longitudinal arch of the foot. 3. The Medial Mid-foot Brace with its dual-strapping system is unique. It is positioned along the inside of the foot and can be adjusted to best fit the contour of the foot for maximum relief, provides inward and upward support to the mid-foot, and can be tightly cinched to prevent slippage or telescoping. 4. As compared to elastic sleeve braces currently on the market, the Medial Mid-foot Brace will not pleat, roll up or lose shape, thus maintaining a lasting fixation (or corrective state) to the shape of the foot. 5. Medial Mid-foot Brace fits to the contour of the foot which is unique to each individual, and the metatarsal pad is adjustable. 6. Light-weight and thin, the Medial Mid-foot Brace can be worn in non-restrictive shoes. One size fits most and can be worn on the left or right foot. 7. In the case of Splayfoot or Flatfoot where the longitudinal arch is weakened and the transverse or metatarsal arch is adversely affected, the Medial Mid-foot Brace supports the arch and middle bones of the foot which in turn supports the longitudinal arch of the foot. 8. In the case of Metatarsalgia (ball-of-foot pain) where the bones and joints at the ball of the foot (metatarsal region) become inflamed due to excessive pressure or weight overtime, the Medial Mid-foot Brace redistributes weight from the painful metatarsal head area. 9. In the case of a stress fracture (over-use injury), the Medial Mid-foot Brace helps support the mid-foot bones thus reducing pain. 10. In the case of severe bunions (Hallux Valgus), the compression of the side splint of the Medial Mid-foot Brace provides support of the metatarsal bones, taking pressure away from the painful bunion while wearing shoes.* *Medial Mid-foot Brace is recommended for those who have advanced Hallux Valgus which cannot be treated with Bunion Aid™.

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