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General ideas JB Iluminación for distribution Imperial Spain.


Distribution of products Imperial in Spain from central location in Asturias, the

option of receiving a contract respecting the exclusivity of sales in Spain for Imperial products, with a duration of 2 years. All Spanish clients that will contact Imperial Poland will be transferred to JB Iluminación as being the distributor of products Imperial.


JB Iluminación will provide an office for all types of administrative work such

as follow up of clients via phone, email, fax etc.


JB Iluminación will dispose of a showroom of 120m2 in Avilés Asturias

dedicated exclusively to products of the Imperial brand. Imperial Poland will provide material of all type for the exposition which is considered as being interesting for the Spanish market.


Spanish clients will pass their orders via central office in Asturias, which then after a

double check and confirmation will be passed on to Imperial Poland. Invoicing however will be from Imperial Poland directly to the customer in Spain. JB Iluminación will be responsible for providing all correct data of clients. Imperial Poland will have the right to deny sales or demand payment in advance to certain clients if considered necessary by insurance payment company. In case of a delay in payment of Spanish customer, JB Iluminación will keep contacting client until the problem is solved.


JB will use its existing distribution net and will always try to expand the net through

representatives, wholesalers, lighting stores, architects, interior designers, etc. Imperial Poland will provide catalogs for the distribution. JB Iluminación will make in accordance with Imperial Poland visiting cards.


A commission in percentage on each sale will be kept aside for JB Iluminación for

the first 2 years.


Imperial will prepare a price list for the Spanish market which will include:

transport costs, commission for JB Iluminaci贸n, and possible offers of discount for purchases of big amounts. Besides a price list we need an average estimated delivery time to offer clients, and all possible terms of payment we can offer the clients.



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