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July 2009

A Time of Celebration Where to find the right moment to formulate all the adventures, piece together my thoughts in what seems to have been one of the busiest yet most rewarding seasons of my life. In August I celebrate my 39th birthday and with that approaching I've found myself looking back over the last 9 years on some of the milestones I've journeyed Been the Bible Smuggler; received my call to missions; took a step of faith into full time ministry with YWAM; experienced India & lead outreach; completed 9 months of Biblical Studies; teaching, training & discipling bible teachers in Africa. This is just a summary of God's story of Nicky's life in her 30s. Lets celebrate some more ...

Praise Report I write to you from my stylish new laptop, a Purple Dell Studio. God faithfully provided a miracle not only financially but also in the nik-of-time. Although it didn’t seem possible I did received my new laptop in Germany. Yet another faith building moment for me.

Updates GERMANY Another testimony… I made it to the School of Biblical Studies Consultation in May. From 14-18 May the SBS worldwide met together in Hurlach, Germany where 110 co-workers gathered together from 30 different nations. We listened, prayed & fellowshipped over these days. We heard courageous stories from those working in sensitive areas bringing to mind the reality of what it means to run a bible school on the frontline. My time in Germany was valuable, enabling me to see the bigger picture of the SBS world and the different ministries involved. It was also about networking … I was even reacquainted with a dear friend, Ragaa, from my time spent in Egypt 6 years ago. Things seem to have gone full circle for me. EXPANDING As part of the conference we also decided to divide the SBS world into 4 different areas with Resource hubs in strategic locations. YWAM Muizenberg was named the regional hub for Africa. With that being said my role in the Biblical Studies Department will expand to include that of communications for SBS in Africa. Our focus will be to work towards networking with bases within Africa, seeing how we can help strengthen their biblical study programs. (Muizenberg leadership on right) Running the finances for our department has always been a big part of my ministry and increasingly so the last couple of months as our ministry has been growing.

SBS GRADUATION Our 9 month SBS graduated at end of June. Remember Monique? I mentored her through her Discipleship Training School then again through her SBS. She now works with a mentorship program among High School students in affluent & previously disadvantaged areas around Cape Town. She does that with a solid foundation in the Word of God… what a precious jewel!Most of our students have moved on to do Titus Project. These are the students I mentored through SBS (Monique on left, Susan on right). TITUS PROJECT Titus Project is our teacher training program which aims to train and release SBS graduates in teaching and preaching, mobilizing them into areas where Bible training is greatly needed. 5 days after SBS graduated, Titus Project started. They've just started their 12 week outreach in 2 local townships within Cape Town and the nation of Swaziland. These teams are launching a year round teaching ministry into the Townships of Cape Town. LOOKING FORWARD School of Biblical Studies (9 months) - September 2009 SBS in Swaziland - January 2010


This is Thembinkosi from Swaziland. He was one of our 9 month Biblical Studies graduates and presently doing Titus Project. Once graduated he will be part of pioneering SBS in Swaziland. It's a pleasure to train up such young and eager pioneers. With breaking new ground comes spiritual warfare. This guy has faced some real hardship these last few months. Please pray for him. The SBS in Swaziland starts in January – more about that in my next newsletter!

Experiencing the growth of our ministry, running 2 schools back to back, seeing 31 students (10 Africans) changed by the Word of God and released into ministry is indeed a CELEBRATION – its made it a very busy but rewarding season. Thank you again for partnership & investment into these students lives!

With Blessing, Nicky

Address : Nicky Bragg c/o YWAM, PO Box 129, Muizenberg, 7950 Mobile : 082 6833261 Home : 021 7882766

Please pray for stamina as I expand in new roles

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July 2009  

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