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Behavior problems at home and at school Behavioral problems in children and adolescents usually have as root family and emotional conflicts. So take it seriously if your child is acting aggressively at home and at school.

Studies of poor school behavior show a worrying fact: ​home education may be the main factor. After all, children socially reflect the way they deal within their homes. However, many parents still believe that the school has a duty to educate, when in fact it has a duty to teach. The relationship between family and school. Studies indicate that the first relationships lived by the child in the family imply in the school process. Therefore, the importance of parents to relate to school. In a way, they are also "educated" by getting information about their child's learning, about the activities the school promotes, and especially about learning to participate in their child's school life, and encouraging them to study and participate in them activities. It is important that teachers also know about certain points in the family life of the pupils, so that they can deal with each one individually and privately in the classroom, but still, they can understand what is going on in the child's head and guide the parents, if possible. Types of bad behavior. Examples of misbehavior in the classroom are getting more and more common. Extreme cases have been constantly presented in the media, but it is not only with the extreme cases that people need to be concerned, after all, aggressive and rebellious attitudes in children and adolescents almost always denote emotional problems, and if they are not ceased, the tendency is that worsen. Such behaviors can range from:

A simple rebellion, in which student does not want to attend classes and isolates himself from his classmates. When the student starts to challenge the teacher or the students. Or, from the moment the student believes that the only way to solve their problems is to start with verbal and physical aggression. All of these problems, however, show that the student is suffering emotionally, and it is when parents and teachers need to take action so that problems do not escalate or lead to more serious consequences later. Why the bad behavior. Some problems of bad behavior can be solved by the teachers themselves or by the institution in general, according to this ​argumentative essay about bullying​, since in many cases, the student is not necessarily suffering from emotional problems. There are very common cases of students who suffer from hyperactivity, attention deficit or have excess energy. In such cases, teachers themselves are usually already informed about methods of dealing with such behavior.

The problem is when the child does not suffer from any of these problems and yet acts inappropriately in the classroom and at home. Many of these children: ● ● ● ● ● ●

They accompany the violence inside their homes. They live with violent friends or behave badly. They behave badly because they want to draw attention, since they do not have their parents. They suffer bullying at school. They are going through age conflicts. They are going through other psychological problems.

What to do The first attitude to be taken in the face of a misbehavior of a child or adolescent is to analyze if such an attitude is not a natural characteristic of age. Many parents become desperate because their child became more stubborn or make more tantrums. But at certain ages it is normal for the child or adolescent to act in this way, even at school. This does not

mean that parents should be permissive and ignore such attitudes. They should guide and correct their children so they do not believe that such attitudes are acceptable. What can be characterized as serious disorders, in fact, is the prolongation or worsening of the problem. That is, if the child is taking too long to "improve" or if attitudes are getting more constant and serious it is a sign that something is not going well. So parents urgently need to look for a way to find out the​causes of their problems​as well as ways to solve them. Of course, parents, as well as teachers, must always approach children or adolescents in order to get to know them and try to understand their conflicts. And before judging them by their attitudes, they should try to identify the root of the problem so that it does not remain rooted or does not generate more serious effects in the future.

Behavior problems at home and at school  
Behavior problems at home and at school