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Introduction to the policies of the Forest of Dean Green Party How National Green Party policies apply to the Forest of Dean

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The Forest of Dean is becoming a dormitory district with 14,000 people commuting out of the Forest every working day. Greens would address the urgent need to create local jobs through: Green New Deal, a programme of investment to improve the energy-efficiency of homes and businesses and create local jobs in renewable energy. A support scheme for small and medium sized businesses to set up and grow in the Forest. Local alternatives to the big banks: Credit Unions, area, working for us. Running local services from local offices – reclaim the jobs and decision-making that have leaked away to Gloucester and beyond. Local employment and purchasing will keep


These policies are inspired by the Green Party’s ideas on the economy, equity & social justice, decentralisation and devolution, and by the Green Party’s plans for industry – read about these at and at in.html. Also see how the Green Party will protect and enhance our Forests at http://

PLANNING & TRANSPORT Using what we have more effectively Greens will: Fight for much better public transport, enabling mobility for everyone, not just vehicle owners.

Create better cycling facilities. Combat out-of-town retail parks and instead breathe life back into existing village and town centres – in tune with the way people are now choosing to shop. Ensure new housing is energy efficient, healthy and cheap to run. Resist speculative housing without associated new jobs.

Please also see and tr.html for detailed national policies and exactly how they will be achieved – there’s so much that can be done to improve our country and our lives!

ENERGY Securing our future by local action

Forest of Dean District Councillors would: Cut council energy use and ensure that the energy it possible. Generate renewable energy on publicly owned land and buildings Oppose fracking and the proposed nuclear power plant at Oldbury. Promote community-owned generation schemes. re-charging networks and change local government vehicles to electric.

Photo left: Community-owned Great Dunkilns wind turbine at St Briavels

Please refer to to see how our world can be transformed by well-researched and practical policies.


About 80p in the £1 spent at a supermarket leaves the Forest forever, whereas, at local shops and markets, about 80p in the £1 is re-circulated within the Forest economy. Greens will: Support initiatives bringing reduced ‘food miles’ and fresher, healthier and more seasonal food. Encourage greater community ownership of food. farming & growing.

Please see to understand the background to these policies.


We will: Make full use of our Empty Homes powers.

Fight for the provision of new housing to be based on commercially attractive sites. Incentivise Green Housing Developments. Maximise the use of local tradesmen and materials in all public developments including the use of local timber. Ensure that Forest of Dean tenants are not penalised by the ‘bedroom tax’. Promote ‘Land Share’ to match land that owners can’t manage to growers who want more space.

Enable Self-Build and co-housing.

We’ve selected these as priorities but see to find out more about Green Party policies on housing.


natural inheritance is fundamental to the Forest of Dean Green Party. As District Councillors we will: Demand implementation of the Independent Forestry Report recommendations and continue to support to bring lasting protection for Dean. natural heritage, that biodiversity and habitat surveys approved and make sure that planning conditions are met to retain sites and settings important for wildlife. Support initiatives that help the Forestry Commission manage the Public Forest Estate in the Dean for its ecology and its people before private profit. improve conditions for wildlife to thrive. Interest and Special Areas of conservation to realise their optimum potential. To find out how the Green Party proposes to reconcile the many conflicting demands found within the countryside see:

Green Party candidates for the 2015 District Council Elections


private sector and we have been reduced to being consumers. Local government has been hit hardest by Central Government’s cuts, and government services such as meals on wheels and children’s centres. We believe that our public services should be local, and should multiply the benefits by helping citizens to help themselves. Research shows that this would save money and meet people’s needs better—so if we do programme, just a lot less bureaucracy. Green Party Forest of Dean District Councillors will: Push for a Unitary Forest of Dean, which would bring back control from Gloucester to the Forest. Bring planning into local communities by setting up local committees, where parish councils have a say.

The Green Party have lots of exciting proposals to change local, regional and central government – check them out at We would love to hear your views.


The Forest is a great place to live - we have strong communities, unpolluted natural surroundings and great opportunities to share public resources. assets, and ensure everyone can enjoy the real value that they bring to our everyday lives. Why not visit our website: You will find there the full Forest of Dean Green Party manifesto, details of how you can join the Green Party and much more. Also, why not follow us on Facebook : and Twitter: @GreenPartyFOD The links provided throughout this document are only for selected pages of the Green Party policy. For full details on Green Party policies and principles see:

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Forest of Dean Green Party mini manifesto  

How national Green Party policies apply to the Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean Green Party mini manifesto  

How national Green Party policies apply to the Forest of Dean