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EXPLORER Winter 2019

Discover Manna motocross. Who is Tindlovu? All about FLISP subsidies. Style with blinds. The Cowley reading method and more...

WHITE RIVER EXPLORER We are passionate about White River; and everything in it. White River Explorer is a fun and simple guide to the good life. Published quarterly, get in touch if you would like to market yourself in here or share something great about our town. Thanks, The White River Explorer team For advertising, contact Chané Mulder, 084 588 4148, 013 751 3175, Apology: Apologies to Susan San Giorgio and Simply Slowveld for the mispelling of their names in Edition 2.




Discover Manna motocross. Who is Tindlovu? All about FLISP subsidies. Style with blinds. The Cowley reading method and more...

Autumn 2019

Discover White River; White River Dialysis, Wellness at Oliver’s, We are White River and White River SPCA


EXPLORER Summer 2018

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Photo credit: Eksteen Jacobsz, 072 382 4148 Discover the scenic Lowveld; Sabie Valley Coffee, luxury lodges & estates, MTO tracks and Perry’s Bridge Reptile Park



Located on the Manna Church property next to the R40, Manna motocross’ main aim is to create a safe environment for friends and families to meet over the weekend and enjoy some riding and quality time. Currently the track can accommodate all levels of motocross riders with a kiddies 50cc track and an Enduro cross track to be introduced in the near future. Manna MX is a Womza affiliated track and this year will host two of the Limpopo Series and one of the Inland Racing Series. They have a resident trainer, William Sutherland, who can accommodate all training needs on all levels. The track is open over weekends and public holidays with an entrance fee per bike. Half of the gate takings are donated to the Manna Church feeding scheme, known as CID – Children In Distress. Join the Manna family for a picnic or braai and some great riding. Note: Toilet facilities are available. No Quads allowed. As they are located on church property, no alcohol is allowed on these premises. Please follow the Manna Motocross Facebook page for details on all future racing events. Contact Brenda 082 331 9431 or Shane 082 805 3592 for further details. For training information, contact William, 076 900 6850.



WHITE RIVER SPCA IS RECYCLING We all want to be environmentally friendly but many of us have no idea where we can drop off our recyclable items. White River SPCA has a drop off point at their premises for all recyclable waste. The project is handled by SPCA volunteers, who aim to educate the community on the best ways to prepare the items before delivering them to the SPCA premises. The community can earn money for the SPCA with the following products: Paper, cardboard and tins. Plastic – separate the coke and cold drink bottles from the white milk cartons. Glass – if possible all colours separated.


Note: Please rinse out any bottles and tins before taking them to the SPCA. Messy, dirty bottles and tins bring a lot of flies and unwanted bugs. If anyone has a spare hand once a week to assist the SPCA workers, your help would be greatly appreciated. Contact 013 750 0240 if you have any further queries.


TINDLOVU Tindlovu is an experience. From entering the restaurant and enjoying the comfort and décor, to indulging in their delicious signature meals, you will leave with both your stomach and heart full.


Tindlovu offers a huge variety of dishes created in an authentic South African style. Pap and Kaaiings remain one the most popular breakfasts, while stuffed African sweet potato, meat from the grill and the seafood selection are topping the dinner charts. For lunch, the team suggest the gourmet Gatsby or selection of salads. “Tindlovu began in 2012 with our first restaurant based at Mopani Camp in the Kruger National Park,” says Tindlovu CEO Jo-Anne White. “One restaurant felt like an incredible success. Little did we know that nine more would soon follow.” The brand expanded over time, and Tindlovu restaurants can now be found all over the Kruger National Park: Mopani, Letaba, Shingwedzi, Punda Maria, Satara, Olifants, Berg en Dal and the Afsaal Traders Rest. “We have recently expanded beyond the Kruger, opening Tindlovu I’langa at I’langa Mall in Nelspruit and Tindlovu at the Gardens at the Botanical Gardens,” says Jo-Anne. Tindlovu is more than just a restaurant group. The Tindlovu head office, based in White River,


houses a well-oiled network of staff to offer a variety of services. “We coordinate events, facilitate dream weddings and offer catering services. We also have the Tindlovu Country Lodge at homebase, so we can accommodate travellers and tourists,” explains Jo-Anne. “We strive to offer an experience like no other. Not only do we offer guests a heartwarming Afro-fusion inspired meal at our Tindlovu restaurants, but we also offer an experience of hospitality that leaves our customers aching for more.” For more information visit


FLISP SUBSIDY ? A subsidy designed to make first-time ownership more affordable.

The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Program, better known as FLISP, which is offered by the Department of Human Settlements, grants affordable firsttime housing subsidies to qualifying applicants. FLISP gives these successful applicants a subsidy amount of up to R121 626. This can be used as a deposit on a home or as a lump sum payment into the bond account to reduce monthly instalments. To qualify for FLISP, you must be: A first time home buyer, with a household income of between R3 501 and R22 000 per month. Approved for a home loan by a lender like SA Home Loans, and have a letter confirming your approval. A South African citizen with a valid ID or a permanent resident with a valid permit. Over the age of 18 years and legally competent to enter into a contract. A first-time applicant that has not benefited from a Government Housing Subsidy Scheme before.

• • • • •

When submitting an application to FLISP, follow this process: Apply for a home loan with SA Home Loans. Once approved, a letter of acceptance is issued to you. Submit your FLISP grant paperwork together with your SAHL approval to the NHFC (National Housing Finance Corporation) or Provincial Department of Human Settlements. After your FLISP application is approved, funds are paid to transferring attorneys or SA Home Loans.

• • • •

FLISP is a product of the National Department of Human Settlements; however Melinda van Heerden from SA Home Loans confirms that she will gladly provide support and guidance on all FLISP requirements. She can be contacted at 084 904 9953, or 013 752 7103.



BLIND STYLE Blinds are a fabulous and fun option when dressing doors and windows and are generally a cost effective decorating choice, says interior designer Megan van der Merwe.


There are a number of varieties to suit all tastes and budgets. Roman blinds require much less fabric than curtains and there are many fun ways to jolly them up. Add a valance, tassel or ties or try a plain fabric with a patterned border or a valance with contrasting piping. Don’t discard any offcut fabric. Use it to make matching scatter cushion covers for the sofa. Use a valance to uplift a small or high window. The effect is lovely and it is an inexpensive way to soften a plain bathroom or kitchen window. Venetian blinds offer a clean, contemporary look and are available in different widths and a wide range of colours. Most dÊcor shops stock them and they are easy to install. Bamboo blinds are great for filtering sunlight. They offer a natural look and can be made to measure in a variety of designs. Roller blinds work well in an office space. They can be made with block out fabric to keep the sun at bay but are on the more expensive side. White wooden shutters are a stunning addition to any home. Simple yet effective, they create quite a statement but are more expensive than the average blind. Choose your favourite look and have fun window dressing. Contact Megan van der Merwe, 082 329 2896,





Ottoman Oriental Carpets closed its shop at Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre at the end of 2014 but now the carpet experts are back. For the last 18 months, the carpet team have been refining their skills at their new premises outside White River. Wiseman Mavimbela and his assistants, Nothando and Vinolia, are trained in the art of cleaning and mending handmade rugs. Apart from the use of a vacuum cleaner, all cleaning and mending is done by hand, with the utmost care and attention to detail. Wiseman is responsible for cleaning the carpets, using professional products. He works on silk carpets, loose rugs, mats and upholstery. Nothando and Vinolia bind and repair the carpets, fixing the fringes and repairing tassels. They also repair holes and damaged pile. Get in touch for all your carpet needs. Contact Wiseman on 082 216 9066 or Debbie on 082 444 4647.

THE COWLEY METHOD The success of the “Cowley Assisted Reading Methodologies” programme can be seen in the more than 100 franchises operating around the country, as well as in Botswana and Australia.


Dr Tina Cowley developed the unique Cowley Assisted Reading Methodologies programme during her relentless pursuit to overcome her son’s reading problem. Her quest for a solution meant she would have to give up her career as a psychologist and she travelled the globe researching reading and learning methods. During this time, the Tina Cowley Keyboard was invented. This modified, user-friendly keyboard provides a spontaneous reading tool, which when used with other therapies, allows the student to more rapidly identify letters, increasing their letter recognition. It assists students to overcome the difficulty they have distinguishing the foreground from the background. The Tina Cowley Reading Centre aims to help your child improve their scholastic performance, as well as their self esteem. By doing a scientific test, they can identify a reading problem, which can be addressed by determining the child’s reading level through which they customise a therapy plan. They aim to improve children’s reading speed and comprehension. The programme includes computerised as well as remedial classes. The Centre offer a Pre-school Ticket To Reading


Programme, which is designed to ensure the successful development of your child by giving them a head start in reading. Optimal reading ensures optimal learning. “Your little one will benefit greatly from this programme from the early age of four and a half,” explains Frances Cowley, the new franchisee of the Tina Cowley Reading Centre in White River. “This alongside the memory method therapy, guarantees the process of introducing phonics and word building to be extremely entertaining and effective at this young age. “We apply different therapies, namely basic skills, handle, brain gym, reading skills, eye kinetics and spelling rules to better reading quality.” Frances is a trained Reading Therapist, and a certified NBI Brain dominance conductor who holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria. She has built her experience as a reading therapist by working at the Tina Cowley head office for three years before getting involved with the Tina Cowley White River branch. For any further information call or message Frances on 082 442 9131 or visit

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Winter 2019 Manna Motocross Tindlovu FLISP subsidies The COWLEY reading method Style with blinds

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Winter 2019 Manna Motocross Tindlovu FLISP subsidies The COWLEY reading method Style with blinds