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Photo; Hokubee Australia QA Laboratory


Exploring the Advantages of Meltique Beef. About Meltique Beef Item - "Striploin" We would like to start to introduce the details of each Meltique Beef item in our newsletter. Firstly, "Striploin", the No.1 sales product in our Meltique Beef range will be featured . ◆Raw Material Striploin is part of the back muscle of beef and it is connected to Cube roll (rib-eye). Striploin consists of a muscle that does little work, therefore it is particularly tender. Striploin as specificated by the Australian meat association AUSMEAT (Cut Code-2140) is used for Meltique Beef. ◆Trimming Trimmed to a 15mm fat depth and a third of the silverskin removed (photo 1 and 2). Generally this part of silverskin is very tough to eat , no matter what grade of material it is. Also all bone and defects are checked well and removed completely by skilled workers in our factory. "Already trimmed " is a feature of our Meltique Beef . This decreases the chef's job and waste and this cuts down cost. ◆Wrapping Wrapped in specifically designed bags to achieve a uniform size and shape (photo 3). This helps achieves a greater portioning yield and profile for the end user.

【photo 1】

◆Packaging Individually wrapped products are moved into -30℃ blast freezer in order to be frozen quickly. They are then packed into the carton as catch weight and shelf life is 24 months frozen from production date.

【photo 2】

【photo 3】



◆Rump Side Membrane We have often been asked by 【photo 5】 【photo 4】 customers about the "membrane in striploin". Originally there is an inside membrane called "rump side membrane" in any striploin. Striploin lies between cuberoll and rump, and a part of rump meat is involved in striploin. And there is a membrane between striploin's eye muscle and rump muscle (the red dots area on photo 4 and red line on photo 5 that shows steak in its cut state). This membrane is natural and one of striploin's characteristic features. The cut spec of rump side membrane is a point in terms of the price and quality. On our Meltique Beef, the standard is set as "not removed". ◆Cooking Instruction <Defrosting preparation> 1) It is recommended to defrost under low temperature. 2) Take the required servings from the freezer and remove the vacuum packaging. Put the steaks on plates and leave in the refrigerator for about 6 hours for defrosting. 3) Do not refreeze once the product is defrosted. It can cause deterioration in quality. Keep the product refrigerated after defrosting and consume within a day. 4) It is not recommended to defrost under room temperature (It can cause deterioration in quality). <Production steps> 1) Heat up a frying pan, and then add cooking oil to it. 2) After the cooking oil is heated up, add the steak in. 3) Sprinkle black pepper and salt on the steak evenly. 4) Cook the steak 2 and a half minutes. When it is golden brown or when blood breaks the surface of the steak, turn the steak to the other side and cook for 3~4 minutes. Remark: Cooking time may vary depending on steak thickness. 5) Turn off the heat and remove the steak from the frying pan.


Port Macquarie’s  waters  are  a  playground  for   beautiful bottlenose dolphins. These intelligent DOLPHINS IN and lively mammals can be spotted in our river PORT MACQUARIE and ocean on a daily basis. In fact, almost every time anyone goes for a walk along the coastline they are likely to see at least one dolphin or even a whole pod of dolphins frolicking in the waves or cruising along in the swell. Bottlenose dolphins are often curious about humans and human activity. They can be seen riding the bow waves of boats, swimming near surfers and divers and cooperating with fishermen when their catch is being landed. In Port Macquarie there are many dolphin watching adventures that people can take part in. There are a number of boats that make their way around the river and out to the ocean so that people can enjoy the fascinating behaviour of these  unique  marine  mammals.  Dolphins  are  one  of  Port  Macquarie’s   great tourist attractions and even as local community members we never tire of watching dolphins as they glide elegantly through the water, sometimes so close that we could almost touch them. (Belinda Perkins, Administration Manager)


Beef Projections in 2013 Comparison between Australia and US

- Devastating drought in 2012 affects US beef production from 2013 onward ('000MT)

Beef Production (US & AUS) 2009-14

15,000 13,000

". 11,000 9,000




5,000 3,000 1,000 2009






Reference: Beef Central "Big declines tipped for 2013 US Beef production", MLA "Australian cattle industry projections 2013"

1) US - possibly almost 5% down in 2013 A forecast suggesting that US domestic beef production could decrease by 4.8 % in 2013 has recently been issued in the US and many analysts think that there could be another decrease in 2014. The US has been suffering a desperate drought that has affected around 80 % of the agricultural land across the country. It has been so severe that the yields of grain crops are down to around 13 % on the previous year. This has affected US farmers as they depend on the grain to fatten their beef herds; they now can't hold the same number of cattle as previous years . This decline has already led to a rise in US beef prices and also could cause inconsistency in supply.

2) Australia -expected 2.1% increase in 2013 Australian beef production for 2013 is forecast to exceed 2.2 million tons , up 2.1% from 2012. This is thanks to wet years from 2010 to 2012; the herd of cattle has expanded and the carcase weights have become higher. Even after 2013, Australia's beef production is expected to increase gradually.

Meltique Beef's Benefits - sustainable source and longer shelf life helps consistent supplyMeltique Beef sources Australian, grassfed beef, which is a more sustainable and stable source from the point of view of both quantity and price. Also, as Meltique Beef is a frozen product that has longer shelf life, it has more flexibilty to help consistent supply both from the manufacturer to the agents and from the agents to the end customers when it is needed by the customer without delay. This fact leads to your customer having more confidence with your service. -3-


Introducing our Agents for Meltique Beef


The Meltique Beef Newsletter would like to introduce our distributors who have been expanding the Meltique Beef sales in their regions. Please see below our third feature profile on our agents for Meltique Beef business in Asia. Company Name: Ben Foods(S) Pte Ltd Location: Singapore Contact Email: Total Staff: 82 Meltique Beef sales: 8 years

Photo - CEO/Director Mr Philip Lee (centre, front row) and Ben Foods(S) team wearing their QC uniform.

So Fo


Company Overview: Ben Foods started its business in 1958 as a commodity trader in frozen meat and dairy products. Over the next two decades it has grown into one of Singapore's most successful food distribution companies with a strong emphasis on meat products. CEO/Director Philip Lee recognised the benefits and versatility of Meltique Beef and has been a strong supporter of our products in the Singapore market. Ben Foods now supplies Meltique Beef into retail outlets in the Singapore market under their original Farmland brand and is also the supplier of Meltique Beef to the Pepper Lunch restaurant chain. Ben Foods operates its own warehouse and distribution centre with cool store and temperature controlled warehousing along with its own transport fleet. They also have their own specifically designed portion control facility operating in this building. Marketing Initiatives: Food Shows - Cooking and tasting demonstrations. Specific Product Launch targeting new customers. Supermarket taste sampling. Ben Foods Staff shop supplying products to all customers at a discounted rate.




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Photo - Meltique Beef sales in Super Market (Farmland brand); Farmland has established wide recognition for its range of premium quality dry & frozen foods such as cooking oil, burgers and potato products. Meltique Beef has been sold under this superior brand since 2010 in around 60 super market outlets.

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Photo - Cooler bag promotion in Super Market; Free Farmland Cooler Bag with every purchase of 4 pkts of Farmland Meltique Beef. Together with Sampling taste promotion in a lot of super market outlets, this helps to increase the recognition of Meltique Beef in the Singapore retail market.

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Hokubee Australia Pty. Ltd. 43-45 Commerce Street, PO Box 616 Wauchope, NSW 2446, Australia

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Meltique Beef News - Febuary 2013  
Meltique Beef News - Febuary 2013  

Meltique Beef News - Febuary 2013