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B-Pro Introductory Workshop group leader Bartlett School of Architecture - UCL London, Uk Oct 2018

President of the students division of the Architects Association (COARQ) for USMA Panama City, Panama

Latin Chair Contest MOLHA Universidad de Palermo, Argentina 2013

VII Encounter of Latinamerican Design

Universidad de Palermo, Argentina 2013


Escala Magazine Colombia 2012

On the trail of a painter, young talents 2012

Preselected Luz Botero Fine Art Gallery Panama 2012


Teaching assistant


BArch Structural Architecture Thesis: Master Plan for Vocational Institute in the East side of the city


B-Pro MArch Urban Design Thesis: Borders, agricultural technology and the redefinition of the Metropolitan Greenbelt Bartlett School of Architecture – UCL London, England. 2017 - present

Chevening scholar studying MArch Urban Design at Bartlett School of Architecture with profound passion for photography and the development of scale models. Wide command of English as a second language and a basic working proficiency in French.

Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal Panama, Panama. 2009

Enric Miralles Foundation Barcelona, Spain 2013

AutoCad 2D AutoCad3D 3dsMax Rhino Grasshopper Houdini

Adobe Suite Revit Flow design GIS KeyShot SketchUp

December 2014 to September 2017 Admin. Architect Panama City, Panama Architecture and interior design proposals; development and review of construction plans; editing of virtual views; elaboration of 3D; and several administrative tasks


Identity - Diversity - Design BCN. Re.Set.

TaoMA Studio

Dekel Development


Diploma in Science and Letters

Tapia + Watson Architects

February to June 2014 Design and architecture assistant (Dekel Casco) Responsible for styling the new headquarters of the company, conducting Real Estate market research in the Old Quarter of Panama City, and monitoring the project’s final plans.

2012 180 hours Designed projects, reviewed special systems blueprints, designed the new offices of the firm, and manufactured of-scale models of various projects.


Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua Panama, Panama. 2014


This section displays different design projects as an undergrad and master student through 6 projects, for extended versions visit


This project consisted of a terrain that had to be divided into as many possible lots for single-family homes. The final proposal consisted of ten houses attached at the sides, like American-style row houses. Each house has parking for two cars, a room and bathroom for staff, living room, dining room, kitchen, half bathroom for visitors, a studio, a master bedroom with bathroom, and two additional bedrooms with a shared bathroom.


We were requested to design an intervention at the University Park to improve the provision of food kiosks and increase the amount of them. At the moment, there is only one commercial space in the park, but given the increasing college community, the demand for more quantity and options of food is growing. We proposed three commercial establishments that surround the park’s monument of the Virgin Mary. The project created a small plaza for students to sit, eat and socialize. We aimed to keep as many existing trees as possible to create shaded areas to shelter people from both the harsh sun of Panama and its heavy rains.

03_AMADOR HOTEL The project is located in the Amador neighborhood of Panama City, an area that belonged to the former Panama Canal Zone. In the immediate area, there are a variety of building styles: some that are unrelated to the canal zone style, some that are very conservative, and others that reused the old Canal Zone facilities. The Canal Zone architecture was characterized by being environmentally-aware, creating fresh, open spaces without air conditioners. During our research, we discovered the importance of perimeter balconies, the use of insect mesh, and attics with wood ceilings, all of which had one common intention: to create nice spaces that were very different from the hostile environment outside with many diseases and insects. This architecture was often developed in garden cities, and is now one of the few that remains today.

04_BCN. Re.Set

BCN ReSet was a workshop commemorating Barcelona’s Tricentenary of its city wall, celebrating the long struggle of the Spanish people for their freedom. BCN ReSet is a circuit of ephemeral architecture developed between June and September 2014 in six enclaves of downtown. The Architect Benedetta Tagliabue (Enric Miralles Foundation) and the Stage Manager Alex Olle (La Fura de Baus) were the curators of this project that transformed the appearance of specific public spaces of the city, linked to 1714, with a series of art and architectural installations that reflect concepts such as identity, memory, diversity, freedom and democracy. The proposal of the workshop consisted of an intervention in the Ciutadella Park, where the perimeter wall of the city in 1714 passed through. The proposal was developed by a three-person team, concluding that the new wall should give life. Therefore, we proposed an urban garden that would allow the community to harvest the fruits and vegetables of that struggle and resistance. The pictures on the top illustrate this concept, which responds to a living wall.

05_Masterplan for Vocational Institute

06_Topographical Microclimates

We found a design opportunity in the urban heat island effect in order to reinterpret the Metropolitan Greenbet from an urban system into a generative landscape. Our design project engages both, the waste industry and the agricultural identity of the greenbelt, proposing the strategic construction of landforms from waste material to potentiate existing hotspots that can enhance the agricultural activities. The urban heat island effect is an urban problem that we shifted to an opportunity due to its spread to areas that should prevent the urban sprawl. Our design proposal aims to potentiate those existing hotspots in order to enhance the agricultural character of the Metropolitan Greenbelt with the intention of decomposing its borders into a resilient ever changing girdle.


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Nicky Holness Portfolio  

Young architect based in Panama City

Nicky Holness Portfolio  

Young architect based in Panama City