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Dark Matters At Dark Matters, we try to surprise ourselves through play. Through

The sTaTe of arT

about Cinema

What marks the current artistic creation?

Cinema is an essential asset in building one’s view of the world - or not?

they serve the purpose of answering this question.


(visual) language.


talk about the trashing/anti/ugly wave that we are





O R E ( v i d E O) Š da r k m at t e r s + e m p e r o r o f a n ta r t i c a

Dark Matters and the Emperor of Antartica goes from outer space to the human face. The video is a destructive study of the human body where the beauty melts together with the beast in a true meat feast.

R o s k i l d e F e s t i va l s o c i a l Z o n e Š da r k m at t e r s

A 500 m2 playground for the audience to hang out and relax in-between concerts. Our brief was to use the 2 gigantic video projectors 20 meters in the air, to create an ever changing visual maze universe for the audience to walk and interact with.

Argumento Dark Matters interview  

Argumento is a magazine by Cine Club Viseu (Portugal), that publishes four to five times a year and focusses on deep changes of format tryin...

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