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Welcome to the SCHOOL TOURS MAGAZINE 2014 Our aim is to provide organizers of School Tours with a comprehensive yet straightforward guide to all the information needed to ensure an enjoyable and memorable (for all the right reasons) day out is had by all. For weeks in advance children look forward to their School Tour, it is an integral part of the school year and can be a source of happy memories for years to come. Parents recall their own school tour days with great fondness and even in these straitened times are keen that their children experience the same sense of excited anticipation and innocent fun. Value for money is now probably more important than ever and so each contributor has agreed to offer something extra to help in this regard. The School Tours Magazine is a ‘One Stop Shop’ where you can find out about Surf Schools, Adventure Centres, Indoor Activities, Bus Companies and much more.

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‘Learning is a process of active engagement with experience. It is what people do when they want to make sense of the world. It may involve increase in or deepening of skills, knowledge, understanding, values, feelings, attitudes and the capacity to reflect. Effective learning leads to change, development and the desire to learn more.’ UK Museums, Libraries & Archives Council


e all remember our first school trip to a museum. A strange place filled with curious objects in glass cases, with cardboard labels and musty smells. In the museum, no talking and absolutely no touching was allowed, ‘fingers on lips and hands behind backs’ was the preferred young visitor stance. The museum has always been an educational tool- a place of teaching, record keeping and explanation. As with most other institutions, museums are constantly changing to respond to audiences’ needs; the quiet stately rooms filled with objects gathering dust are almost a thing of the past. A better understanding of the learning process has led to different approaches to accessing and displaying material heritage for use in museums and interpretive centres. The word Museum originated from a Greek word Μουσεῖον (Mouseion) – a temple of Muses - patrons of Art. They were originally buildings dedicated to study and the arts. Early museums were private collections of art and objects displayed in ‘wonder rooms’ and ‘curiosity cabinets’ for the enjoyment of wealthy collectors and their inner circles. Even when museums became ‘public’, access was very much restricted to the middle and upper classes. Gradually working classes were allowed to visit museums and galleries in an effort to promote self-improvement and ever since then the focus of museums has been on education.

As better understanding of education and learning theory emerged, museums changed their approach to education from sites of doctrine teaching to places of inspirational learning. Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences suggests that we learn through at least nine ‘intelligences’ including: linguistic, musical, logical, visual, physical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, intuitive and creative. (T. Ambrose, C. Paine, Museum Basics, Routledge 2006). Modern day museums seek to meet the needs of visitors with different learning styles by creating spaces and exhibitions that engage visitors in various activities crossing the nine intelligences of learning. A prime example of the modern museum can be seen in the newly reopened and renovated Athlone Castle Visitor Centre on the banks of the River Shannon. Diverse presentation of local heritage is the focus of the new museum where exhibitions encourage multi-learning experiences. A challenging problem facing museums is how to translate complicated topics such as the confederate wars into easily accessible information for visitors. Athlone Castle Visitor Centre tackles this exact issue through the clever employment of modern technologies. Visitors are introduced to fictional characters representing either side of the conflict whose stories unfold through engagement with touch screen


computers. This method of display encourages visitors to use their logical intelligence to follow the characters’ tales and develop a better understanding of the historical content of the topic. Another engaging method used to encourage learning in this modern facility is ‘play learning’. An animated game entitled ‘Capture the Castle’ tests visitors’ problem solving skills and decision making abilities as they step into the shoes of platoon leaders and attempt to ambush the digital castle. Interactive maps and story led audio-scapes help illustrate and narrate complicated periods in Irish history. Extensive use of multimedia technologies is used throughout Athlone Castle Visitor Centre in an effective, engaging and fun way, that is suitable for all ages. What better way to learn about a war than to be transported to its centre? The Great Siege of Athlone can be relived through a captivating cinematic re-enactment. An audiovisual projection encircles viewers in 360º scenes of heroism and terror inspiring visual learning and stimulating imagination. Of course, the nine intelligences can’t all be accessed through technology. For a lot of people, this author included, the best part of a museum experience is the historical objects on display. Making some objects physically accessible to visitors is growing in popularity. Glass boxes and roped barriers are coming down and objects are being handled. This is believed to help visitors better understand material heritage. Athlone Castle Visitor Centre allows visitors to engage with their growing ‘handling collection’ and with this interaction comes a chance to investigate museum objects through touch which has been proven to increase attention and learning. As infants, we experience the world around us by touching and moving objects. By encouraging visitors to lift a cannonball or shoot from a replica medieval longbow, Athlone Castle invites visitors to use their physical intelligence to relate to soldiers from centuries ago. Museum professionals acknowledge the important role our institutions play in providing education service to visitors, but rather than recite the facts we prefer to sow the seeds of interest and inspire self-guided learning. Students better retain facts when they understand and relate to them. History lessons can be brought to life by visiting a museum. A day away from the classroom can be fun and informative at the same time and the ever-changing museums are great resources for schools. Joanna Grobosz 4


Cast your mind back to your schools tour days. Remember the anticipation as you waited to find out where you’d be going. Remember the sense of adventure as you set off, the thrill of trying new things. Wouldn’t it be great to give that experience to the children that you teach? School tours give children a chance to explore and to experience new things. You can take your class on a cultural tour that gives them a chance to walk through history. Museums, historical buildings and heritage sites are much more interactive now and make a real effort to engage with children. They’ll also discover that the things you’ve been teaching them are actually true! Or you can give your class a complete break from the classroom and give them a chance to try new sports that aren’t usually on the P.E. curriculum. Give them the opportunity to dangle from trees, rush through rivers or splash in the sea. They’ll feel the excitement of the adrenaline rush and taste real freedom. You may prefer to go on a more relaxing tour, which gives children the opportunity to explore the outdoors and immerse themselves in nature. Let them make friends with animals, learn about exotic creatures and gather plants and shells. They’ll explore new environments, like woods, parks, farms and beaches. For children and for the teachers, the best thing about school tours is the break from the routine. Children can talk as much as they like without anyone telling them to be quiet, sing songs and laugh their heads off. They can eat foods which might normally be forbidden; sweets, crisps, chocolate, even a bag of hot salty chips, slathered with red sauce. Children will enjoy hanging out with their friends, and away from the pressure of the classroom, you’ll be able to relax with them and enjoy their company. The children will discover that you not such an ogre after all! At the end of the day, you’ll be able go home tired but happy, basking in the glow of happy memories. School tours aren’t a distraction from schoolwork. They teach children valuable lessons about themselves and the world. They’ll learn new skills that they wouldn’t have a chance to learn in the classroom. Best of all, you’ll be giving them a store of memories that will last throughout their lives.



hat time of year comes round again and the pressure starts; how can you make your annual school trip as fun as possible for the students, educational and in-keeping with the curriculum and staying within those awfully tight budgets? Well, here at School Tours we feel your pain and have decided to come up with a top list of insider info. These helpful hints will ensure your price comes within budget, your students learn and everyone has fun. Haggle, Haggle, Haggle It may seem obvious but many people aren’t keen on asking for money off. When arranging transport, lodgings and especially the tour itself, always ask for the best possible price. Even getting a euro off per child is going to significantly cut down your overall price. Many facilities will cut their prices and/or offer for the teacher to go free. Remember: if you don’t ask, you won’t get! Ask Around Ask your friends, family and colleagues for recommendations. The best experiences come from word of mouth. A friend of a friend could also offer you a much better deal than someone half way across the country. Networking is key, if the owner of a school tour facility knows you, they will take good care of you and your classes in the future. Do Your Research In the age of the all-knowing Google, it’s never been easier to find the best deal on everything. With sites like, it’s now possible to find out hundreds to thousands of other peoples’ experiences of your proposed destination before money exchanges hands. With the wonder of the internet, you won’t fall for a bad trip ever again! It’s not just tourist destinations that are under scrutiny, even coach companies and day trip reviews are available for public viewing. Keep It Local Visiting a local company/facility will not only boost the local economy, it also cuts down on transport costs. Taking the children to a

local excursion also teaches the importance of supporting local businesses. Many school tour specialists will also offer discount for local schools as they would like to encourage mutual support in their local communities. Free/Charity Visits There are many charities and organisations that now offer free school tours to certain groups and types of schools. Check out their websites to see if your school is eligible. Visits to various charity groups are usually much cheaper than more established companies. Not only does that save you money, but it introduces the kids to something completely different and helps raise money for worthy causes. Bring Your Own Fun Cut costs by encouraging your students to bring their own fun and games. Pay for one activity in the morning and then bring games or a football to the beach/field for the afternoon. Plenty of fun for half the price! Between the two activities, make sure everyone brings their own packed lunches and spread the savings around. Skip The Travel A relatively new idea in the school tour world is bringing the tour to the school. Forget expensive coaches and all the associated hassles, many companies now arrive at the school and entertain and educate from there. Animal based tours (for example Deise Animal Sanctuary) now offer lively, engaging talks concerning animal welfare and care; as well as bringing a few of their furry friends with them. Bouncy castle rental companies (like Ferrybank Castles) will put up their fun inflatables, leave the kids to play and then return to pack away. There are so many different options including sumo suit wrestling, agility courses and zorbing. Fundraise Increase your budget by organising some fundraisers. Run a bake sale, a raffle, put on a play or arrange a bring-and-buy sale to cover the costs of your tour. A few events during the year help to pay for the transport fees and admission charges.


Adventure West

€ 16 pp

Artzone Studios

€ 8 pp

SPECIAL OFFER Teachers go Free.


01 4990614 / 086 8159073 WEB SITE LOCATION Dublin



Adventure West are offering a range of exciting adventure packages for schools tours – all in the magnificent Clew Bay area. Our adventure package lets your class step out of their comfort zone and try something brand new. Let them feel a great sense of achievement as they conquer each element, in a controlled and secure environment. Activities include zorbing, zipwiring, snorkeling, guided woodland foraging walks, archery, laser combat games and a high ropes course. For children 12 years and above there’s also rockclimbing & abseiling. Check out our website for more details ( Teachers... Why don’t you try something new too at no extra cost? Bain Trial as !!

Anyone 4 Science

€ 8 pp

SPECIAL OFFER Teachers go Free.

0404 40563 / 087 6749608 WEB SITE LOCATION Wicklow PHONE EMAIL

CSI/Murder Mystery Tour in conjunction with IT Tallaght - suitable for 4th - 6th classes 10.00 - 10.15 Introduction 10.15 - 10.45 Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation 10.45 - 11.15 Learn 2 chemistry tests performed by forensic scientists 11.15 - 11.45 Test the evidence from the 6 suspects 11.45 – 12.00 Make your accusations, review and certificate presentation 12.00 - 12.30 Lunch - Bring your own packed lunch

SPECIAL OFFER 10% off package price when you mention School Tours Magazine. Looking for a creative but fun alternative for your school tour? Alternatively, if you can’t come to us, why not arrange to have Artzone Teachers visit your school!

Looking for a creative but fun alternative for your school tour. Artzone Studios offer a wide range of art and crafts projects with fully qualified art teachers in a bright, modern art studio environment. The Studios are beside Rathfarnham Castle, with a fabulous park and playground – an ideal location for a picnic or playtime to finish off your tour. Alternatively, if you cant come to us, why not arrange to have Artzone Teachers visit your school!

Athlone Castle Visitor Centre

€ 1 pp


Athlone Castle Visitor Centre is the perfect school tour destination. Situated in the heart of Ireland on the banks of the River Shannon, this 13th century castle has been renovated and reopened to become a state of the art visitor attraction. Filled with modern exhibitions, the site tells the story of Athlone, its people, its castle and the remarkable events that shaped its history. Boasting eight gallery spaces Athlone Castle Visitor Centre

SPECIAL OFFER Teachers go Free.

features audio visual presentations, 3D models, interactive touch screens displays, challenging games, atmospheric audioscapes, replica weapons, a handling collection, descriptive text panels, detailed illustrations, and locally found artefacts. A treat for all, Athlone Castle Visitor Centre includes an interpretative centre, a folk museum, picnic facilities amongst cannons and mortars and fabulous town views over the battlements. Athlone Castle Visitor Centre: EXPLORE, ENGAGE, ENJOY.

Luan Gallery


Luan Gallery, Athlone’s municipal visual art gallery is the perfect location for a school tour. Luan Gallery invite teachers and tutors from primary, secondary and third-level schools to bring their class groups to the space throughout the academic year. School groups are offered guided tours (FOC) and workshops (€2.00 p.p.) which can be booked via the Visual Art Coordinator. In the company of gallery staff; students will explore and discuss art in a gallery context, learn about the artists and their ways of working, discuss the emotions, colours and textures of the artwork and examine the ‘feel’ of a show. Following the tour, 6

pupils will retreat to the workshop where they are invited to create their own art works in response to the work on show. An array of collage materials and worksheets are available to use during the art making session. Pupils are encouraged to embrace creative expression, to work intuitively and to explore mark making. The students’ art work will remain on show on the lower ground floor of the gallery for the duration of the show. 7

Birr Outdoor Education Centre

€ 20 pp

057 9120029 WEB SITE LOCATION Offaly PHONE

Clare Island Adventures

SPECIAL OFFER Leaders go free. Complimentary Tea/Coffee for Leaders.

€ 28 pp

SPECIAL OFFER Teachers go Free on all activities.




Whether you are organising a school tour, team event or a fun day out for your students or teachers – Birr Outdoor Education Centre can help! We specialise in offering safe, fun and educational courses for all types of groups. We will make your adventure experience a lifelong memory. Our activities include: Canoeing Rock Climbing Gorge Walking Orienteering Kayaking Hill Walking, Raft Building Abseiling Body Surfing Archery Camping Shelter, Low Ropes, Course, Climbing, Tower, Zip Line Team Building, Games. We have been in business since 1989 and are governed by the Department of Education & Skills, under the auspices of Laois & Offaly Education & Training Board. We strive to deliver high quality activities to all participants. All our staff are fully qualified and certified by the relevant governing bodies. It is mandatory that all staff be Garda vetted. We can organise full day, half day and residential packages, which can include transport and food. Please contact us for information and let us quote you for any of our services. We will be delighted to tailor an adventure experience for you.

Are you looking for a school tour with a difference, a unique experience away from it all? Then Clare Island is the place for you. As soon as you board the Clare Island Ferry “Clew Bay Queen or Pirate Queen” – the adventure begins. Clare Island Adventures are offering a range of school tour packages, from ferry & activities only to all-in packages to include hostel accommodation and meals. The activities include snorkeling, Clare Island Beach Challenge, along with guided hikes of the island – introducing your students to the abundant flora and fauna and the islands rich history and connections with Granuaille. For children of 12 years and over, rock-climbing & abseiling is also available. We can accommodate up to 42 students and teachers in the hostel, which was recently renovated to a very high standard and boasts the most amazing views across Clew Bay. You can enjoy these views while having your meals in the Sailor’s Bar and also while relaxing in the common room in the evening. Check out our website for full details.

Cork City Gaol

€ 5 pp

Tramore Surf School Come to Tramore for the day and spend your day on our fantastic beach. While your here why not try learn to surf. Prices from €15 Full day packages from €20 Call Bernie Phone: 051391011 Mobile: 0877563993 Email:

Apple Brown Right next door crepe and a drink offer €5 Call Chris Phone: 0876287185 Email:


SPECIAL OFFER Teachers go Free.


Cork is a city with a very rich historical and archaeological heritage – much of it still in evidence today. Part of this heritage, Cork City Gaol is located 2k n/w from Patrick’s Street and while the magnificent castle-like building is now a major and unique visitor attraction, this Gaol once housed 19th century prisoners! Visitors get a fascinating insight into day-today prison life at a time when the high walls ensured no escape and denied law-abiding citizens the opportunity to see one of the finest examples of Ireland’s architectural heritage. Stepping inside visitors are taken back in time, the atmosphere suggests you are accompanied by the shuffling feet of inmates, each representing their particular period in Irish history from pre-famine times to the foundation of the State. The cells are furnished with amazingly life-like wax figures; original graffiti on cell walls tell the innermost feelings of some inmates while a very spectacular audio visual tells the social history and why some people turned to crime, and some ended up in Australia. 9

Croke Park Experience


01 8192323 / 8192374 EMAIL WEB SITE LOCATION Dublin PHONE

Deise Animal Sanctuary SPECIAL OFFER Teachers go Free. Group rates available.

Bring your class on a visit to Croke Park where your students are guaranteed an unrivalled interactive experience at the home of Irish sport! Take a Croke Park Stadium Tour and enjoy an access-all-areas trip through the stadium. Your students will get a chance to walk in the footsteps of legends as they visit the team dressing rooms before going pitchside via the players’ tunnel. They will enjoy panoramic views from the top tier of the Hogan Stand - 30 meters above the famous pitch. Admission includes a visit to the all-new GAA Museum which offers a unique state-of-the-art interactive visitor experience! The museum’s exhibition galleries vividly illustrate the history and development of Gaelic games from ancient times to the present day. Your students can spend time here and test their own hurling and football skills in the interactive games zone! See how fast they can react, check out their passing skills before they practice a fingertip save or try their hands at a high catch. The GAA Museum is also the starting point for the Etihad Croke Park Skyline Tour. This unique tour offers the best views of Dublin and features key sites from around the city. Lasting approximately 90 minutes, the tour features a specially-designed walkway suspended above the Croke Park pitch offering a view of Ireland’s most famous arena from a completely different angle along with five viewing platforms on the 0.6km rooftop walkway.

Dartfield Equestrian & Heritage Centre



SPECIAL OFFER Teachers Go Free

Educational: there is loads to learn, see and do at Dartfield: • You will learn why Ireland is known as “land of the horse” • How horses featured in Irish Folklore : relive the tale of Cu Chulainn and his magical chariot horses • Meet the native breeds: learn their amazing characteristics and their role in Ireland today. • Discover how vital the horse was to Irish families in pre automation times • See the various carriages and farm machinery pulled by horses • Explore the amazing biology of horses: • Why and how they wear shoes • How their skeletal structure is similar to humans and much more • Enjoy pony rides • Take a spin in Dartfield Carriage • Say hello to the horses and ponies • Meet Tiny the Falabella pony and his friends • Give Jake the donkey a carrot • Feed the lambs in springtime 10

€ 5 pp

SPECIAL OFFER Teachers Go Free


Deise Animal Sanctuary is hidden away in the beautiful Nire Valley, Co. Waterford. Taking in every animal imaginable, there’s always something new to learn and plenty of happy faces to greet you. For €5 a head, your group can have a guided tour around the sanctuary, meeting all the residents and those looking for their forever homes. Our current guests range from domestic cats and dogs to farmyard horses, sheep and pigs, from the more exotic snakes and bearded dragons to the small furries of rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.

Doolin Cave

€ 5 pp


Doolin Cave is home to the largest free-hanging stalactite open to visitors anywhere in the world. The Great Stalactite is 7.3m long and weighs over 10 tonnes. It has been formed drop by drop over hundreds of thousands of years. The farmland nature trail at Doolin Cave is home to rare and indigenous species of plants and animals. All of our school tours are tailored to meet the needs of the geography curriculum for primary schools. Cave tours are fully guided. School groups are

Ferrybank Bouncy Castles

€ 100


Here at Ferrybank Bouncy Castles and Inflatable Obstacle Courses we are passionate about delivering fantastic fun and service to suit your needs. We have an outstanding reputation and a loyal customer base due to our superb, high-standard equipment and second-to-none customer service. Our bouncy castle business serves the whole sunny South East of Ireland, so

SPECIAL OFFER Teachers go free and all visitors get a free admission to our farmland nature trail

free to explore the farmland nature trail. Snacks and hot food can be arranged.

SPECIAL OFFER Rent 3 inflatables and get a 4th free. if you need bouncy castles, inflatable obstacle course or sumo suits just give us a call. Our specially trained, professional team offer more than just a low cost bouncy castle hire, they offer an unbeatable rental service; they deliver your order, set it up for you and collect all the equipment after your event or party.


Number Twenty Nine, Georgian House Museum


€ 4.95 pp


SPECIAL OFFER One teacher free of charge for every ten students.

Dublinia, one of the top school attractions, has three exciting exhibitions, Viking Dublin, Medieval Dublin and History Hunters, an interactive Archaeology exhibition! Students can experience what life was like in Viking and medieval Dublin by exploring fascinating reconstructions of the past. In the History Hunters exhibition students will see real artefacts from the National Museum of Ireland and visit an archaeological excavation, a science lab and an historian’s library. Costumed guides will bring your class through the exhibitions paying particular attention to areas relevant to the curriculum. We can tailor tours to suit all abilities and group sizes, from primary schools, secondary schools to adult education groups. Group costs (10 or more students) are €4.95 per student with one teacher per ten students entering free of charge. and advanced booking is essential. Opening hours are from 10am to 5.00pm all year round. Tours last about an hour and pre-booking is essential. All group sizes are catered for and coach parking is available outside Dublinia. Call our Education Officer on 01 6794611 to see how we can tailor a visit to suit your requirements.

EcoAdventure Ireland

€ 25 pp

SPECIAL OFFER 10% discount to readers if they mention the magazine when booking


Specialists in school tours we have locations at Knockree and Glendalough Hostels Co Wicklow and Killarney International Hostel in Co Kerry. Our experienced property partners – An Oige (Irish Youth Hostel Association) can provide excellent value accommodation and meals for those who wish to have a Residential Stay. Day Trips are also available. Activities include Archery, Orienteering, Obstacle Course, Bike Skills, Zip Line, Low Ropes Course, Team Games, Nightline, Survival Skills.

Outdoor Activity Institute

€ 25 pp


We offer Residential and Non Residential packages for schools in association with Scouting Ireland. Our bases include Larch Hill in Dublin,


SPECIAL OFFER 10% discount to readers if they mention the magazine when booking Lough Dan in Co. Wicklow, Mount Melleray in Co. Waterford and Castle Saunderson in Co. Cavan. There is a huge variety of activities to choose from at each location – check out our website www.oai. ie for details. All teachers go free on all packages.

€ 3 pp


SPECIAL OFFER Children under the age of 13 years go free

Number Twenty Nine is Dublin’s Georgian House Museum. The exhibition, presented by ESB in partnership with The National Museum of Ireland, highlights life in Georgian Dublin during the period 1790 to 1820. The displays throughout the Museum, which was lived in by an upper middle class family, are supplemented by story boards providing information on each room and explain the operation of a townhouse during that period. Since it opened to the public in 1991, it has received over 500,000 visitors. Visitors to the Museum take a tour from the basement to the attic, through rooms which have been furnished with original features and artefacts as they would have been in the Georgian era. The exhibition tells the story of the first occupant, Mrs. Olivia Beatty who was the widow of David Beatty, a prominent Dublin wine merchant. She was the mother of seven children, Edward, Thomas, David, Robert, Frederick, Maria and Olivia. Moving through the ‘House’, visitors will notice the change in ambience as they ascend from the busy servants’ quarters to the family’s ornate living and entertaining rooms, to the children’s area which was sparsely decorated and tucked away from public view in the attic. This area of the exhibition offers students an interesting insight into the daily lives of the Beatty Family.

Huntington Castle & Gardens

€ 4 pp


Huntington Castle is a real life Castle still lived in as a family home by decendents of the original builders. The Castle tour features swords, dungeons and great stories while outside we are surrounded by fascinating gardens, ancient woodland, and a new adventure playground. All the tours can be related to the specific ages of the classes involved and we can cater from infants right up to leaving Cert – we can also incorporate elements of any class projects or learning objectives and tailor the tour to suit these if required. In the event of wet weather we also have a large

In the Georgian period, children were often educated in the home as well as in schools. Those educated in the home were generally taught by a live-in governess who resided within the children’s quarters. Some of the most interesting pieces on show in the Museum are displayed in this area of the house. These include early 19th century teaching materials. “The Darton Scroll” or “Rudiment Box” hangs in the nursery of Number Twenty Nine. This early 19th century educational device consists of a scroll of over thirty colourful instructional prints, in a glass fronted cabinet. The purpose of the device was simple. A handle was turned each day by a teacher to reveal a new lesson, or ‘rudiment’ for the children. The scroll is on loan to the Museum by kind permission of the Church of Ireland College of Education. “The Lady Mayo” and “The Wilson” are two very fine early 19th century doll’s houses located in the nursery. These doll’s houses illustrate the pastimes of the children who occupied a house such as Number Twenty Nine. They were also used as a teaching aid for young girls in the instruction of ‘Household Management’. Visiting this exhibition gives young and old alike a chance to experience what life was like for the fortunate who lived in such elegant townhouses, and the less fortunate who worked in them. SPECIAL OFFER For those booking the full tour there is: FREE use of the adventure playground. FREE for teachers and FREE use of the hall area for picnic lunches / breaks green house, Theatre hall and Lambing shed so nature activities can still carry on and the castle tour itself is all indoors. Huntington Castle is the perfect place for children to discover, play and learn. Please call or email us to book a tour. €4.00 per child for tour of gardens and nature walk. (adjusted for class age) €5.00 per child for guided tour of Castle (adjusted for class age) €8.00 per child for Tour of castle, Gardens/ nature walk & Adventure playground. 13

Irish National Sailing School

€ 20 pp


Leisureplex SPECIAL OFFER Teachers go free



All the fun for the family and friends. With exciting activities to choose from you’ll never be bored. Choose from bowling, quasar and the zoo. We hold events from children’s birthday parties all the way to corporate activities for team building experiences.

The Irish National Sailing School (INSS) has been providing sailing courses for children for over 40 years. Based in Dun Laoghaire, we are ideally located beside main Bus and Dart services. Our new primary school educational programme is focused on the varied marine life and coastline at our doorstep. We can provide educational activities from rock pooling on a sandy beach to exploring the marine life in the local caves and harbour. We do this handson fun filled activity, both on the beaches and aboard our fleet of pirate launches. Our Secondary school programmes have been give the thumbs up by many pupils quoting them as ‘the best school tour ever’. Sailing, Kayaking, Raft-Building, Stand Up Paddle boarding… we have it all! We offer a full day multi-activity school tour or a three hour single activity tour. Each outing is tailor made to the requirements and time scheduling of your group.

The Kildare Maze - Family Activity Park

€ 5 pp


The perfect location for you annual school tour; what better way for children to enjoy their special day? With hours of outdoor fun at the Kildare Maze Activity Park, you can be guaranteed that a day here will be a day to remember! Fresh air, drama and excitement all go to create a day that challenges both the body and the mind and with sharpened appetites an outdoor or indoor picnic guarantees not a morsel will be left in their lunch boxes! Located just outside Prosperous, The Kildare Maze includes a Hedge Maze and Viewing Tower, Wooden Maze, Zip Wire, Adventure Trail, Toddler Play Areas, Sand Area, Pets Corner and Crazy Golf. Only 40 minutes from Dublin, we are located just 15 minutes from Junction 7 (Maynooth) on the M4 and Junction 10 (Naas) on the N7. At only €5 per child and no time limit on your stay, early booking is advised. Don’t forget complimentary tea/coffee and admission to Teachers and Minders.


01 8485722 LOCATION Dublin/ Cork. PHONE

SPECIAL OFFER Complimentary Tea/Coffee and Admission to Teachers and Minders

Bowling Leisureplex offers you the ultimate bowling experience with ball walls on all lanes, so bowlers of all levels can strike out!! We also provide kiddie ramps for our very youngest bowlers!! There is a fully automatic and computerised scoring system. Tenpin Bowling can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Its a great way of getting in some light excercise. People who bowl for fun may in the future decide to bowl in competition, and Leisureplex have league programs catering for all levels. You may join as an individual or with a team. Every Monday at 11:30 a.m., the over 55s are also catered for with weekly social bowling to include a game of bowling, tea or coffee and a biscuit. Email for more information. Quasar Quasar, the most exciting game in town! With hitech lazer guns, detectors, smoke and music. Can you reach the enemies headquarters? ‘Play the

game that runs on Adrenaline - Not on Batteries’. Get inside the game. Here is what you can expect: • The game takes place in a hi-tech arena filled with pulsating light and pounding music • Score points with your lazer by tagging other players, or de-activating the opposing teams headquarters • You can be tagged four times before your lazer is de-activated. But you’re never out because you can re-charge at the Energiser • The Quasar computer tracks you throughout the game, printing out personalised score sheets to see what team won and who scored the personal best to become Top Gun of the game Zoo The Zoo is a children’s adventure play area, with slides, tunnels, ball pools and a seating area, so parents can watch the fun. Separate toddler area. Height restriction applies. In all centres EXCLUDING Cork Choose from five of our areas: • Coolock 01 8485722 • Blanchardstown 01 8223030 • Stillorgan 01 2881656 • Tallaght 01 4599411 • Cork 021 4505155

Loughcrew Adventure Centre

€ 25 pp


SPECIAL OFFER Free lunch for teachers when deposit is paid before the 31st of March

School Tours love Loughcrew! Just check our site to see the reviews! Choose a half day or full day of adventure where the kids get to try all of the activities we have here. The focus is on a fun day out where the ratio is 10 kids to 1 instructor who takes the kids though the day. We have loads of activities including Witches Low Ropes, Nightline, Rock Climbing, Archery and more with loads of team games on our Forest Crystal Maze. The big one is the Zipline however and we guarantee that every child will have a chance to go on it! If you want to make a day of it, the Neolithic

Loughcrew Cairns are right beside us to include some culture and history. Best of all they are free to visit! The kids can grab some sweets and souvenirs in our tuckshop or we can do a BBQ for the whole tour. There is loads of room for a picnic with a packed lunch too. Teachers can relax with a complementary tasty coffee and warm scone in the Coffee Shop or get out on the activities with the kids. It’s up to you! Special offers and discounts apply for bookings for May and for large groups. Get in touch today and we can help you organise a fantastic tour! 15

Newgrange Farm

Mayfield Birds

€ 6 pp

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SPECIAL OFFER Free Lunch for Teachers when deposit is paid before the 31st March

The Farmer invites you to enjoy his farm set in the beautiful Boyne Valley. You will be sure to enjoy your day with us and learn lots as well. Open since 1988, it is Ireland’s leading genuine working farm open to the public. The farm, only 30 minutes from Dublin, surrounds the famous Newgrange National Monument. It is a family-owned and run working farm and educational facility, where adults and children can try bottle feeding, holding, feeding, petting and seeing all the farm animals and poultry and so much more.

We at Mayfield Birds of Prey offer our customers an opportunity to meet, handle and fly our birds, giving you the option of getting up close and personal with these rulers of the sky. Our aim is to introduce you into the world of these wonderful raptors, giving you an insight into the ancient art of falconry. You will become familiar with these amazing birds and learn the important role they play in their natural habitat and also learn the technique used in the management, training and hunting of these raptors in captivity. This wonderful experience gives you the opportunity to capture the magnificent birds of prey in action. So don’t forget your camera! Our Services Include: Hawk Walk, Static Display, Corporate Events, Bird of Prey Photography Workshop, Educational Visits, Birds of Prey display brought your way, Owl encounter, Birthdays/ Halloween parties/Special Occasions, School Tours... Mayfield Birds of Prey are happy to adjust any activity to suit your personal needs. Whatever package you choose, we will ensure it will be fun filled, exciting and a memorable experience.

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The Mobile Music School delivers high quality music workshops, classes and lessons in schools. Our experienced team are expert at ensuring that every child thoroughly enjoys and benefits from our interactive, educational and fun workshops and classes. We are currently enabling School Tour readers to book us to visit their school for a once-off workshop. The options available include ‘Let’s Drum’ an interactive hands-on drumming workshop…. Our aim is to immerse each student into the world of singing…. During our visit we can deliver 45-minute workshops to six classes in your school. Our aim is immerse each student into the world of singing or drumming and ensure they leave our workshop with a smile.


Hold A Chick - Cuddle A Kitten - Pet A Rabbit Milk A Cow - Feed The Ducks and Hens Bottle Feed A Lamb, Kid Goat or Calf - PLAY Hide and Seek in the Maze and SO Much More During your guided farmyard tour (which takes about one hour and twenty minutes), you will also be taken on a tractor trailer ride that brings you along the River Boyne through our crops and livestock and past the National Monuments. A limited number of schools may include a free trip to Newgrange National Monument.

Pirates Village

€ 3 pp

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€ 3 pp

€ 10 pp

SPECIAL OFFER 1 Teacher free per 10 Pupils.

SPECIAL OFFER We are not charging School Tour readers for the cost of travel.

Pirates Village is a “pop-up” play-zone with themed, custom-made inflatable games. Suitable for toddlers to 10 year olds. Our fun activities will keep your merry band of pirates entertained and physically active for an hour-long session, and include a shipwrecked Galleon, Mermaid slide, Pirates’ assault course, palm island and toddler areas. For just €5 per child, an hour-long session gives access to all these features. PLUS, a new addition to the event – a massive 9metre drop slide. We have even more fun for the kids as we open the doors to our brand new Treasure Island area.

What is Treasure Island? This is an outdoor (but still covered) area offering even more space and even more activities to enjoy! Island Hopping at the Treasure Island Chill Insurance Bounce Zone ! – inflatable trampolines – accommodating up to 24 people in their own trampoline space – fun, energetic and new to Ireland! Other Adventures: Bungy Trampolines €4 per child, Thunder Valley Cars: €3 per child, Water Walker Zorb Balls €4 per child. While the children are ‘hoisting the mainsail’, parents can relax in our viewing area for a perfect view of everything that’s going on. Pirates Village Liffey Valley & Swords may differ and adventures are subject to change.

Shielbaggan Outdoor Education Centre

€ 25 pp

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Shielbaggan Outdoor Education centre provides innovative Outdoor Education Tours for both Primary and Secondary students. They are proud to be the leading Coasteering provider in the country (that’s making your way along the coastline by jumping, swimming, riding the swell and exploring caves, just try it I guarantee you won’t be able to stop talking about it afterwards!)

and having Ireland’s first artificial cave system, specifically designed to introduce students to the challenges of exploring underground. 17

The Farmyard

€ 10.80 pp


Broughan Coach Hire SPECIAL OFFER The Farmyard offers a 10% discount for consecutive annual bookings. Teachers attend free with a Complimentary Tea/Coffee and scone.

The Farmyard school tour programme offers children the opportunity to participate in a unique school tour experience which will create memories for life. The day-long activity programme enables children to connect with nature through hands on interactive activities on an everyday working farm. The Farmyard is equipped with modern indoor and outdoor facilities with experienced staff that will manage the daylong programme from start to finish. As each tour is tailored to the specific needs of the school and the age profile of each class, the farmyard programme suits all classes with a strong focus on more adrenaline activities for the older classes. Sample activities include: • Learning how to milk a cow and churn some butter • Competing in the farmyard challenges such as gathering the sheep and the Hen obstacle course. • Testing out your abilities in the ancient skill of archery

• Compete for glory in the Mini-Beast Hunt • Plant and take home your own potted herb to nurture For more information check out our website or brochure on

Zipit Forest Adventures Ltd.

€ 13.50 pp

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SPECIAL OFFER Teachers go free. Complimentary Tea/Coffee.


SPECIAL OFFER Teachers go Free.


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We provide Coach Hire in Dublin, Ireland and surrounding areas. Whatever your requirement, our aim is to provide you with affordable, safe and reliable coach hire in Dublin. Our fleet includes luxury vehicles which are fully insured. • We are fully compliant with all Department of Transport and EU regulations • All coach drivers in Dublin undergo annual training in driving practice and health and safety • Seat belts are available on all of our coaches • Friendly obliging drivers who will help with loading/unloading luggage as well as assisting passengers on/off coaches Our coach hire services in Dublin can be used for a variety of trips and services including: School Trips, Dublin Zoo, National History Museum, inter-school tournaments, school excursions eg Santry Stadium, Causey Farm, Newgrange, Sports Events, Horse racing, Fairy House, Punchestown, All Ireland, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Hurling, Social clubs, Senior citizens outings, Ladies Clubs, Gardening clubs, pitch and putt clubs. Other Uses: Language schools, Youth Clubs, Summer Projects, Air and ferry transfers, Train arrivals and departures, Cross border Shopping trips, Family outings, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Corporate events, Broughan Coach Hire in Dublin... We provide coach and mini bus hire in Dublin and around Ireland for trips to Kildare, Meath, Wicklow and Wexford. Our coach hire services can be used for school trips, private hire, corporate and airport transfers in Ireland.

Waterford and Suir Valley Railway Laser Blast Copper Coast Mini Farm Run Amuck Childrens Indoor Centre Dunbrody Famine Ship Diamond Bowl and KidZone Dublin Zoo Wooly Ward`s Farm Fota Wildlife Park Star Outdoors Kenmare Stonehall Visitor Farm and Wildlife Park Mad Science Ireland Slieve Aughty Riding Centre The Adventure Islands Graune Pet Farm and Play Centre Eagles Flying Tropical World @ Alcorns Electric Bike Trails, Carrick Indoor Shooting and Archery Cavan Canoeing AWOL Paintball and Activity Centre Irish Country Quads Gamesnash Live Arigna Mining Experience Longford Megabowl Rock n Bowl and Jungle Joes Jumpin’ Jacks Fun Factory An Cnoc Ban Farm Crossogue Equestrian Reptile Village Carlow – Country Quads

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This is a great opportunity for students to enjoy an exhilarating and challenging outdoor activity in a natural setting, building confidence, teamwork and self-esteem. The students will feel a great sense of achievement as they conquer each activity, pushing their comfort zones in a completely safe environment but with the perception of risk. On arrival, the students will be introduced to their instructor. Everyone is fitted with a safety harness and given a training session, then they climb up into the trees, experiencing many different activities – rope bridges, ziplines, balancing, jumping, crawling through wooden tunnels, all suspended between platforms. There are 4 different circuits for students, depending on age and height. We have two courses, one in Lough Key Forest Park, Co. Roscommon and another in Tibradden Wood, Dublin, fifteen minutes from the M50. A great day out for students and teachers!


• DUBLIN Allied Coaches Bonanza Bus Budget Bus Castleknock Travel Coach Hire Dublin Cronin’s Coaches Dualway Coaches Dublin Mini Coaches • EAST-MIDLANDS Barton’s Transport Martley’s of Portlaoise Donnelly’s Coaches Anchor Tours Enfield Coaches Ltd. Ger Hogan Mini Bus Hire Slevins’ Coaches Tony Doyle Coaches • NORTHWEST Donoghue’s Coaches Leydon Coaches John Mc Ginley Coach Hire Mangan Tours Carrick Mini Buses

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Ireland Website Design If you’re looking for a website or a graphic design for your school , give our team a call and see what we can do for you Call Nick Phone: 051393524 Mobile: 0894278112 Email:

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