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Laguna Grande


Our philosophy is to offer first class service in the Rainforest. When you join our excursions, we know that you have just a few days and we are ready to do the best job so you can have the most amazing trip and an unforgettable experience. Our ambition is not to operate the most number of groups, but to operate excellent quality in the groups we have. We believe quality of service can suffer in mass operation. We are very aware of our operational capacity, which we take care not to exceed, always prioritizing the quality of our services. We are proud of our proven satisfaction by our clients so far. Our service is constantly evaluated to identify our strengths as well as our weaknesses and thus provide better service every day.

About us

Our goal also is to be a real help to the local communities that we work with, providing income and helping them to develop in a natural way and to provide positive cultural exchanges. Through our

Our enthusiasm and passion for nature and

operation, we aim not only to support local communities, but also to

tourism has brought us together in our

protect their environments.

goal, and we are now here to offer an excellent, personalized service to all


tourists who want to

discover the Amazon Rainforest. We are a team of professional guides with extensive





Ecuador, and especially in the Amazon Basin.

Local involvement with the communities is an essential part of our operations in Cuyabeno. We work with Kichwa, Siona, and Secoya communities in our excursions. We continuously provide training to our local staff about environmental education and the promotion of their traditional customs that their ancestors have taught them throughout generations. Local guides, motor canoe drivers, helpers, and other community members help us and they are part of our team. We know their participation is a great support for our goal. We want to continue providing more work in this area through tourism and responsible activity.

Environmental Policy.Responsible tourism is a key point in our corporate philosophy. We have developed an Environmental Policy, which we have to respect as much as possible, providing a sustained commitment to local communities and the environment in order to ensure we have a positive effect. It is about "giving something back", so our tourism philosophy involve: Environmental Respect, Social Commitment and Activities, & Operations responsibly and well managed. Our Environmental policy takes care of the natural resources. The water treatment, the environmental solid and liquid waste disposal, the biodegradable treatment such as the approved fire safety devices and procedures are very important for this eco-lodge. Electricity is provided by solar panels for lighting and to recharge batteries 110 AC. An emergency noiseless generator ensures the power supply.



About 2% of the Amazon Rainforest lies within Ecuador's borders in the foothills of the Andes, Although it is a small percentage, but this 2% contains about a third of the Amazon’s diversity. The Ecuadorian Amazon Region takes up almost the half of the country, starting from the eastern slope of the Andes, the rainforest descends to the Amazon basin. It is defined by low altitude up to 1,000 meters, high temperatures between 25 – 28 centimeter degrees, and daily rainfall. Among the oldest of all ecosystems Amazon basin forests are at least 100 million years old, and large percentages of Ecuador's animals and plants live into this area. Cuyabeno is a protected Wildlife Reserve in the northeast area of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. It was declared an official wildlife protection reserve in 1979, and has been considered a paradise for scientists for quite some time, and more recently the tourist activity started. Its geography gently slopes from about 300 meters to slightly under 200 meters above sea level. There are many different ecosystems within the reserve, and it is seasonally flooded, traversed by sediment-poor dark rivers in the lower part of the Cuyabeno River; flooded areas by sediment-rich rivers or varzea like in Lagartococha; flooded forests by black-water rivers or igapó like in Laguna Grande dominated by the famous Macrolobium trees which are the homes to countless Epiphytes and Herons. Permanent lakes rarely fall dry, like in Zancudo Cocha downstream the Aguarico River; well-drained forest located on small hills and in the upper watershed in the upper part of Cuyabeno River. Cuyabeno offers the possibility to identify over 500 different species of colorful birds starting from tiny hummingbirds to the majestic Harpy Eagle, which is found only in the rainforest. There are 240 different species of plants in one hectare, each one with a specific practical and medical use. Monkeys, Anteaters, Sloths, Dolphins, Tapir, Capybara, Otters, Manatees and Armadillos, are just some of 165 species of mammals that live in the Cuyabeno Reserve. Amazing anacondas and caimans are 2 of the 91 species of reptiles found. Piranhas, Catfish, the gigantic Arapaima reaching over 2 meters and approximately 470 species of fishes thrive here in the black water rivers and lakes. Some species of amphibians like the colorful and poison frogs, and a great percentage of insects like the blue morpho butterfly or leafmimicking praying mantis. The Cuyabeno Reserve provides home and habitat for countless plant and animal species as well as for local and Indigenous communities such as Sionas, Secoya, Kichwa, Shuar and Cofanes.

Cuyabeno Reserve protects 590.909 hectares of Rainforest which must be conserved as a natural patrimony for the future generations...



New Nicky Amazon Lodge offers the opportunity to explore the high part of the Cuyabeno River. It was designed for people who want to visit the Laguna Grande, where it is possible to admire one of the particular ecosystems of the amazon basin; the flooded forest or Igapo. New Nicky Amazon Lodge was built keeping the traditional Indian style of the jungle, at the moment it offers 4 big huts with thatched roofs and each one has 2 spacious rooms that can be double, triple or quadruple or familiar accommodation with twins and matrimonial beds with mosquito nets to keep you safe from biting insects. All rooms have private bathroom with showers and flushing toilets. The huts have balconies areas to relax and observe the nature; definitely early in the morning we awake up with sound of the birds and during the night we go to the bed with the nocturnal sounds in the rainforest. In the main hut we enjoy trying delicious meals at the dining area, or we take soft and strong drinks in a traditional bar, we have the opportunity to read some interesting books or just resting in the hammocks during the relax time. We provide daily nutritious meals (gourmet menus) during the trip and catering for vegetarians if you require. Enough purified drinking water supply and soft drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate or tea available all day, some snacks for the activities too. Nicky Amazon Lodge is a new support for the families of Tarapuya Community by involving them in the in the responsible tourist activity according to our environmental philosophy.


Offering more tourist alternatives ‌.

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DAY 2- After an early breakfast we start our journey because the brisk morning hours are the best time to see the rainforest’s thriving activity. We trek into the rainforest with our Naturalist guide who shares their wealth of knowledge. We also have the opportunity to learn about how life in the tropical rainforest co-exists in a fragile balance. Botanic information emphasizes the use of the medicinal plants, which has been taught by the local ancestors for generations. We also find some species of amphibians, butterflies, centipedes and millipedes, snakes, birds, monkeys or any footprints of mammals in the trail. Return to the lodge. Lunch. Later we navigate along the Cuyabeno River to turn around the Kapok Island trying to find species of monkeys. We also have a good chance of seeing the freshwater pink dolphins (Inia geoffrensis and Sotalia fluviatilis) in the amazing river scenery. Before dinner we venture into the forest to find species of insects, spiders, tarantulas, snakes or colorful frogs. The night world of the Amazon is perfect for viewing small species and enjoying the nocturnal sounds of the jungle. DAY 3- An early activity permits us to enjoy the nature with a good chance to watch some monkeys and birds. After breakfast we follow the “taricaya” that means turtle trail to visit the Seoqueya Community, where some local families of the Sionas Indigenous group live. A member of the family shows us how they prepare the yuca bread which is called “Cassave” and our guide explains local traditions and cultures from the past to the present. After, we navigate downstream to visit the shaman house where he teaches us the ancient healing traditions and his way of life using the mystic practice of natural medicine. Return to the lodge. After lunch, we always have time to relax and to enjoy the place. In the afternoon we go out with our motor canoe upstream to visit the Laguna Grande where we navigate in the amazing lake and admire the flooded forest by black water or Igapo, considered an ecosystem of the rainforest, dominated by the famous Macrolobium trees which are homes of Epiphytes plants and bird, there is time to swimming in the lake while we admire the spectacular sunset in the rainforest. Before we return to the lodge we venture downstream to search for Caimans (alligator family)and fishing bats. DAY 4- The last early activity is a short canoe excursion to enjoy the sunrise over the jungle. This is a good opportunity for bird watching. It permits us to create the last memory of this wonderful place. After breakfast you have time to prepare your luggage for the trip back. We navigate upstream to reach the Cuyabeno Bridge. Box lunch. Our bus/pick up takes us back to Lago Agrio, arriving at approx. 14h30 either to catch the Bus or the plane back to Quito. * Day 5.- For passengers going for long trip 5d/4n, the additional day includes a morning walk and an extra canoe excursion admiring the wonderful landscape in the afternoon and either a night walk. * Day 3.– A short trip could be possible too 3d/2n , we try to do more activities to know the rainforest.



REGULAR DEPARTURES Every Monday & Friday


TOUR 4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS REGULAR DEPARTURES: Every Monday, Tuesday & Fridayday & Friday


DAY 1- Our excursion begins in Lago Agrio at 09h30. If you go by plane we will pick you up at the Lago Agrio airport at 09h55. We travel by bus/truck approx. 1 ¼ hours to reach Tarapoa town where we eat our lunch. After 20 minutes we arrive in the Cuyabeno Bridge (the principal entrance of this Protect Reserve). We immediately journey down the river to our Lodge (approx. 2 hours). Then our excursion into the rainforest starts, and along the beginning of the river we can observe some species of monkeys and birds very close because this part of the river is narrow. Finally we arrive to the Nicky Amazon Lodge. Time for a short relax and later an introductory walk around the Lodge. After dinner our naturalist bilingual guide gives us a briefing on the upcoming activities for the next few days and about the area.

Some kind of Tailor Made.In addition we are able to design specialized tours according to your special requirements or interests such as: 

Bird watching Tours

Photography Tours.

Paddling Tours

Familiar tours.

Academic tours, specializing several areas of learning with the support of experts seminarians (biology, anthropology, botanic etc. )


Just let us know your requires we will offer an amazing experience.

HIGHLIGHTS. Early activities & Bird watching to observe many species of birds  Observe the Amazon’s Pink and grey dolphins (Inia Geoffrensis & Sotalia Fluviatilis )  Hike into the rainforest and learn about the medicinal and practical uses of the plants  Botany observation finding different ecosystems with their balance in the rainforest  Night walks to observe insects, spiders, snakes, amphibians and listen to nocturnal animals  Navigation in search of Caiman (Alligators)

 Siona Familiy visit to share with the local people  Relax time enjoying the natural and spectacular place  Captivating lectures Bilingual Guides


our Naturalist &

 Amazing experience into the deep jungle.


 Paddling by dugout canoe to enjoy the sounds of the jungle

Servicies: INCLUDES:  Roundtrip transport to Lago Agrio (by car & motor canoe)  Ministry of Tourism Licensed bilingual naturalist guides trained in biology and Eco-Tourism  Comfortable accommodation at Nicky Amazon Lodge, double, triple & familiar rooms with private bathroom

 If you want single accommodation is provided with a charge of 75% extra  High quality camping equipment, tents & bedding for long excursions  Three nutritious meals daily, including purified bottled water, soft drinks such us tea, coffee & hot chocolate available all day, snacks for the activities.

 Catering for vegetarians and passengers with dietary restrictions

NOT INCLUDED:  Don’t forget bring your rain poncho!  Round-trip transportation between Quito and Lago Agrio  Additional beverages  Extra meals in Lago Agrio before and after trip  US $ 3.5 Dollars to be paid to the siona family visited.  We recommend to bring with you change, because all your extra tickets for casave, will need to be separately.

 Tips.


 Personal equipment: rubber boots and lifejackets

*When you travel into the Amazon Region, note the following:

Own rain poncho for the activities is needed, because the weather could change suddenly in the rainforest and you might get wet. Bring some plastic bags to protect your camera and important documents from the rain. If you enjoy watching animals, consider bringing your own binoculars(10x40 are the best). HEALTH ADVICE- Precaution against yellow fever is recommended especially for the adventures and long tours. Before departure visit your doctor to get the most up to date health information. Don’t sleep with the mosquito net open or in an accommodation that allows entry of mosquitoes, close your mosquito nets. If you wear glasses or contacts, bring an extra pair. If you have significant allergies or chronic medical problems, wear a medical alert bracelet and bring your own medicines. GROUP SIZE.-We realize the extreme importance of small groups, not only because we want to ensure our visitors experience the jungle and all its splendor without being overcrowded but also to reduce our impact on the unique ecosystems. Our Naturalist and English speaking guides will manage a group maximum 10 passengers. TRAVEL WITH CHILDREN.- There is no restriction for the age, but we recommend five years and above. For the expeditions with children we suggest private tours because it will be more comfortable and enjoyable. A family experience with us will be great for your family because our guides are responsible, proud locals of the region and they are ready to answer any questions that come up during the activities.. Don`t forget the jungle trails are hard to rate for everyone. The difficult level of each excursion depends on terrain and weather conditions and the fitness of the passenger. Children under 12 must be accompanied by their parents or an adult. TIPPING- It is personal matter, if you are satisfied with our services at end of your tour, we suggest a personal tip to the guide and a group tip for the crew, you can leave them in the tips box, (this will be shared equally among the staff members of the lodge). We believe that it is a nice benefit for their job well done.

What to bring: ORIGINAL PASSPORT  Clothes of cotton and quick dry material  Long-sleeved shirt or blouse and long pants for the hikes into the rainforest  T-shirts & shorts  2 pairs of socks  Rain poncho (personal)  Sandals and sneakers  Light wind-breaker and sweater or fleece (for the early and night activities)  Bathing suit and personal towel for swimming  Sun cap or hat  Sunglasses with a strap  One small daypack (waterproof)  Insect repellent  Sun block  Headlamp or flashlight (with spare batteries)  Personal water bottle or canteen  Toilet kit (biodegradable soap & shampoo recommended)  Personal first aid kit (with your personal travel medicines)  Camera (bring your own charger and adapter)  Binoculars (10x40 are suggested)  Notebook  Plastic bags (zip lock bags could be better for your items in special cameras, binoculars, phones, medicines and documents, These will keep them dry)  Wet wipes  Books to read


THE RAINFOREST- The area that we visit has a very marked dry season starting from December until March. The temperature in the Amazon rainforest generally stable for most of the year going from 25 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius during the day; there is a change during the night, the temperatures could drop to 15 degrees Celsius. Some activities depend on weather conditions such as: dolphin, anaconda or caiman watching but we always try it anyway.

FLIGHT SCHEDULES *Plane from Quito to Lago Agrio, Tame Airlines offers a flight leaving every day at 09h00 am (except Sunday). It takes approx. 35 minutes. *Flight back must be at 17h00 in the afternoon according to our operations. At the moment there is no flight back on Saturday & Monday *For booking by yourselves online We are always ready to help you with your booking if you require *When you arrive in Lago Agrio’s airport, our representative will pick you up there. QUITO - LAGO AGRIO – QUITO ROUTE





Quito-Lago Agrio

Every day (except Sunday)


EQ 201

Round Trip: approx. $ 225

Only Sunday


EQ 201

Every day except Saturday & Monday


EQ 210

Lago Agrio-Quito

One Way: approx. $ 110


BUS SCHEDULE *The trip by bus takes approx. 6 hours; it means that you need to travel one day in advance *There are branches of the Companies Baños & Trans Esmeraldas located at the Mariscal Area (Santa Maria Street) where you can buy your bus ticket. It’s better do it in advance. *If you prefer traveling by night we recommend to catch the last buses at 23h00, You will be in Lago Agrio the next day at 06h00 am aprox.

HOTEL LA CASCADA (Tourist Class) Single Room $ 66

(Tourist Class) Single Room $ 30

Double Room $ 85

Double Room $ 48

Rooms with private bathroom

*A Tourist Company - Ecuador Treasure offers a private bus leaving from La Mariscal Area by night;

Prices include Taxes & breakfast

if you want we can book it. This bus is leaving at 23h00 *It’s possible to travel in the morning from Quito. The trip is very exciting (take a seaton the right side, the view is good) QUITO - LAGO AGRIO

Phone: (06) 2830124 & 2832229 HOTEL SELVA REAL ( Economic Class) Single Room $ 14 & 18



Departure from


Coop. Baños

05h45; 08h15; 09h00;10H15

Terminal Quitumbe (southern )

USD 12 one way

Double Room $ 21 & 30

Coop. TransEsmeraldas


Terminal Carcelén (northtern )

USD 12 one way

Prices include Taxes, No breakfast

Ecuador Treasure Co.

23h00 (only Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed-Thur )

La Mariscal area ( Wilson & J. León

USD 20 one way

Phone: (06) 2833827



Arrival in


Coop. Baños

16h45; 22h10; 23h45

Terminal Quitumbe (southern )

Coop. TransEsmeraldas

21h30 ; 23h55

Terminal Carcelen (northtern )

USD 12 one way USD 12 one way


Matrimonial Room $42 Prices include Taxes & breakfast Phone: (06) 2830172 & 2830456

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Dracaena Amazon Rainforest expedition and its Nicky Amazon Lodge located at the North-east Area of Ecuador offers comfortable and deep exped...

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