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Brief: To design a pill organiser that allows users to take medication / tablets at different times of the day The box has a volume of 10562 cubic millimeters, allowing it to hold roughly 12 size 00 capsule pills

Neodymium magnets strong magnetic pull whilst being small in size, attract the boxes to the holder, neatly positioning them in a spherical shape

The box can be attached to keys by a carabiner or keyring, making the box portable and available to the user as required

Portable - the box is 75mm x 29mm x 34mm, similar in size to a car key

The main body is opaque, preventing any UV light from reaching the pills stored within

Debossed morning, noon and night symbols universally identify the compartments as well as helping users with poor vision

One tap to turn on

Two taps for flashing

Three taps to turn off

Detachable light prevents theft


Brief: To design an indicator to fit into the bar ends of a bicycle in order to increase the user’s visibility and aid with indication of the cyclists intentions to other commuters


Functioning Wankel Rotary Engine and spark plug modelled using SolidWorks and rendered in Keyshot 6

Split Steel wheel designed for pre 1967 Volkswagens designed with a friend for his award winning ‘show car’


06 Airboat surface modelled in SolidWorks and rendered using keyshot 6

Beam guard designed to protect aircooled Volkswagen suspension beam from contacting the ground when lowered

UE Boom modelled in SolidWorks and rendered using Keyshot 6

CAD Modelling



Brief: To design a kinetic child’s toy Tightening and loosening the tension in the string controls the speed the of the cable car

90° Rotation Prototype modelled using HIPS and ABS

Windows allow children to put their existing toys inside the car as ‘passengers’



Brief: To design a holder for toothbrushes when not in use which improves toothbrush hygiene in a bathroom environment

Keeps toothbrush in an upright position allowing moisture to drain away from brush head

Drainage hole prevents buildup of moisture which harbors bacteria

Suction cup allows holder to be stuck to any flat surface e.g. bathroom tiles

Dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning

Silver Ion anti microbial coating on silicone reduces bacteria and microbial growth by as much as 95%

Brief: To design and make a razor in the style of a brand of your choice





I was approached by a startup company from Dubai to design a pair of sunglasses for a teenage market, where the frame could be 3D printed. This was an exciting opportunity as it allowed me to explore an area of design that is completely new to me.

Simple hinge mechanism is large enough to be 3D printed correctly and is durable, lasting for many uses

My initial ideas featured a single flat lens spanning across the face of the sunglasses updating a classic design

Brief: Design a product using taking inspiration from the words ‘Space and Time’

Encourages friendly competition

Group Project

The product allows children to play a game while putting away their lego, making tidying up fun

Internal scales weigh the lego. Once a certain weight is reached the screen will flash to notify the user

Stackable for storage

Boxes allow lego to be stored when not in use


16 Mobile phone charger Black & Decker Razor prototype

Mobile phone foam model

Pad Saw

Segment Pill organiser model

Desk Vice

SkyWire toy cable car model

Nicholas Vagg Product Design Portfolio  
Nicholas Vagg Product Design Portfolio