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Backlinking in 2013 Last year (2012) saw the Google’s panda and penguin updates rolled out and you may well have wondered why your site disappeared from the search engine results. If it did below are the three possible reasons for this. 1.

Over optimisation of anchor text.

An example of this would be if you went out and say got ten backlinks to your site, all using the same keyword, which is the same keyword that your site is ranking for. This is now not the way to go and you need to make your links look natural. A natural anchor text could be something like click here for further information, even your url is much more natural than continually using your keyword. 2.

Site Wide Links.

An example of this would be if you purchased say a Sponsored link packages; a website will put your links on all its pages; this method will certainly get your site penalised. 3.

Poor Quality Links

These are: Paid links, link exchanges, or linking from a page that has no relevance to your site. For example if you have a site about gold rings and you get links from a site about shoes, that tells Google that you are trying to play the system. Exact match domains have also lost their status, and it is far too easy to over optimise sites with an EMD.

Google knows that when sites link back to your site, they will not naturally always use your keyword; it would vary, for example a natural link would be click here for more info, the anchor text being click here. Before the updates, if you wanted to get your sites ranking, then the more you linked back to your site with your keyword as the anchor text, the better your site would do, the problem was that it encouraged spammers; sites could have thin content and still rank well. Even sites with good content disappeared from search engines, because of the aggressive linking tactics that worked so well up to last year. If your site is new then you can avoid ever being affected by penguin or panda. Google is focusing more on content than backlinks. So the general guidelines to backlinking are as follows.


Natural looking anchor text.

Previously anchor text would be your keyword, now what is working for me is if I go out and say get ten backlinks I will get five using my main keyword, and the other half I would use varied text. 2.

Contextual links

Link surrounded by a body / grouping of related text. The site needs to be related to your niche; the easiest way to do this is guest blogging. SEO is the best way to get free targeted traffic; the biggest problem has been,and always will be, that when major changes happen they are out of your control, and if your site does not comply with those changes your page can disappear from the search engines. If your site was hit and disappeared from the search results, then you need to look at your anchor texts and start getting the averages that your keyword appears, down to around 50% If your site has slipped down a few pages then recovery is not too difficult. Sign up HERE to start making your future brighter

Backlinking in 2013  
Backlinking in 2013  

Last year (2012) saw the Google’s panda and penguin updates rolled out and you may well have wondered why your site disappeared from the sea...