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The world lost a great actor today. James Joseph Gandolfini was a brilliant actor that was best known for his portrayal of Tony Soprano in the American series the Sopranos. The best series that has ever hit our TV screens. It had everything, great characters, production, powerful story lines, violence, humour, and even great music. It showed all the good and bad in all types of people, even the most violent characters, were shown to have a good side; their bad side were just magnified.

James Gandolfini won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series; three times. Appearing in the films True Romance, Get Shorty, and Where the Wild Things Are. He also produced the 2007 documentary titled Alive Day Memories:- Home from Iraq in which he interviewed ten war veterans. In 2010 he produced another documentary named Wartorn which examined the effects of post traumatic stress disorder through several wars from 18612010 James Gandolfini was only 51 years old, three years younger than me. When they say life’s short they aren’t kidding. Watching an interview he gave on inside the actor’s studio, you could see what a genuinely nice guy he was and knowing Tony Soprano as well as we all do, is a testimonial to how well he played that role. Connections that people form through TV or video are so powerful, you feel as if you watch a series for a period of time, even a crap series you connect in a strange way with the characters. If you imagined yourself actually living in that series, you would know far more about those characters than the people in your own circles. The ongoing wars in places like Syria and everywhere else, seem so detached from my personal life that I don’t give them the attention they deserve; People with their own stories, that are only known within their circles. If I knew these people personally, imagine the horror and grief I would endure. Being disconnected from people that are suffering so much is far easier to deal with; it’s daily news so it becomes acceptable. One of those things.

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That’s the strange thing of course I shocked at the sudden death of such a great actor, but I didn’t know James Gandolfini like I knew Tony Soprano, it’s as if two people have died.

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James gandolfini R.I.P  

Today the world lost a great actor. James Joseph Gandolfini was a brilliant actor that was best known for his portrayal of Tony Soprano in t...