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Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service By Ooma all you need to know about Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

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Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service The Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service By Ooma allows you to call anywhere in the U.S. for free - all you need to do is pay the applicable taxes and fees. The Telo is easy to set up and even easier to use. Simply connect the device to your high-speed Internet and then to your existing phone. You don't need to use a computer or wear a headset to make and receive calls. In fact, your telephone will work as it always has, just without the costly monthly bills. NOTE: The Ooma Telo requires a high-speed Internet connection.

Free Calls in the U.S.

Crisp, Clear Voice Quality with No Dropped Calls The Telo uses advanced Ooma PureVoice HD Technology to deliver exceptional voice quality and reliability. You'll retain the crisp, acoustic performance of a landline without the associated costs. Ooma HD Voice Technology delivers stunning realism and fidelity when you call another Ooma Telo user (HD compatible phone required). Get Peace of Mind with 911 Alerts Gain some peace of mind when you're out of the house with 911 Alerts. If anyone dials 911 from your Ooma phone, we'll immediately send a text message to your cell phone letting you know. You'll instantly be alerted that there's a problem, and can respond to the situation appropriately.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent design, service and value October 15, 2009 By Ashok Aiyar

We purchased an Ooma Hub & Scout in April 2009 to replace a Vonage VoIP connection. We are very satisfied with the hub, and therefore purchased an Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service By Ooma for a second location. This review describes our Ooma Telo experience so far, and compares it to the Hub/Scout. The Telo is well designed and sleek. The controls are touch controls and very sensitive. There is a USB port in the back - presumably for future expansion. Like the hub, there are two RJ45 ethernet jacks - one to connect to the "internet", and the second to connect to one's home network. There are also two RJ11 phone jacks. One to connect to your existing landline, should you have one, and decide to integrate the landline and Telo. The other is to connect to your phone. The setup instructions are simple. While it is recommended that the Telo be connected directly to your cable/dsl/wimax modem (i.e. before your router), it works equally well after the router. We chose to connect the Telo to the router rather than the modem. We were treated to a red & blue patriotic light show for about 20 minutes when the Telo was first plugged in, while it apparently downloaded firmware/software updates. I was a little puzzled by this, but presumably there have been updates from the release date (October 1) to our purchase date (October 3), or the first set of units were shipped without the latest firmware/software on them. In either event, there has been a second firmware/software update since then, so clearly Ooma are keen to improve Telo as feedback/complaints from early adopters rolls in. Unlike the Hub, the Telo doesn't support the Scout. But this doesn't mean the Telo cannot provide a dial tone at other phone jacks in your house. For this, simply connect a splitter to the phone jack in the Telo, plug one line into the telephone adjacent to the Telo, and the second into the nearest wall

jack. If the phone wiring in your house is intact, you should be able to connect a standard wired phone to any other phone jack. The Ooma Hub also supports this feature, which isn't readily documented in Ooma's product literature. The Telo and Hub are indistinguishable in every aspect of call quality. Off course the Telo supports up to four DECT 6.0 handsets, and Telo to Telo calls will offer HD voice. The Telo will also support Bluetooth, and cell-phone integration. Although these features will be available in future firmware/software updates. There are differences in the level and cost of service that I have described below. For current Ooma Hub owners: Ooma Core includes 5000 minutes a month, voicemail and caller-id and is free of regulatory fees for the life of the hub. Ooma Premiere includes a range of additional features, including a second line, 3-way calling, multiring, call fowarding and many others. This costs $9.99 a month or $99 a year. For future Ooma Hub owners: Ooma Core will include 5000 minutes a month and voicemail. From the second year, it will cost $12/yr to recover regulatory fees. Ooma Premiere will include enhanced voicemail, and the other premiere features. Ooma Premiere will cost $9.99 a month or $120 a year. For Ooma Telo: Ooma core includes 5000 mins/month & voicemail, and $12/yr from the second year on to recover regulatory fees. Ooma Premiere will include enhanced voicemail, and the other premiere features at $9.99 a month or $120 a year. For both the Hub and Telo, the cost of Premiere includes either a free handset a year (a $49 value), or a free number port (a $39 value). This change in pricing strategy has made some claim that Ooma is no longer "free". Well, it never was, although current Hub owners will not have to spend another dime for the life of their unit. New Hub & Telo users receive 5000 mins/month and voicemail for the cost of the unit, and have to pay $12/year from the second year onwards to cover regulatory fees. In my opinion Ooma continues to remain a good value when compared to other VoIP providers,

although clearly early Hub adopters received a better deal than Telo users. I want to note two other things that are common to the Hub and Telo. Our number ports were quick and efficient. And, while customer service can be difficult to reach, there is excellent support available from the Ooma community on Ooma's website forums. The Ooma employees who moderate the forums also provide support in a very timely manner. Bottom-line, if you have Vonage or Packet8, or have phone bundled in with your cable, strongly consider getting a Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service By Ooma. You will save money for service that is as good or better. With the Hub, we saw savings with the first six months. With the Telo it will be about 14 months before we start seeing savings. See all 3,156 customer reviews (newest first)

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Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service By Ooma  

The Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service By Ooma allows you to call anywhere in the U.S. for free - all you need to do is pay the applicable t...

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