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S.K.A.T.E Nick Toppino

Breezy Colorado summer air bursts into the plane as the white doors of the 747 open. My sister Emme and I scrambled out of the plane to seek my cousins out; charging through the airport Emme and I reach our cousins who look tired of waiting for us in the dark gray airport parking lot. I said hi and gave hugs for what seemed like hours and that’s when the excitement happened. “SKATEcontest! Who’s in who’s not?” I yell as loud as I can. “Where?” Asks my littlest girl cousin Leah. “Right here in the airport parking lot!” I say loud so everyone can hear me. “I don’t care where it is I’m in!” says my cousin Grace with a confident grim. “Me too!” screamed Simone gracesidentical twin sister. “OK let’s start.” “You first Nick,” says Grace with a puzzled look, curious of what I’m going to do. It’s all me say to myself as I toss my board up into the air. “This trick is called Luck Throw” I yell so they can hear me. They both know what I’m doing. The board lands on the pavement it skids and bounces up hitting my feet with perfect timing. Simone lands it but Gracesfeet slip off the side of the board and she wipes out and comes in last place. A couple of rounds later I try a trick that Simone can’t do this trick doesn’t have a name. All I have to do is jump the bike rack I think to myself I take a deep breath and roll my board on the tan pavement to get some speed. I bend my knees under my blue skinny jeans Simone looks worried as I zip passedher to the blackish gray bike rack. My wheels wobble under my trucks. I push my leg down as hard as I can on the tail of the new modified GIRLboard I can feel the wind pouncing on my face. I take a huge breath of air. Finally I become airborne. My feet cling onto the

board. The board is shaking under my feet I can smell the taste of victory at the end of my tong. I don’t breath, my heart is racing, my eyes are watering from the speed, I can feel my hands they are still like a stone under lots of other rocks in a river, the taste in my mouth of victory fades as I slowly look down at my new wheels. My front wheels clear the blackish gray rail by a millimeter. Now the back wheel approaches the rail I’m about to win if this wheel makes it over. Before I can get my hopes up I start heading down. But then a miracle happens. ‘Clink’ the back wheels skip on the bar. I don’t breathe and get prepared to fall. But no, my white wheels hit the tan pavement. I look over to Simone she looks amazed and shocked. I feel amazed too but also curious to seeif Simone would do it or forfeit. I start to celebrate and stop paying attention. I yell to my cousins “I win!” I start celebrating again as my board is still zipping down the side walk when out of nowhere ‘BAM’ my head strikes the pole shooting me backwards. “NICK!” Yells a voice in the distance. I can barley feel my head and I feel like I’m unconscious. I have site of Grace and Simone racing towards me with my aunt and uncle with ice in their hands. Next thing I know I’m in the car driving home with ice on my head. “You’re so stupid Nick!” says my cousin grace shaking her head. “Even Lyle isn’t that cocky!” Jokesmy cousin Simone. “Why did you show off? Now Simone is the winner. Do you know Simone? BecauseI do-” “Ha Ha! You’re not much better yourself.” “No durr! We’re twins we’re supposed to be the same!” “Well we’re not becauseI’m smarter” “Sure,” Mocks grace. “Mom can you turn on the TV?” I ask over all the fighting. “Sure. Here’s the remote try not to show off into it!” Jokesmy mom teasing me.



A memoir about getting hurt while being a showbo

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