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2nd indoor soccer session: Team name: Grêmio FC (means United in Portuguese, I thought it would be clever since we have players from Monroe High, Jefferson, and CC) If you have any other ideas for a team name, I’m more than welcome to listen to them. I have a rough idea who my 12 players are going to be, but there’s always room for improved players, so if you have a friend that’s truly good, tell him to contact me. Nick Suarez (734) 790 5082 Now to the business, I am a SOCCER.COM goal member, so everything is at the lowest price possible. The price for each player for this indoor session will be $105.00 dollars… you get 1 of each thing below. The team needs to decide whether they want white or blue shirts. The whole uniform is made by Nike The team needs to also decide if they would like to practice once a week for an additional cost. Roughly an extra $30 bucks per person We’re also still searching for a solid keeper and a person who is an actual goal scoring threat up top. Everyone get back to me ASAP if you want to play and if you have any other ideas/questions.

Nike Brasil Core Federation T-Shirt – $9.89 Nike Brasil Home Short 10/11 - $22.49 Nike Brasil Home Sock 10/11 - $6.29

2nd indoor soccer session  

2nd Indoor Soccer Session @ Ice Rink

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