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1 Hour Traffic Tornado

Created By: Nick Simpson

Getting Started It’s time to stop “trying” to get results and waiting on visitors to come to your website. There is a better way to grab new visitors whenever you want and the traffic tornado will allow you to boost your traffic to content that is not even indexed by Google yet! Learn how you can spend one hour and build your own traffic tornado that will keep your site flowing with fresh new and unique visitors. There are many people that will charge hundreds of dollars to teach the simple and free methods you are about to read in the next few paragraphs. So stop surfing for a few minutes and check out this method and the free webmaster promotional tools too. You can start your own traffic tornado with very little effort, you just need to know what to do that will truly bring results and that is what we have here today for you. I wrote a similar article on the webmaster business plan web site about a year ago and it received a lot of feedback and great discussion. This is a method that I have stood by for a long time on my own promotional efforts and have received good results. I cannot promise any results to anybody who tries my suggestions, but I think you will be surprised how effective this simple one hour submission method is once you put it into practice.

Great Content Is Only The Beginning Writing great advertising copy is one thing and writing great web copy is even harder. On the internet you must really captivate the reader and also add value to every word you write. Otherwise you will lose the reader or more importantly, the sale. We all know content is king and it must be written well to produce the desired results in the search engines, but giving a single article the traction it needs will take more than just writing great content. If you are not a skilled writer, that is not a problem, you can always outsource your writing to professionals like the ones at written for seo and other high quality online content providers. Each piece of content that is added to the internet needs to be indexed by search engines and they do notice when a new piece of content has not got any prior attention. If you submit content to large web sites or an existing site of your own that is already indexed by Google, it will most likely be noticed rather quickly automatically. This is why it is important to give the search engines an incentive to rank your piece of content over existing ones already on the internet. This is a easy way to grab that extra traffic and even temporarily outrank some big dogs while doing so.

How Does The 1 Hour Traffic Tornado Work? So here is the “meat and potatoes� of the traffic tornado. You need to make new content on a weekly basis. It does not matter if you want to write or buy 1 or 10 articles a week, but it is important to keep fresh content coming. You also need to follow up each of the articles with a short flurry social, external blog and RSS submissions to get each article the maximum exposure possible. If you can do this on a consistent basis then you will get a good volume of free traffic as long as you have done some keyword research and chosen some solid and achievable keywords. The object of the traffic tornado is to make it impossible for other search engines and news services to miss the content you create. When you add a new article it will usually get some initial attention from search engines, because it is fresh content. Then content slowly dips off into the ether, never to be heard of again by most search engines. This is especially true if you are working on a keyword set that is highly competitive.

1 Hour Traffic Tornado New Content Checklist You need to run down the list below for each new piece of content you publish on your own blog or on a larger web 2.0 publishing site like Squidoo, HubPages, Scribd or Triond. This list of marketing tasks should never take more than an hour. However, it will take a little longer the first time through while you setup your accounts. Once you get used to going through the 1 hour traffic tornado list, every article you write will instantly be getting some back links and plenty of exposure. This instant wave of internet visibility will continue with a strong second wave of traffic when your schedules content and updates are fed using the cool automatic traffic generating systems described below. 1. Ping your post or feed at or This is a must do, RSS offers a unique and instant way to blast your links across the net and more importantly put your content in front of readers eyes. 2. Get some social action by automating some bookmarking at (7 a day) or http:/ (25 free per day). These are not authority links, but they sure can be effective when following up some fresh content. 3. Spin your article using and submit it to 30 blogs for free at (never link back to the original article) on your main site or even to other existing content. 4. Tweet a lot use sites like or to blast a few twitter accounts and/or Facebook. These sites can save you a bundle of time. They should be part of your

regular daily routine if you are serious about promoting your content. 5. You can stay up to date with search engine optimization tools, tips, techniques and trends on the link building ninja web site, this free information center has all the latest on the most effective link building and seo tactics. Download the 1 Hour Traffic Tornado PDF Files Here I know as well as anybody, you hear about a cool idea and then start implementing it only to find out you forgot a step or link that you really need. Well, we want all of our readers to get the most out of this program so we have created some pdf files for you to download here and use for ever, for free. So please tell your friends, hit this article up on facebook or twitter and let people know they can download the complete 1 hour traffic tornado on the Nick Simpson blog. Download The Resources Here :

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I Want Your Comments Let me know what you think about this process and more importantly leave a comment below letting others know how this has affected your traffic on new content. I look forward to hearing from each reader to takes it upon themselves to really try this method out and see the results for themselves. You can always contact me on my main blog, just click the contact button. To Success, Nick Simpson Nick Simpson’s Official Blog Nick Simpsons Page Catch Nick Simpson On Twitter Here! P.S. I hope you really harness the power of this method and you can also easily outsource this work if you like. The written for seo team and the InWurx Media team can both work on projects using the traffic tornado method, just ask.

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Created By: Nick Simpson

One Hour Traffic Tornado - Complete Traffic Getting System  

Here is a short and to the point that will teach anybody how to drive limitless traffic to their web sites. These techniques are not for the...

One Hour Traffic Tornado - Complete Traffic Getting System  

Here is a short and to the point that will teach anybody how to drive limitless traffic to their web sites. These techniques are not for the...