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Evolution of Nexus Devices

The beginning Nexus 0ne released in January 2010 The first Nexus device

Shipped with Éclair(Android 2.1) Only 80,000 sold in the first month

Trackball Navigation Manufactured BY HTC

Long Lasting Nexus S released in December 2010

First one with NFC

Shipped with two different Screens (Super Clear LCD and Super AMOLED) Over 0.5 million sold in the first few weeks Introducing Ginger Android 2.3

Manufactured by Samsung

The Curved One Galaxy Nexus released in October 2011 Holo UI brings new user experience

Introducing Ice Cream Sandwich(Android 4.0) Captured 0.5% of the Smartphone market

First Nexus with soft navigation keys

Manufactured by Samsung

The Glamorous Nexus 4 released in October 2012

First Nexus device with QI wireless charging

Introducing JellyBean(Android 4.2)

Over 3 Millions unit sold

Gorilla glass front and back

Manufactured by LG

Awesome Pixels Nexus 5 released in October 2013

First Nexus with Optical Image Stabilization

Introducing KitKat(Android 4.4) First Nexus phone with 4G/LTE

Over 4.5 millions unit sold Manufactured by LG

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All in One

Nexus 6 will expect to release by October 2014 Super LCD 3 Display

Introducing Lollipop(Android 4.5)

Expect to sell over 5 millions unit

Aluminium Zerogap unibody Chassis

Manufacture by Lenovo



6 5 4


Galaxy S One









Evolution of nexus series  

Nexus which is the product of Google release it's Smartphones every year in partnership with well known brands. Now, Nexus 6 is in rumor whi...

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