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Floor Plan

On the path

There will be video projector projecting video on the top projecting the video of light.


My inter vention is a video projection of wave to the sloping path in Martin Place. The projection of wave will be generated when people walk on the path. The concept is to make people think about their life. Sometimes people may get into the bottom in this moment but they may be back on the top in next. Comparing to the greatness of nature, human and the things happening On the path, sometimes people need to face to the wave; sometimes they are carried by the wave.

on human are just so small.

The bottom of the path

Castlereagh st.

Martin Place Station

Stairs in the middle part

The stage


in Martin Place

Pathway used most Talking Skating (on weekend only) Smoking Resting

Pitt st.

The Slope

of Martin Place

The overall slope of Martin Place is not too steep and there is some other slopes like the stair way to the station and the stairs in the middle part.

Ca s



p he



nP r ti a fM






The side of the stair way to station

Pit t


The side of the stair way in the middle part

Nick Poon  

Nick Poon's design work

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