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RESIDENCY A gallery, retail and living space.

Nick Partridge


Creatives need a space to work and get exposure. (Artist Residencies/Lofts/Galleries)

We love buying items with a history and narrative. (Thrift stores, Yard sales)

And we love snooping. (Medicine cabinets, Open houses)


Residency is... A dynamic retail space in which creatives are invited to live and work for a month. What’s for sale? Their work of course, along with all their lifelong possessions. The residents set the prices, based on sentimental value. Essentially, imagine you could shop in the homes of “The Selby is in your place”.


Residency is a mashup of retail trends. 01. 826 Valencia. Pirate Store & tutoring center. 02. Performance artists living in storefront windows. 03. Bodega Boston. Hidden Sneakfreak haven. 04. Etsy. Buy directly from crafters and creatives.





The Touchstone

The thrill of a vintage store find. The elitism of being a patron of the arts. And the sick pleasure of buying someone else’s cherished memory.

How the lights stay on

Just like most galleries, Residency takes 50% of the profits from the sale of both the art and belongings.

How things get priced

A simple handwritten tag states the price & more importantly why. That modest-looking belt priced at $550 was a lifesaver while running the streets of Pamplona.


A new look, inventory and residents every month. Writers offer workshops one month, musicians perform shows another. And you can buy any of their possessions if the price is right.

Target segmentation

Uninteresting non-creatives, those seeking a taste of a life more fabulous than their own. And creatives who just like snooping and shopping.


Residency is a blank canvas. The aesthetic is overhauled with each new resident.

Brand name + tagline + identity

RESIDENCY A gallery, retail and living space.

RESIDENCY A gallery, retail and living space. Stop by: Residency 22 Wyckoff Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11237

Nick Partridge


A retail, gallery and living space. A whole new experience.