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Do I really look like Kevin For those of you who aren’t Mean Girls fans out there, October 3rd, was Mean Girls Appreciation Day. If you want to know why October 3rd is Mean Girls Appreciation Day, check out this video. If you still don’t get why, I’m sorry you just don’t get it. I know that I am a little late to the celebration of this cult holiday, however in the past week Mean Girls has been popping up in a lot of my conversations, specifically Kevin G. Kevin G, pictured to the right, is a mathlete and a mad rapper. If you want to hear some of his material, search Kevin G rap on Youtube. I have to say that I am a fan of his rap, its got a nice beat and funny as hell. However there is one thing that has been bothering me. A lot of people have told me that I look like Kevin G. Why is it that all brown men got to look a like? I feel for all the East Asian brothers out there who have been

accused of being Chinese, when their not. I know that a lot of you are telling me to relax, “No Steven we’re not being racist, you genuinely look like him.” Maybe I should stop insinuating racism in my conversations the exception being when I’m talking to Rob. However I still don’t think that I look like him. We may be from the same region in India (its true) and be into rap music, but that is where the similarities ends. I think however that I am going to stop fighting it though. I think that I am going to start to embrace how I look like Kevin G, even if I disagree. So for those of you who want to point out that I look like Kevin Gnapoor, go ahead. However if you ask me to do his rap, which I know by heart, I won’t.. So I leave you with words of wisdom I got from my friend Kevin Gnapoor, “This is your night. Don’t let the hataz stop you from doin’ ya thang!”

World Food Day Wednesday is World Food Day. It is a good idea to take some time to think about those who are unable to put food on their plates on a daily basis. I know that the initial reaction is to think about a starving child in Africa, however there are people in Montgomery County who are unable to feed their kids on a daily basis. Micah’s Backpack is a volunteering opportunity where you can help pack food for kids in the local area. So if you are passionate about ending hunger in the world participate in Micah’s Backpack or Stop Hunger Now.

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