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HOKIE HOLLER Official Newsletter of Virginia Tech CKI October 2013

Adopt a Highway Color Me Rad On October 6th, about 25 members of Circle went to clean up the highway that we adopted. After scouring the place for trash, everyone piled in their cars and met up at Homeplace for a long awaited dinner. The clean up only lasted about an hour, but the wait for Homeplace felt like a lifetime, so it all balanced out. If you missed out on this service event shame on you, because you missed a chance to feast like a king as well. That food was well worth the price of admission. In summary, a good time was had by all.

On October 20th, members of Circle K and many others joined together to celebrate a yearly run; both in the running, and in the distribution of color. While not as service oriented as other events, Color Me Rad was a fun opportunity not only to volunteer to help out of the goodness of your heart, but to also enjoy throwing colored corn starch at people. The running portion involved a 5K gauntlet of those same fun-loving volunteers. So needless to say, fun was had by all, even the out of shape and colorblind.

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Upcoming Projects YMCA Craft Fair Formals The craft fair is November 7-10 at 3 PM, 8 AM, 10 AM, and 12 PM respectively. Craft Fair features jewelry, metal, glass, wood works, photography, fine art, pottery, quilting, and more! Over 80 artists from 8 states will be participating in this juried exhibition. Proceeds support YMCA outreach initiatives; including community gardens, thrift shops, open university classes, and student programs. They need people to help set up, clean up, and just watch booths. If you have some spare time, you should totally do it.

Formals are Midnight in Paris themed this year, so get your French on. It costs $1.80 per person, but all proceeds go to the eliminate project, so you know its well worth it. This is a district event so all the other schools will be coming; it’s a great chance to meet new people. Also try to bring friends that aren’t part of the club, we’d love to meet them, and they will probably have a great time too, so no down sides.

Other Projects Also don’t forget about volunteer at the Lyric concessions, as well as helping out at the stadium concessions for home games, both are pretty much self explanatory so I didn’t really think they needed like a larger section or anything.

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Weekly Events That More People Should Come To

Board Meetings

We try to advertise this frequently, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen anyone attend one. Circle K board meetings happen every Tuesday between 8:30 and 10:30 PM in Monterrey Tec, an obscure room on the second floor of Squires Student Center next to the art display. We make a lot of important decisions about the club during these meetings, and if you would like to be part of that, you are welcome to come and join us.

They Happen!

Turner Place/D2 Social If you haven’t been already, the Turner Place Social is every Wednesday at 6:30 before the weekly meetings, and the D2 is every Sunday at 1. Come hang out with many of the club officers and general members, it’s a lot of fun, the food is great, and you can get some quality Sponsor-Sponsee points, so you really don’t have an excuse not to be there.

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Weekly Service Projects Micah’s Backpack Animal Shelter The Humane Society of Montgomery County is a private animal shelter in Christiansburg, Virginia. They have sections for both kittens and dogs so if you like either, come on out to pet and/or walk them on Thursdays 1-2, or Fridays 2-3/4-5. Thursdays seem to be pretty constant but the volunteer slots we get for Friday tend to shift around, so be sure to check the sign in, if there are any spots left.


Micah’s Backpack addresses children’s hunger issues by partnering with local schools to provide direct assistance to students and families who qualify for the free lunch program. While they are provided with school food, there is often not much waiting at home, and even less so on the weekends. Volunteers come together to pack food for the less fortunate every Thursday from 6-7, it’s a lot of fun, and they always need help.

Kiwanis Lunch Every week on Thursday from 12-1 in the afternoon the Kiwanis Club holds their meeting at Ryan’s in Christiansburg. Go there to talk to the members and enjoy a rather delicious lunch at Ryan’s; don’t worry, it’s on the house! It’s a great way to meet the Kiwanis Club and find out about more service opportunities in the community. They haven’t been seeing much of us lately, so grab a friend and sign up!




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Brought to you by the VT CKI Random Member of the Month Steven Paul is a Junior in Mechanical Engineering. He has been an active member in Circle K since the Spring of 2013. In the past month, he has worked on projects such as Adopt a Highway, Micah's Backpack and Stop Hunger Now, which he is the project chair for. Besides working on these projects, he has his own weekly blog for CKI, Steven Say's. Outside of Circle K he spends his time watching, playing sports and being a member of the Virginia Tech Studio of Design for America.

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