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Issue 1 • June 2013

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do you know Who your having sex with? Check this out on pg. 4

What ARe the Health benefits of ejaculation control?


basic rules of Hiphop

Its time to start being REAL in your music. . .


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G.O.O.N. LIFE ENT. | G,entlemen O.vercomig O.bstacles & N.egativity |. This is one of San Diego’s top Hip Hop based magazine we offer knowledge and various information on subjects ranging from health, history, science and music. Also we feature some of San Diego’s most premier talent ranging from Hip Hop , and music producers to artists and video editors. We here at Goon Life Ent, hope to spread knowledge and bring anybody really workin on their craft and perfecting it to the forefront for more exposure in San Diego because we have alot of voices that NEED to be heard. To the reader we encourage you to continue to look out for upcomig issues because there will be ALOT of knowledge being presented which is extensively researched by our great research team , in other words we only state FACTS. Also , if there is anything that you may have seen and had any questions about feel free to research on your own (there will always be a bibliography) . And if there are any type of artists you would want to be featured feel free to contact us with information on why and they will be considered for future issues. Thank you for reading and PEACE to you.

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Mental , spiritual and physical health

Health benefits of ejaculation control “This is partly due to loss of zinc, and also, because 20 percent of semen is composed of cerebrospinal fluid. He literally “fucks his brains out.””

elements of the semen are absorbed in the

called the kidney glands, because of the merid-

The whole body can give off beneficial

soft tissues of the prostate and the spongy

ian association.” When enhances secretions

effects, so hug the naked body next to you

urethra, enter the bloodstream, and circulate

from the male “kidney glands” are preserved

after orgasms. Part of the benefit of men

through the body, nourishing all the organs,

through properly disciplined intercourse with-

retaining semen is that it gives women time

including the brain. The cerebral spinal fluid

out ejaculation, they enter the bloodstream,

to reach orgasm, and her fluids are not only

Sexual essence is a storage battery for vitality, and important for immune function.

contains the same basic ingrediants as semen.

travel through the body, and prevent hair loss,

good for her, but for him, too.

Though avoiding sex is unhealthy, the practice of ejaculation leaves men vulnerable

Men and women are both encouraged to do

skin wrinkling, poor muscle tone, arthritis,

to disease. The tendancy to fall asleep after sex is only a male habit only, because of

deep abdominal breathing after intercourse in

rheumatism, impotence, and other disasters

the loss of the fluids. By the time men reach 25, if they ejaculate regularly, they begin

order to facilitate absorption, as it massages

associated with aging.” Daniel Reid, The Tao

to experience weakness in the knees, numbess in the lumbar, depression. Men typically

the prostate and the vagina. Deep breathing

of Health, Sex, and Longevity.During orgasm,

experience fatigue, irritability, premature senility, concentration problems, loss of libido,

also distributes the prana through the body,

brain waves alter dramatically, putting a per-

paranoia, and confusion. This is partly due to loss of zinc, and also, because 20 percent

and is helpful for men to avoid the “blue balls”

son into a type of mediation, with electrical

of semen is composed of cerebrospinal fluid. He literally “fucks his brains out.”

feeling that can sometimes occur in early stag-

changes occurring through the body. Bodies

If a man retains his semen, his body grows stronger, his mind clearer, his vision and

es of learning semen retention. Ejaculation is

give off hormones, and if sex is engaged in

hearing improve, and his love for his women will grow. His testosterone levels remain

especially draining in the wintertime.

without condoms, for partners without danger

high. Having high testosterone levels and sperm count, as evidenced by thick semen,

Chinese medicine equates jing, or sexual ener-

of stds, or pregnancy, the mingling of both

gives men higher immunity and the ability to bounce back after illness. The essential

gy, with the kidney meridian, which includes

male and female, yang and yin, fluids is very

the adrenal glands, which they traditionally


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be careful who you F*****

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Mental , Spiritual and Physical Health



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Dr. Umar Johnson is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Certified School Principal, Political Scientist, Freelance Writer, Motivational/Informational Speaker and Mentor. He provides workshops/trainings/conferences centered on Black Male Retention in High School & College. He provides trainings to educators/parents on multiple topics including eliminating disruptive behavior without Medication & special education/learning disability issues. A blood relative of Frederick Douglass, the late 19th century abolitionist & orator, & founder of the National Movement to Save Black Boys (NMSBB), Dr. Umar, as he is known to friends and family, speaks regularly around the world. He is currently searching for a temporary one or two-year visiting professorship/principalship at one of America’s colleges or middle schools. He can be reached for radio/television interview and/ or lecture scheduling at or directly at or (215) 989-9858.

Remember this, Black men who have resposibilites that they can fulfill, aren’t likely to end up in jail. Happy people don’t kill others, but unhappy people couldnt care less about whose life they take” - Dr. Umar Johnson

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Featured Artist

How long have you been making music? I’ve been writing my own music since elementary, about 2004... I

What projects are you currently working on?

started recording & taking a serious route in 2009 when I signed an Independent deal with M.P.Y.R.E Music Group LLC.

I am currently working on my mixtape Training Day... It’s my 2nd solo project, my 1st as an Independent , Unsigned artist.. It will

What Inspires you to do music?

be set to drop in August.

I have music/Entertaining in my bloodline. I’ve always had a nitch to create music & write/sing my own songs... My music is my route of expression & touching other people so my main motivation is looking around & seeing how much the world needs to hear what I have to say.

Your thoughts on the current state of HipHop in san diego? and globally?

I see Hip Hop in San Diego as like a SemiPro sports league. There’s so much different types of talent here... Some of them

How do you plan on changing the game?

tries to act as if they’ve already gone Pro & others are still playin

I am going to give Hip Hop something even PAC couldn’t prepare

Hip Hop globally, Needs this 3rdLane steelo that only Me & my

it for. I plan to leave such a mark so that when it’s all over, They

brother Rockitt kan bring.

with the college kids.. ( Metaphorically speaking )

kant compare me to any JayZ, any Notorious BIG, any Tupac, any Rakim.. I plan to speak to a world thru my music & change it’s perception of thinking as a whole.

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Featured Artist

Mikey Rockitt Suspendisse ut sapien dolor veritatis idunt eu velit sodale.

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four BASIC RULES of hip-hop


Nowadays it seems that everyone and there mother call themselves a emcee, and 95% of these so-called emcees claim "there the nicest" when in reality maybe 10% of them actually have lyrics that don't make my ears bleed in disgust.

Take all criticism good or bad and do not be a bitch about it

1. 2.

If you ever seen the movie “almost famous” you know my kind the critic is known as “the enemy” to musicians because most musicians can’t handle the truth. I know that true talent doesn’t sell no more in most minds but that does not mean people aren’t gonna call you out on your wackness. modern times. With youtube, facebook, and twitter your bitch moves will be known on a global scale and wil,l effect your career heavy. Do you really think you can threaten spin rolling stones, the source, xxl and other monthly magazines for giving you a bad review. Shit like that will probably get you blacklisted in the industry but artist are all about the paper and don’t care about things in the long run which brings me to my 2nd rule.

be real in your music nowadays every rapper claims to be a hustler, every rapper claims to have millions, every rapper claims to have bedded thousand of chicks when in truth 95% of you are just putting on your best pokerfaces to hide the truth. There music videos are paid models, there chains are rented and money is fake, and the closest some of these rappers have ever got to “the trap” is re-runs of the wire on hb0. When the truth is revealed on how fake you actually are a huge blow will come to your rep and respect. Yea in some cases this is not true, take rick-ross for example he was found out to be the one arresting the trappers instead of being one and still has a fanbase, but he has switched his style up a little bit, and has lost all respect when it comes to truthfulness. The more you stay true to your self in your lyrics the better you will be. And if you do wanna rap about sex, drugs, and gangsterism and havent lived it become a story teller. Create movies with your pen, legends like tupac, slick rcik , and scarface have made a career off this tactic. Write about what you see write a story from a 2nd person point of view of the gritty street life. Make sure you use vivid details describing what your spitting, make it cinematic so people can visualize what they here instead of just hearing the same shit over and over again.

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read a dictionary and thesaurus


Some underground cats even need do this simplicity when it comes to rhymes is a problem overall in hip-hop. emcees spitting one syllabal words that anyone can use witch ends up with people thinking that your a biter. Theres only so many ways you can rhyme dance, hustler, in im fuck you, so eventually someone gunna spit the same bar you have by mistake. Spend a half hour or so looking at a dictionary finding new words, or if you plan on rapping about sex, n drugs get a thesaurus and find another way to say what you wanna do. Being intelligent will help you



This is important there alot of rappers out there who just rap for a paycheck and dont enjoy what they do. You need to put your heart into what you do. You need to treat your next mixtape like you would treat your child with tender love and care. You woulnt wanna set up your kid for failure why would you wanna do that with your music. You wouldnt beat your kid, so why would you put trashy un-polished lyrics into your musi, its bruising your ego. If you put your heart into your rhyme put down the mic

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