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Fishing Vessel Sue Ellen BM 211

Safety Training Manual

North Devon Trawlers ltd

The Emergency Liferaft is located on the wheelhouse roof in a cradle

The liferaft will launch automatically when the Hydrostatic release if submerged or can be released manually as diagram shows below

MOB Equipment Please familiarize yourself with equipment and aids available which can help to get a casualty back aboard; options available can be discussed in monthly drills. Portable boarding ladder this is located on the starboard rail

Equipment located on wheel house roof

There are 2 EPIRBS on the Sue Ellen; a manually activated EPIRB in the wheel house and a automaticlly released EPIRB on the wheelhouse roof

An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) is used to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency. It does this by transmitting a coded message on 406mhz distress frequency via satellite and earth stations to the nearest rescue co-ordination centre

Safety equipment located in locker and under bench seat in the accommodation

Thermal Protective Aid is designed to protect survivors from hypothermia during prolonged exposure in liferafts and rescue boats

Distress Flares are predominantly used as a way to signal for help, flares can also be used to warn other boats about your position as to avoid potential collisions.

VHF DSC radio station is located on the bridge of Sue Ellen

CALL SIGN: MEBM7 - MMSI: 235096403

Sue Ellen has a VHF radio set which incorporates DSC calling capability. By activating the Red Distress Button this will automatically send a distress call to all DSC equipped boats and shore stations. The call includes Dylan Ben’s identity, position and nature of distress. Sue Ellen has a comprehensive range of navigation and safety equipment

The alarm panel located in the wheel house is linked up to bilge alarms in every compartment which will be activated with high levels of water. The alarm panel is also linked up to a heat/smoke detection unit in the engine room.

Sue Ellen’s Fire Safety Equipment Sue Ellen has a comprehensive range of safety equipment in case of an outbreak of fire. In the galley is a fire blanket above the cooker, plus in the wheel house there is a smoke alarm and a dry powder extinguisher. The use of this equipment will be incorporated into the monthly drills. Engine Room Bulkhead

Galley - Above Cooker

Saucepan restraints on cooker to help prevent cooking appliances moving and causing a possible fire.

Wheel house

Heat and smoke detectors are located on deck head in the engine room which will activate an alarm on the helm panel in the wheel house.

Other Safety Equipment aboard Sue Ellen Located in the wheel house are the lifejackets for all the crew they are of a slim line design so as to not restrict the movement and operations of the crew carrying out their normal duties. Fuel tank valve shut off pull cords

Vent to shut off air flow to engine room

Hand pump is located on port side of wheel house; this can be used in case of failure of main bilge pump system.

Emergency stop button located at the aft end of the engine to be used in the case of an emergency.

Sue Ellen emergency escsape hatches; please familiarise yourself with exits in case an emergency procedure arises and quick action is needed.

Escape hatch in the accommodation leads up to the bow of the boat

Sue Ellen doors and hatches

Engine room door and deck hatches should be kept shut at all times when at sea.

Fish room hatch is to be closed and latched at all times when at sea, as any ingress of water into such a large hold could seriously affect the stability of the vessel.

Potential danger areas to be aware of on Sue Ellen

The trawl winch has protective guards to reduce risks; but is potentially a dangerous piece of machinery. Keep well clear once hauling is in operations and is only to be operated by fully trained crewmen.

Engine Room

Only fully competent crew should enter the engine room as there are potential dangers. The skipper should be notified when someone enters the engine room.

Net Drum

Be aware of where you are standing as heavy lifting operations will take place above head height. Trawl nets will be lifted as well as bags of fish.

Se safety training folder  

Crew health and safety training manual

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