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Was it the shoes?

NBA’s greatest moments by the NBA’s greatest player of all time.


Michael Jordan’s extrodinary basketball career has been highlighted by numerous signicant moments like his NBA championship in 1991, playing with the flu, or hitting “The Shot” in Utah to name a few. Take a look at at few of my favorite moments and the shoes he wore while acheving these feats.

Michael Jordan switches hand (Air Jordan 6)

It was June 3rd, 1990, and the Bulls finally knocked off the Detroit Pistons to earn a trip to the NBA

Finals to play the LA Lakers. In that Game 2 of the series and the Bulls were winning big. Jordan could have rested but refused because he wanted to put the dagger in the Lakers. And this is how he did his teammate drove into the paint, waiting for him was 3 Lakers players, so instead of putting it up he passed it to Jordan who was in front of the free throw line. MJ caught it and took three dribbles then he lept with the ball in his right hand, still in the air switched to the left and banked it in for two points . All while wearing the Jordan 7 of course. The shoe has a tab in the back to protect his Achilles and this the first shoe that he won his first NBA championship in. (Beat Lakers 4-1)

MJ and the shrug (Air Jordan 7)

Fresh off of winning his first championship, the Bulls came into the 1991-92 season as the favorites to repeat. They did exactly that with a 67-15 record and crushing the Pistons and Knicks in the playoffs along the way. They had a matchup with another upstart team out west, the Portland Trailblazers. The finals started in Chicago and Game 1 set the tone on how the serires would go. Down early afetr the first quater, Bulls fans were anticipating when Mike willtake over the game. And take over the game he did, Jordan finished the 1st half with NBA Finals record35 points including 6 pointers to put the Bulls up 17 points. After legendary annnoucer Marv Albert yelled his signature “YES’ phrase, Jordan looked towards the announcer’s table not knowing how the 3’s were going in. Later he said “They all felt like free throws man”. The Bulls went on two win the series and another NBA chamiponship The Air Jordan 7 featured many first like no “Nike Air” was not shown, NIKE hurache was put in pace so that the sole will have grip when playing basketball, and and visible air sole was gone ( clear bubble)

Mike’s Gamewinner at the 2003 All-Star game (Almost) (Air Jordan 18

Michael Jordan would play in his final all-star game of his career in 2003. Already loaded with guys that wanted the ball and show-off like Tracy McGrady and AllenIverson on team, they put that aside and let the legend take as many shots he wanted too. MJ took advantage of that by shooting 27 shots to the tune of 20 points. But none was sweeter than his last one. With the game tied at 125 Jason Kidd passed it to Jordan to seal the game. Jordan one on one with Shawn Marion Jordan looked to drive but held up, crossed over, and stepped back and shoot over a flying Marion. The ball made a rainbow and swished it in as the Philips Arena in Atlanta,Georgia erupted to cheers. Jordan almost rode out into the sunset, but Jermaine O’Neal fouled Kobe Bryant shooting a three on the other end and Bryant sank all three free throws to give the West a one point victory. The Air Jordan 18 was inspired by Mike’s passion for motorcycles, leather jackets, and F1 cars.


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