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Do your parents love you? before

you say “yes”, consider this. A mother bird knows that at some point she must push her children out of the nest to either fly or fall to their deaths. Now would your parents do this for you? The answer most frequently is “no”. Without action you may as well get used to living in your comfortable prison. The necessary action in this situation is obvious you must rid yourself of your parents so you will be able to fly. Do it quickly, there is no need for either of you to suffer any prelonged agony.

The next step for your personal journey is to destroy yourself. Before you protest telling yourself, “I know what is best for myself, I know how to live my life.” Think of this, Is there ever a voice inside your head telling you your not good enough? What about people with additictions? These people would tell you they know what they want to do with themselves. Is this a healthy way to be? Is it enjoyable feeling as though what you are and how you are aren’t good enough? These are the reasons to end your life. Postponing this step of the journey will only make it harder to do the deed. You’ll begin to get

used to the voices and start to think that they are right. Eventually, you won’t even be able to tell your true voice from the false one. Find a way to kill yourself. There are many ways, and all work the same way. An end to your stagnant existence. When you are finally free from your previous life you may find yourself lost for some time. Don’t despair, the most beautiful flowers take the longest to bloom. You will find your new life and you will begin to grow again.

Step into a new life free from the constrictions caused by stagnant living. Without the pressure from family and from yourself to “be someone” you will finally lead a pure life being truly and solely you. This is the only process which will guarantee a life lived in accordance with the divine will of our lord. Step through that door and leave everything behind.


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