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the seasonal journey of the workout warrior

rabbit x beast

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PROBLEM define the journey of a male 22 year old athletic trainer consumer within the months of january, february and march.


to understand h.i.i.t., we conducted in-person interviews, visited crossfit gyms, passed out surveys and spent a large amount of time analyzing the insights we received. by the end of it, we collected: 29 survey responses 8 interviews 2 gyms visits 5 all-nighters


a form of strength training that focuses on performing quality weight training repetitions to the point of momentary muscular failure.

what are the elements of



time / your workout won’t take more than 1 hour. get in. do work. get out. motion / you’re always moving. whether it’s in your set or on the path to your next workout, waiting isn’t an option. lifestyle / your training doesn’t stop just because you left the box or gym. push ups don’t need a room. it’s ingrained in everything you do.


alex black / 21 / salem, “after the workout i was hour, drenched in my own rigorous strain on them, cardio work.”

here are four crossfit athletes we interviewed. not all of them fall within our target demographic, but it gave us a deeper insight into our workout warrior.


barak albedaiwi

or on my back for what felt like an sweat, muscles pulsating from the and mouth completely dry from the

/ 23 / kuwait City

“i am in the car right now going to kent, washington to go see the nw crossfit regionals and cheer on our team and individual athletes that are competing.” ryan penne

/ 21 / los angeles, ca

“when i was leaving the military i got my CF level 1 certificate and knew that if i could find a good gym in eugene, i could meet friends quickly.” rodger deevers / 45 / eugene, or “when you’re in a class and everyone is working hard, it kinda drives you to that next level.”

MEET NICK. nick ahrens / 23 hometown / oakland, ca a native californian on a pit-stop in oregon, nick started crossfit in high school. his father and brother both do it so he couldn’t pass up that challenge. sports have always been a part of his life so crossfit became the perfect fit. he’s got a lot on his plate, but never enough to keep him from the box.


HE IS THE WORKOUT WARRIOR. he doesn’t do it for that summer “beach bod.” summer only comes once a year. he sweats victory and pain is his best friend. working out isn’t a part of his day. it is his day. his alarm says 5 AM, but he’s up by 4. because being lazy means giving up, and that’s simply not an option. you call it a gym. he calls it here and now. he is what you strive to be. An image of hard work and glory. he is the workout warrior.

NICK’S JOURNEY so what is nick up to in the first three months of the year? he will have just registered for the cross fit open games and is prepping to compete. he’s pushing his mind and body every day to the limit. there’s no such thing as an off day anymore.




nick was presented a calendar with every major event and holiday in our three months and told to make notes about what stood out to him. the results showed that nick was naturally drawn to nationally televised competitions. when asked why he marked the australian open, he said: “i don’t know tennis very well, but i enjoy watching important competitions.”


crossfit open games

since 2011, registration for the crossfit open games has increased eightfold. holding two consecutive years with an increase of over 100%, the open games are reaching a booming phase in participation.


when nick marked up our calendars of the three months, he began only focusing on the open games wods in march. before he showed interest and investment in televised competitions, but in march his main focus were the open games events.

2014 204,000

2013 138,000 2014 204,000

2012 35,000

2012 55,000 2013 138,000

2011 26,000

2012 55,000

2013 74,000 2012 35,000

cross fit open games male registration 109% INCREASE

COMPETITION FUELS INTENSITY it’s contagious. whether it’s going into the box and working his ass off or watching others do the same, competition is making him hungry. 19

our insights with nick led us to find that competition was the most impelling aspect in regards to what interested him. competitive events, whether he’s in them or watching, motivate nick. “i’m watching the crossfit regionals in my kitchen on my computer screen, but i’m tensing up and getting excited because i know how bad that hurts to do that many burpees and go do a mile run and then go do dead lifts.” -nick ahrens

just because you became a beast today doesn’t mean he’ll be there tomorrow. you gotta get up, sweat and forget that mindset of, “i’m done.” being done just means you quit. tomorrow is a new day. a time to fight the beast because he won’t wait. he’ll just leave your ass in dust. be swift. be savage. pain is temporary but success is what lasts. feed the beast. 21

our workout warrior must embody this hunger for competition.


the beast is intensity. intensity can’t be classified by a number. it’s not how much you can do, it’s how hard you’re willing to push yourself. the only person you compare yourself to is standing in the mirror. do work. “we train to be good at everything. not great at one single thing. if you are, you won’t last.” -nick ahrens




the rabbit is your brother. your sister. the guy next to you whose sweat fuels your drive. as hard as you try, you’ll never catch him. he’s one rep ahead two steps faster. you fight. muscles straining, on the brink of exhaustion. your lungs burning, demanding air, but you say, “not yet.” you haven’t reached the rabbit. the only reason you stop is because the bell rang. leaning over, air finally coming back to you, your rabbit looks at you.

“you were my rabbit” was a direct quote from our muse, nick ahrens. it inspired the idea behind the rabbit theory because it showcased h.i.i.t.’s strong sense of community. the one person you’re looking up to during your workout - the one who pushes you to keep fighting - has his own rabbit. guess what? it’s you. when you start your workout, you are someone’s motivation.

“YOU WERE MY RABBIT” -nick ahrens


h.i.i.t. workouts have one thing in common. the mindset is all the same. P90X / you’re working your ass off with shawn t. he’s pushing you further than you ever thought you could go – or ever wanted to admit you could.


mma / you train for months for that big fight. when you get in the ring you’re not only fighting your opponent, you’re fighting yourself to stay on your feet.

P90X / shawnt & tv

mma / fighting together crossfit / the box

crossfit / you enter the box with your peers ready to do work. that guy next to you is killing it today. he’s beating every pr he has set. challenge accepted.

JANUARY FEBRUARY & MARCH are the beginning.


according to business street online, out of 2,309 adults aged 18+, 80% dropped their fitness-oriented new years resolutions within five months.

a new year marks the beginning of new goals. new resolutions. the most popular resolution made in the u.s. is to lose weight. - 33

4% quit in january 14% quit in february january, february and march are a time filled with new goals, but most people don’t stick to them because of a lack of motivation. these three months mark the “before the burnout” phase. this phase marks the beginning of a mindset. one defined by success, but ingrained with work. how do you prepare for preparation? by choosing to. it’s go time.

BEFORE THE BURNOUT entry point: nike becomes a part of this community and builds brand loyalty with this new generation


nike now has the opportunity to become the rabbit for this new generation of athletes. by entering this market with the intention of supporting these athletes and becoming a part of their community, not only will less people burnout, but nike builds brand loyalty with an annual stream of next generation athletes*.

executions by having the beast and rabbit live in major public transportation hubs, cities become their playground. people are reminded that just because they’re not in the gym or box, their training hasn’t stopped. they are embarking on their journey as a workout warrior. the beast and rabbit become the faces of h.i.i.t. they live in everything you do. they’re not just a part of life. they are your life.


the beast will be placed in public transportation stations as reminder that just because you beat him today, he’ll be there again tomorrow. the rabbit will be placed on public transportation busses and cabs so that you always have something to chase. catch one if you can.

i am the one whose drive fuels your goals. the rabbit in a field of beasts. when I look in a mirror i’m not looking to check myself out. i’m looking to see how much harder i have to push it. when that clock resets, it’s game time. a competition with two sides: those who want it and those who really want it. i’m a part of a something that starts hours before the sun comes up and ends well after it goes back down. something that isn’t constricted by a room or a ring. it breaths deep in everything i do. i am a warrior. a fighter of the beast and chaser of the rabbit, and this is my journey.



thank you. meet the fam

NICK BYNUM. “i’m going to invest in a chalk company 21/ houston, tx strategy + copywriting

CHRISTINA LANDREVILLE. “expecting to do the last thing i’d expect.” 21/ singapore strategy + research

MEGAN MCKINNON. “i promise i’m not yawning.” 21/ sacramento, ca strategy + research

DELANEY PRATT. “intesnsity is using gobold bold.” 21/ bellingham, wa art direcion + design + production

CHRISTOPHER RUH. “i can do the ring things.” 22/ fresno, ca production directon

Rabbit x Beast  

The seasonal pulse of a HIIT workout warrior in the months January, February and March