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Lead Associate

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to list your home! We believe the key to any successful business relationship is good communication. Therefore, our team will do the best to keep you constantly informed through the entire home-selling process. We will guide you through every aspect from the day your home goes on the market to the day it closes. As your Listing Agents, we personally keep abreast of all the activity on your property and will navigate the best possible sales price when you receive an offer. Selling your home should be an exciting experience! Our goal is to make the process as worry-free as possible. By listing with us, you can have peace of mind knowing a team of seasoned professionals with proven track records are dedicated to looking after your best interest. We want you as a client, but even more so, we you want you as a client “for life!”

Marjorie Ornelas Nick Kline

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Ornelas+Kline | Defined Marjorie Ornelas

Nick Kline

Lead Associate

Lead Associate

Marjorie began her real estate career following an illustrious career in advertising and marketing. As the CEO of her company, Marjorie lead a team of over 80 advertising professionals to represent major Fortune 500 companies like Frito Lay, Dr. Pepper, J.C. Penny, and NASCAR to name a few. After selling her firm, she decided to obtain her real estate license in California. Soon after she and her husband moved back to Dallas where they raised their children. She has exclusively assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers obtain their dream of home ownership.

Nick began his real estate career immediately following his graduation from Southern Methodist University and began working for a national residential mortgage lender in their management trainee program. He went on to successfully fund over $75 million worth of residential loans in only 3 years. Utilizing his management and lending background Nick founded a commercial lending company which still exists today. He then decided to obtain his real estate license. He has since exclusively represented hundreds of buyers and sellers in their real Marjorie, a Native to California, has lived most of estate needs. her life in Dallas. Having raised 4 children there and now Although Nick is from an Air Force family and 3 grandchildren in the area - Dallas is home. has lived all over the world, for the past 18 years he has She enjoys traveling, reading, concerts, fine dining, called Dallas home. her grand babies and all the fun in life that she and her During his free time Nick enjoys traveling, skiing, husband can seek out! She lives in Uptown Dallas with her kayaking, fly fishing, spending time at the lake, concerts, husband and you can frequently see them in the neigh- movies and dining with friends and family. He lives in borhood. Uptown Dallas with his dog Buddy.

Keller Williams Area Top Producing Group for Listings Taken

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Keller Williams Area Top Producing Group for Listings Sold Keller Williams Area Top Producing Group for Buyers Sold 

Keller Williams Area Spirit Award

Nick is also a Board of Director for the local real estate association and the Chairman of the Board for the North Texas Young Professionals Network

Ornelas+Kline | Marketing Services Listing with the best means you will receive expert advice, personal service & maximum marketing exposure! Maximize Your Profit 

Prepare an in-depth comparative market analysis of comparable sold properties to help determine the value of your property to generate the maximum interest and earn you the maximum profit

Market to target groups

Expert Advice 

Offer suggestions to enhance your property in order to receive top dollar

Feedback will be given after showings

Once a month you will be sent a comprehensive report regarding all activity on the property

Special Advertising* 

Professional Photography and virtual tours

Just Listed Postcards are high gloss, full color & mailed to target markets

Professional full color brochures placed in the home

Features on multiple websites

Feature home on major syndicate websites like

Magazines including Dapper Magazine, Luxury by Keller Williams Magazine, D Magazine, Great Properties, and Dallas Modern Luxury

Press releases in the Dallas Morning News

Special advertising in Peoples Newspapers, Dallas Morning News, The Observer and much more!

Builder and Agent Special Events held at the house

Open House Opportunities available by request

*Listing your property with Ornelas + Kline Group does not guarantee that your property will be advertised in all of the above manners. These are listed as advertising opportunities frequently used by Ornelas + Kline Group. Many more advertising opportunities not listed are also utilized.

Ornelas+Kline | Marketing Examples Internet Ornelas + Kline Group markets your listing to 400+ search websites via the internet which syndicates to over 75,000 different websties. Sties include, Truilia, Google Homes,, and other syndicate sites. The Ornelas + Kline Group also aggressively markets your listing via social networks such as Facebook, FaceBook Places, FourSquare, Twitter and others.

Just Listed Postcards Beautiful, high quality postcards are sent out shortly after listing your home with the Ornelas + Kline Group. The postcards are high gloss, full-color and mailed to target markets in your area.

Brochures High gloss, full-color brochures are customized for your property using professional photography and detailed descriptions. They are for potential buyers and agents to take home after viewing the property.

Ornelas+Kline | Marketing Examples Advertising Opportunities Ornelas + Kline Group markets your homes in high quality publications such as Dapper Magazine, Great Properties, Dallas Modern Luxury , D Magazine, and Luxury Homes by Keller Williams - when appropriate - free of charge!

Newspapers & Press Releases Your property is advertised when deemed appropriate in the Dallas Morning News in addition to special opportunities in other publications such as the People Newspapers and the Dallas Observer. The Ornelas+Kline Group also submits full articles on properties in The Dallas Morning News.

Email Blasts Your property will be email blasted to all of the Real Estate Agents that have sold a property within a 10 mile radius of your property. Additionally your home will be shared with our extensive database of 8,000+ Real Estate Professionals and our Network of Potential Buyers.

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Keller Williams Realty is the largest Real Estate Company in the Unites States

Keller Williams Realty Inc. is the largest real estate franchise company in the United States, with approximately 700 offices and 80,000 associates around the world.

Keller Williams is the DFW Market Share Leader



Details. Getting your home sparkling clean and clutter free requires little more than elbow grease. After clearing away clutter, polish the hardwoods, clean the countertops, and dust the light fixtures. You can make a stainless steel sink shine with thrifty cleaning remedies such as baby oil or club soda.

Tips: Box It Up

Finishing Touches. The reality today is there are several choices of homes for buyers to choose from. Right now buyers want the very best condition - if they think it shines and sparkles they believe its well cared for. Homes that are selling and that are netting sellers the most amount of dollars are staged beautifully, and appeal to them while beating out the competition. The next few pages are suggestions the Ornelas+Kline Group has to get your home in it’s top selling condition. Our team will also meet with you one-on-on to help discover the best ways to showcase your property and beat the competition!

7 Ways to Create a Cohesive Style Small updates will have a more dramatic impact if home owners are careful to keep the styles consistent and find ways to draw out the home’s best features. Here are some tips from experts on how to make small improvements pay off.

Most people pack up after they sell the house, but why wait? You should start packing as early as possible ideally before the home is put on the market. Show off the laundry space. Buyers will be impressed if the laundry room is fresh, inviting, and organized. Make sure light bulbs are working, and hide soaps in a cupboard or line them neatly on a shelf. Focus buyers attention. Pick a focal point for each room. For example, the focal point of a bedroom is usually the bed, and for a music room, a piano. If a room is mostly empty you can help draw attention to a corner with a plant or mirror.

1. Concentrate on Big Impact Rooms.

3. C o n s u l t Expert. Be selective about what you do. Kitchens and bathrooms still usually offer the most bang for your buck.

2. Go Neutral. Don’t introduce too much color to the “bones” of the home. You don’t want buyers to see too much bold color on cabinets and walls and say, “I have nothing to go with red.” Buyers will have a tough time seeing past it. Stay neutral with walls, cabinets, and fixtures. Bring in pops of colors through accessories.


A professional stager or remodeler can work with your budget and pinpoint where best to spend your dollars. Ask us for a list of contractors, interior decorators and professional stagers.




Hardwoods are on most buyers’ wish lists (red oak being the most popular. Hardwood flooring averages about $5 to $15 sq/ft, plus about $2 to $8 sq/ft for installation, so it’ll be pricier than vinyl, carpet, or other options. But it can make a huge difference. You may find less expensive hardwoods by going directly to installers who buy their inventory wholesale. If it’s a small area, the upgrade won’t be as expensive. To imitate the look for less, try vinyl or Bamboo flooring, a sustainable resource that resembles wood but averages $4 to $6 sq/ft.

A few gallons of paint can go a long way in making a home more chic - and the cost can’t be beat. Covering a 12-by-12 room with two coats will cost you about $50 to $100. A home’s interior painted in a pale yellow, light green, or beige, gives buyers an idea of what they can do with a space. Reserve darker or trendier colors for accent walls or to highlight details such as a fireplace or an arched doorway. Common color picks for accent walls are dark red, green (not lime), or a stone gray. Or instead of introducing a new color, use the paint in the rest of the room as a guide, choosing a color that’s three shades darker.


New lighting fixtures are a quick way to create ambiance. Just avoid brass lighting fixtures which had their hay day in the 1980s. More contemporary choices are brushed nickel and chrome finishes. Also rust and oil-rubbed bronze are becoming more popular. Use lighting to highlight special features - pendant lights to show off that kitchen island or sconces to illuminate a foyer. Under cabinet lighting in the kitchen is affordable and makes countertops sparkle. Fluorescent light strips tend to be more affordable and easier to install than puck lights.

Call the experts.


Dirty, worn carpet will benefit from professional cleaning. Refinish it for cheap.

Go natural. Open those blinds and wipe down the windows.

Almost any beaten-up hardwood can be salvaged with refinishing, about $340 to $900 for a 15-by-15 room. Call a professional tile company to freshen up ceramic tile grout - or, for do it yourselfers, hardware stores sell grout paint.

Save on energy costs.

Add a layer on top or bottom.

Don’t forget the garage, storage rooms, and other areas.

Use an area rug, even over carpets. It’ll add a splash of color, and bring definition to living areas. If you’re adding inexpensive carpeting, consider upgrading the carpet pad.

4. Know When Inexpensive Won’t Work Certain projects simply can’t be done cheaply, especially in higher-end homes. Replacing the vanity with an off-the shelf product from a big box store sometimes isn’t going to cut it. Most buyers will be able to tell and won’t see the value of it, so you’re better off cleaning what’s there and having it appear its best.

Compact fluorescent bulbs remain the go-to choices. Early CFLs didn’t always deliver on light quality, but they now come in warm, neutral and cool colors.

While natural-lighting flow often can’t be altered, adding lights will create a sense of open airy space on a par with the rest of the house. Paint walls an opaque color so natural light will appear brighter.

Tips: Shine with sheen. Flat or matte finish is difficult to clean and shows scuffs. Increasing the sheen can brighten rooms. Eggshell or satin bounces light off the walls to make them seem larger. Semi-gloss, higher on the sheen level, is a good for kitchens and bathrooms since it’s easy to clean. Gloss, the shiniest, is best for big “statement” areas like the front door. Create monochromatic harmony. Use different variations of the same color throughout the home. Choose a color card which has about 3 to 4 hues on it, and use two or more colors from the single card. Use the lighter colors in the living areas and darker colors on the rooms that branch out like bedrooms.

5. Find Inspirations. For design ideas grab a catalogue from Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, or WilliamsSanoma. Anything you see in there is fairly consistent with what the average buyer is looking for.

6. Plan Your Budget Even small projects can carry a premium if a contractor is needed. For labor savings, group several projects in a full day’s work rather than hiring a handyman or contractor for separate hourly jobs.

7. Complement the Architect. If your home is a 2 story colonial home, avoid overly contemporary updates. Likewise if the exterior is modern, stay away from traditional styles like dark woods and classic lighting fixtures.

10 Simple Staging De-Clutter. De-Clutter. DeClutter. It’s the mantra of staging companies and it’s great advice for any seller. Remove as much as you can from as many rooms as you can. Take photos of your home and look at it objectively. Then, take a box and start removing items to reveal its bones. After you’ve gone through the house once, do it again, this time paying special attention to living areas. Added bonus: be sure to pack up superfluous items in moving-ready boxes to get a head start on moving.

Put it in neutral. All of those great snapshots of the family vacation, the little messages of love on the fridge, even your collections of religious or political items they all need to be packed up. It’s not that your photos and collections are inappropriate, but they can be distracting and make potential buyers feel as though theya are kicking you out; family photos make buyers feel like they are invading someone’s treasured home and they don’t want to force someone out of the home. Don’t take it too far though as the home should also be warm and inviting but also that it could belong to anyone.

Define spaces. If it’s a formal dining room, make it that and not an office or a toy room. Buyers don’t want to see how you manage the space; they are looking for clearly defined rooms and areas that meet their needs.

First impressions matter. The front of your house is the first welcome and maximizing your curb appeal is a must. De-clutter starts in the front yard. Remove weeds, trim hedges, and open up the doorways to make the home more inviting. Seasonal color in the form of flowers or

ornamental plants are great attentiongetters. Trees and shrubs should be clipped and neat - do not let them overgrow windows or entryways. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint if it needs one, clean light fixtures; make sure the mailbox and house number are in good repair.

Spacious living rooms sell. Create space in your living area by removing excess furniture and personal accessories. Make the room warm and inviting, and use colors that appeal to the majority of buyers. We recommend earth tones. It’s also a good idea to make any interesting design element (a striking fireplace or great view) the focal point of the room by rearranging furniture and lighting to draw the eyes towards it.

When it comes to kitchens, be a minimalist. And a clean, minimalist at that. This is one of the most important rooms to potential buyers, so it needs to be perfect. First and foremost? Remove as much as you can from counters. Store coffee makers, toasters, and other small appliances, and leave only the essential items in view. The same goes for cabinets and pantries. People crave space - especially in the kitchen - so create as much as you can. Don’t forget to remove everything off the fridge door, and clean it out while you're over there.

A clean bathroom is critical. Every room needs to be clean but the bathroom must be spotless. The toilet, shower, and tub should be sanitized and sparkling. All tile, faucets, and mirrors should shine. Once its clean, you’ll want to remove as many personal items from the room as possible. We recommend caddies for personal items in the bathroom, so you can move them out of sight after you use them in the

Tips morning. It’s also a good idea to keep all medications and any additional personal bathroom items in an easy-to -remove bag. People need to look in the cabinets and under sinks, so remove any item that you don’t use often, and get rid of anything that you wouldn’t want others to see. Finally, add matching fresh towels and decorative soaps to bring it all together.

The master suite should be an oasis. People go to their suites to escape so it’s essential that yours be appealing to buyers. All the same rules apply to this bathroom, too. In the bedroom, de-clutter by removing excess furniture - the room needs to look as large as possible. A beautiful bed with great linens will always make for a good impression in a master bedroom. Many people make their bedrooms too personal to show, so be sure to remove photos, heirlooms and collections. And don’t forget to make the bed!

Clean it out! Create closet space. Nowhere is de-cluttering more important than in the closet. Pick up everything on the floor and clear off as many of the shelves as possible. Overflowing closets are a huge problem. They should be tow-thirds full - put things in containers if you can. Extra room makes buyers feel as though their stuff will fit.

The patio is an outdoor room. People forget that the patio is another room and an extension of the home. Be sure to keep toys away form the view and remove dead plants. When buyers look through the window, the are bringing the outside in.

Look at your home from the outside      

A well maintained lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and clean walkways always make a good first impression Repair or replace damaged screens, glass panes and door hardware Remove driveway stains and eliminate exterior clutter or distracting décor Free gutters of debris and replace missing shingles Place flower or potted plants by front door Be sure the doorbell works

Invest in Paint   

Paint improves a room and makes it clean and appealing Use white or neutral tones that are soothing Polish woodwork and paneling throughout

Let Sunshine In    

Open curtains, shades or drapes on nice days Add sparkle to windows by washing inside and out Turn on lamps or accent lighting Replace missing light bulbs

Fix Minor Flaws    

Make sure windows and doors open and close easily Address plumbing problems and present these facilities in working order Check doorknobs, drawers and glass doors for ease of operation; lubricate and adjust as needed clean rust and soiled spots

Decorative Kitchens Sell a Home      

Clear counters of appliance and make space in cabinets Clean cabinets inside and out Check and clean appliances, floors and walls Add green plants or bowls of fruit Creat a comfortable atmosphere with colorful curtains, cup towels and place mats Empty trash baskets

Blend Color & Convenience in Bathrooms        

Remove clutter from vanities and cabinets Scrub sinks, tub and shower; polish mirrors and chrome clean floors and walls Deodorize area Repair tiles and recaulk if needed Put out nice towels Add scented soaps or candles Empty trash

An Idea List to Show & Sell Your Home Living and Dining Area Reveal Interests       

Arrange furniture to create an open effect Straighten bookshelves Clean carpets Polish furniture and hardwood floors Put logs in fireplace Add magazines, books and flowers to coffee table and discard excess papers Place a centerpiece on the dining room table

Family Rooms for Relaxation      

Store games and sport equipment or arrange them in attractive containers Eliminate clutter Turn off all entertainment units and play soft music Place easy chairs and sofas in conversational group Showcase books and magazines; aesthetics are more important than functionality Deodorize pet areas

Bedrooms Must Invite Rest & Peace      

Avoid a crowded look Remove excess furniture and personal items Attractive, colorful bed linens are important Arrange books or plants on night stand Place decorative pillows and shams on beds Keep room light and bright

Value Goes From Top to Bottom      

Permit clients to see the value of your property from the attic to the garage Remove junk, cartons and unnecessary artifacts Straighten, box and store cartons neatly Organize workbenches Lighten dark spaces with paint or additional lights Provide adequate lighting for stairs

Finally    

Set household thermostat at a comfortable level before leaving Make a final check of every room and it time permits, do a quick once over straightening and light dusting Turn on accent lighting Put your pet(s) in a secured area, preferably in yard

Ornelas+Kline PreListing Information  
Ornelas+Kline PreListing Information  

The Ornelas+Kline Group, a Dallas area major real estate team, showcases their prelisting information.