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AmericAn DemolitioN MAGAZINE MEDIA PACK 2019/20

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AMERICAN DemolitioN MAGAZINE Europe’s leading and most widely-read magazine is coming to North America. With a seven year history, Demolition magazine is the all encompassing publication dedicated to the British, European and world demolition industry, with our ever increasing reach specifically into North America American Demolition magazine was a natural progression written by professional industry journalists from both sides of the Atlantic. In short, Demolition magazine’s expertise is finally making its way across the pond!

Our Readers

American Demolition magazine is sent to CEOs and key influencers in the business, American Demolition magazine is available to all. The magazine is widely available via the website, the ISSUU online platform, Twitter and Facebook.

Our magazine has a 50-state reach and an audience of more than 50,000 per issue. American Demolition magazine is free to download and/or embed, allowing contractors, equipment manufacturers and product and service suppliers to circulate it freely among their clients, colleagues and friends. So, if you would like to speak to the whole American Demolition industry and not just part of it, American Demolition magazine is your perfect medium.



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Our Editorial Policy

American Demolition Magazine is designed to inform and entertain. From its striking front cover to the depth and detail of its content, the magazine is designed to be the coffee table publication of choice for the industry professional. The content is focused exclusively on the issues facing the modern demolition contractor, the equipment they use and the legislation impacting on their daily business lives. That’s why you’ll find no meeting reports, no details of charity fundraising initiatives and no restrictions on which companies can and can’t appear within our pages. We cover all methods and techniques within the demolition industry and we follow the process from soft strip to materials recycling and beyond. Our coverage of new equipment is without equal and is often backed by exclusive video content. And should our readers grow weary of demolition, we regularly ring the changes by featuring associated but less mainstream content such as cars and clothing.


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SALES 17.6%


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American Demolition Magazine Media Pack 2019-2020  

American Demolition Magazine is now established as the go to destination for all American demolition news, views and video. If it’s happenin...

American Demolition Magazine Media Pack 2019-2020  

American Demolition Magazine is now established as the go to destination for all American demolition news, views and video. If it’s happenin...