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shadow casting

Design problem

Site Assessment

The site where we will be hypothetically placing our site identifier is located on the east side of the school. As it stands now, it is mostly comprised of a stone path with some squares that are actually lights, a small stone retaining wall located on the left side of the entrance (when facing the entrance) that contains some trees and some landscaping behind it, with some green space surrounding. The path leads to the center “quad� of the school, which is open green space. Overall, it is uneventful and unmemorable. We are here to pretend-change that. You are welcome.

view from on campus facing east

view from across the street facing west


Here are the nuggets of gold, sparks of light, feathers in the hat we found scattered across the interwebs that provided inspiration when sketching out our designs and figuring up concepts. We really drew inspiration from artwork that utilized shadows. Placing something as such in an outdoor environment, the shadows would be constantly growing and changing with the angle of the sun. This could be symbolic of artistic growth and change.


prog ress




design Process

8 ft.

15 ft.

Nightime view

Designed by Jodi Brewer and Nick Howland for the Visual Communcation 1 Class at the Kansas City Art Institute, taught by Michael Kidwell.

Viscom-1-Environmental Design Book  

This is a book we put together for our viscom assignment which involved environmental design.