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Nick Heywood-Smith completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in November 1998 at the age of 21. Since completing his degree he has worked in a variety of health care settings around the world including five different countries. His work overseas has included working for the National Health Service (NHS) throughout Great Britain in both inpatient and outpatient settings; owning and operating a private massage and rehabilitation business in Kitzbuhel,







consultancy physiotherapy work in public and private facilities in Vancouver and Banff, Canada, and private physiotherapy services provided to Ed Homer, a double below knee amputee, during a summit attempt of Mt Everest in 2001 in Tibet. Following five years overseas, Nick and his wife Nikki started Wellness & Lifestyles Australia from the 2nd bedroom of a unit they were living in in Glenelg North. It began with a single physiotherapist (Nick) providing mobile allied health services to aged care facilities and a part-time marketing consultant (Nikki). It has now grown to a company with over 160 therapists and staff with the full scope of allied health services including physiotherapy, podiatry, speech pathology, occupational therapy, dietetics, and educational training. W&L is a market leader in the provision of mobile allied health services to facilities in throughout Australia and service over 13,000 aged care beds. Its current clients consist of aged care facilities, the intellectually and physically disabled, community health services, day therapy centres, home care package providers, public and regional hospitals and private clients in their homes. It is W&L’s vision to become the benchmark for aged care therapy services and education in Australia, supplying ‘best in class’ services that surpass need. W&L is an accredited provider of allied health services to the Southern Adelaide Health Service, the Transition Care Program and Disability SA. They have been finalists in the Telstra Business Awards in 2008 and 2009, in InBusiness Magazine’s Fast Movers for 2007, 2008 and 2009 and recently achieved the BRW’s Fastest 100 list for 2009. Nick was also awarded the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Young category for the central region, Australia. Nick sits on the Young Variety Group (Variety Children’s Charity) as a committee member and is passionate about helping people thru healthcare and education. Nick’s interests include water and mountain sports, travel and his daughters Mia, Indie and Sage.

If your aged care dietitian is not providing services in this way, then contact W&L to make a booking on 8331 3000.

Get To Know Nick Heywood-Smith Building your own business is a tough job. It will only be busy if you have to help you with it. Wellness & Lifestyles or W&L is the business of Nick Heywood-Smith and his wife Nikki. It specializes in providing allied health services to individual clients and other health facilities in the country. Nick was a dedicated student who finished his Bachelor’s Degree for Applied Science in Physiotherapy in the year 1998. He went around the world to explore his options and worked in different sites in five countries. He rendered his service with the NHS or the National Health Service before he finally owned and run some rehabilitation centers. He works as a consultant for physiotherapy work in both public and private facilities. One perk of his job is he got to work with the famous Ed Homer who was a double knee amputee who tried to climb the highest peak in the world in the year 2001. After five years of working in various countries, he had acquired skills and knowledge to build his own empire. Together with his lovely wife Nikki, they started their business venture which is W&L in one of the rooms of their very own residence. When they

were just starting they did not hire anyone. He was the only physiotherapist who provides allied health services to different aged facilities in their locality. Nikki on the other hand, serves as their company’s marketing consultant. It is her responsibility to promote and seek clients who will be willing to hire them. After years of existence and hard work, the firm has grown to one one-hundred sixty therapists and employees who do service for podiatry, dietetics, speech pathology, educational training, and occupational therapy. W&L is now the market’s leading care provider for all over the country particularly to more than ten thousand aged patients. Their clients are mostly physically and mentally challenged aged individuals, hospitals, private clients, community and rural services, and specialized therapy clinics. One of the goals of the company is to be the best in education and therapeutic services supplier. There are different facilities that employ workers that are inefficient when it comes to documentation, assisting residents to move, pain management, and rehabilitative procedures. The company that they should get should be like W&L. This firm is committed in supplying workers that are well trained and

If your aged care dietitian is not providing services in this way, then contact W&L to make a booking on 8331 3000.

efficient with the job that will be assigned to them. If you want to rise in the competitive world of wellness, Nick HeywoodSmith and W&L can help you by providing physiotherapist and other health assistants who will aid you to reach your goals for your patients and to maximize your budget to be able to provide the best service to individuals who depend on you.

Nick Heywood-Smith and His Rewarding Job Taking care of aged people is a very challenging job. Determination, skills, and passion are the things you need in order to fulfill your duty. Assisting senior citizens in their health and financial problems is such a rewarding job to do. ACFI, or also known as Aged Care Funding Instrument, is a system created by the government wherein the objective is to help sick and old citizens by providing them financial assistance. Wellness and Lifestyle Australia, a business owned by Nick Heywood-Smith is also geared to help promote the wellbeing of the elderly as well as younger people. They put up this business to help people in terms of financial and healthcare services. They offer programs that focus on providing

allied health services to the qualified beneficiaries. Their organization is known as W&L or Wellness and Lifestyle that supports senior citizens to bring their good health back and to help them live a normal and a happy life. To give you a background of Nick, he finished his Bachelor’s Degree for Applied Science in Physiotherapy in 1998. He loves to travel around the world and do charity works most especially to the aged individuals who are lack of medical attention and financial assistance. He is very generous not only to his family and friends but as well to the people who need help. He worked first in the NHS or the National Health Service prior to running his own healthcare organization. He has a big contribution in the field of healthcare because of the programs such ACFI that he created. He is currently practicing his course as a physiotherapist as a consultant both in public and private sectors. A lot of people have known him for his excellence, dedication, and passion in rendering rewarding services to those who need healthcare assistance and financial support. He manages funding program that helps aged patients in dealing with their expenses for the medications and other necessary needs.

If your aged care dietitian is not providing services in this way, then contact W&L to make a booking on 8331 3000.

Nick worked for almost five years in various countries providing services which are related to his profession. He never ceases to look for bigger opportunities that would enable him to help more aged individuals that’s why he often travel in different countries to practice his profession, show his concern, and to inspire patients regardless of their race. He spends most of his life traveling and doing rewarding jobs with hard work, dedication, professionalism. Nick Heywood-Smith is not just a pure businessman who is after for profits. He is considered as an expert entrepreneur with a big heart. He also provides work for nursing graduates and other healthcare related courses to help not only patients but skilled and dedicated workers as well.

Nick Heywood-Smith: The Drive That Started It All Nick Heywood-Smith is a professional Physiotherapist and has devoted himself in helping people through his profession. This man has completed his profession at the age of twentyone and since then used his expertise in helping individuals by working in a variety of health care facilities in five different countries. He’s the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies

in the country and is striving hard to provide superb services to clients. Practicing this profession has made him realize the importance of what he does. He knows that not everyone has the time or the capability to go to hospitals and other health facilities to be treated. This is the reason why when the opportunity presented itself, Nick made an ingenious move to start a company that offers mobile allied services that aims to help individuals who cannot go to hospitals. His company intends to give assistance to people located in secluded areas and the ones who find it hard to move because of their situation. Nick’s company is known as the W&L otherwise known as Wellness and Lifestyle. This all started with a single physiotherapist and since then, it has grown into a renowned company in the country. The company he runs offers various services including educational training, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, as well as speech pathology. Indeed, a lot of people have been provided with fast, efficient, and reliable assistance all because of Nick’s ingenious idea to provide mobile allied health services. The company has helped over 13,000 individuals from different countries and is continuing to provide huge assistance until today.

If your aged care dietitian is not providing services in this way, then contact W&L to make a booking on 8331 3000.

Skill alone doesn’t help a person become successful. Determination is the root which blooms several important qualities vital to success in business. His determination to lend help to people is the cornerstone to his success. Nick’s endeavors would have been in vain if not for his fortitude to lend trustworthy services. The company he started has gained a lot of recognition not only in his home country but in other places as well. He doesn’t just help people to satisfy his personal interests. He finds satisfaction in helping others and that is what makes him a great individual. He has been featured in several television stations and newspapers. He has also started a charitable foundation which ensures that all the money and goods donated heads straight to the poor. Nick HeywoodSmith is truly an admirable person and that says a lot about the company he started.

If your aged care dietitian is not providing services in this way, then contact W&L to make a booking on 8331 3000.

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Nick Heywood-Smith is a registered physiotherapist and CEO of Wellness & Lifestyles Australia (W&L), a business that he developed with his w...