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Galapagos 2010 Adventures on the Equator

Dreams We all have dreams of things we hope we can do one day. My Dad used to dream about going to Galapagos. One day I made his dream my own. It became very important to make his dream come true. My dad always supported me in my dreams and now it was my turn. On August 10, 2010 we arrived in Quito, Ecuador and the beginning of an adventure that would change both of us in many positive ways.

Galapagos 2010 What is it that makes Galapagos so special anyway? Well it is for one thing on the Equator and that gives it a unique environment. It is also isolated from the main land by about 600 miles. The real big thing though is that it sits on a "hot spot" in the earth and this creates new islands all the time. This gives us a way to study how life first establishes itself in a volcanic wasteland. How countless species dier slightly from island to island was observed by Charles Darwin and led to his understanding of evolution. For us this trip was magical is so many ways beyond the natural wonders we encountered. We also made great new friends and saw sights beyond what we could have done on our own. From the big city hustle and bustle of Quito to the 400 year old monastery high in the Andes mountains with only a wood stove to keep warm. From the 8,900 ft high walks among Condors to the wind swept shores of the Galapagos Islands, every single day was perfect in every way. Enjoy!

Life is simple but hard in the highlands of Ecuador. Roses are a big deal and Ecuador is the worlds leading exporter. They grow totally straight thanks to the equatorial sun.

Getting to the airport was an adventure but once there it was first class all the way. Arriving on Galapagos Island was a special moment for us all, especially dad.

Between towel creations of all kinds, King Neptune and his crew, and our nature guides, this trip oered plenty of memories. Our guide Vico on the far right was the best.

Middle of the World Ecuador is a wonderful place and as is so often the case, it is the people who make it great. We met the most generous and wonderful people anywhere. Many of them lived in such poverty it is hard to understand, yet they were always giving of themselves, their time and their wisdom.

Galapagos Animals  

Some of the great wildlife you can find on the Galapagos Islands.

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