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Very Best of Health The national health Journal “Sanitaria 2000” has voted our Can Misses Hospital the Best public hospital in the Baleares. The award is for the high standard of all round

treatment, patient safety, community relations and provision of sustainable health care provided by the hospital and the staff.

Drug Mule gets Carrot of Return Home.. Drug mule Melissa Reid may be sent back to Scotland to serve her sentence for trying to smuggle £1.5m of cocaine out of Peru.She and Michaella McCollum Connolly were sentenced to six years and eight months in jail in December after being arrested at Lima's airport carrying 11kg (24lb) of cocaine hidden in food packets in their luggage. The Peruvian government has written to the Scottish authorities seeking clearance to let the 20-yearold from Glasgow complete her jail term in her home country. A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service confirmed they have received a "repatriation application" from Peru. Reid, who has no previous convictions, would be regarded as a low-risk prisoner - meaning she could qualify for home leave or even be released wearing an electronic tag, according to reports. She and McCollum Connolly - who became known as the Peru Two - are sharing a cell at Virgen de Fatima prison, a jail notorious for overcrowding and disease. The Scottish Mail reported that Reid has written to her parents saying she hopes to be back before her 21st birthday in August. Melissa was reported to have written "Although I won't exactly be going right home and will be going to a prison, at least I will get to speak my own language 24/7 and be around people similar to me. I am so surprised that my request is being dealt with so quickly and urgently and although I know it has not yet been accepted, I feel confident about the process now after having some news so quickly. Who knows, I could be out (Continúa en la página 2)

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

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Ibiza News of this place before my 21st birthday and that would really be a dream." It is understood McCollum Connolly, also 20, has not yet started the transfer process. Great Results for Farm Co-op. Saying that farmers are always suffering a crisis, Juan Antonio Prats (manager of the San Antonio Farmers Cooperative) was pleased to announce to the 2000 members that this year the Coop had made 38,000€ profit. Even after investing in new machinery such as a tractor costing 45,000€, the production and processing of 900 tons of carob seeds and 82 tons of almonds had helped create this buoyant economic result. It is quite a turnaround for the Coop after suffering a 13,000€ loss in 2011. Lighthouses In Demand. Whilst the argument goes on in the media and the bars around the islands as to if the Matutes Company should be allowed to change the use of the lighthouse on Rabbit Island into a luxury rural hotel, it was announced by the Port Authorities that there have been over a dozen projects presented to them to change the use of the lighthouses found on Ibiza and Formentera. The most popular light house appears to be the one at “La Mola” in Formentera as there are six projects presented to turn this installation into a hotel, or a cafe, or a restaurant or a combination of all three. Most applications fall into these general areas. After opposition in the media

from environmentalist groups regarding the Rabbit Island proposal, the President of the Ibiza Consell seemed to reject the Matutes Company request to seek a referendum from the local population to see if we agree with their hotel plans. Health Centre Opened. With the President of the Balearic Government, José Ramón Bauzá and Health Minister, Martí Sansaloni, in attendance

the new health centre in San Josep was officially opened last week. The health centre is in the centre of the village and will greatly improve the health provision for what is the biggest borough in geographical terms on the island. Though most potential users were delighted to have a new health centre on the door step, it appears that there were a few complaints. Some patients from the Cala de Bou area have been re-assigned a doctor at this new centre in San Josep making it a longer, more time consuming trip to receive treatment rather than use the existing Cala de Bou centre or San Antonio. School Foundation Stone Laid. Mayor of Santa Eulalia, Vicent Marí, officially laid the foundation stone in the North East corner for the new secondary school in the town. The building work

Peaches Geldof The family of Peaches Geldof may have to wait several weeks to discover exactly why she died, it emerged today. A post mortem on her body was carried out this morning but further tests to establish the cause of death are expected to take place and the results may not be known for days, or weeks. The body of the 25year-old mother-of-two was found at her home in Wrotham, Kent, on Monday and police have said her death is not considered suspicious but was unexplained. We understand Police were called to the scene by a relative “concerned for her welfare”. In her Mother & Baby magazine column this week Peaches said she “had the perfect life” and that “being a mum is the best part.” Peaches had two young sons with her second husband, musician Tom Cohen.

In 2006 Peaches dad Sir Bob Geldof reportedly banned her from DJing at Ibiza Rocks. The Daily Star reported Bob as saying he had “drawn the line at Ibiza as I can’t keep an eye on her out of the country and she could end up around people like Doherty”.

of this much needed educational facility will take 11 months. The cost will be around 5 million € which the Town Hall has lent to the Balearic Government's Educational authorities. In this way the project can take place during this time of spending cuts. The Town Hall loan will be paid back by the Balearic Government over a 10 year period. Sant Joan Improvements. Work has started this week on patching up the pot holes that have developed in many of the roads throughout the Sant Joan area of the island. Though this announcement went some way in satisfying the socialist opposition on the Town Council, they did complain publicly about the delays in starting the much needed reform of the access road to the popular tourist area of Portinax. Since the initial design of the new road was changed and the cycle track dropped from the plan, there has been a delay allocating the contract because the technicians are taking more time than expected to study the 23 tenders for the 16 million € project. Spring in the Air The airport is receiving 46 more flights a week now it's Spring. Twelve of the extra flights are national connections but the rest are international. For our readers information, at the moment some of the direct flights available are to Málaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Minorca, Alicante, A Coruña, Seville, Amsterdam, Bergamo, Brussels, Berlin, Berne, Bologna, Ginebra and London (London City, Luton & Stansted). It was also reported that Ryanair will be operating flights to thirty destinations from Ibiza this summer. Public Opinion Wanted. By accessing the Town Hall web page or by San Antonio Town Hall wants the residents of the town to give ideas and opinions about how to redevelop tourist areas in the town. The areas of the town to be focussed on are the centre around the fountain promenade, the sea front from Arenal beach to Es Pouet beach and the coastline between Cala Gracio and Cala des Moro beaches. e-mail, or Â

Call To Ban Boat Parties The GEN ecological lobby claim the authorities have taken no steps over the close season to control or legislate the activities of Party Boats. They want all such activity to be stopped until such legislation is introduced. In the eyes of the GEN, Party Boats are discos at sea and represent a threat to endangered marine species and protected natural reserves. They also list noise pollution, waste, and disturbing the quiet enjoyment of beaches among their complaints. GEN also feel the party boats give Ibiza a bad image. The active ecological Unemployment Rises Again. March saw yet another rise in unemployment rates on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera reaching a total of 11.094, 533. Over 9,000 of these are looking for work in the service sector (hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.) which helps explain the rise in unemployment. Basically, the rise is explained by experts because people from the mainland and other parts of Europe are arriving on the island to look for work this summer and are registering as unemployed here. Mercadona Work Stopped. Seemingly Mercadona only have a license to carry out earth movements on the site where the car park for the new supermarket is being built in Puig Den Valls. This meant that construction on the site was stopped this week by the Town Hall in San Antonio when inspectors found foundations were being put in. It appears that there is a lot of pressure on the Town Hall to check that the licenses given to Mercadona are respected. This pressure comes from small business associations on the island because they fear this type of superstore will negatively affect their trading. Once finished, the eventual supermarket will have 1900m2 of shopping space with parking for 200 cars. Supposedly, there is a grey area in construction licensing. Mercadona needed the foundations to install an electricity supply point in the car park. Apparently, certain planners at the Town Hall and Mercadona be-

lobbyists claim the suggestion by the authorities to let the Party Boats self regulate will not work. Responding to the claims Alex Ryan, businessman behind the successful Driftwood Trance boat parties, said “We encourage responsible behaviour at our parties. We work within strict limits and are respectful of others at all times. People come on holidays to have fun, listen to good quality music and enjoy the sunshine. We provide a professional service that caters for those demands.” lieved that the license they had for the car park covered the electricity supply point as well. For the moment the work is stopped and the Town Hall is waiting for an application for another license for the electricity supply point construction. Actual final planning permission for the construction of the store building seemingly depends on new planning laws and land usage reclassifications for the whole borough being approved shortly. Apart from planning problems, Mercadona has had more problems at the supermarket site because archaeological remains were found and had to be removed for conservation. Formentera Phone The fixed telephone line between the islands was cut several times by anchors from yachts last summer creating major communication problems. Coming ashore at the fashionable Cala Jondal beach in Ibiza and Cala Saona in Formentera, how the cable is to be protected is causing discussion. Both Cala Jondal beach and Cala Saona are popular with nautical tourism and the telephone company’s idea of creating a 300m wide by 1200m long restricted anchoring area in the coastal waters at these beaches is not being received too well. Before agreeing to such a drastic measure, the local authorities are requesting that more studies are carried out by the telephone company to see if an alternative form of protection for the cable can be considered.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

Summer Taxi Unfair. The taxi owners in Ibiza Town are not happy with the way extra taxi licenses granted for the summer peak season will be awarded. First it was announced by the council that this year there would be a “raffle” with the taxi owners receiving all the extra licenses. After complaints by the salaried taxi drivers, the system was changed and now 25% of the 120 summer licenses must go to the salaried taxi drivers. This is reportedly causing friction between the drivers and the taxi license owners. The owners claim they would never have agreed to 120 extra taxis in summer if they knew they were going to be allocated in this way. Demolition At Last! After nearly a year’s delay the 5 buildings including the Old Ritas Cantina and Pussycat bar are to be demolished. The buildings were classed as dangerous in May 2012 when an upstairs balcony fell on the, fortunately closed, Island Café. The 5 bars under the crumbling 4 storey building were finally closed and cordoned off in May 2013. The demolition work will take a month and the following roads will be closed to traffic: C/-Faro between C/-Mateu Gasull and C/-Santa Agnès C/-Gaudí, between C/-Balanzat and C/-Far C/-Mar, between C/-Balanzat and C/-Far. The C/-Mateu Gasull will change traffic flow direction allowing traffic to leave the parking in the Plaza España.

registering their vehicles on the mainland as they did last year and as the big multinational firms in their sector have always done. Claiming to save between 80-85%, the association said that they would pay taxes again in Ibiza when the big firms start to and when the Balearic Government drops plans for a special tax to be applied to the car rental sector. This tax is designed to supposedly compensate for the deterioration to the environment & infrastructure of the islands caused by hire car usage. Child Run Over at Marathon. After the marathon runners taking part in the “Passeig a Passeig” had passed by on the Santa Eulalia to Ibiza road, a 12 year old girl was run over by a car as she picked up the empty water bottles discarded by the passing runners. The car didn't see the girl who seemingly darted into the road. With the emergency services already on the scene to monitor the race, the girl was quickly taken to hospital with a broken leg and other injuries. Unwanted Clothes Collection Two new containers have been located at various points around Ibiza Town so that residents can leave unwanted clothing in them. This clothing will be collected by the Deixalles charity foundation and processed for resale by the charity using a workforce of residents who are at risk of social & economic exclusion.

Air Traffic To Rise By 11.4%

Laundry Fire.

The airport authorities predict a 11,4% increase in passenger air traffic in the period between the last week of March and the last week of October this year when compared to the same period in 2013. Importantly the increase will be made up of more domestic flights but also by an increase in British and German connections.

A fire in a laundry in Cala de Bou led to ten apartments in the same block being evacuated whilst the emergency services dealt with the incident last week. Because of the size of the laundry premises and density of smoke, the firemen had to use breathing apparatus to enter the building. In the end no machinery was damaged and there was no structural damage. In another incident, 300m2 of countryside near the Sa Talaia hill was damaged by fire after a bonfire started by a farmer to

Rental Car Tax Protest. At their annual general meeting, the Association of Car Rental firms urged their members to continue paying their taxes and

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burn stubble got out of control.

Online Ibiza ...

Beach Patrols. The Police in Sant Josep will have six extra police officers on patrol this summer specifically to operate at the beaches in the borough during the day time and to assist the public by stopping any crime or illegal activities as well as addressing safety issues. With a total of fifty-six officers on patrol this coming summer, the focus will be on making sure the roads are safe, the beaches are secure and that the problem of illegal street selling is controlled more effectively. Young Car Thieves Detained. After a search through the streets of Ibiza Town in the early hours of the morning, police finally detained two youths who they had spotted earlier in the presumed act of robbing possessions from the interior of a parked car. During the search the police found several parked cars which appeared to have been robbed that night. They finally detained the youngsters as they were breaking in to a Suzuki Soft Top Jeep by cutting the roof open. Man, 71, Found Conscious After Days.


A 71 year old man was rescued after being semi-conscious and badly injured on the floor of his bathroom for several days. It is believed the man fell and banged his head leaving him unable to move or call for help. Having not seen the pensioner for sometime, the worried family raised the alarm and police found the man after first breaking the door down to enter the premises. Fog Diverts Flights. Several inter island flights as well as flights from Girona, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, and Bergamo were delayed or diverted to other airports on the mainland last Monday as early morning thick fog caused havoc at Ibiza and Palma airport. .

A few posts in the world of Social Media that have caught our attention this week. Martin Makepeace In Playa den Bossa, loads of beach bars open, live music, great vibe. Meanwhile in San Antonio we are thinking about cleaning the beach. Can someone please remind the powers that be that direct flights started this week? Colin Butts I've read several articles by DJs praising Frankie Knuckles, in particular the way he gave them an unconditional leg up by supporting or championing them. I was just wondering (and not in a rhetorical way) - how many of those DJs have themselves paid forward in the same way? Too often I see people who achieve even a modicum of success, revel in their glory and try and push possible usurpers down, rather than encourage them. It's not possible to help everyone but I've always felt that if someone has a talent for something and they approach in the right way, then if you can help them without going to the ends of the earth to do so, you should. It's good to pay forward as it has a habit of coming back to your own benefit. Equally of course, if someone is a deluded, arrogant, eejit, they should be told to royally fuck off and annoy someone else…

Danny Sarah So with one game to spare Ibiza Piratas B have won the Ibiza Sun pool league!! As per usual we've had some great nights to help pass the winter and some first class pool! Looking forward to the hog roast Ade Harris Personally - I think ticket touts outside the venue I can live with - and I think that sometimes they are useful - realistically its always worth pitching up late on for spares - - this antiscalping thing is going to have to deal with a very large elephant in the room - one I don’t think a lot of people want to be recognised there is a world of a difference between standing outside the 02 trying to flog tickets - and being fed tickets by the promoter and artist online to online without moving a fucking muscle and screwing the person who wants to see you and your client Everybody Flights booked, can’t wait, Ibiza here we come! Wit of the Week award goes to Martin Makepeace Flicking between F1, footy & cricket whilst drinking beer. That, ladies, is called MULTI TASKING.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

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which will give shade to the spring growth especially the varieties that that die back in the autumn and grow from the bases in late winter. It a good idea to plant some foliage plants in shady areas, these are plants that have interesting foliage and few flowers. Shrubs with variegated leaves such as elaeagnus and euonymus which have leaves with gold and green on them that will create bright spots in shady area. Fatsia japonica’s grow well in deep shade and have attractive leaves, they also flower in autumn so are a good addition to a garden. Plants grown in shade will still need to be attached to a irrigation system but they will not need as much water as plants in full sun so it will be best to put them on a different pipe run to water them. Âjohn@danieltylerlands Âwww.danieltylerlandsc

For Details Of Pharmacies In Your Area Including Out Of Hours Visit

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To most people in England shade is something they would not want in a garden but in hotter climates it can be a blessing. Even in the less sunny climates such as England gardens can still be planted up in shaded areas that will create a beautiful garden. In the Mediterranean shade in a garden allows for a greater choice of plants to be grown and it will also give shelter from the sun on hot sunny afternoons for anyone out in the garden as the temperatures soar into the high 30’s. Experienced gardeners and designers will plant trees and shrubs to create different themes and one effect of doing this is to create micro climates. The shade will cause a difference in temperatures within a garden which in turn will causes air to move between the areas creating cooling breezes.

The effect of this will be even better if water features are included. This is why experienced designers will place ponds close to houses to encourage air flow that will cool the house down in the afternoon and evening. Some plants such as a viburnum tinus can be grown in deep shade or full sun and will flower in the winter in the shade and the summer in sun. Rosemary is another plant that will thrive in both sun and shade as anyone taking a walk in the woods in Ibiza will be able to see the huge number of this plant scattered through the countryside amongst trees and out in the open. Shrubs such as lantana, brugmansia and some shrub roses will grow in shade and still flower well in these conditions. Some climbing plants such as honeysuckle and wisteria will also thrive in light shade and it is a good idea to plant clematis in an area

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Edificio Playa Bella, Cala De Bou, 07829, Ibiza Tel 971 348 271 Mob 638 923 119 Bes Media Holdings 1999 S.L. CIF B-57852295 Deposito Legal No DL 1-303-1999

Editor: Nicholas Gibbs Deadline: Tuesday 4pm Print: Diario de Ibiza

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

‘Ibiza, sea and land’ art exhibition

"Claire B An exhibition by local artist Júlia Ribas ‘Ibiza, sea and land’ (Eivissa, mar i terra) opened on Friday April 4 in Dalt Vila. All of the 30 pieces in the show have been created this year and reflect her inspiration from nature, in particular the posidonia sea grass and the fig and olive trees that are all abundant on the island. The exhibition features mainly paintings, which are executed in a range of materials, such as collage on canvas, small paintings on driftwood and paint mixed with various materials such as lime, ash, oxide and metal, and there are also some small sculptural works. All the work on view is for sale. The opening was well attended and if you’re in the area it’s worth popping in to have a look. It’s a nice space and you don’t need to be an art buff to be able to appreciate the work. The exhibition runs until April 27, and is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 13.00 and 17.00 to 20.00 hours (shut on

Babylon Birthday Friday April 11th Babylon Beach are throwing a bit of a birthday do for host with the most Vaughan to mark his something-th year on the planet. From 2pm with great food, live music and DJs—plus their fab kids play area will be up and open. Everybody is welcome and then the plan is off to Bambuddha for their opening around 9pm.

Wednesday May 21 in the Sessions restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa D’en Bossa, 20.00-00.30. The dinner will be attended by a wealth of the music industry’s finest, plus friends of Nile, and is sure to be a great occasion. Tickets are on sale now at 115€ for the 3 course meal with beer, wine and soft drinks included, and they will sell out. For details and tickets see: Âwww.internationalmusicsu Foals at Ibiza Rocks in 2013

Mondays). Es Polvorí, Baluarte de Santa Llucia (the cultural space below the Bastion of Santa Llucia in Dalt Vila, behind the terrace bar). Free entrance. IMS Legends Dinner in honour of Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers in conversation with Pete Tong at IMS 2013

Júlia Ribas

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The International Music Summit has announced that the recipient of this year’s Legends Award will be Nile Rodgers. Nile will be presented with this prestigious award at The IMS Legends Dinner during the conference, is being held in Ibiza in May. The dinner will take place on

Ibiza Rocks in San Antonio

"Claire B Ibiza Rocks has announced some of the acts that will be appearing at The Ibiza Rocks Hotel in San Antonio this summer. Ibiza Rocks is a great outdoor venue for seeing live bands: it’s big enough for there to be a vibrant live atmosphere, but small enough to be able a good view of the performers. Live bands play every Wednesday from June 4, when the season kicks off with the opening party with Haim and support from Breton. Other acts announced so far include Madness, Lily Allen, The 1975, Tinie Tempah, Jake Bugg, The Kooks, John Newman, Ed Sheeran, Rudimental (Live), Bastille, Clean Bandit and Bombay Bicycle Club. More acts will be announced as they are confirmed. Prices start from about 25€ for early bird tickets (depending on the act) and there are discounts for Ibiza residents. Friday nights see the return of We Are Rockstars (W.A.R.),

with a heady line-up of DJs each week. Starting on June 6 with Zane Lowe, Gorgon City and Javeon, the line-up includes DJ Fresh, Fatboy Slim, 2manydjs, Mark Ronson, Example and DJ Wire, Redlight, Bondax and Toddla T amongst others. Tickets are from about 20€ with discounts for residents. For full line-up, dates etc Â Rock In Riu Festival Santa Eulalia Rock In Riu will see live rock bands playing in Santa Eulalia on Friday April 25. Five bands, most of them from Ibiza, will play at the free festival that starts at 19.00: Fortune, The Frigolos, Uncle Sal, Indulgentes and Tokyo Sex Destruction (from Barcelona). Free entrance. From 19.00, Plaça de L’Ajuntament, Santa Eulalia. More info. about the festival and the bands playing at: Âf a c e b o o k . c o m / rockinriufestival

Applications Open For Summer Artisan Market In San Antonio

"Nicole Torres Supplementing our market feature last week, San Antonio Town Hall has opened applications for the artisan market of the Passeig de ses Fonts for this Summer. Inscription finishes April 30th and there will be 28 spots for artisans and 10 for artists/painters. All products sold must be, at least in part, the seller’s creations.

Correction: The market guide printed in last week´s edition stated that the Cala Llonga market was open all year. We are told it is in fact summer only.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

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Motor Electric Balearic

"Chris Langley Many of our readers might remember the “Top Gear” show where Jeremy Clarkson tried to reach the Cleethorpes on the East Coast from the Midlands in an electric car. He was stranded in Lincoln for 24 hours because he ran out of “juice” and the nearest re-charge point was further away than his battery life would allow him to travel. Finally managing to refuel at the university labs, he made it to the seaside. This won't happen in Ibiza in the future! Plans were revealed this week to install 2000 electrical vehicle recharge points around the Balearic island in places such as hotels, restaurants, car hire installations and commercial centres. Subsidised by EU funding, the new network, once installed, will go along way to promoting electrical powered vehicles on the islands & make sure that a user can always get a “top” up where ever they are. ITV (Spanish MOT) To Be Fully Privatised.

"Chris Langley At first it was thought that the inspection service at the ITV (Spanish MOT) centre near Santa Gertrudis would be partially privatised, with private firms contracted to carry out inspections at the busiest times of the year. It now appears that after review of the partial privatisation system in Mallorca, compared to the fully privatised system in Minorca, a decision has been made to totally privatise the inspection system in Ibiza.

ITV Online – A New Way To Find Out They Are Fully Booked

"Nick Gibbs Government Minister Vicente Roig said he was very pleased to be announcing the facility to book your ITV test online. The booking form requests basic personal information and your vehicle registration number (matricula), before proceeding to select a date. Tip – to proceed you must select your itv station from the list, this is not immediately obvious as there is only one on the list. The system seems to allow for the submission of UK registrations, though our test did not take the final step and confirm the booking. On Monday 7th April the first available dates were the 4th to 6th of June, then nothing til July which had a few dates free, and then nothing in the months of August to October by when I got bored of clicking. It may be that the system does not allow booking that far ahead and just shades all future dates as red for unavailable, so you might want to check directly, somewhat defeating the purpose of an online facility. Sorry about the decidedly unfriendly link. Âh t t p : / / 8 2 . 2 2 3 . 1 4 5 . 1 7 1 / CitaPreviaIbiza/Publico/ CitarAux.jsp?estacion=0703 Hit the Gas

"Nick Gibbs LPG is finally available in Ibiza. Gas guzzlers can fill up at the petrol station next door to MacDonalds in Ibiza Town. Big Oil have denied any malicious intent in introducing LPG to Ibiza one month after I have disposed of my LPG converted car.

Gumball Rally: Miami to Ibiza: Two continents, five countries, 3000 miles, seven days. Gumball 3000 follows a route kicking off in South Beach, Miami and finishing in (their description) the party capital of Ibiza. The 2014 rally is said to be their biggest yet – for the drivers, and for the fans. Crossing two continents, via motor racing circuits, football stadiums and castles, 2014 Gumballers are guaranteed the adventure of a lifetime. From the sunshine and parties of Miami, the cars will cruise through the state of Florida towards Georgia and the famous Southern hospitality of Atlanta. New York provides the next stopover, where the drivers will enjoy a day of money-can’t-buy VIP hospitality.

The 120 participating supercars will be loaded onto cargo planes and flown over the Atlantic to Scotland – with the Gumballers on private jets not far behind. Leaving skyscrapers behind for lochs and highlands, drivers will roar through Scotland before heading south to the home of Gumball – London. From there it’s across the channel to the slick chic of Paris, then through France and Spain to the stunning city of Barcelona. Then it´s just a ferry ride over to us. As this year´s finish line, ready for what we are told will be an “explosive” finale celebration weekend.

Silver Screen ... 300 Rise of the Empire This films story, it seems, was running parallel with the original 300 film. As King Leonides ( Gerard " see you Jimmy, I'm a Spartan " Butler ) was getting his arse whooped by 1,000,000 Persians, Themistocles ( Sullivan ' is Luke Goss my brother " Stapleton ) was preparing his fleet of ships to do battle with the Persians. With no help from the Spartan widow Queen Gorgo, he goes into battle with a miniscule army. As his arrow strikes a Persian King dead but his son, Xerxes, vows revenge. Yes Xerxes is the big girls blouse that you see in the original film, decked out in gold chains and gold underpants. Eva Brick ( Eva Green folks ) plays the Evil Persian fleet commander and boy is she tough. She caught a sailor chewing gum and, when asked if he had enough for all the crew, he said

no and she cut out his tongue. There is a mass of flying blood and gore in this film ( not one for the nippers ) There is more action in this film than the original. If you enjoyed 300, you will enjoy this. Not a lot of smiles. Need for Speed A boy racer film starring Aaron Paul ( Breaking Bads' Jessie ) as Tobey Marshall, a boy built for speed, races his nemesis Dino Brewster after Tobey proved he could get a Shelby Mustang special over 150 mph. Dino challenges Tobey to a race in three spacial Acer cars, including young Pete, Tobeys' friend as ballast. A Tobey is winning and Pete is blocking Dino, Dino nudges Pete, sends him into a spin and over a bridge...Dead. Dino denies that he was driving. Tobey does a 2 year stretch in jail. When he gets out he finds out that there

The organisers say 2014, more than ever, will also be about the fans. Gumball attracts thousands everywhere they visit, to catch a glimpse of the supercars. We are promised a big thank you by way of free public events— from beach concerts to VIP Kids Zones, to skate demos to DJ sets, mini festivals and car displays. We´ll keep you posted on events as they are announced. Â

Coming Up ….News of Modball Coming To Ibiza … Watch this space ...

is a major race being set up by a radio D.J. called Monarch ( Michael Keaton ) As if a magic fairy waved a wand, an English girl shows up with the Mustang he first raced." Take this Oh Tobey " she exclaims. It is only worth $2,700,000." Please don't scratch it " Off Tobey goes, across America, to get to California where the race is starting. On the way, he picks up every police car in every State until he has a convoy on his tail. Lucky enough, he has a friend with a plane who gives him directions on how to avoid the County Mounties. After getting to California with a slightly beat up Mustang worth around 12 and sixpence, old money, he comes across the car that put Pete into the drink. Tobey finds out that Dino is racing so, guess which car Tobey is going to drive ?. An all action film with not too much C.G.I. If you like cars and you like racing then this is the movie for you. Great stunts.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

Page 7

Moda : Fashion : Fashionista Trend Predictions

In this section of the new What they say you’ll Ibiza Sun we’ll be delving into the be wearing this wonderful world of Fashion! summer Fashion weeks The designers that have come to create their across the collections here and the people that live here and love globe are to look a bit different to the hum drum of fashion back home. done and dusted for You only have to look around to appreciate the talent and a n o t h e r creativity of some of Ibiza’s residents and visitors. How many times year and have we heard people say ‘I wouldn’t wear this at home’. (In a lot of the lead- cases they shouldn’t be wearing that anywhere, but that’s another story for another week) ers of the fashion w o r l d We’ll be bringing all Ibiza’s fashion together in one place, paying tribute to the clothes that scatter the beaches, the towns & the have spoclubs, to showcase all that is Ibiza fashion. ken. What are t h e We’re interested in your opinion too. If you have anything to trends this say about fashion in Ibiza, know anyone who deserves a season? And mention for their individual style, work in the fashion more importantly business or design & create fashion yourself, please get in touch with me at to us, how will that filter down to what we’ll be buying and wearing in Ibiza? throughout this We all know from past experiseasons offerings! Orange is apence there is no way of predictparently the new black, although ing what the workers will bring we don’t think a little orange over with them, we love them for dress would fill the gigantic the shear guts and individuality they bring to fashion on the is- shoes of the LBD, but it’s a land, workers have a trend all of standout colour for spring sumtheir own, and we love them for mer 2014. Red is also a colour to it! Will this season see the end watch, in mandarin red or satuof the ‘up the crutch’ high rated versions and Raspberry waisted short shorts? I for one pink becomes sophisticated and certainly hope so! However we tropical this season. Pink is also do see some creative attempts at used with black and mixed with home made fashion from the patterns. Teal lightens things up working troops, the cut out, nip- from the petrol tones of fall 2013 ple showing club t-shirts are and Cobalt blue replaces the visomething that will always be brant Yves Klein blue, which is a associated only with Ibiza, and shame but then fashion never long may this signature look stands still and we loved it while reign, but we could definitely it was here! loose the cellulite worshipping Emerald is Pantone's colour of shorts and let’s be honest, bi- the year in matte and shine so kini’s are not for walking around expect to see a lot of this colour, the streets in. That’s why we and not just in your wardrobes! have gorgeous floaty cover ups and kaftans that, lets face it, are Print and Pattern much sexier than someone look- At last animal print is out and ing like they got lost looking for more abstract parts of the jungle their friends on the beach. Yes (such as butterfly wings or parworkers fashion definitely de- rot feathers) will be done in a serves a feature all of it’s own so photo real/painterly way or lets leave that for another week! zoomed in for a more abstract So what trends will Spring/ effect. Camouflage has new inSummer 2014 bring to the table? terpretations in oversized, blobHaving trawled the shops, the like shapes. runways and read the industries Another version of the stripe trend predictions, this is what we takes inspiration from uneven will be wearing, or seeing a lot layers of colour, we'll see lots of of, over the next 6 months: tie-dye, in addition to ombrè and distorted, pixelated checks and stripes are fresh and new due to Colour The colour pallet for S/S14 may distortion. look like something out of a 90’s Fancy Florals of course are here United Colours of Benetton ad- again but it wouldn’t be a sumvert, but don’t be put off if you mer pattern pallet without them. don’t wear these bold colours, This season however we will also pastels were also prominent be seeing 3D flowers in the form

(Continúa en la página 8)

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

Page 8

Moda : Fashion : of appliqués and broach’s. Key Items Perfect for this time of year is the lightweight bomber jacket, in all kinds of fabrics, this piece lends itself well to the Logo Mania trend. Spring also lets us take advantage of the cropped pants and wide leg trousers, until it gets too hot, when we’ll be seeing the flat front tailored shorts. Midi shorts become more A-line and for the boys we’ll be seeing a move towards the 80’s style Bermuda shorts. Asymmetry is seen in wrap skirts, with long sexy slits showing of those tanned pins. Men & women will be sporting contrast collars on tailored shirts, tank style tops, and I’m afraid to say crop tops are everywhere, so get crunching girls for a mid drift to show of this style which doesn’t look to be going anywhere just yet.

Embellishment Embellishment is big this season in particular fringing. You’ll see it everywhere from tops to trousers, accessories to footwear. Other embellishments include anything appliqué, including the appliqué stripe, giving sophisticated looks a sporty feel.

Trends Logo Mania This season we’ll all be making a statement as that 90’s in your face logo makes a marked comeback. Whichever logo or message you choose to transmit, make sure it makes a bold and

Footwear In the Footwear department the cowboy ankle boot is sticking around for a while longer, with the fringing embellishment a key detail. Great news for Ibiza’s fashionista’s as we love these on our feet, especially from one of my favourite shops in the port, the Italian brand Hector. However if you don’t fancy spending 200€ on a pair of boots, the market is saturated with versions of this trend to suit everyone’s style. For a more open and airy feel this season, the ankle boot sandal is back, giving us the boot look but still showing off our tanned and polished toes.

subversive statement. Flying the flag for this trend is Moschino's new creative director, Jeremy Scott, making a stand against fast fashion brands such as Primark by drawing a comparison between fast food and fast fashion. Scott has taken McDonalds trademark Golden Arches, curved them into a heart-shaped 'M for Moschino's motif, and plastered this all over designs that look suspiciously like the iconic McDonalds uniform. Unsurprisingly, mini-

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

: Moda : Fashion mum wage McDonalds employees are slightly miffed by this, seen as the collection includes a Moschino's red quilted leather bag - an ode to McDonald’s trademark Happy Meal Box, Priced at 925€, a sweater priced at 570€, a T-shirt dress for 255€, and an iPhone case for 57€. Despite the controversy surrounding this bold collection, celebrities such as Rita Ora & Katie Perry have been snapped out and about in this, and the happy meal bag has already sold out! I’m not sure how this look will filter down to the shops (and I’m not sure we’d want it to!) but still hats off to Jeremy Scott for using fashion to make a point. Barely There Transparency is key once again this season as designers continue to persuade us to flash the flesh. Great news for the flowing kaftans and cover-ups scattering the beaches. Tops, skirts, dresses, and shirts –

sheer partitions in pieces are also key - basically anything goes as long as it’s see-thru!

Pleats Please! Pleats have been a favourite for their functionality and versatility since Issey Miyake popularised his innovative version of them in 1993. They have not featured prominently on the catwalks recently but it’s good news for spring/summer 2014 – pleats are back with a vengeance. Over the past months they have made an appearance in the form of classic schoolgirlstyle skirts or on the front of suit jackets. Pleats have also been added the baggy trouser and wrap around skirt, key shapes for this season. Swimwear No fashion round up would be complete without a focus on swimwear, especially here in Ibiza with the growing trend for Pool Party venues and arguably some of the best beaches in the world. This season seas bold cut outs in the form of sexy and abstract shapes in one piece suits (nothing new to Ibiza there!) Flirty ruffles for a cutesie sweetheart look and high waisted briefs showing we’re not letting go of that curve accentuated 50’s style just yet. Swimsuit tops are innovative this season, and would work just as well off the beach as on. Stash a pair of cropped jeans and heels in your bag for a seamless day-to-night transition. Trends we’ll see crossing over from the main collections include fringing, sheer fabrics and tropical prints.

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The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

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Postbag E-paper Well done Nick I like the new epaper, nice and easy to read just like the real thing it reminds me of lazy days on the beach. Picking up on your comments about how far and wide your readers are. I'd love to learn just how far your readers are spread, don't you fancy doing a piece on it once you are settled in. Good luck with the new web site as well. Cheers, Bob

"Thanks Bob.

We have been amazed at the level of uptake on the new online editions. With very little promotion the first two weeks resulted in over 7,000 reads—and this is reads, not views. The stats ignore anything under a few minutes. These 7,000 averaged around six minutes each. It doesn't sound long, but in the micro-attention world of the internet it is a lifetime. The stats also come with a boy's own map of reader locations. We're not doing too well in Albania, nor India which is surprising given how many of them send me emails every day saying they want to improve our website, but aside from that it is truly global. Dear Sir. Congratulations on the new new-look of the latest edition of the paper, you have brought it screaming and kicking into the 21st century. Could I please make one request, that is not to use the ampersand (&) in the text, it upsets the flow of the reading, and there is a perfectly good alternative - the word and - I know its two more key strokes but it is much more pleasing on the eye. Keep up the good work and I won't be cancelling my subscription. Yours pedantically. Alastair Dimock

"Thanks Alastair,

We all have our idiosyncrasies when it comes to use of language. I think I know which writer may be the ampersand addict and we'll do what we can to keep as close to queens as possible. I've spent the last two years working at the Sun telling people the odd spelling/ grammar/formatting error was part of the paper's charm. Now I'm responsible I wince at every one I find Thursday morning. To have printed all the letters of support and congratulations received in the past few weeks

would have felt rather self indulgent. I would therefore take this opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks to everybody concerned. Dear Editor, What does the British Consulate do in Ibiza? I recently decided to request a health card from the Spanish Health System. I first found the web site and completed the online form to ascertain whether I would qualify or not. I was informed that I would and informed as to the office in Ibiza I should attend. My Spanish speaking friend and I duly arrived at the office to be advised that this was incorrect, and that we should phone for an appointment at a different office. When on the phone to make the appointment, we were advised that we had to attend the police office in Ibiza to obtain a form and number. After a lengthy wait in what can only be described as utter chaos, in that officers decide who will be first or last to be attended to, no matter when and in what order you arrive. When eventually we were able to speak with an officer, we were informed that we already had the number on my Certificado De Registro De Ciudadano De La Union, at the top right hand corner of the certificate, not your N.I.E. number. So onto the next step. Phoned Newcastle in the UK and advise them what I was attempting. Newcastle staff were very helpful and advised that the necessary form in English and Spanish would be forwarded to me, however, this would take apprx 28 days. I have an appointment in April with the correct office in Ibiza with or without the forms from Newcastle. This information and other relevant information about living on the Island for xpats, should be readily available from the Consulate. I would suggest that quarterly meeting in different location on the Island should be run by the Consulate. They may be busy in the summer months attending to the British tourists who have fallen from balconies, lost their possessions or have overindulged in drink or drugs. However, in the quieter months, the expat communities may well appreciate some form of contact, and relevant information from OUR British Consulate. I look forward to the views of the expats and possibly the Consulate. Yours Brian

The Far East

Letter From Juan

"The 2 Old Rockers

Juan Even the cynics amongst us must agree that this is a special time of year and this is a special place to live. The wild flowers are blooming, the birds are flocking back, the restaurants are springing open all over the Island, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. What more could you ask for? Mind you, you had better enjoy the peace and tranquillity whilst you can because it won’t last for long. Already one of my neighbours has returned to his house and I am being subjected to what he considers music. Dum de de dum de de dum de de dum etc. ad nauseam. I know the “beat goes on” but does it have to go on and on, some music in between would be nice. Okay, I am not a great music man, I have a fairly eclectic taste from choral, classical, motown, soul, and folk. I enjoy all types of music from time to time but I have never really been “into music”, I can take it or leave and probably leave it more times than I take it. So I do find it quite hard to enjoy the neighbours same beat going

Spring Spruce-Up. If you fancy getting involved in a community venture then this coming Sunday 13th April the Asociacion de Vecinos of Cala Llonga are holding their Annual Beach Cleaning Day. If you’d like to help then meet at the beach at 10am where gloves and collection bags will be provided. Following the clean there’ll be live music from Leo & his band. Then to round off the day it’s all back to Bar Pio where Abby “The Pianoman” (this guy has more energy than a nuclear power station) will be playing f r o m 5 - 9 p m . On the subject of sprucing up it’s quite exciting to see the islands businesses preparing for the new season, everybody seems to be painting, gardening, cleaning, ready for what we hope will be a bumper year of tourism. We wish you all a successful and profitable summer. Sale - Sale – Sale The 7th Annual Feria de Stocks – Stock Clearance Sale - takes place this coming Saturday 12th April from 9-30am to 7-30pm in Calle San Jaime, the main street, in Sta. Eulalia. This give you the opportunity to pick up some real bargains as businesses clear out old stock to make way for this year’s new items. If you make a purchase you’ll be given a ticket which qualifies you for 2 hours free parking in the underground car park. There’s also bound to be some snacks and drinks available making it a real locals day. How many? For years we’ve been following health advice trying to ensure we had our “5 a day” fruit or veg. Sometimes we did it via sangria which included orange, lemon, peach, strawberry & apple. Now some bright spark in the UK says we should be eating 7 a day. There won’t be enough room to get the alcohol in??? Cinema No English film this week folks. Showing next Wed, Fri Sat & Sun 16th, 18th 19th & 20th Noah (2014) 138 min (PG 13) Stars Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins A man is chosen by his world's creator to undertake a momentous mission to rescue the innocent before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the wicked from the world.

on and on and I also find it a shame that every beach these days has to have music blaring out hour after hour. Whatever happened to those lovely relaxing days down on the beach sitting in the sun being lulled to sleep by the gentle lapping of the water breaking on the shore? Ah those were the days! Well actually they weren’t for me as I don’t really like the sand and I spend most of the time hiding from the sun, but I am sure lots of people must feel that way. Of course you could always take the modern solution to that problem. Download an app of breaking waves onto your phone, put your earphones on and fall fast asleep! Not quite the same but anyway if you are venturing out in the sun don’t forget to put the cream on as at this time of year if a cool wind is blowing you can easy not realise how strong the sun is and you certainly don’t want to start out the season with a bad case of sunburn. Have super week out and about, yours Juan View from the Pew

"Lynne Pamplin

Ex Editors Exit.

"Brian Whetton You are probably already aware of the fact that The Ibiza Sun has changed hands. Dan Darvi has, after 7 years as in charge, decided it’s time to hang up his pen, switch off his computer and spend more time with his family. To say thank you to the team he worked with during that time he invited them to a farewell lunch last Friday at Villa Mercedes in San Antonio. It was an occasion of slightly mixed emotions as we have all enjoyed working alongside one of the nicest people you could wish to meet, which also applies to his wife Maria (that girl in the office). The paper has now been taken over by Nick Gibbs who has re-invented The Ibiza Sun and we all wish him continued success. By the way if you haven’t eaten at Villa Mercedes then you’re missing out. Fabulous - excellent food, great service and spectacular views. Go on spoil yourself.

Dan & Maria (Continued on page 11)

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729


(Continued from page 10)

The English-speaking Church on Ibiza The king and the donkey ride On Sunday the Christian church throughout the world will celebrate Palm Sunday. So why “Palm” and why is it important, and what does a king have to do with a donkey? Jesus was almost at the end of his ministry on earth, and was about to enter Jerusalem with all that awaited him there. He didn't just quietly make his way into the city – he entered it in style, welcomed by the crowds who laid their cloaks and palm branches on the road as he went along. They shouted out their praises: Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord. (Luke 19:38) The odd thing was that Jesus was not riding on a magnificent horse, as one might expect of a king of that time, but was on a donkey. He was making a point: he was indeed a king, but not the sort that most of his followers expected. He was no war lord, about to destroy the power of the Roman Empire. Very soon he would say to Pontius Pilate: My kingdom is not of this world. Jesus was going to bring in God's kingdom. Each year Christians remember Jesus' noisy, very noticeable arrival in Jerusa-

lem about 2000 years ago, but with the knowledge of what happened next. The crowds called him a king, but didn't realize the significance of the donkey. We know that terrible things were going to happen, but that “it would be all right in the end”. Palm Sunday gives us a chance to enjoy a good “praise party” before we start Holy Week, which culminates in the shocking events of Good Friday. After that comes the real celebration. Why not join us at any of our services? God bless, Lynne Pamplin Sunday 13th April: Palm Sunday: 11.00 Holy Communion at Capilla de Lourdes, Santa Eulalia. Friday 18th April: Good Friday 12.00: Meditation at Chaplaincy House (Can Bagot). For info 971 34 33 83 or It's Good to Talk

"Kate Stillman Kate I am not sure if I have a problem or not but recently my grown up children have been making quite huge hints so I thought I would run it by you and see if you think I need to do anything about it. It seems they think I drink too much, I

am sure I am not an alcoholic but I do admit to liking a drink most evenings with my husband, we have worked hard most our lives and a glass or two of wine in the evenings now that we are retired can’t be all bad. I’ve never hurt myself or done anything embarrassing but for some reason the children think it’s too much and I feel I should at least take the time to listen to what they say and try to assess my drinking and the impact it has. I look forward to hearing your views HM Dear HM Thank you for your e mail, and how refreshing it is that you are taking the time to listen to their concerns and assess if there is an issue which needs to be addressed. There is an old fashioned view of what an alcoholic is, someone who can’t do with out a drink and is hiding bottles taking sips first thing in the morning, and being in oblivion most of the rest of the time. Well that is not the case, the amount of alcohol consumed is of course very important and anything over the recommended levels is considered a problem by the medical establishment however its your relationship to alcohol that is of much more interest. For example, do (Continued on page 13)

Coffee Break

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Doris Loves The World "Doris, the new age guru April Showers

Those of you cognisant with houses we live in, Will understand when I say patience wearing thin ! Along with copper tubing leading to me loo, Clogged with decade’s worth, different flavoured pooh, So last week Mick appeared brandishing his tool, Sledge hammer banged it out, broken every rule, Snapping shelf, towel rail, light fitting to boot, But I’m not complaining nor here for dispute, Happy just to be so blessed, for a brand new lav, That’s far more than millions of people ever have, Mick quoted Sports Relief, countries without light, And no running water, filth in pitch of night, He said don’t know we’re born, but time’s running out Tourists due any day now - I don’t want to shout ! Can’t say "Count yer blessings, poor people would die For a roof over their heads, beds on which to lie, Never mind you’ve paid a fortune for yer holiday, Don’t expect decent plumbing, just cough up and pay!" Fridge freezer’s on the blink, rusty bottom door, Clients won’t have to mind cracked tile on me floor, Doors full of damp blown, neighbour gave me tour Of her backyard full of 'em - I came back with four, None of which then fitted, so carted to our bins, Now clearing other people’s rubbish for me sins! Luckily I hadn’t painted like so many had, Red rain smeared fresh walls really makes you mad! New lads in now bashing, gentle Springtime hum Of tile-cutters throwing up more red dust for me bum! One day this will all be finished, if I say pretty please Could it be before I’m on me beam end or me knees? Then I’ll build a fresh start, regain higher powers ´Ttil then my life’s all about new taps and April showers! Luv doris, the new age guru x email:

Answers to last week's crossword

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

Tarotscope 10-17th April 14.

"By Elaine. For Readings Call 619 813 172 A R I E S T h e E m p r e s s A week to nurture and support yourself. Women play an important role; by helping or encouraging you to realise that plans you want to put in motion are achievable. The energy of The Empress helps to balance your emotions, making you less nervous or erratic. Go for walks or just sit and enjoy nature. Reconnect with who you truly are. TAURUS - Queen of Wands Your creative fire and vision is activated through this card and with it the ability to 'know yourself'. Important tasks get done effortlessly this week and with the full cooperation of colleagues or business associates. Taurus woman; you succeed in getting what you want by turning on the charm. Taurus Man; a woman you meet through work i n t r i g u e s ! G E M I N I T h e L ov e r s You'll get yourself into a right old dilemma this week as you struggle with your choices. You want to make a life changing decision which when made, will irrevocably alter your present course. Do you go with your head or your heart? On a mundane level, there's plenty of romantic fun to be had if y o u ' r e u p f o r i t . CANCER Ten of Disks Now’s a great time to spruce up your environment (work or home), as funds are more readily available this week. Others are willing to pay good money for your services so don't sell yourself short. Time to get yourself organised financially so you can relax more. This card promises gains not only now, but in the months ahead. L E O J u s t i c e Legal or bureaucratic transactions are swiftly dealt with. Get back into balance with routines that align your inner and outer world; in other words, walk your talk and don't give in to negative thinking. If you do a kindness for someone, expect a pleasant and unexpected outcome that will pay dividends for you in the weeks ahead – instant Karma! VIRGO - Princess of Disks Time to take stock and to weigh up your options. Some Virgo's will be spoilt for choice this week but may be overwhelmed with indecision; what path should you take? There's a creative element to this card and someone will recognise and want your talents. However, there may be an angle therefore make sure you're clear about what you expect f i n a n c i a l l y . LIBRA Six of Cups If you've a sense of déjà vous meeting new people, go on your intuition; embrace them into your life or give them a wide berth. There's a sense of renewal in life and a spring in your step. Healing takes place between you and those you've been at odds with; if an olive branch is offered be gracious a n d a c c e p t . SCORPIO The Tower A week when you get a few wake up calls. What was, has to change and unless you start orchestrating change, life will throw up a few curved balls. The positive out of this is that you can rebuild your life on firmer foundations. The lightening striking the tower allows you to see situations and people a s t h e y t r u l y a r e . SAGITTARIUS - Two of Swords Blessed are the peacemakers; is a phrase that you'll do good to remember this week. Your calm and careful handling of tense situations will be much appreciated by associates, which in turn enables you to make personal decisions that bring you peace and clarity of thought. New and intellectually stimulating acquaintances will fast become firm friends or a romantic interest. CAPRICORN - The Wheel of Fortune If you are to get the best out of this week try not to remain fixed in your opinions, closed minded, or continue following routine habits. By allowing yourself a broader outlook in life, you'll attract new opportunities as well as some well needed money luck. Trust that life is looking up so stay positive and keep it up! AQUARIUS - The High Priestess Trust your intuition this week as you’ll be guided to meet people who will make a huge impact on your life in the months or even years ahead. You're becoming more resourceful and more independent of what others say or think; you can now stand alone but without feeling lonely. Others are drawn to you like moths to a flame. PISCES - Seven of Disks Overcoming fear of failure or success isn't easy, but now's the time to work on and banish these old worries. You can succeed by believing in yourself. Having planted the seeds of your delivery, cultivate your new found confidence like blossoms on a cherry tree. You may not be harvesting the fruit

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Astroblog April 2014 Part2

"Ibiza Astrologer

One of the nice things about the planets is that they’re always there. So when we look into the night sky, there they are, exerting the same influence without fear or favour upon the Cosmos, and of course WE and our planet Earth are part of that Cosmos. That’s what enables us to watch the movements, and based on forthcoming planetarymovements we can predict the type of events that will occur. A really detailed study allows us to be more specific in our prediction. Consequently I was able to warn of earthquakes across the globe, and the fog that is the search for the missing aeroplane. It can be reassuring too that the planets work in a sort of harmony, which contributes to the balance of the Cosmos as a whole. Where there is a needed shortage, the Cosmos will instigate action to redress any imbalance. Of course, the Cosmos doesn’t sweat the small stuff, instead, it reacts to the naivety and foolishness of Man (aliens from other life forms too) by correcting their deviation from the optimal course. Man in his wisdom – that naivety I mentioned - meanwhile thinks he knows best and seeks to change the Cosmos, and every move he makes, the Cosmos watches with interest. Man in general has a tendency to believe that ‘more is better’ and consequently takes every good idea and over does it. For example, the idea of building houses on more than one floor is good – but taken to the extreme of 930m high, yes that’s right, 930 metres high seems to me to be overdoing it a bit. The most famous example in the Western world I suppose is the Tower of Babel. Two modern examples being on the wrong track, or being out of balance, are diabetes and heart ‘disease’. Both are diseases of the body, meaning simply that the body is not at-ease or in the balance/harmony that nature originally intended. Both diseases increase at an alarming rate, in disdain of the efforts of scientific medicine which addresses the symptoms rather than the causes of the diseases. The scientific approach by ‘Big Pharma’ – the pharmaceutical giants which have lost sight of healing in their pursuit of profit – can be typified by the analogy: You have a headache? Take a paracetamol! Headache gone…? That proves of course that you had a paracetamol deficiency! It seems to me that both diabetes and heart disease both suffer from scientists trying to be too clever for the patients’ good. Back to everyday astrology and back to the zeitgeist of Pluto in Capricorn, which as you will all recall from previous blogs is the deep clean by the stern schoolmaster revealing corruption in the establishment. Whether UK politicians fiddling expenses, again currently topical, or policemen lying and falsifying evidence, again currently topical, the Catholic Church revealed as abusing and selling orphans and other children in their care, added to which we are made aware of prison guards contributing to the escape of those in their charge. Look across the globe and we see the demise of credibility in so very many establishments and governments – whether it is by manipulation, extortion, murder and torture. People are disillusioned by the ever increasing fascism of establishment bodies that demand but do not deserve respect. ‘More government/law/regulation/ policing/bureaucracy is better’ is clearly not perceived as such by the populous. I came across a fitting cliché in the past week – ‘War is when the government tells you who your enemy is. Revolution is when you find out for yourself’. And what is revolution? Simply going round in a circle – just like the planets! And so you can see what astrologers see…. A continuum of birth, growth, decline and death…. Followed by the same, all over again and again. Seeds on plants do it, birds in the trees do it… and humans certainly do it, and each time, Pluto is in charge. The main event for the coming week will be the Sun shining on Mars – suggesting a phase of the Aries ram going head down towards whatever’s in its path. It could end in tears. Which brings me to a concluding observation; one of my fellow Astrologers heads his website with the phrase ‘Conflict cannot exist where there is humour’. Maybe that’s why Britain is such a peaceful place. I read that in the Ukraine presidential election, a character by the adopted name of Darth Vader has had his proposal and application for candidacy rejected on the basis that it would undermine the election process. In Britain, we enjoy at each election, several candidates for the ‘Monster Raving Loony Party’. Their function? An outlet for those who have become totally disillusioned by the established parties. Hmmmmmm…….. maybe that’s what they’re afraid of in the Ukraine. ‘Many a true word said in jest’ wrote Chaucer. Have fun this week, smile and laugh with the Cosmos. May the Cosmos smile upon you all. Your Ibiza Astrologer.

Breast Cancer revisited

Health Heakthy Living

"Kevin Russell

"James Davis

Breast cancer has been making headlines again in the health news. You may remember about a year ago, that the actress Angelina Jolie underwent a prophylactic (or preventative) double mastectomy after discovering that her chances of developing breast cancer were high, very high. It was estimated that she had almost a 90% probability of getting breast cancer at some point in her life. But new research has given hope to those in a similar predicament. The risk is so high mainly because of the BRCA 1 gene. Many cases of breast cancer have a genetic and therefore familial involvement. According to the National Cancer Institute, the breast cancer genes BRCA 1 (BReast CAncer) and BRCA 2 can increase the risk of breast cancer diagnosis by up to 60%. In Jolie’s case this gene was inherited from her mother who died of ovarian cancer, where the gene is also found. The mutated BRCA 1 gene can be found in both types of cancer. The actual gene is found in everyone but only mutates in 1 in 1000. Because people are living longer, i.e. being cured of or living with other diseases which previously would have cut short their lives, they have an increased chance of developing any cancer. For example the chances increase from 1 in 2000 at the age of 30 to 1 in 13 by the time a woman is 70. Being over weight and a regular alcohol drinker also increases risk. Data also tells us that late motherhood adds risk as does not breast-feeding. Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have found a link between high oestrogen levels and the mutated BRCA gene. They believe the BRCA gene cannot protect itself from high levels of oestrogen naturally found in women’s breasts and ovaries thus leaving them vulnerable to DNA damage. This is important because it may offer effective treatment to mutated BRCA 1 carriers instead of having to opt for a double mastectomy. Clinical trials are to start soon. If you would like me to discuss any health related topic, please get in touch via The Ibiza Sun

Spring has most definitely sprung here on the island, and as the temperatures start to climb and the layers come off, some of us may start thinking about that little bit of winter weight that could have accumulated in the colder months. Through the festive period many of us tend to over indulge and why not? Come the first warmer days you may feel it’s time to get your body moving again and clean up your diet. Spring is a great time to make a commitment to start a healthier eating plan and/or exercise plan, it’s a time of renewal in nature, with vibrant greenery covering the island and clear blue skies overhead, so why not renew yourself, too. We’re blessed on this island to have an abundance of fresh produce, and I’d encourage anyone to ditch the supermarkets and find your local fruit and veg. market at least once a week. Stock up with your fresh foods there (you can often find lots of locally grown produce) and make that the corner stone of your diet, supplemented with fish, meat and poultry. If you don’t buy the breads, cakes, crisps etc, then they won’t be in your kitchen cupboard and you won’t get tempted. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be about extreme diets or denial, but it can be about fresh, local produce, and your body will appreciate the difference inside and out. We’re similarly blessed with more and more active options on the island: from Walking Ibiza’s weekly walks (a great fat burner), through to a multitude of yoga, Pilates, outdoor bootcamp classes and more. Of course there are plenty of gyms too, again with great selections of classes. Grab a friend (you’ll be more committed if you exercise with someone) and check out what’s in your area. When choosing your classes or gym, don’t kid yourself that you’ll be happy to drive twenty minutes a day - local is better to keep you motivated. Try a few different activities in your area until you find something that resonates with you. At the end of the day, exercise should be fun, not a chore, so do take time to explore the options and find something that you actually enjoy.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

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Little Ibizans

Water Baby

"Carly Simonsen Having both grown up by the seaside in Devon and lived on a boat for seven years, by which we arrived here in 2011, water has always played a huge part in mine and my husbands lives. It has a clean, pure, refreshing and mesmerising quality and something in us just yearns to be in, on or near it. My hubby works on boats, dives, water skis, wake boards and sails. Up until I was eight months pregnant I was still swimming a few times a week (it was the only time I felt weightless and free), regularly clambering onto our boat from a bobbing dinghy for a cruise and snorkelling in the turquoise waters of this beautiful isle. We both feel totally at home with water and if the facility were available here, we'd definitely have gone for a water birth. It therefore came as no surprise when my daughter made happy gurgling noises and splashed (Continued from page 11)

you find that you do want to socialise if you can’t drink, do you find it difficult to leave an opened bottle unfinished and how many days on the trot do you drink? DO you find you are forgetful, snappy and less tolerant of others then you used to be? There are many more questions

enthusiastically during her first bath. When she started giggling, blowing raspberries and kicking and swishing so furiously that the tub resembled a jacuzzi, we decided it was high time we took her for a swim. So this weekend, accompanied by her Grandma and Granddad who are visiting from England, my hubby and I took Ela for her first swim. We took her to the municipal baths in San Jose and were pleasantly surprised. They're a far cry from the municipal baths I remember from my own childhood. Gone were the grubby tiles, plasters stuck to the floor, battered, tooth-marked floats and overwhelming smell of chlorine accompanied by streaming red eyes as soon as the chemically cleansed water hit them. In their place were shining tiles, pristine facilities, a huge range of toys and buoyancy aids for the kids and clear, clean water... without a whiff of chlorine or a red eye in sight. Swimming caps are obligatory to keep the place clean and

drains unclogged, so, whilst myself and the mother in law looked less than glamorous, my husband and father in law were happy to be bald! It was worth resembling a prophylactic though to see the joy on my little lady's face. On entering the water, she looked little apprehensive as, at twenty-nine degrees, it was cooler than the baths she's accustomed to. However, once she got used to it, she was kicking, swooshing one arm vigorously (good job we were holding onto the float she was using and steering and supporting her, she'd just have gone around in circles otherwise). She tried lying on her back and stomach on a mini surfboard, kicking whilst we supported her, and being moved up and down in a yellow lobster float with a hole cut out and smiled, giggled, gabbled and gargled all the time. Even when she covered her face in water splashing excitedly, she never batted an eyelid. Other toddlers and kids interacted with her sweetly and everyone we saw was friendly, smiley and making the most of their morning. A fabulously fun hour or so was had by all of us, and at a bargain price too. As residents, we bought a ten swim card for twenty five euros, half the price of the standard adult swim fee of five euros. Furthermore, kids and

you could ask yourself but I suppose one of the most interesting points is that your children have noticed something, enough to make them have a conversation with you which I am sure was not decided upon lightly. How do you feel about the fact that they have come to this point and are concerned enough about what

they see to talk to you about it? The label alcoholic is not important what is important is your health and well-being and that of those around you if this is causing an issue. Take your time to ask yourself some salient questions and next week I shall be publishing details of some support groups around the island

babies swim free on Saturday mornings, so it was the perfect time to take Ela. Even better, after all that excitement and exertion, Ela slept like a log on Saturday night. I'll certainly be doing it again soon. The library in Ibiza Town

"Claire B The municipal library in Ibiza Town has recently acquired about 800 new children's books. They were purchased to expand the collection of reading material for younger readers, on a wide variety of topics, including sports, nature, values and multiculturalism, among others. Some of the books are in English, including illustrated books for early readers.

that you may find useful if you would like to explore the impact of your alcohol intake. In the mean time I thank you for highlighting this issue and encourage others to take time to assess their own drinking habits, a minimum of 2 consecutive non alcoholic days are recommended for those who drink with in the

The library houses over 40,000 titles on a range of subjects and does have a selection of novels in English, as well as films on DVD and music CDs. It also has all the local Spanish newspapers (although I didn’t spot The Ibiza Sun) and a range of magazines, which you can read at your leisure. For those fluent in Spanish it also holds a wide range of literature by local writers as well as general interest and history books about Ibiza and Formentera. The library is open every day: Monday-Friday 08.30-21.00, Saturday 08.00-15.00, Sunday 10.00-13.30. It is located within the Can Ventosa Cultural Centre, Calle de Felip II off Av de Ignasi Wallis.

recommended levels, those who drink more are encouraged to seek support from their GP or one of the well known support groups such as AA Take care, Kate Kate Stillman - Counsellor / Psychotherapist. Land Line +34 971 325 120 Mobile: +34 650 122 554

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

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Sport (Viene de la página 16)

remain 5 points from safety. Elsewhere, Hull City beat Swansea 1-0 at home, and West Bromwich beat Norwich 1-0 at Carrow Road, a result that will, no doubt, please our Ed no end, especially as it resulted in manager Chris Hughton being sacked by ch(i)ef Delia! T'was also the first legs of the Champions League Quarters last week and not looking great for our English clubs as Chelsea lost 3-1 in Paris against St. Germain, and they need a Jose miracle on Tuesday to overturn the tie. Mind you, if the Blues win 2-0 they're through so my advice to Jose is go for broke and play Etoo and Torres! Not quite so daunting for Man U, but still a mountain to climb, as they drew 1-1 at OT against Bayern Munich and could well go through this week if they also go for broke. Good luck to both and wouldn't it be great to have both in the Semis, Man U v. Real Madrid and Chelsea v. Atletico Madrid!


(Continued from page 16)

day between all the stag night participants, some of whom had never been involved in any form of cricket, and picked up a bat or ball for the first time. However, this match practice was much needed by everyone and allowed Martin "Shaggy"Makepeace to pick a side for the Sunday game against Sporting Alfas. IBIZA C.C. vs Sporting Alfas C.C.2nd XI (Benidorm) 30/03/14 25 overs per side Alfas skipper Mark "The Perm"Perman put Ibiza into bat first and tight bowling from the Alfas older and younger players restricted the scoring rate and reduced Ibiza to 49 for 4 after 15 overs, with only Sam "Goodfella"Gooda (12) reaching double figures. So it looked as if Ibiza would not reach triple figures when the boisterous Paul "Peacock" Partridge came to bat and set about putting his regular batting practice to good use, hitting several impressive boundaries in a robust 33 not out. He


(Viene de la página 16)

tention but both cars suffered clutch problems and Sergio Perez took 3rd for Force India in his second podium finish showing their excellent pace, while Gutierrez escaped unharmed from being launched into a barrel

Whilst on the subject of Europe, in Rugby Union, it was the Heineken Cup Quarters where Wilko's defending Champions, Toulon, overcame O'Driscoll's Leinster by the Med Saracens, now England's only reps in the Semis, beat Ulster 17-15 in the Emerald Isle, Munster stuffed Toulouse 47-23 and Clermont beat Leicester 22-16 in France. So, two French, one English and one Irish left in the Semis, and arguably the best 4 teams left live to fight another day. Cricket, and after the England Men's disastrous appearance in the T20 World Cup, which by the way was won eventually by Sri Lanka (who ironically lost to England in the Group matches) who beat favourites India in a great Final, our Women had the chance to take the headlines as they reached the Final of their T20 World Cup however, after taking the Ashes earlier last year, Charlotte Edwards' team couldn't overcome a determined Australia who eventually won by 6 wickets. I know it's only April

but already England's County Championship is upon us and guess what, two of the four initial matches have been affected by rain! Well, there's a surprise, methinks! Tennis, and a humdinger of a tie in the Davis Cup Quarters in Naples, where Our Andy won his first two matches against Italy to put GB 2-1 up, then blew it by losing the 4th rubber to Fognini, and at 2 apiece, it was down to Ward to do the business over Seppi to put GB in the Semis for the first time in 33 years suffice to say, t'was too much for the young Brit, as he lost in straight sets and GB were out! Finally, Golf, and a big week for our Brits this week as the first Major of the year, the US Masters, takes place in Augusta on Thursday so good luck to McIlroy, McDowell, Westwood, Rose, Donald, Clarke, Poulter, et al but also to Spaniards Garcia, Olazabal and Jimenez. Until next week and cheers for now.

was aided somewhat by a rusty Robin "Tree man" Parmenter (16) and the skipper Martin Makepeace (10 not out), to enable Ibiza to close their innings on a respectable if not daunting 105 for 6. All the Alfas bowlers performed well, particularly Keith "Kitten" Perman with 2/12, Jack "Mohican" Perman (2/28), Waqar (1/16) and the wily oldtimer "JB" Braithwaite (1/10), while their fielding was alert and enthusiastic, with several good catches being taken. It was then Ibiza's turn to field and with only a couple of regular bowlers in the side, it was soon evident that it was going to be hard to dislodge the Alfas openers "Mac"Macinry, who scored a steady 25 not out and Abdul who hit several classy boundaries in a run a ball 56, while taking full advantage of two dropped catches early on. So Alfas were able to accumulate the runs steadily in a solid 95 run opening partnership, enabling them to reach their target in the 20th over, and win by 9 wickets. The Ibiza bowlers struggled to reduce

the scoring, with only Jolyon "Gi Joe"Swinburne contributing one wicket towards the end. This was a great weekend of cricket and banter (along with a few beers!), organised by Jonathan Mcgloughlin and Martin Makepeace, so many thanks to them for arranging everything, as well as to all players, supporters and new friends from the UK who contributed with their presence and good humour. Ibiza C.C. stalwarts such as Stewart "One liner"Evans, Dave "Hip hop" Bennett, "Pabs" Ambrose, Steve "The Leap" Balmforth, John "Super G"Benson, Tony "Two barrels"Mcminn, Jimmy “Blue” with his trusty guitar, Graham "Bose" Boe and "Disco" Dave Reynolds (thanks for managing to score!) were all there, and thanks to Sam Gooda for looking after the club kit. Finally, congratulations again to Jonathan for his upcoming wedding and we look forward to the end of season tour in November! RPHood

roll at Turn 1 at the hands of Maldonado. So when the safety car was deployed at lap 40 your immediate thought would be Rosberg for pole – this was not the case, in an epic duel between the two, Hamilton just nicked the chequered flag much to the dis-

appointment of Rosberg who had a few choice words for him after the race! And to general news, Ferrari seem to be struggling a lot with their cars lacking straight-line speed and grip which led to them finishing 9th & 10th – with the Ferrari Presi-

"Jack Wharrie Welcome back pool fans! We're edging closer and closer to the end, soon it'll all be over and the party can start. But before that can happen we still have two weeks of banter-filled pool matches to get through! We'll start with our rescheduled double header from last week. After being unable to face Ibiza Piratas A, Father Jacks rescheduled the match to take place on the same night as they

had to go face Ibiza Piratas B, a classic example of two birds with one stone. First up was Ibiza Piratas B, a match against the champions who were looking to continue their dominance, the odds certainly weren't in favour of a win for the fathers yet in certainly didn't stop them trying, even though the match ended as most would have foretold. Ibiza Piratas B 7 – Father Jacks 2. Following on was their clash against Ibiza Piratas A even after the beating suffered Father Jacks had no quarrels in carrying on with a good fight, which the pirates were prepared and ready for, matching each other game for game... until Father Jacks struck the final blow and got the win. Ibiza Piratas A 4 – Father Jacks 5. Carrying on with Ibiza Piratas A, they had another match scheduled this week and had to travel to the Sun and Moon for another scrap. Sun and Moon have been under the weather after managing to get into 3rd place, since then they have recorded 3 consecutive losses and

dent leaving before they had crossed the line. Maldonado has been handed a 5 place grid penalty and 3 points on his super license for causing the collision which took Gutierrez out of the race, although some would argue it should have been a straight race ban as this is not the first time Maldonado has made such an error. Bianchi has 2 points added to his license for causing a collision and it seems that race

were looking to end that run. Unfortunately they played as badly as ever and Piratas were able to grasp the opportunity and the win. Sun and Moon 3 – Ibiza Piratas A 6. Up next were the final contenders to the title, Ship Inn, and their brawl against the A team of the smugglers. To carry on with their title challenge Ship Inn would need a heavy amount of points from both of the final two games, to do that they would need both skill and determination. However, Smugglers A are valiant defenders of their fort and went down kicking and screaming with all kinds of banter for their share of points, before they were silenced by the opposition. Smugglers A 4 – Ship Inn 5. The invigorated pensioners of Smugglers B travelled over to San An to take on the Fish and Ships squad. Fish and Ships were wanting to end their season on a high as this would be their last match. The home team's plans were washed away, as the full strength of the smugglers B team triumphed and carried on a new run of good form. Fish and Ships 2 – Smugglers B 7. That leaves the Ship unable to catch up in the last game. The winners of the 2013-2014 Ibiza Sun Pool League are Ibiza Piratas B! With that said, the league isn't over yet and for anyone wishing join in the fun and contribute to the banter, the final matches are Ibiza Piratas A vs. Bar Home Ibiza Piratas B vs. Sun and Moon (which has been rescheduled from Friday) and Father Jacks vs. Smugglers A on Thursday and Ship Inn vs. Smugglers B on Friday with Fish and Ships taking the week off. I'm Captain Jack “Sparrow” Wharrie and I think we’ve all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually... ecumenically... grammatically...

stewards are taking the new regulations very seriously. Rosberg is currently leading the Driver’s Championship with Hamilton second, and they seem to be the team to catch this year. So on we go to Shanghai, China (18th-20th April), 56 laps with Schumacher setting the fastest lap on that circuit in 2004.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 10th April 2014, Issue 729

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Sport... Jezza’s Sports Report

"Jeremy Parmenter Hi, Sports fans, hope you're enjoying our glorious weather and long may it continue! However, a word of warning as Easter in Ibiza, whether it be early or late, for the last 15 years that I've b e e n

"Robin Parmenter Very unusually, Ibiza cricket club was involved in a friendly cricket match against Sporting Alfas at the end of March, thanks specifi-

here anyway, always brings rain so lets enjoy it while we can. After last week's comments concerning Ipswich Town from our dear Ed, I hope my mate Ian is suitably impressed that his team Blackburn Rovers received a mention and a photo to boot! On to my raison d'etre and in the Footie Premier League it's all hotting up at t'top with the lead changing hands 3 times in 2 days. First Manchester City led after their 4-1 win over Southampton at the Etihad, altho' I think the score flattered them a cally to the stag night celebration of Ibiza C.C. long-term member Jonathan "Goldcap" Mcgloughlin, who was accompanied by his 2 brothers, Michael "The Deacon" and Andrew "Tubes" Mcgloughlin and a large group of friends from the UK. For obvious reasons that will be the only mention about the celebrations for burying Jonathan's bachelorhood, apart from the friendly, but competitive game of T20 cricket played on the Satur-

(Continúa en la página 14)

Chelsea Keep the Flag Flying tad. Chelsea then took over as they cantered past Stoke, 3-0, at the Bridge and then on Sunday, Liverpool deposed the Blues, after their rather fortuitous 2-1 win at West Ham with 2 Stevie G penalties (1 correct, 1 not!). All to play for then but a biggie coming up this weekend as City go to Anfield in what could very well be a Title decider. Meanwhile, Arsenal, in 4th, were smacked yet again, this time by Everton at Goodison, and now Mnsr Wenger is really looking behind him as the Toffees are only 1 point behind with a game in hand, vying for that all important 4th spot and CL qualification. Tottenham are in 6th after beating poor old Sunderland 5-1 at the Lane and Manchester United, at last on a roll, are in 7th, 2 points behind, having won 4-0 at Newcastle, with new boy Mata scoring a brace and an assist. Talking of the Black Cats it's not looking good at t'bottom as they are now 7 points off safety, but do have 2 games in hand. As for the other 2 sharing the bottom 3 places, Cardiff lost 3-0 at home to Crystal Palace, who look out of the woods now, and Fulham did their cause a good turn by beating Aston Villa 2-1 at Villa Park, but still (Continued on page 14)

José Mourinho was the toast of West London on Tuesday. His Chelsea side galvanised a dramatic late goal in their Champions League second leg tie against Paris StGermain. Demba Ba scrambled a late winner taking both legs to a draw and sending the Parisians out of the competition on away goals. Andre Schurrle got them off the mark on 32 minutes, coming on after an early Eden

Hazard injury Chelsea are now through to the semi-finals. Hazard´s injury would have worried many Blues' fans, none more so than Mourinho. He had gone on record saying that he believed his team would turn around the first leg defeat. The relief at the victory was shown through his famous touchline celebrations, as Stamford Bridge erupted.



"Rhian Gibbs

I was the first to question the sound of the engines and new regulations at the start of the season but if Sunday’s race at Bahrain was anything to go by I was hugely mistaken, an absolutely outstanding race with some fantastic driving and overtaking throughout the track. With Rosberg on pole and Hamilton second it was an easy over take and Hamilton led the race up to the 40th lap with Rosberg a comfortable way behind. But do not think for one minute that this was the only racing going on Daniel Ricciardo rescued 4th for Red Bull, despite starting 13th after his unfortunate grid penalty last week, Williams’ Massa and Bottas hounded Vettel - and each other - in the fight for 6th, which seemed to last the later part of the race with Vettel settling for 6th after being unable to catch Hulkenburg in 5th. McLaren were also in podium con(Continúa en la página 14)

Ibiza Sun 729 eissue 10th April 2014  

Fashionista, essential guide to what´s hot for Summer 2014 : Little Ibizans : Gumball Preview : Ibiza Cricket Club on Tour : News, Views, Sp...

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