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"Nick Gibbs

Frankie Knuckles, known as the “Godfather of House’’ has died at age 59. “It is difficult to imagine Ibiza without house music, and difficult to imagine house music without Frankie Knuckles.” A huge part of the Ibizan success and economy has been built on electronic dance music and Frankie Knuckles is one of the

key pioneers that made it all happen. Knuckles played for the last time at London's Ministry of Sound Saturday. His death is widely reported as being due to a complication arising from type 2 diabetes—but we have seen no official confirmation of the cause. The DJ who is widely credited as one of the founding fathers of electronic dance music, played several times in Ibiza last year including sets at the Ushuaia Tower and Space. Born in the Bronx, Frankie War-

ren Knuckles Jr learned his craft in New York City, where he was mentored by club DJ Larry Levan. His musical innovation developed when he moved to Chicago in the late 70´s where he became resident DJ at the Warehouse Club (from where the term ´house´ music is derived). Disco was on the decline and he pioneered a style of extending soul and R&B records by adding drum machine loops. Knuckles continued to DJ at the Warehouse until 1982, when he opened his own club in Chicago,

Photo Rene Walter

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The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

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Ibiza News “God has a place on the dance floor. We wouldn’t have all the things we have if it wasn’t for God. We wouldn’t have the one thing that keeps us sane — music. It’s the one thing that calms people down. Even when they’re hopping up and down in a frenzy on the dance floor, it still has their spirits calm because they’re concentrating on having a good time, loving the music, as opposed to thinking about something negative. I think dancing is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves. And it doesn’t cost anything.’’ Frankie Knuckles, January 18 1955, to March 31 2014 The Power Plant. As House lit up the dance floors of Europe, Knuckles also became a regular on the growing international club scene, playing regularly in London and Ibiza. During the nineties he was in huge demand as a remixer, working on tracks for Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Depeche Mode and Whitney Houston. Talking about his career to the Chicago Tribune Knuckles said “I would program different break beats and use them as segues between songs and additional beats, I had my own little piece of heaven right there. The people that used to hang out at The Warehouse coined the phrase 'House Music', at the time I was the only DJ in the city playing a sound that they heard nowhere else. When dance parties and regional DJs began popping up on the South Side of the city, to attract the same kind of audience that I had at The Warehouse.... they would advertise that they played 'House Music'." Tributes have been made by many eminent industry figures. Pete Tong posted on Twitter "RIP gentleman genius, groundbreaker, inspiration. Blessed to have worked with you." Ibiza music industry entrepreneur, and man behind the International Music Summit, Danny Whittle said on his facebook feed “My heart goes out to Judy, David, Hector and all the def mix family. RIP Frankie Knuckles you were a musical master and a true gentleman. You will be missed by many” One of the DJ´s closest relationships was with David Morales who said “"I am devastated to write that my dear friend Frankie Knuckles has passed away today. Can't write anymore than this at the moment. I'm sorry." It is difficult to imagine Ibiza without house music, and difficult to imagine house music without Frankie Knuckles.

Ex GPS Boss Handed 7 Years All Inclusive. The founder and ex Managing Director of the GPS hotel chain, Fernando Ferré Cardó, was condemned on Monday to 7 years prison and an 11 million € fine plus another 11 million € for civil liability. The 68 year old businessman was found guilty of tax evasion and other fraudulent activities concerning payments to the state, as well as not respecting the statutory rights of the workers his hotel chain employed. The prison sentence imposed was 74 years short of that asked for by the prosecution who had also asked for an 18 million € fine. Josep Oller, the fiscal adviser of Fernando Ferré, received a 14 month prison sentence and another 11 million € fine. As the convicted men are thought to be insolvent at this moment in time, it appears that the GPS Hotel Group will have to pay the 11 million € civil liability penalty. Roundabout for Black spot Junction. The Balearic Government announced this week projects to make the island's roads safer. Firstly, a roundabout is to be built to replace the junction where vehicles turn towards the airport on the Sant Josep to Ibiza Town road. Also there will be repair work made to the Sant Josep to Ibiza Town road to rectify failings which occurred when the road was improved 8 years ago. For the sports and educational complexes (Blanca Dona) located on the San Antonio to Ibiza road on outskirts of Ibiza Town, the good news for parents is that their children will now be safer. An elevated walkway will be built so that the children can cross the busy dual carriageway where the bus from San Antonio stops, just before the outer ring road roundabout, rather than use the existing pedestrian crossing.

Local Girl's Viral Video . Containing phrases such as “you look after your rosaries and I'll look after my ovaries”, local college student, Astrid Friederichs, has made a 2 1/2 minute feminist video which has gone “viral” on social media networks. The video received over 800 viewings on the first day it was launched on You Tube and is being watched more and more. In saying that she loves the world of video and sound creation, Astrid's video stands for the equality of the sexes. Celebrities Against Mine. Led by ex World Motorcycling Champion Angel Nieto and including other well known business figures, a group of residents who claim to be adversely affected by the noise and working at the Ses Planes quarry in the Jesus area of the island have formed a protest lobby. They have reports from experts supporting their claims that the quarry is too noisy and too close to their homes. It appears that the quarry is not carrying out the required infill and is possibly extracting materials where it does not have the correct permits - such as invading protected forest areas. The residents are complaining that the quarry, which has existed for more than 30 years devalues what could be a valuable ecological area and could support the development of quality tourism rather than a mine! The lorries which service the quarry are also annoying everyone living in the area. Oil Companies Fight Back. The Oil companies who wish to explore for gas and oil in the coastal waters around the island, are fighting back. With the results of a economic study and the prestigious “Deloitte” company in hand, they claim that up to 260,000 jobs could be created if the project goes ahead. There will be a 44.000 million increase in Gross Domestic Product in the year when the oil extraction is at its highest. They expect to produce on average 2.000 million barrels of petrol and 2.500 billion cubic metres of gas. Exports and interchanges in hydrocarbons will over a 15 year period, improve our trade figures by 40,000 million €.

ISes Feixes Natural Marsh Area Protected. The PP Conservative Consell Island Government announced major protection measures for the Ses Feixes Natural Marsh Area which stretch inland from the Talamanca beach. From now on the protected area will cover 80 hectares and there will be increased restrictions stopping building. However, it is thought that the land owners will be given permission if they apply to build rural hotels as long as the plot they own is a minimum of 15,000m2. Presumably this will be an incentive for the land owners in the Ses Feixes protected area to care for their property and keep it as attractive traditional farm land. It has to be remembered that this area was traditionally the “market garden” of Ibiza Town. The drainage channels dating from the middle ages will be restored and recycled water from the new sewage plant in Ibiza Town will be used to try to return the area to the levels of natural humidity it had centuries ago. Over time, bird watching facilities will be installed as will an interpretation centre and an investigation centre. Added to the protection of the Ses Feixes marshes, there will also be more protection for the seabed of the bay of Talamanca and in particular, the sea eel grass (posidonia) reserves. Later in the week it was also announced that the historic military installations, built by Franco at the Sa Caleta cove, will be protected and restored as reported below. Interpretation Centre to be created at Sa Caleta

"Claire B The Consell of Ibiza has announced plans to start work on transforming the old military installation built during the civil war at Sa Caleta after the summer. With a budget of

San An Port Privatisation. Jaime Martínez, Tourist Minister for the Balearic Government, stated last week that craft of less than 7.5m will not pay any more

600,000€ work will transform some of the buildings into an interpretation centre for the nearby archaeological site, where the Phoenician’s settled in Ibiza in the 7th century. Currently the buildings scattered around the site are abandoned, half derelict and covered in graffiti. There are about three former gun emplacements all connected by underground, unlit tunnels, which at the moment you can walk through. I was out there walking last Friday, and the currently excavated site of Sa Caleta is locked up behind a high metal fence, with just a couple of display boards giving you information. You can’t walk into the site or get a feel for what you are looking at, so any improvement and access to this important site will make a lot of difference. The site itself is in a beautiful location next to the sea, with views looking back towards Es Codalar, Salinas and Cap des Falco to the south and towards the cliffs at Sa Caleta beach and Punta Jondal. An excellent location to attract visitors interested to see and learn about Ibiza’s first modern settlement, before the site was abandoned for Ibiza Town. Completion of refurbishing the buildings has been estimated at 12 months, so the centre should be open sometime in 2015.

Comment: Chris Langley

Be wary of announcements of interpretation centres at natural reserves in Ibiza. The Politicians always appear to want to build one at a beautiful protected natural site but then what? The interpretation centre at the Ses Salinas Natural reserve has been finished for ages but still has to be opened to the public. Reportedly all it needs is a clean, a quick touch of paint and it could be open. What a waste of tax payers money for what could be an interesting visit, especially as it is located in an historic church building.

than at present when the port of San Antonio is privatised. Against a lot of criticism from the opposition who defended leaving the management of the

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

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Ibiza News (Continued from page 2)

port how it is at present, Martinez said that a privatised port would be better maintained and offer more comprehensive service to users. He was referring to such things as the maintenance of vessels, dry dock services and the provision of water and lighting to boats in port. Also mentioned were Wi-Fi, dedicated information apps for services offered by the port, as well as onboard services, reservations and catering services etc. Martinez inferred that the image of our ports is the image we portray of our nautical tourist capabilities and that there was much at stake if we got it wrong! Health Minister claims “it is normal for things to go wrong.” The health minister for the Balearic Government, Martí Sansaloni, stated that the tax payer is already paying a canon of 645,000€ a month to the firm that has the concession to construct and administer the hospital even though it won't be open for use by the public until June. The hospital was reportedly handed over to the authorities on the 31st October 2013 as partially finished. It was agreed to start paying the monthly canon from that date, so that this money could cover some structural changes and economic problems that the administration had to sort out before the hospital could open for public use. Apparently, Martí Sansaloni claimed it was normal that things went wrong during the completion of a big project like the new hospital for Ibiza, so the payments were justified. Walking, Hiking and Outdoor Activities Promoted. The tourist authorities announced that last week they attended a specialised tourist trade fare in Paris dedicated to walking, hiking and other outdoor activities. Over 60,000 visitors attended the 3 day event. It was also announced that there will be tourist promotion for the islands carried out over the next few weeks in Poland and Croatia because these are

growing markets for Ibiza and Formentera. For example, last year Polish visitors to Ibiza increased by over 8% reaching an important total of 73,800.

was an old acquaintance of the woman and had planned to flee the island once he had extorted the money from her.

More Books, More Hours

As reported to the newspaper by a reader on the scene in our Postbag last week, a fall down a difficult to access embankment resulted in a complicated rescue by the emergency services. The mum fell down a 5 metre high embankment as she was cycling with her toddler behind her. The incident happened on a narrow stretch of dirt track along the coast near Santa Eulalia. The alarm was raised by the woman's husband who was following behind. Initially a nearby hotel worker used a ladder to reach the injured woman but could only help the slightly injured toddler up to the top of the embankment. The emergency services arrived and by employing ingenuity, strapped the woman to the stretcher and used the ladder as a slide as well as a hoist to lift the woman to a waiting ambulance.

Complicated Rescue Marking International Children's Book Day on April 2nd, the municipal library in Ibiza Town have no less than 800 new children's books on the shelves to tempt tots away from their gadgets. The library will be open longer hours too—from Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 9pm. Illegal Scrap Yard. The police have taken just over 2 weeks to dismantle an illegal scrap yard in the San Antonio area of the island. The site in the country side was full of partially dismantled vehicles and a person reported to be an illegal immigrant was working on the cars. The owner of the site, a 54 year old Spanish man, apparently tried to run off when police discovered a stolen vehicle amongst those at the site. Seemingly, during the process of scrapping the vehicles, the good parts were resold, but tyres and cables were burnt causing toxic residue which is against environmental laws. Girl Found after 3 Days. We are pleased to report that the 13 year old girl from Ibiza who was reported missing Saturday afternoon has been found safe and sound. She was missing for 3 days promoting a Police search. Debt Or Dead! A woman and her daughter residing in Santa Eulalia, received a death threat in February by e mail stating she had to repay a 20,000€ loan, taken out 2 years before, in the next 72 hours or else! After the initial email, the victim also received numerous anonymous threatening letters by post. The victim reported the email to the police thinking that it had come from a “hit man”. Extensive police investigations resulted in the subsequent arrest for extortion of a 45 yr old Spanish resident on the island, who

Policeman Confesses 2.7million€ Robbery


Rafael Rodriguez is a National Police Officer who allegedly stole over 2,76 million € from a shelf in a cupboard on the second floor of the Matutes company's offices in Ibiza Town last October. Rafael apparently confessed to an investigating officer whilst being interviewed in prison on the mainland. The judge in the case has deemed the recordings of this interview were admissible as evidence. The recordings apparently implicated another Police officer in the crime. The second officer, Jose Joaquin Fernandez, is presently on bail as an accessory and the tapes imply that he played a far more integral part to the robbery than was first thought. His lawyers were unsuccessful in getting the recordings dismissed by the judge after claiming that the recording had been made illicitly without a defence lawyer present. Though it appears that the recorded confession allowed the

police to retrieve 1,7 million € of the cash stolen from the Matutes company, it did cause a stir for the victims of the robbery. This was because Rafael claimed that the stolen money could have been “black” (undeclared) money. The Matutes company immediately categorically denied these claims from someone they described as being “a confessed criminal”. They produced expert evidence purporting that all the stolen money was totally legal and also started civil legal proceedings for libel and damages against Rafael over the claims he made in the recording. Police are still searching for the missing “million” which was supposedly stashed in an abandoned car in the San Juan area of the island. So all you walkers out there, this could be your lucky day if you start to check abandoned cars on your walks!!! Hollywood Style Drug Bust at Sea Last February an Italian registered fast launch with a Dutch flag refuelled in Ibiza on its way to Marina Smir in Morocco. The boat was being tracked by a secretly installed GPS which had been placed on the boat by the Italian law enforcement authorities when it left port in Civitavecchia, Italy. They warned the security forces in Ibiza to be on alert when the boat refuelled but let it travel on to Morocco where the boat picked up a 1,100kilo cargo of hashish and departed again heading for Italy. Spanish Police gave chase at sea as the boat entered the Straits of Gibraltar. They eventually apprehended the skipper, confiscating the drugs and 3000€ in cash. Simultaneously there were arrests of members of the same gang in Italy and one member who was in the port of Smir in Morocco as part of the smuggling operation.

in Mallorca and Menorca, bus users should receive a better service. They will eventually be able to use a Google app called “Google transit” to plan journeys and see schedules etc. For the authorities, it finally means that they will know exactly how many people actually use each of the bus services available to the public throughout the island and what level and quality of service is being provided. Jaywalker Badly Injured A man was badly injured when he jumped over a crash barrier on the Avenida Paz in Ibiza Town in an attempt to cross the busy road. Reports suggest he was hit by an oncoming car as he jumped into the road, giving the driver no time to take avoiding action. Aside from the serious injuries to the man, the male driver of the car was also said to be badly shaken and the car had to be towed away. Compensation For Fall. After 7 years disputing the evidence, an Italian woman has finally won her case for 41,776€ as compensation from Santa Eulalia Town Council. Though disputing their liability, the courts ordered that the Town Hall compensates the woman for a fall in Santa Gertrudis where she tripped over iron bars protruding from the public pavement. There were apparently no warning signs and the woman suffered a fractured right humeral bone in her head. New Cemetery In San Antonio. With a 400,000€ budget, work will soon start on preparing the disused Sa Pedera quarry in the Can Coix area of San Antonio so that it can be transformed into the new cemetery for the town. Walking and wine tasting

Better Bus The transport authorities in Ibiza will soon have a better way of knowing how the public transport system is used throughout Ibiza. By installing tried technologies at a reduced cost of only 70,000€ which are already in use

This week Walking Ibiza is doing two special walks on Friday 4 and Saturday April 5. They start in San Mateo and will also include some wine tasting in one of the local vineyards. For details see or Walking Ibiza on Facebook.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

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Artisan Market at San Juan


San Jordi Flea Market


Las Dalias Market




Cala Leña 2nd Hand Market


Natural is San Juan Sunday Market


Once upon a time Fashion Market, Salinas


Gorila Market


Ibiza Port Market







San Antonio Port Market







Paseo Maritimo Figueretas







Passeig de S'Alamera Santa Eulalia






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02 Apr

Wednesday 19o

Small Hippy Market at Playa d'en Bossa

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31 Mar

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29 Mar


Artisan Market at San Miguel

27 Mar



25 Mar

Monday 24

Cala Llonga Market

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23 Mar




21 Mar

Sunday 23

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Hippy Market - Punta Arabi, Es Canar

19 Mar


Las Dalias Night Market

17 Mar

Saturday 22o

Market (s= summer only, a = all year) Mo

15 Mar

Friday 20

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09 Mar


The second ‘Menjant a Eivissa’ (Eating in Ibiza) food fair returns to the Recinto Ferial between April 11-13. Organised by the Consell de Ibiza and FECOEF, it aims to promote food from restaurants on the island at cheap prices. Entrance costs 2€ including one drink or 5€ with 2 drinks. All food tastings are a standard price of 3€ and drinks are 1€ or 2€ for wine. As well as food and drinks to sample, there will be cooking workshops for children from 6 to 12 years old (registration is required) who will be taught how to make simple Ibizan recipes, and there will be wine tasting for adults. 2,700 people attended the first fair last year. It opens on Friday April 11 at 19.00 until midnight and from 12.30 on April 12 and 13.

07 Mar



"Claire B

05 Mar

Weather Outlook

Gourmet Food fair in Ibiza Town

13 Mar


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The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

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Agenda... Thu 03 Apr 14 art El Somni de L'Illa Blanca, Art Exposition, until April 30th , 971301771 / 971393352 Tue-Sat 9.30-15.00/Sun 10-14.00 Museo Puig des Molins, C/Via Romana 31, Ibiza art 34 Ventanas Vivas Al Arte, Art Exposition, running until May 9th Sala de Cultura Sa Nostra, Consell d'Eivissa live Lost Mountain Orchestra 9pm Teatro Espanya, Santa Eulalia, 3€ food Paladi Restaurant Re-Opens for their famous Tex Mex and Sunday Roasts C/ San Vicente 26, Santa Eulalia 669197194 Fri 04 Apr 14 live Xiringuito a Groenlandia, "Mujeres" Concert 11pm Sa Trobada, Ibiza, 10-12€ misc 4.44 Speeddating Oportunity for singles to mingle, chat, meet and have fun 8pm Turo turo, Figueretas, Free registration beach Jockey Club Opening Salinas Beach Sat 05 Apr 14 beach Nassau Beach Opening From 10.00 to 02.00 fiesta Sant Vicent de sa Cala Patron Saint Cala Sant Vicente shop Saturday Markets Held at San Jordi (flea market), Las Dalias San Carlos, Healing is in Ibiza Town sport Balearic Boxing Championships Blancadona sports centre, Ibiza town, from 10€ sport Felanitx vs San Rafael Spanish 3rd division 4pm Sun 06 Apr 14 shop Sunday Markets Gorilla Market San An Bay, San Juan Artisan, Cala Llena Flea sport De Passeig a Passeig, race 10.00 From Vara de Rey, Ibiza, to Passeig de s'Alamera, Santa Eulalia sport Football Sa Pena vs Platges de Calvia Spanish 3rd division 6pm sport Formentera vs Monterrey Spanish 3rd division 12 noon Wed 09 Apr 14 shop Hippy Market 10.00 to 18.00, Punta Arabi, Es Canar food Wasabi Wednesdays at Villa Mercedes Return of the famous Asian tasting menu Villa Mercedes, San Antonio marina, 15€ tel 971348523

Ibiza Rocks in San Antonio

"Claire B Ibiza Rocks has announced some of the acts that will be appearing at The Ibiza Rocks Hotel in San Antonio this summer. Ibiza Rocks is a great outdoor venue for seeing live bands: it’s big enough for there to be a vibrant live atmosphere, but small enough to be able a good view of the performers. Live bands play every Wednesday from June 4, when the season kicks off with the opening party with Haim and support from Breton. Other acts announced so far include Madness, Lily Allen, The 1975, Tinie Tempah, John Newman, Ed Sheeran, Rudimental (Live), Bastille, Clean Bandit, The Kooks, Jake Bugg and Bombay Bicycle Club. More acts will be announced as they are confirmed. Prices start from about 25€ for early bird tickets (depending on the act) and there are discounts for Ibiza residents. Friday nights see the return of We Are Rockstars (W.A.R.), with a heady line-up of DJs each week. Starting on June 6 with Zane Lowe, Gorgon City and Javeon, the line-up includes DJ Fresh, Fatboy Slim, 2manydjs, Mark Ronson, Example and DJ Wire, Redlight, Bondax and Toddla T amongst others. Tickets are from about 20€ with discounts for residents. Â

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

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Ibizans: Charlie Chester & Ibizan: A series of interviews with some of the island’s prominent Artistic, Business and Public figures where we’ll be asking about their private and professional Ibiza life. Charlie Chester and Jo Mills must be amongst the best known expat faces in Ibiza. The Posh and Becks of decks, the Peters and Lee of the party, DJ Jo and Essential Ibiza founder Charlie sat down to talk in Santa Gertrudis—well where else? We are Ibizan ...

"Nick Gibbs Name: Jo Mills-Chester Age: 43 Position: DJ, Essential Ibiza Accommodation, Mum. From: Langley, English Name: Charlie Chester Age:50 Position: CEO Founder Essential Ibiza From: London, English


Charlie, your current work. CC: Essential Ibiza is a very busy online portal for everything Ibiza. From booking club tickets, to VIP to accommodation and news stories—it is as much a digital

covering the DC10 opening party and people are in England or Australia or wherever, they want to read about it the next day.


you have a reputation for getting reports out first. How do you feel when you see other similar websites releasing the same information a few hours later? CC: We take it as a compliment. One of the reasons we get so much traffic is that we are quick getting it out there. We had 1.7 million hits last year, we expect to hit 3 million this year. For example lat year Carl Cox at DC10 we published 5 hours after the last people walked out of the door—that one got us 4,000 likes in 24 hours.

"NG: Jo, your current work.

JM: I've got the Atzaro opening coming expect to hit 3 million this year. For up and then Pacha in example lat year Carl Cox at DC10 we May, and Ocean published 5 hours after the last people Beach Club booked walked out of the door—that one got for the summer. us 4,000 likes in 24 hours.” I'm not touring the DJ circuit any more, magazine as it is a portal. We I'm mainly playing in Ibiza. I'm cover the whole spectrum from busy here, I'm just not doing as DC10 to a retreat. We are big on much international stuff—though speed with events. People want I am playing Bali and 6 weeks in to know right away. If we are Asia at the end of the year.

“We had 1.7 million hits last year, we

"NG: Tough gig. JM: Ha ha, someone's got to do it. It's at the Karma resort. I was meant to be there February but we had to cancel as it's been so busy here. January to March is the busiest time for the Villa bookings on Essential—it has been growing so quickly I just couldn't combine the two jobs, well three if you count my 4 year old.

"NG: DJing and motherhood

can't be the easiest jobs to combine? JM: I have a great network of friends here in Ibiza, all the mums help each other. Sometimes Charlie and I don't go out together—one baby-sits while the other is out late, it helps if you're not both hopeless the following day. I'm not doing as many night time gigs anyway, Ocean Beach Club is perfect during the day.

"NG: What was your journey

to Ibiza? JM: I used to come here on holiday in the early 90´s. I first came in 1987. I hated it and went home early. We were in San Antonio on a bucket shop holiday, we got burgled and I swore never to come back. Then we came back as a couple, when was it Charlie?: CC: 1999. My young holidays were the Norfolk Broads, Southport, where my family are from, and Brighton where my Nan lived, places like that. The first time I got on a plane I was 19.

See Jo Mills at her next gig May 4th; Good Bad Girls at Pacha with Aleksia & Sarah Main . We stayed in San Antonio for 2 was ours for a time. Crazy. weeks and you know I didn't CC: We bought an apartment in really get it. I mean we went “I'd been really good friends with Cirillo to Ku and Es since 1991. He was one of the main people Paradis, but the behind DC10 and he asked Jo to be resithing I really dent—we fell into it, it's the best way of sayremember ening it. … it really took off. For everybody joying was that involved it was right time right place.” we took out motor bikes for 2001. At the same time we fell the day. We went right past here into DC10 and Circo Loco. I'd (Santa Gertrudis) and we went been really good friends with to Portinax. I remember the Cirillo since 1991. He was one of drive back with the sun on my the main people behind DC10 face late in the day. and he asked Jo to be resident— That must have been 84, I then we fell into it, it's the best way of came back in 88 and it blew my saying it. head off. Ended up in Amnesia, "NG: No strategy? same in 89, then in 1990 I came CC: Absolutely none. back here with Channel 4 and JM: Charlie was able to get the about 20 DJs and did a film English involved with some PR about chilling which was massive and it really took off. on Channel 4 that year. CC: For everybody involved it I bounced back and forward in was right time right place. the 90s and then that takes us up to when we came together. We hadn't planned to come and stay. "NG: And home life? You are known as big fans of Santa We came because I was working Gertrudis. with a club in England called JM: We're village bumpkins now. Mezzanine, we ran the Ibiza Mez- CC: Everything is here. Raffy is zanine here near Pacha and then four and a half, the school is you get sucked into it. here, he's getting the Spanish at JM: We had the bar underneath school. Sometimes you realise the El Divino apartments, I think that it's been 3 or 4 days and you it was called El Divino. haven't gone outside the village.

"NG: Essential Ibiza is one of the Island's leading portals—with a reputation for being first to post the parties that matter.

You mean Divinito? I didn't know you had that, I had some fantastic after sessions in there. CC: Exactly! JM: Did you come? yeah that

There's no need to, you're just happy here, but then when you want to get out and about everywhere is easy. You can be in San (Continued on page 7)

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

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Jo Mills

An through the beautiful back roads in 15 minutes. JM: We love being so central. We've been here 8 years now. About the same time we got married in 2006. CC: It's great, after 8 years you know everybody, you get to see everybody. I've just been back to England, bouncing around all over, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds back down to London for 3 days. It was fun, but by the end of it I'm thinking I just can't wait to get back to my little village. JM: It is a unique place. Charming. It has got more and more popular in the last few years. We're lucky we moved here when we did. We've a great place but it's really hard to find somewhere now. CC: The Notting Hill of Ibiza. It feels like that. JM: And it's open all year, winter it's still buzzing. We wouldn't live anywhere else in the world. CC: We bang the Santa Gertrudis Drum all the time.

"NG: You've chosen to

more consistent than I used to be. I've started with Velo Club Ibiza out on the bike. When I started it was just up the road and back. Now I've gone up to 46km. Cycling is not as big here as Majorca, it's a real industry over there, but I think that will change. JM: I like to swim, Raf does too. They go every Tuesday at school, he's really good now. I've done some cookery classes this winter, I like Yoga too. But most of all I'm doing Raffy things. I'm starting at Charlie's Gym next week too. In the summer we love the beach. Nassau is one of our favourites. CC: This year we've said we'll try to down tools at least once at week, as a family and at Essential. Try and pick somewhere every week, say Jockey Club, go down there have a good late lunch and just hang out. We don't do enough of that, you know what it's like.


What's a perfect winter Sunday? JM: To be honest it's so good in the village Sunday. Everyone is dressed up, there's a really good atmosphere. We do like to get out sometimes, we might go to JD´s or Fab for a roast lunch. I've only been to the Olive Tree once but loved it, amazing. Talamanca is a nice beach in the winter.

send Raffy to a local school. CC: You've got to haven't you. JM: It's really important tive, it has to move with owes a debt of thanks to the owner of Hotel he is involved in the Spanthe times. Garbi, Tony Pilau. ish culture. We're living CC: Use Playa d´en Bossa JM: Very true, brilliant here and we want to inteas an example. It had nothplace. He takes all his own grate. ing a few years ago. Then bookings, he really cares. CC: Never thought of goNassau opened and things CC: He has done a great ing to an English school, it started to move. Now job, my parents stayed never crossed my mind. we've got the Hard Rock there for many years. The school system's It's a really good examJo on being asked of her fondest DJing memories:great up to 11, but after ple of the development that nobody is shouting and progress in Ibiza. about it. If he goes to “Lots of fantastic memories from DC10. Charlie's 40th JM: It's great that some Morna Valley from 11 when he stage dived off the ´DJ booth and started a areas are staying tradihe'll get the best of both trend! Everyone who played had to do it & they all did! tional though. It's a worlds. Danny Tenaglia, Pete Tong , everybody.” good balance. "NG: How is your CC: Overall there was Spanish? “When Danny was at DC10 he asked me to play at his that one year about six JM: Rubbish. New York club Vinyl, that was a real honour.” years ago when they CC: It's getting there closed the clubs at 6, slowly. We're learning Hotel opening and a lot of that was rubbish, that didwith Raffy. "NG: What do you people have slated that, n't work. Now you cant "NG: How do the think about where Ibiza but the Don Toni hotel it have clubs opening as Chesters spend their is at, and what the fu- replaces was poor. It caother ones close. I guess ture holds? spare time? tered for low end package CC: I'm into the Gym, I'm JM: I think it's very posi- holidays. The Hard Rock they have will give people an opporEssential Ibiza: In Tribute to Frankie Knuckles: Charlie posted on face- tunity. As Islanders we'll Santa Gertrudis: book Wednesday; be down there using the JD´s: “What started out as a company, family and friends pool, having lunch. It's Bar Fab: The Olive Tree: drink in honour of the big man, turned out to be a big brilliant. celebration of his life. RIP mate.”


It could be said that Playa d´en Bossa

Hotel Garbi: Nassau Beach:

to have some sort of restriction.


What's on the cards for Essential? CC: We're developing all the time but the next big leap will be the launch of a full hotel booking platform within the site. We'll have a booking engine next year. We've been approached to set up Essential Dubai, there is quite a bit of interest there, but it might not be the right time to get distracted. We need another year and a half to get Essential Ibiza where we want it to be. JM: We're a one stop shop for Villa holidays. We work with all the best

agents on the Island. I love to keep my hand in DJing, especially production, I've been at it 22 years. I still get a buzz from it and now I don't have the stress of touring I just get the fun side.


22 years. Do you still make mistakes when you are playing? JM: Yes I do, everyone makes mistakes. It's why I like Vinyl, it's more natural, you can here somebody getting back in and give them a little cheer. Our thanks to Jo and Charlie for taking the time.

(How did we get through the entire interview without one mention of QPR?)

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

Ibiza Markets ...

Hippy Market, Es Canar

"Nick Gibbs Established in 1973 the Punta Arabi Hippy Market attracts thousands of visitors from April to October. Set in beautiful grounds it has become a melting pot of different cultures. Every Wednesday over 500 craftsmen and artists offer a variety creations: crafts, fashion, jewellery, natural cosmetics and original items brought from around the world. All surrounded by performances from musicians, artists and living statues, creating the most unique and unforgettable charm. Get yourself a henna tattoo or a massage, dress up like an original hippie or just relax in the gastronomic areas where

you can enjoy a variety of cuisines including their renowned paella. There is a long waiting list to get a permanent stall at the Hippy Market, in the meantime you could apply for daily stall in a special area called "La Chumbera". Normally there is always space in that area but in the high season (June, July and August) preference is given to those who have had stalls in the previous months. The market runs every Wednesday from 2nd of April to the 29th of October 2014. To apply for a stall you need to download a form from their website and return it with photographs of your products. Â

Fancy the idea of running your own stall? Is the world finally ready for your driftwood lamps? Need to clear out your wardrobe? Or perhaps you just miss having a stroll round the Brit Boot Sales? Ibiza has a market to suit all tastes. Here we show you what, where, when, and how to get a pitch. San Jordi Flea Market

"Claire B The outdoor flea market (rastrillo) at the Hipódromo in Sant Jordi is held every Saturday morning, all year round. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning - looking for a bargain or just meeting up with friends and people watching. Alternatively, it’s the ideal place to sell some unwanted items and make a bit of cash. In the height of summer there are more stalls catering for tourists, but out of season you’ll see lots bric-a-brac and second-hand items. It’s also the place where people leaving the island will sell off any worldly goods they can’t take with them. You’re likely to find everything from the kitchen sink (literally), to children and adults’ clothes, jewellery, household items, plants, books, DVDs, records, electrical appliances, furniture and much more. For a few

euros you can easily brighten up your sparsely decorated rented apartment, find that item you desperately need in your life or boost the contents of your wardrobe. If you like market browsing, bargain hunting or a bit of haggling, you’ll love it. And in true Ibizan fashion, there are usually some drummers and musician’s providing aural entertainment. It’s a big market and can take at

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least an hour to get round all the stalls, but if you need a break there’s a bar inside, a kiosk selling hot dogs and sandwiches, and ample toilet facilities. There’s also a bouncy castle to keep children entertained. Be warned that there’s no shade on hot days and it can be dusty if it’s windy. To reserve a stall in the market you need to go along on the Friday afternoon before from 15.30, although people tend to start queuing for pitches from about 13.30, as they can run out. Also be prepared to wait for a couple of hours or more. Alternatively you can chance your luck beforehand on

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728 Saturday morning, but this can be risky. Costs depend on the size of the pitch and what is being sold, but start from about 4€. The flea market is held at the Hipódromo, Sant Jordi, on Saturday mornings from about 09.00 to 14.00 (or until people start packing up). There’s a car park onsite, but it can get full. The no. 10 bus from Ibiza Town to the airport stops nearby, as does the no. 11 to Salinas in the summer []. Las Dalias, Sant Carles

"Nick Gibbs

Every Saturday, from 10a.m. until 8p.m., a multitude of artisans come together at las Dalias filling the gardens with colours, exotic smells, and fantasy. The market was born on Valentines day, 1985. Since then, the number of stalls has grown to 200. A Saturday in August there can be up to 20.000 visitors. Apart from clothes, jewellery, crafts, musical instruments, paintings, books, and antiques, it is also possible to relax with a massage or get a tarot reading. The market also extends itself to the interior room, the Sky Lounge, and to the new olive tree area. Las Dalias also has a restaurant, a tapas bar, a natural juices point, There are lots more markets in the summer months, but we've got most of the regular /current ones here. See also the quick reference day by day market guide on page 4.

home-made pizzas, and even a bereber tent to drink tea. In the afternoon, the Las Dalias DJ´s play their music in the "Soul Bar" until closing time. Home to the Saturday Hippy Market which runs every Saturday all year from 10am to around 6pm in the winter 9pm in the summer. The Night Markets are open for the summer months from 7pm to around 1am. Mondays June to September, plus Tuesdays July and August plus Sundays August Only. They also hold special festive markets at Easter, Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th April inclusive, and Christmas 13th December to 5th January. The Christmas market runs Monday and Friday 5pm to 10pm, Saturday all day and Sunday 3pm to 10pm. Tel 971 326 825 or reach them online at Â To apply for a stall at Las Dalias complete their online form giving details of your business, and which markets you are interested in. Âh t t p : / / w ww. la s d a li a s . es / mercados/#concurso-mejorpuesto-2013 Saturday Market in Ibiza Town

"Claire B

‘Natural is’ takes place every Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00 in the Mercat Vell in Ibiza Town. There are stalls selling local products, yoga, massages and natural therapies are available as well as live Continued p 13

Page 9 Gorila Market, San An Bay

"Nick Gibbs Newly opened in summer 2013, the Gorila market occupies a huge site on the main tourist street in Cala De Bou. During summer months the market opens several days a week well into the night with stalls offering artisan goods, specialist food and drink, and all amid a lively atmosphere with live music, fire-eaters and many other entertainers. The site has several bars plus bouncy castles and ride ons for the children. This year they will be adding a petting zoo to the market, and we've heard pony and trap rides may also be introduced. In the winter the Gorila market, dominated by it's huge namesake, opens Sundays with a combination of local car-booter 2nd hand stalls, some new goods, and artisans selling their crafts—including our own occasional poet Sheila with her hand knit bespoke bears. The main bar is open and for a change from the Sunday Roast they offer a cooked to order Bar-B-Que at a tempting 10€ for a mixed grill platter. Salads etc also available. Live music is provided from 12 to 2pm by Chris Langley on the guitar—he'll even play requests if you ask him nicely. Being relatively new on the scene the market is building numbers and so currently offers stalls free of charge as an added incentive to traders and car-booters alike. Anybody wanting a pitch can just turn up at 9am—no need to queue and register the day before—and people start packing up around 3pm. Over Easter the Gorila market will be open Good Friday, Saturday and Sunday with some extra surprises in store. For more info contact Pepe on 629 722 720.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

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Postbag Tony Copping It is with great sadness we have to report on the death of a dear friend and fellow walker Tony Copping who passed away on Wednesday 23rd March at Hayward's Heath Hospital after a short illness. Tony’s great love was cricket and he was one of the founding members of Ibiza Cricket Club and also the captain of the team for many years. On his retirement from the game he joined his wife Brenda in the Wednesday Walking Group where he became a much loved member. He was always a pleasure to walk with and a gentleman in the fullest sense of the word. We missed them both when they returned to their bungalow near Eastbourne one year ago but kept in close contact with them so it was a great shock to hear the sad news. From all the Wednesday Walkers we send our deepest condolences to Brenda. Anthony "Tony" 1943 - 2014


For those of you who did not know, it is my sad duty, once again, to report the passing of yet another true Ibiza gentleman, Tony Copping, in England last week. Tony, "Coppo" to his close friends, was born during World War 2 in Exeter and moved to the South East of England where he spent a lot of his working life in Sales and Marketing, starting off as a sales executive, and becoming Sales Director and eventually Managing Director. Being a true Devonian he was heavily in to his sports, including rugby, football, cricket and golf, the first two as a spectator, being an Exeter Chiefs and Tottenham supporter and as a player in the latter two. In fact it was after a game of cricket at Willingdon in 1975, where he was initially a player, then captain, that he was fortunate enough to meet his wife Brenda, by chance,

in the "British Queen" pub and they were married in Eastbourne in 1978. At the relatively young age of 48, Tony and Brenda upped and moved sticks to Ibiza in 1991 and he set up his own business in property management and villa and garden maintenance. Being an experienced cricket "vet" by this time, he played in his first cricket match on the day after they arrived on the island and obviously got his priorities right, joining Ibiza CC where he immediately proved a success, becoming captain in the mid-'90's. He retired from the game around 2005 but certainly left his mark not only on the Club, but also on a number of us younger players, all of whom had the privilege of playing under him, as he was always ready to offer advice and coaching on the finer points of the game. Whilst here he was also able to take up his other sporting love, golf, and spent a lot of his time at Roca Llisa, and, indeed, used to boast of his exploits on this demanding course. In reply we always used to liken his stories to the anglers tales of the size of "the one that got away!" Although not a regular churchgoer, unlike Brenda, Tony supported the Anglican church here and was always involved in helping and assisting in fund raising when required, and supported many causes on the island, such as The Cancer Fund and Age Concern and attended many charity dinners and events. Due to his failing health, and desire to return to England, Brenda and Tony returned to Eastbourne in the latter part of the last decade where they led a quiet life until his untimely passing last week. As Brenda said "it was such a shock because he wasn't ill, as such, but at least he didn't suffer" and, at least, we can be thankful for that. Dearest Brenda, I, on behalf of Ibiza CC and I'm sure, many of his friends here, offer our most sincere condolences on your loss and hope that the passage of time will help. Tony, it was a pleasure and a privilege to know you and be

counted as one of your friends, and you certainly left an indelible mark on the island and your friends here. May you rest in peace. Jeremy Parmenter Chairman, Ibiza Cricket Club

Bingo Age Concern Ibiza & Formentera 3pm, Thursday 24th April 2014, The Olive Tree,Cala de Bou. Refreshments. Raffle - prizes appreciated. l2€. Limited seating, Ring Lyn on 971 346094. Help us to help the elderly

Lost Labrador. Earlier this year we reported that a 3 year old, castrated, Black Labrador dog called “Bear” had gone missing, possibly stolen, from the (Serra/

Benimusa, San Antonio/San Agustin area. He still hasn’t been found. He was last seen on Friday 31st Jan and was wearing a silver choker/collar. If you have any idea where he may be then please call 971 342243 or 606712126. Dear Charity Supporters. Last Saturday’s Charity Walk from Bar Noella in Sta Eulalia was a great success raising the total from the two walks to 1236,50 and I would like to thank everyone who took part or sponsored the walkers. Without your kindness and generosity this money could not have been raised. Just a reminder that this year’s Easter Fair will be held on Saturday 19th April 19-30am to 4pm at Bar del Cruce San Rafael. I’m appealing for donations of items for stalls that will be selling, PLANTS – HOME MADE CAKES – JAMS & CHUTNEYS - JEWELLERY – BOOKS – BRIC A BRAC – TOYS - NEARLY NEW CLOTHES – DVDs – VIDEOS – TOMBOLAS. Prizes are also needed for the raffle which will be drawn at 3pm followed by the Grand Auction will take place at 3-30pm. Donations can be left at Thomas Greens in San Antonio are call me on 971 196394. Thanking you in anticipation of your support and I look forward to seeing you at the fair. Margaret Nawaz.

The Far East

"The 2 Old Rockers Spring, or is it the pollen, is definitely in the air and preparations are under way for this year’s Easter Fairs. On Friday 18th April (Good Friday) there’s a Spring Fair and Mini-Market at Bar Mariposa Pueblo Asparagus Cala Llonga (call for FREE stall availability). At mid-day a giant cheque will be presented to Pep Colamar, President of Cantra Cancer Ibiza & Formentera which is the proceeds from the sale of the Sunshine Girls 2014 calendar. There will also be an Easter Bonnet Competition for both adults and children, so get those creative thinking caps on, plus an opportunity to sample some delicious Mariposa food. Then on Saturday 19th April 930am to 4pm there’s the Annual Charity Easter Fair at Bar Cruce in San Rafael, with stalls, raffles, a Grand auction and more. (See Readers write). Let’s hope the weather is kind and that as many of you as possible will manage to get out and about. We would also remind you that there are Easter parades and church services taking place at various locations around the island giving you an opportunity to see the emotional side of Easter. It's Good to Talk

"Kate Stillman Dear Kate I meant to write to you a couple of weeks ago but it will become clear why I didn’t. I now find myself in exactly the situation I was concerned about and am wondering if you can help me or if I have left it too late? About 6 months ago I finally decided to get some pain investigated that I had been experiencing for quite some time, it wasn’t really bad but I was told I would need an operation and the recovery would be slow approx. 3 months and I would definitely need support at home for lots of things including getting out of bed, going to the loo, washing and dressing for probably the first 3-4 weeks. I have a partner but we don't live together and couldn’t bare the

idea of asking for that kind of help, so, perhaps stupidly, decided not to tell anyone that the recovery would be that slow and said that they would only let me out of hospital once I could do all those basics unaided. I thought I could muddle through and be OK. I was wrong, the pain was discomfort made it impossible for me to the simplest of tasks so after 2 days I had to ask my partner to come and stay, it made a massive difference and I now feel physically much more comfortable and settled but I still feel as though I am weak and a bit of a failure for not being able to take care of myself and having to be dependant on someone for the simplest of things, this I find extremely difficult and wonder how I can reconcile myself with my situation. Yours, MA Dear MA Thank you for your letter and I am sorry to hear that you have had to have an operation. It seems form what you are saying that the difficulty for you is in accepting your situation and consequently asking for help. Acceptance is something that at some point most of us will find difficult to put into practise, there are questions we can ask ourselves for example what exactly am I finding hard to accept, what does it mean if I do / don't accept it, how could my life be better if I did accept it. Of course it is not as easy as simply answering these questions but once acceptance has taken place you then have the opportunity to decide what you would like to do about it, it doesn’t matter what you do, the important thing is that it is your choice rather then something that just happens without the necessary reflection as to why. Asking for help is difficult, it means we have to acknowledge that we are not perfect, not able to do everything and that someone else might be better or more able to help us then ourselves, all difficult concepts to come to terms with but I urge you not to focus on the asking but on the acceptance of your situation and what the asking will bring for you. If the tables were turned I am sure you would not think negatively of anyone asking you for help and you would do all you could for them. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you begin to find it easier to (Continued on page 11)

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728


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come to terms with your situation, take your time to reflect on what this whole process means to you. Take care, Kate

Kate Stillman - Counsellor / Psychotherapist. Confidential counselling in person or via Skype / Telephone Land Line +34 971 325 120 mobile: +34 650 122 554 View from the Pew

"Lynne Pamplin The English-speaking Church on Ibiza In the third week of thinking about the Lord's Prayer, we have reached the words: Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Another way of translating the first part is: Do not bring us to the time of trial. That's the modern version I first learned and it was widely used for many years, until the General Synod of the Church of England decided, in its wisdom, to revert to “Lead us not into temptation”. I prefer “trial” rather than “temptation”! (I am told that the original Greek means test or trial.) Whatever version of the prayer we use, we are bound to meet challenging and trying situations at times, when we have to make decisions about our be-

haviour. We often need help to do this, and that comes in the next bit of the prayer: but deliver us from evil. That's asking God to rescue us from evil situations – he will do this if we let him. The Bible version of the Lord's Prayer stops at this point, but the early Church added a doxology – words of praise to God – and that's our Thought for the Week: For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, forever and ever. Amen. Our God is great, powerful, glorious and everlasting, but he is also approachable, supportive and forgiving. So if you are going through a testing time, ask for his help. You can also come along to the English speaking church, and meet people who have found out how good it is to have God in their lives, for the good times and the bad. God bless, Lynne Pamplin This Week Sunday 6th April: 09.30 BCP Holy Communion at San Rafael Church 11.00 Service of the Word with Praise & Worship at San Rafael Church: Monday 7th April: Lent course 10.30 at S'Hort de Can Masia Friday 11th April: Lent course 18.00 at Can Bagot (Chaplaincy House). Looking Ahead: Sunday 13th April Palm Sunday: 11.00 Holy Communion at Capilla de Lourdes, (main street

through town) #85, Santa Eulalia For information, contact the Locum Chaplain on 971 34 33 83 or email: Letter From Juan

"Juan The weather has picked up again mind you I would really like some rain this week. Why? Well for various reasons, firstly the wells need the water, the plants need the water and on the basis if it rains this week there is a good chance it won’t rain the following week when our guests arrive and that it won’t rain on the Easter parade, wishful thinking no doubt. If we do get some rain it is guaranteed that we will get a full on burst of wild flowers. Even in these dry conditions I have seen some brave Poppies, Spanish iris, Tassel Hyacinth and Gladioli sticking their heads through the hard ground. So if it does rain as soon as the sun comes out get out there in the campo and walk along the lanes and tracks and you will be amazed at what you will see. Talking about amazing plants I came across one in my garden that I had always thought of as a strange looking weed like plant and this year it has appeared (Continued on page 13)

Coffee Break

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Doris Loves The World "Doris, the new age guru Chatty Nan

Soon be time for me to pack files away for good, Policies and documents burning with dead wood, High finance and politics on the funeral pyre, New moon has just moved us into Aries fire, Springing forward clocks now, systems to collapse, Coupled with aches, pains and memory lapse, I've had quite a week of it, vet trips every day, Might soon be arm and leg-less with his bill to pay, Little doggy needed rest after her slipped disc, Maybe she was tapping into my fear of bad risk, Part of me would be happy to sell up and go, But other side wants a pension and a steady flow, Navigating rocky path in these changing times, Churning out weekly couplets in me little rhymes, It's alright, but I sense other things ahead, Doesn't mean it's curtains – books before I'm dead, Stories I've to publish, artwork to create, I'm not on the shelf yet, and it's not too late Remembering times past in a former life, Yuppie in high heels, someone's loyal wife, Roles played and suffered, focusing on cash, In the days when it was safe to have a big stash, Somehow notes and coins still play their heavy part, But won't be long now until we all live in the heart, Sharing in communities, growing local veg, Only funds we will need will be in a hedge Berries, nuts, roots, seeds, green healthy leaves, Someone digging earth while someone else weaves, Dark suits still machinate, undercurrent's strong, So if there's sudden change, an upsurge of song, Will find humans transformed in blink of an eye, Sparkling from head to toe, spirits flying high, Meanwhile I'm still knitting this new form to birth Society more humble, closer to the earth, I've been very quiet living in the wood, Keeping my own counsel, doing deeds of good, But as April fools out time for my fog horn, To be blasted from me roof - or from a new lawn ? I'm not sure what future holds – maybe a new man ? Or a brand new show I'll call "Batty Chatty Nan" ?! Luv doris, the new age guru x email:

Jack's Brainteaser… How many triangles are present in the picture?

Solution to last week's brainteaser. There were 3 men at the lake. A son, a father and a grandfather. So the father here counts as the son to the grandfather and the father to the son. Two fathers and two sons. Answers to last week's crossword

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728


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3rd-9th April 14.

"By Elaine. For Readings Call (34) 619 813 172 ARIES - Hanged Man Patience is a virtue or so some say. It's a quality that Aries are usually in short supply of. This week though, make an attempt to apply patience when dealing with close friends & family. Also, you've too many situations draining your energy so stop making unnecessary sacrifices on others behalf; playing the victim won't serve any purpose. TAURUS - King of Swords It's true your patience is running thin at the indecisiveness of certain people. If you're pushing for a solution; don't use a hammer to crack a nut! You may need to cultivate a political nature & a thicker skin; but by all means inform others you won't be misled or will tolerate your kind nature being taken advantage of again. GEMINI - Seven of Swords When the cats away the mice will play as the saying goes. This means you will have to be extra vigilant protecting your interests. However, there is fairness about this card & if you've done nothing to deserve unwelcome criticism any unscrupulous behaviour by competitors will come to light. Being characteristically unconventional brings you victory in the end. CANCER - Five of Swords Someone else holds all the aces this week so keep your dignity & don't let your emotions get the better of you. It may be humiliating to feel that others are gaining at your expense & this card does warn of underhanded dealings, especially in business. Delays will prove frustrating however, use this time for self reflection & healing. LEO - The Knight of Cups For all you Leo ladies out there this card signifies a new admirer & for Leo men; the chance to meet someone special too. It's not about being serious, just enjoy being in the now. Generally though, it means a week where people are willing to bring you a few steps forward toward achieving personal & career ambitions. Happy days! VIRGO - Three of Disks A good week for business or starting any kind of group endeavour. Funds are readily available & you are able to complete important paperwork that sees a dream turn into a reality. Your abilities are recognised & applauded, especially if you are working for the greater good of many & not just for yourself. Your confidence is riding high! LIBRA - Ten of Wands If you are feeling overwhelmed; then this is the week that you really must ask for help. We all like to pitch in & assist others & Libra's cool assessments of situations are often called upon. However, this time you may have bitten off more than you can chew. You need to concentrate on matters closer to home. YOU! SCORPIO - Nine of Cups After all your recent hard work, time to have some fun Scorpio! This card is just pure happiness so this week look forward to being in a super social whirl. New friendships could turn into deeper relationships & family could spring surprising, but welcome news. Associates will be generous so expect to be given some kind of bonus or reward. SAGITTARIUS - King of Pentacles Powerful people who can directly influence your earning potential will be willing to hear what you have to offer. You have an opportunity to get yourself noticed, career wise, so don't come across as a know it all. Listen to wise words of advice from someone who's been there etc. & you'll have a great week. CAPRICORN - Transformation This card brings changes for the better; ones that you are now ready to make. Life cannot go on the way it has previously your clear out will be very through indeed. We are not just talking about household items, clothes or shoes; you're pruning away people or situations that no longer serve this new journey you've begun travelling on. AQUARIUS - The Devil Resist telling all in sundry your plans are this week. You're usually very open, but this won't serve you well at all! Others may not be as scrupulous as you; there's mischief afoot & you are susceptible to false flattery. Play your cards close to your chest so they cannot profit from your ideas or derail important opportunities through jealousy. PISCES - Princess of Cups It's a good week to start new ventures Pisces. News you've been waiting for regarding important projects gives you get the go ahead. Family wise, the needs of children come first; be prepared for them to take up more time than expected. If working in arts or media; it’s a great week when your talents are recognised.

Recipe Spring onion - sliced A couple of fresh tomatoes - chopped "Danny Ortega A good squeeze of lemon juice A couple of boiled eggs - chopped A good glug of olive oil Boiled potato - chopped into cubes Salt & Pepper A jar of cooked chick peas Tin of tuna (optional) A tin of roasted red peppers - chopped Some might say this is a cop out as there is no real cookApril 2014 Part1 ing involved just some good preparation. "Ibiza Astrologer I'm hoping it will give inspiAnother week and no one can find the missing plane… ration for the next meal you In a world where one country can spot a missile being launched on the other side of the world…. Where a mobile phone signal eat. pinpoints a conversation to within a few yards, when a delivery It is a gorgeous and fulfillvan is tracked as accurately as the average SatNav….. It ing salad to have with any leaves me with a Meldrew moment… “ I don’t BELIEEEEEEEEVE it!!! grilled meat, fish or eaten I’ve heard various speculations over the week – and been on its own as a lovely supasked the fate of the plane…… per. Fate wise it’s difficult without some precise detail base to work from. Given the precise time and place the flight commenced it It also makes a great acmay be possible to do something. companiment for a BBQ. Another branch of Astrology is ‘Horary’, which considers that if Once chopped mix all ingreyou ask the all-seeing Cosmos a question, the chart of the moment will often provide a correct answer. I know several dients in a bowl and whilst Horary practitioners who earn their crust (sizeable too) by the potatoes and eggs are successfully practicing their craft. I hazard a guess that they still hot dress with plenty might have asked, but are not disclosing. Likewise Clairvoyants and Distant Viewers, who uncannily grasp information from the olive oil, lemon juice & seaCosmos. son with salt and pepper to I cast a Horary chart for the missing plane, and while not extaste. pert enough to provide a detailed analysis, three powerful ¡Bon profit! factors stand out: Sudden shock, sea, and earth. Ensalada payesa/Ibicencan salad


While many many cruel hoaxers punish the families of the victims with spurious and fabricated tales, my gut feeling is that this is simply one card being played in the hand of the Pluto:Jupiter opposition, T squared by Uranus. That gut feeling does not give me an answer, but tells me there is a story of truth yet to unfold, rather like the death of Princess Diana. Accounts of both events leave me with a sense of Deja moo – I’m certain I’ve heard this bull**** before! Earlier this week on the 1st and 2nd, the Sun squared with Jupiter, then aligned exactly with Uranus, then on the 3rd it squared with Pluto. Any one of these are worth of comment in their own right, but the combination is almost like Lightning, hurricane and downpour – which do you focus on? Think POWER from Pluto, LARGE from Jupiter, and UNPREDICTABLE from Uranus…… mix in a bottle, shake vigorously, light the blue touch paper and watch what happens! Whether guided missile, unguided missile, explosion or huge conflagration, for sure we will witness a firework display. Parallel to this, Venus the siren is playing with old man Neptune, so a few dreams may be agitated by her seductive ways. However, Venus parallels Uranus, so there’s a surprise/sting in the tail somewhere. In one form or another, I smell jealousy. On the 8th, the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mars which I suspect will manifest in a quantum of moderation. Mars may be warmed by the Sun’s influence and become less aggressive – lets watch for that across the world; at home too! The following day (9th) Mars parallels Saturn, which suggests a firm word or three from the stern schoolmaster to the passing redneck. As we enter next week, we have a busy approach up to the Full Moon in Aries on the 15th. That Full Moon is a crucial one, as it bears witness to a Cardinal Grand Cross, which is an immensely powerful configuration. As an added bonus, the Full moon features a total Lunar Eclipse. Now that WILL be interesting! However, more about that next week! Until next week, spend a moment considering how life might be… and then count your blessings one by one. And enjoy my blessing too, your Ibiza Astrologer.

Chocolate Cheesecake

"Queen of Cakes Most people like chocolate, so this week I will give you a simple but delicious little recipe that everyone can enjoy - even the younger generation can make this one! So a very simple and delicious chocolate cheesecake…. Firstly a reminder of the rules, it has been a while since I posted these so a memory jogger is in order:

Cook with love and Passion! Only cook things you like with Love and Passion!! Use the best quality ingredients. Use the right equipment. Follow instructions. Chocolate cheesecake: (No cook!). You will need a round 18cm cake tin or tart tray. 150g digestive biscuits 50g butter 110g caster sugar 120ml whipping cream 150g dark chocolate, melted. Use a good quality 70% chocolate for best results. 2 tablespoons cocoa powder mixed with a little hot water 1 x 200g tub cream cheese Firstly melt the butter in a small saucepan, now crush the digestive biscuits then mix with the melted butter and 1 tablespoon of the caster sugar. Press the mix into the cake tin use the back of a large metal spoon so that you have an even flat layer. Now place his in the fridge. Melt the chocolate over a pan of simmering water, taking care that the water doesn’t touch the chocolate, stir until smooth and creamy leave to cool slightly. Now whip the cream until soft peaks form, carefully mix in the melted chocolate, then the cocoa powder mix. Blend well and set aside. Beat the cream cheese and remaining sugar together now fold this into the cream/chocolate mixture and make sure it is all mixed thoroughly. Spread the mixture into the tin on top of the crushed biscuits. Freeze for one hour. Remove from the freezer and place in the fridge for about 30 minutes before serving. Serve as it is, or decorate with piped whipped cream, fresh edible flowers or fruit such as strawberries. Enjoy!

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

Community (Continued from page 11)

with this fantastic show of bell shaped flowers. Unfortunately I still have not been able to identify it in my flower books but it only goes to prove that there is so much sense and truisms in the old sayings and Proverbs like “you should not judge a book by its cover”. This got me thinking about sayings so

Markets (Viene de la página 9)

music, artists, craft stalls and activities for children. Natural Is look for artist and artisans connected to the island and merchants who sell local biological products. If that's you contact them on 610 679 751 or online Âw w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / Sunday Market in Salinas

"Claire B The ‘Once Upon A Time’ fashion market returns to the Boutique Hostal Salinas on Sunday April 6. The market will include a mixture of young designers and vintage vendors with rare and unique pieces. Street artists and

I dug out my book that contains such trivia and came across two that interested me. The first is related to what I have to do which is “Cleanse the Augean stables” which means to clear away an immense amount of rubbish a mammoth task and is taken from one the Labours of Hercules, who had to clean the stables of Augeas, King of Elis. Sounds a lot better that saying I have to clear away a 40years old load of accumulated rubbish! The other one I came across was saying “to give someone the cold shoulder” which means to snub DJs will provide entertainment and food and cocktails will be available. Taking place in the garden around the pool, it offers a different shopping experience. Open every Sunday from 12.00 till late. info and stall Â San Juan Sunday Market

"Nick Gibbs Held every Sunday from 10am to around 3pm, the streets of one of Ibiza's most authentic and unspoilt villages come alive with colour in their market of (some very special) local produce and artisan stalls. All set to a backing of music and entertainment, it makes for a fine Sunday in the North. For info on stalls speak to Saigo

Page 13

someone or behave diffidently towards a person and it is supposed to derive from the belief that to give guest a cold shoulder of mutton for dinner was an unfriendly action. Personally I quite

like a bit cold lamb. Hope you have a relaxing week, Yours Juan.

626 249 577.

also sell their famed Bratwurst for 2€. Stalls are strictly 2nd hand goods and no handicrafts are allowed. The best way to reserve a stall is to go along at 2.30pm Sunday when the boss Theo knows exactly what he has available for the following week. Or you can call him on 629675003

Cala Leña Market

"Nicole Torres Cala Lena Flea Market opened it's doors in 2009. Held at the Cala Lena Restaurant, whose gardens are filled with all sort of second-hand bargains, live 60s 70s and 80s music, a decent bar to have a drink or a nibble, and a big home-made paella at 5€ for sellers, 8€ for shoppers. They Sparkling For 10 Years.

This month is the 10th anniversary of Sparkles cleaning and property services, during which time they have become one of the islands leading companies in this field. They have built their reputation by attention to every minor detail and pride themselves in offering Professionalism, Punctuality and Price Sensitive services. Offering cleaning, maintenance, house painting, removals/relocations, their objective has always been to leave clients in no doubt that they made the right move by choosing Sparkles. We wish them continued success for the future. If you would like a quotation, or wish to join the Sparkles team then call 600 643876

Please support the Ibiza Sun advertisers without whom the newspaper would not be possible.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

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69 by Proteas skipper de Villiers with 25 off one over from Dernbach (why, oh why, was he even in the squad!), at least the 3 Lions made a fist of it, ending up losing by only 3 runs. However, worse was to come, as on Monday they were humiliated by Holland (yes, Holland who aren't even classed as a Test playing nation and not in the World's top 10). We thought it couldn't get any worse but having kept the Dutch down to a seemingly attainable 135 odd, to at least gain some credibility, England were blown away scoring only 89 all out. Point to remember, guys, you cannot expect to win any cricket match, be it 5 dayer, 1 dayer but especially 20/20, if you don't score a boundary in 10 overs. Nuff said! In Tennis, a big weekend for GB coming up as Our Andy and his team face a daunting task against Italy in Naples to make the Davis Cup semi-finals for the first time in 36 years. Forget the tennis, it's the passionate and baiting Italian crowd that they should be worried about! Finally this week a reader complaint, not against me but against our new Ed! Said reader, being an ardent Blackburn Rovers fan (no name here 'cos he wants to be anonymous but we'll call him Ian to save any embarrassment) took exception to the photo last week, featuring Championship team Ipswich Town. His complaint was that if our Ed can put a photo in of his own team in my report why no mention of other teams in the Division? Now this could open up a whole can of worms because I rarely mention the lower divisions mainly be-

cause I don't have the space available, so I'm going to sit on the fence on this one hand over to you dear Ed!  Comment Nick Gibbs

I will endeavour to apply editorial objectivity in all aspects of the newspaper, all that is except football where I draw the line. The paper is and ever shall be in my tenure, openly biased to Ipswich Town. Perhaps I should follow the Cardiff chairman's lead and change our logo from Red to Blue and White? That said I am always pleased to hear from another non-Man Utd/ Chelsea etc supporter and so I hope ´anonymous´ will be placated to some extent with this small (no space left) photo of a good day at Rovers.

Local Football


San Rafael hosted a Santanyi doomed to relegation in a game where victory would see the home side pull away from the relegation zone. Rafael started in confident mood and eased to a 2-0 lead at half time with goals from Fisher (26mins) with a superb finish after a cross from Adri and from Adrian Ramos with, when, oneon-one he nutmeg’d the keeper. The second half was as easy for the home side, but Santanyi started to get a few more tackles in but the match was marred on the 59th minute when a coming together between Ramiro and Ramos, ended with both of them sent off for violent conduct. It

Formula 1 (from back page) with (Viene de la página 16)

berg went for two and though he couldn’t quite hold off Alonso, he was able to finish a bold fifth 2014 Drivers’ Championship (After Malaysian Grand Prix) 1 Nico Rosberg 43 points 2 Lewis Hamilton 25 3 Fernando Alonso 24 4 Jenson Button 23 5 Kevin Magnussen 20 6 Nico Hülkenberg 18 7 Sebastian Vettel 15 8 Valtteri Bottas 14 9 Kimi Räikkönen 6 10 Felipe Massa 6

Jenson Button sixth for McLaren. Hamilton said: “I’m incredibly happy today. This is my first win in Malaysia after eight attempts and to do it for our Petronas family in their home country makes it even more special. Onetwo finishes don’t happen very often and this is a real achievement for the team. It’s all down to the team. They have done a fantastic job and I have to say a huge thank you to everyone here at the track and back at our factories who have been pushing non-stop to get the car where it is. Finally, I would like to offer this victory in tribute to all those affected by the tragedy of

Page 14 didn’t end when they left the field, in the entrance to the tunnel it kicked off again with team mates “adding” to the situation. Another member of the Santanyi bench was also sent off and two of the San Rafael team getting yellows. San Rafael made the game safe on 80 mins when Nil lobbed the keeper from edge of the box to secure the valuable three points. MANACOR 2-3 PENA

Pena will look at this game and will think what could have been, as they went 3-0 up within 35 mins, with an overhead kick from Ramiro on 15 mins, Paolo on 28 mins with a header and Ayrton on 34 mins with a superb solo effort. Then things became less one sided when just before the break Seral was sent off for bringing down Sete in the box, and changes were made as Alexandre was replaced by the substitute keeper Moro, who nearly managed to save Barbon’s penalty, but at the break 1-3 was the score. Manacor came out with more purpose in the second half and with Pena trying to kill the game by playing deeper and with everyone behind the ball it was looking a shrewd move until the 71st min when Manacor scored their second through Torrejon. Manacor then set about the task of getting the equaliser but just could not find that last killer touch and keep Pena’s hopes of a second straight title still very much alive. Mallorca B beat Rotlet-Molinar 6-0 at home to keep their lead to 4pts. MERCADAL 1-0 FORMENTERA

Formentera dropped important points in their drive for a play off place with Alcudia drawing away at Collerense, Poblense winning away at Montuiri 0-1 and Binissalem hammering Campos 4-0. Formentera needed points to fend off these challengers but

MH370. A special mention also goes to my step-mum Linda for her 50th birthday tomorrow!” With Rosberg following up his Australian GP victory with another podium, Mercedes have overtaken McLaren in the constructors’ championship. Lining up third on the grid after qualifying, Rosberg took Vettel off the line. He said: “I had a great start again, even though it was tight with Sebastian. It was very close at the wall and I just closed the eyes, went for the gap and did it. Later I was able to control the pace and to defend my position against Seb, but Lewis was out of my reach, so congratulations to him for his

"Jack Wharrie

spot. In the end their attempts were futile as the Ship steam rolled over them. Ibiza Piratas A 1 – Ship Inn 8. The following night The Ship Inn had to take on the stronger pirates, Piratas B, in a match between the top 2 sides, a clash between titans! The leaders started strong, showing what made them top calibre material as they took game after game, leading at the half-way point 4-2. As we know though, Ship Inn is not a team to go down easily, as they fought back to tie the match even at 4-4 before the final game. After the tension simmered and the banging ceased it was the piratas who came out on top and still in the driving

seat. Ship Inn 4 – Ibiza Piratas B 5. Now after the match between the top 2 teams we go to the third placed team, Bar Home, as they hosted the Fish and Ships squad. The banter was flying yet again in the home away from home as both teams raised cues and never gave in until the final ball, which was justified as it was another 4-4 decider which went down to being a double black ball finish! As the final ball went down Bar Home shouted in glory at their latest victory, an extra bit of trivia is that this was Bar Home's fifth consecutive 5-4 victory. Bar Home 5 – Fish and Ships 4. Finally we come to the derby of San An Bay as it was Smugglers vs Smugglers, the pensioners vs the youngsters! The pensioners felt like a brand new team after the return of 2 of their top players and it showed, as the pensioners took the lead early against the “Death or Glory!” tactics of the A-team. The young guns were relentless in trying to regain a hold on the match, digging down deep, although all they found was more and more banter. In the end though the old boys showed their experience and put the youngsters in their place. Smugglers B 6 Smugglers A 3. Next week it's Fish and Ships vs Smugglers B Smugglers A vs Ship Inn and Sun and Moon vs Ibiza Piratas A on Thursday and Ibiza Piratas B vs Father Jacks on Friday with Bar Home taking the week off. Matches start at 9PM but can be subject to changes to time and date. I'm Captain Jack “Sparrow” (Continúa en la with páginathe 15) Wharrie and “popular ladies” is my middle name. Well, that and “danger” and “freedom” and possibly “Craig”. Depends on who you ask, really...

win.” Mercedes-Benz Motorsport chief Toto Wolff was delighted to convert pole and P3 into maximum points. He said: “It doesn’t get any better than a one-two finish – congratulations to everybody in the team, at Mercedes-Benz and at Petronas who worked so hard to make this happen, it was a controlled race from the first lap and Lewis and Nico did a fantastic job in very demanding conditions” Hot prospect Daniel Ricciardo’s

seems to have taken over Lewis on the bad luck front. His hopes of challenging for a podium were dashed when Red Bull messed up one of his tyre stops and his car had to be pushed back down the pit lane into the box. The Australian was then penalised by FIA race stewards with a 10second stop-go penalty for unsafe release. The day did not get any better for Ricciardo as post race he was hit with a 10-place grid penalty for next week’s 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix for Red Bull’s unsafe release.

Welcome back pool fans! With the league nearly over it's become very clear that one team has been head and shoulders above the rest. However, with the end in sight, it has been noticed that a possible uprising may take place. With a gap to fill can the Ship Inn managed to overtake Piratas B in the final weeks? Read on and find out... First we'll start with some unfinished business from last week. The Ship Inn haven't been on top form recently, after 2 consecutive losses and a week off they had to come back to face Piratas A, who were hoping to put an end to the hopes of the Ship and aid their pirating brethren in the quest for the top

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 3rd April 2014, Issue 728

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Classifieds & Local Services Classified Ads Items for Sale under 200€ - free Items for Sale over 200€ + services, rentals, jobs etc—10€ per 20 words Add a photo—5€

Terrace, stunning seaviews, A/ C & fans, Tourist Reg. Only 199,000€ Tel 971 326 017 or 638 953 412

Removals Ibiza-UK from 30€ per sq metre, UK-Ibiza from 50€ psm. Regular monthly trips. No load too big or too small. Phone Paul on 674 939 345 or 0044 (0)7910007814 (no texts please)

For Sale Pet Chauffeur Accompany your pets to their new home with experienced animal-carer/driver. Fully licensed service. Denise 952197187/696233848

Rubi Rapid 62 Tile cutter. Very little use, excellent condition. 35€ Tel. 971 196820 or 608 876377


PEUGEOT 206SW XS 1.4 90cv 2004, 99,700kms, petrol, ITV 03/2015, A/C, Roof rack, Tow Bar for Rent bar, Excellent condition, 3200€ San Antonio. Food + music o.n.o. tel.628020427 Licence, Big terrace - Ready to open. 606010747 / 619622369 Builder's Labourer

Reduced For Quick Sale! Magnificent apartment on Pueblo Esparragos, Cala Llonga. Fully renovated to high spec. Chic & Stylish throughout. 3 bed, 2 bath (1 ensuite) Lounge with dining kitchen,

5 weeks work for a builders labourer in the San Carlos area. Experience/common sense & transport essential, fuel negotiable. 10€ per hour. Please call 646 025 993 or leave message on 971 801512

House or Apartment Wanted to Buy Cala de Bou/Port des Torrent/ San Augustin/Ses Paisses areas.

To 200,000€.

Minimum 2 bed, Minimum 90 m2. Will

consider renovation. Private Buyer Tel 609 850 765

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their game plan didn’t go to plan at the 5th placed club. In the first 5 mins Domi had headed against the crossbar and Mas shot just wide from a cross from Caldero. Formentera tried to play slowly to take the sting out of the game, but without much luck, with only Piquero playing up front on his own, he was being muscled off the ball to easily, giving the home side plenty of possession to attack Formentera with. Caldero was running the show from midfield and it was unsurprising that he was involved in the opening goal. Just before the break his pass found Mas in the box but Argilaga brought him down crudely and Caldero converted the penalty in the 3rd minute of injury time, which made the home supporters “Bovril” taste much nicer. Formentera changed to a more attacking line up for

the second half but they just could not break down the stubborn Mercadal defence. Their only effort fell to the sub Moreno, whose long range shot hit the crossbar on 50 minutes and from then on in it was very much even Stevens. The home side managed to hold on to the win and close the gap between 3rd and 6th to just 4points. Next Week Pena play hosts to Platges de Calvia Sunday 6pm. Formentera are at home to Montuiri, Sunday at noon and San Rafael are away to fellow strugglers Felanitx, Saturday 4pm, as always, see you there ..

Restaurant for Rent in Es Carpet & Curtain Cleaning Canar. Now's the perfect time to Fully equipped kitchen and bar. Big terrace. Has bedroom + bathroom in the back. Economic Rent! Contact Juan Pedro 699797762

spring clean your sofas, carpets & rugs. We also clean mattresses, all in your own home. For prompt/reliable attention call Vicky on 639 678 854

Sport Jezza’s Sports Report

"Jeremy Parmenter In the Premier League it's all change at the top with the mighty Liverpool, stunning 4-0 winners over Tottenham at Anfield (well, there's a surprise!) taking over from Chelsea, after the Blues came apart at Crystal Palace (who, I might add, thoroughly deserved their win) losing1-0. Could have been worse for the Blues as Manchester City didn't take advantage and could only draw 1-1 against Arsenal at the Emirates. So, if the 'Pool win their remaining 6 games, they will be Champions but, and there's always a but, they still have to play Chelsea and City, albeit at home. Everton took advantage of the Gunners draw as they pulled even closer after their 3-1 win at Fulham, and are now breathing down Mnsr Wenger's neck for that allimportant 4th spot and CL qualification. Manchester Utd may be getting their season back to-

“Saturday 5th April 9pm, Balearic Boxing Championships, Blanca Dona sports centre (outskirts of Ibiza town) Tickets 10€, ringside 15€ ”

gether after their 4-1 win at OT against the Villa and are now only 2 points behind Spurs while Southampton, in 8th also smacked 4 in their win at home to Newcastle Utd. At the bottom, it's not looking good for Sunderland as they lost yet again, this time 2-1 at home to West Ham, Fulham look as if they're down and out, and West Brom and Cardiff, 17th and 18th respectively, battled out a 3-3 draw at The Hawthorns. Finally, Norwich look safe despite their 3-0 defeat at Swansea and Hull lost 1-0 at Stoke, but both are looking safe. It's Champions League time again this week, and our last two reps need to do some real damage in the Quarter Final first legs if they want to progress. Man U take on Bayern Munich on Tuesday at OT and Chelsea go to Paris for their tie with PSG on Wednesday, so good luck to both. Cricket and England's attempt to win the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh took another massive blow as they were knocked out by South Africa in their second Group match. Set a daunting target of 197 to win, featuring a whirlwind San Rafael 3, Santanyi 0, Local Footy P14 (Continúa en la página 14)

F1: Rub of the Grey For Lewis "Nick Gibbs Starting in pole position Lewis Hamilton lead the Malaysian Grand Prix from start to finish in a faultless performance. Shrugging off the technical problems and misfortune that have blighted the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 star in recent races, he crossed the finish line an emphatic 17 seconds clear of Silver Arrows team-mate Nico Rosberg, as Mercedes claimed a podium one-two – the team’s first since Juan Manuel Fangio and Piero Taruffi at the 1955 Italian Grand Prix. It was Hamilton’s second win for Mercedes and his 23rd Formula One career victory, and one of his most commanding. Reigning F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel finished third for Red Bull, and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso was 11.4s behind Vettel at the chequered flag, having clawed back past Nico Hulkenberg’s Force India in the closing stages. Where all of the leading runners opted for three pit stops, Hulken(Continúa en la página 14)

F1 Coming to Ibiza? Following last week's report of a great year ahead for Motorsport in Ibiza, petrolheads have even more reason to get fired up with news that a Formula 1 travelling exhibition will visit the island in October. Announcing the event Ibiza Councillor for Tourism Cllr Prats said plans were at an early stage but “we are confident that we will succeed.” Organisers of the road show Bavaria City Racing have staged the event in cities across Europe including Moscow Dublin and Rotterdam, where top drivers including Alonso and Button have made guest appearances. Though F1 is the main attraction the event will also feature vehicles from the world of Superbikes, Supercars, Touring cars, Formula 2 , World Rally Cross and Drifters. Prats said the exhibition had the potential to generate 15million€ and would attract visitors on week long and short stay tours around the various events, to be held over the weekend of 11 and 12 or 18 and 19 October on a circuit in Passeig Joan Carles I and Avinguda d' Agost 8. (Note: the Autocross detailed in last week's report has been postponed from 30th march to 13th April)

Ibiza Sun 728 eissue 3rd April 2014  

Frankie Knuckles RIP : Charlie Chester & Jo Mills : Ibiza Market Guide : Formula 1 in Ibiza : News, Views, Sport and More from Ibiza´s Engli...

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