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Balearic Superstars News that over 20% of Hotels in the Balearic Islands have increased their Star rating in the last year has received enthusiastic praise at the all

cussing on the promotion on gastronomy, The I.T.B. is regarded as one of the premier culture & new technologies to woo the world. tourist industry events globally and the Ger- The stand includes paintings, sculptures & a man market is well known for their high wall panel created in the 60's & 70's by Joan Miro, an international artist with local links. expectations in standards and service. Calling on Ibiza to capitalise on A “Chef In” gastronomic event was held to the improvement in Hotels with highlight the modern culinary techniques more direct flights throughout the being offered by the restaurant sector and year, they also levelled criticism visitors were invited to try out a “Virtual at the trend towards low cost Tourist” experience alongside big screen airlines & the tourists they at- video projections. tract. The German buyers high- Though trade reaction has been very positive, lighted that tourists brought to the event costing 223,274€ has not been the island by traditional tour op- without it’s detractors. Ibiza & Formentera’s erators stayed longer, 10 days as tourist ministers again raised concerns that opposed to 4,4 days on average, the Balearics should have their own independent stand as do the Canary Islands, not & spent 40% more. 2 The 380m Balearic stand is fo- as is the case now be part of the “Turespaña” National Government TourMore Tourist Trade News On Page 2 ist agency allocated exhibition space. • Ukraine Strain—Counting the Cost of the Run on Whilst admitting there had the Ruble been improvements in de• West End Warrior—PP President Panteloni sign & customer friendlilaunches Legal Action against PP controlled San ness, Ibiza & Formentera still claimed there was too An Town Hall. much emphasis on Mal• Sunny Outlook for Playa Sol Staff. lorca, our biggest • Hospitality Unions Threaten Summer Action by competitor, at the 10,000 Ibiza Members expense of the smaller islands. • Top Profits for Ibiza Hoteliers

important Berlin Tourist Trade Fair.

Passport Fees Drop From 7 April the UK passport fee for customers applying from overseas will be reduced by £45 for adults and £28.50 for children. The new fees are Adult £83.00, Child £53.00, and the Jumbo 48 page Child & Adult passport £91.00. Announcing the news Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire said the reduction is possible as a result of efficiency savings following a return to processing and issuing overseas passports in the UK. Coming Up: step by step guide to renewing your UK passport.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

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Tourism & Trade Ukraine Strain, Counting the Cost of the Run on the Ruble The conflict between Russia & the Ukraine has already led to a 20% drop in Russian tourist reservations to Ibiza via the one weekly direct flight. This figure could increase if the situation develops further as it is leading to a devaluation of the Russian currency which in turn is reducing the spending power of these potential tourists. This week sees the start of the tourist trade fair in Moscow which will help predict more accurately how this growing tourist market for Ibiza will evolve.

Top Profits for Hoteliers Exceltur (the association aimed at improving the quality of the Spanish tourist industry) has reported that Ibiza is the most profitable location in Spain to

have a hotel. On average in 2013 hotels in Ibiza made 81,90€ from each hotel room which represents a 4% rise in income & 5% increase in employment when compared to 2012. Sant Josep was amongst the top 20 tourist destination in Spain in terms of increased profits & employment in the tourist sector.

Hospitality Unions Threaten Summer Action by 10,000 Ibiza Members The two big unions (CCOO & UGT ) representing workers in the Hotel, Catering & Commercial sectors are threatening industrial action as summer starts. Apparently insulted by the employers wage rise & summer bonuses offer, the unions believe that if they accept the new agreement, in the future, the negotiations will be at individual hotel & business level rather

On The Waterfront

than collectively as at present. In their opinion this will be equally as negative for their members as for the Hotel & business owners etc. Asking for support from the 10,000 plus workers they represent in Ibiza, the unions said that their action would disrupt things this summer but, if they won, then their workers would have a better & more peaceful summers in the future. The next round of negotiations is on April 9th, just before Easter!

receivership of the company is apparently in favour of the hotel chain being sold as a block rather than suffer any form of asset stripping. It seems there are 2 interested third parties interested in taking over the whole group. The presiding judge refused to allow the present administrators to bid for the troubled chain.

Sunny Outlook for Playa Sol Staff.

Joan Panteloni, President of Ibiza’s PP Conservatives, has told the PP Conservative run Town Hall that he is starting legal proceedings against them over the law they introduced last year to reduce opening times in the West End. Panteloni is himself a bar owner in the West End and negatively affected by the new regulations which impose earlier closing times and other measures considered by many business owners in the area to be an unfair restraint on their trade. Panteloni is calling for a return to the old closing times of 4am for pubs & bars and 6 am for Discos and Cafe Conciertos (Bars with live music licenses).

It was announced by trade union representatives that, though in hands of the courts & in official receivership, the hotel chain “Grupo Playa Sol” will continue to trade as normal for the foreseeable future. More encouragingly still in terms of employment stability, the judge directing the

of wood, it provides a smooth surface to walk on and is also perfect for people with pushchairs and wheelchairs. Whilst reaction has been generally positive the opposition groups in the Ayuntamiento de Ibiza (PSOE-Pacte, Epic y ExC) have criticised some aspects of the plans. In particular they consider the erection of a new building in the El Martillo area, unnecessary, instead arguing for the whole area to be a square for public enjoyment. They also say that the regulation of traffic needs to be agreed with the city of Ibiza. The plans put forward will be debated later this month.

Claire B Plans have been announced by The Port Authority (La Autoridad Portuaria) for the development of the south pier in the port of Ibiza now that the large ferries no longer dock there. The plans focus on providing more mooring berths for boats and on transforming the area around the waterfront The existing building which housed the ferry terminal and ticket offices will be demolished and the pier will be transformed into a public square. A new smaller, single-story building will be constructed to provide services to boats using the area, and plans include an area for public use, including a tourist office and toilets. Access to cars (and thus parking) will be limited to those needing access, with the area predominantly given over to pedestrians. There will also be a cycle lane. Work on the project costing 8 Computer simulation of the area after redevelopment. Photo A. P. B. million € will begin in September 2014 and should be completed in time for the tourist season in May 2015. Since the ferries to the mainland moved to the new port, the Perspex barriers have been removed, and a new boardwalk has been constructed along the water’s edge. The combination of landscaping using a row of potted palms and flowering plants together with night time illuminations result in a pleasant area to take a stroll along the waterfront and admire the views at all times of day and night. Constructed

Ibiza PP President launches Legal Action against PP controlled San Antonio Town Hall.

Smaller Small Business. Statistics released this week indicated a 20% decline in the number of small businesses operating on Ibiza & Formentera between 2005 & 2010. More alarming still the figure had accelerated to 30% in the short space of 2 years between 2010 & 2012. This equates to a drop from 4031 small businesses in 2005 to the 2.844 that exist today. These closures have been experienced throughout the islands but the borough of Sant Joan & Formentera island were worst affected.

Hypermarkets Are Go. Hypermarkets are now allowed in San Antonio. Against the wishes of the small shop keepers association on the island, the PP Conservative led Council in San Antonio voted in favour of planning law changes last week. These will allow the size of shopping facilities to increase in certain areas of the Town from the previous maximum of 350m2 to a new maximum of 5200m2. This law change allows big Supermarket chains to install on the outskirts of the town but will also

Fines to €600k for Laughing Gas Heavy penalties will be imposed with immediate affect for anybody caught selling Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide) in public places. The gas, which has become prolific in some areas of Ibiza, is dispensed into balloons using a simple handheld kitchen creamer. It is then inhaled by the user for what is described as an intense all be it brief euphoric effect. Sale of the Gas has increased largely due to it’s highly profitable margins, with each canister costing no more than a few cents and balloons selling for up to 5€ each. The new legislation classes the sale of gas as a grave offence under the public health laws reflected by heavy fines ranging from 24,000€ to 600,000€. It may be that the laws have little of the intended effect as in other countries where it’s sale has been outlawed, including the U.K., other derivative products not covered by the legislation have soon taken it’s place.

allow similar developments in quite central areas such as the Avenida Dr Fleming, the regularly gridlocked road connecting San Antonio town to the bay. It is suggested that apart from big commercial premises, new bars & entertainment complexes will also be allowed in these areas. This is causing a lot of speculation as to how the town could develop in the future and if we will see new centres of night life in areas outside of the sea front and West End.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

Ibiza News Welcome... More Money For Consell The Balearic Government has announced this week that they will make legal changes to increase the funding they give to the Island based Consell Governments, to run the services they are responsible to provide for the inhabitants. Under the new law, the total budget will increase from 215,3 million € to 254,8 million €. Of this, the Consell in Ibiza will receive a legal minimum budget amounting to 36,5 million € & Formentera 4,1 million €. Seemingly, the Balearic Government will always be permitted to proportionally increase the budget but never designate less to either island. The increase in the legal minimum of the budget has been worked out after taking into account such things as population increase, the number of under 18 year old residents & the population over 65, as well as the number of unemployed. Mallorca, as the biggest most populated island, still gets the lions share of the budget receiving 74,8% of the 254,8 million € but the Consells of Formentera & Ibiza were reportedly happy with the new deal.

Nearly 100kmph too fast! A 36 year old man with a Moroccan passport was stopped by police last week as he was “clocked” travelling at 154kmph in a 60kmph restricted speed zone on the road from Sant Miquel to Ibiza town.

Radio Therapy Green Light In direct response to the demands of local people suffering from cancer & “fed up” with having to travel to Mallorca for radiotherapy, the health authorities have put out to tender the contract to install & maintain the necessary facilities to carry out the treatment at the new hospital in Ibiza & in Menorca. Valued at 17,4 million € the treatment will be available in Ibiza by December of this year. The hospital itself is still under construction but will be finished by June according to Balearic Government Health Minister Martí Sansaloni. This might not mean that the hospital will start work from this date as this will depend upon the doctors & heads of departments deciding when they will switch from the old installations to the new. June is possibly not the best time of year for a move for most medical de-

partments as it is in the middle of the hectic summer season. Whilst on health matters, it was reported this week that life expectancy on Ibiza is just under 82 years which is on par with most of the rest of Spain.

San Jose Health Centre. The New San Jose health centre, which finished building in 2011, will open finally for public use on the 1st April. It is expected that over 9000 local residents will start to receive primary care at this long awaited installation.

Motorcycle Tradgedy. Marc Márquez Clapés, a well known 17 year old from Santa Eulalia tragically died at the weekend in a motorcycle accident. Whilst riding in the area of the promenade known as Ses Estaques at 6.30am, it appears that Marc, hit 2 temporary security barriers which had been placed there to protect work being carried out. Death was seemingly caused by head injuries when he hit the 2 barriers & was thrown from his 49cc bike. The youths crash helmet was found 8 metres from the body creating speculation that perhaps he did not have the helmet properly fastened. As a popular local lad, soon after the accident friends & family gathered at the site to pay respects to the victim who was said to have loved motorbikes.

17 Year Old Attacked. Police have mounted an island wide search for a man who allegedly sexually attacked & abused a 17 year old local girl on some waste ground on the outskirts of Santa Eulalia last week before fleeing from the scene. As the victim is an under-age minor, the police are not revealing many details of the case but it is thought that the forensic scientists have collaborated her accusations. As the days passed without any arrest being made, it appears that this lack of information from the police fuelled a flurry of seemingly unfounded rumours on the social networks suggesting such things as the existence of a “serial hooded rapist” on the island & possibly 4 more victims. Both police & the Town Hall strongly denied these rumours as having no foundation in truth.

Drug Dealer Arrested A 28 year old Spanish man was

… to my first edition of the Ibiza Sun following the change of ownership from Dan Darvey to myself Nick Gibbs. I decided several days ago I would write this column as the very last job once the paper was otherwise ready to go to print. I didn’t expect to be doing it as I now am at coming up to 4am having missed the print deadline by 5 hours. I won’t bore you with the details, nothing quite so unattractive as a man whining. It is what it is and though disappointing it won’t be the first time in Ibiza something was frustratingly delayed. Though the last few days have been beset by barriers in technology, administrative process and other assorted nonsense, the overall experience getting to this first edition has been hugely positive. It’s all about community and I think sometimes we forget how lucky we are on that front in Ibiza. Sometimes the bitching and squabbling and feeling everybody is in your business can get a bit much. We seem to have gossip and rumour to an artform and it permeates every level of life from who’s after who’s boyfriend in a workers flat through to the secrets behind a super-club’s finances. But there is a reason we are like that, it is like some huge bickering family, but there are way more benefits to drawbacks. If you’ve ever moved to an unfamiliar area of the UK you’ll probably know what I mean. We returned to the UK when our son was born. Thought we’d have a cool year in central London. Rubbish. People are just miserable. It was after that sojourn that we moved into the Bay. We’d always lived in Bossa and Figueretes before, didn’t really know anybody in these parts. Within a month we had more friends here than we’d found in London over 18 months. People are more interested, open, engaging in Ibiza and along with the weather that’s what I think keeps us here after the appeal of partying 5 nights a week dulls down. This community spirit/self preservation society/busy-body-ness can sometimes feel overbearing but it also shows itself in so many really positive ways and it

stopped & later detained for suspected drug dealing by the Guardia Civil as he walked along a country road near Cala Tarrida. As the Police vehicle ap-

has really hit home to me in the plans for the newspaper. People have been so keen to help and get involved, I just can’t imagine it happening so readily back in the UK. I think the newspaper has something of a community brief and I think it can go further in working with and for the community. Whether this is in supporting the West End businesses and workers in their fight to reverse last years licensing restrictions, or being the hub for a float in the carnival, it’s great that so many people want to help. Reflecting this community participation we have a great team of new contributors adding to the scope and content of the newspaper. Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce the writers and our plans. For now a lack of space and lack of sleep limit me to a big collective thanks, you’ve got to love Ibiza and our one big, usually happy, family. Nick Gibbs

Danny Whittle Interview P6 Many thanks to Danny Whittle for talking to us. I hope readers enjoy it and it is great for us to have somebody of Danny’s calibre in this special edition. Way back in the 80’s my first real job/profession was that of a Careers Officer. A big part of the job was to try to assess the kid’s motivation often on the briefest of interactions. It has stuck with me ever since. It has just become a habit. Danny Whittle strikes me as what we’d have tagged a builder. (ob nothing to do with construction). I wouldn’t win any armchair psychiatry accolades for that assessment—the evidence is pretty clear. Anyway I am not writing this to prove a point, it is just that the old careers officer habit made me think about it and what it means. Danny is right when he talks about an automatic nervous reaction to any big plans in Ibiza and I’d never really thought about it that way. It shouldn’t matter if I personally like Ushuaia, nor if I’m told some terrible fact about treatment of staff at a Super Club, Ibiza needs these builders, the people proached the man was seen to throw a haversack into the nearby trees. Once retrieved by the police, the bag was found to contain 100 doses of methadone

Page 3

who get stuff done and keep us moving forward. Think about Ibiza without everything that has opened in the last 5 or 6 years—it would remove a big percentage of the buzz on the island. It wasn’t so long ago we only had the 7 sisters, but can you imagine that now? Ibiza would feel empty. I have to hold my hands up to being pretty negative about 123 but now I think about it I don’t know why. How could it have done me any harm? I’m not negative in other aspects of life—for example I refused to slate Paris Hilton as I’d never heard her play anything so was in no position to judge— but it is that default reaction we seem to have to any new big venture in Ibiza—suspicion and scepticism. It’s not about whether we like the personalities or the venue, we should at least acknowledge that without these builders Ibiza’s vigour and economy would take a big hit. Time to turn it round. Don’t care how big it is, what music it is, how political it is, what the family name is, just be positive until there is a reason to be otherwise.

Dan Darvey It has been a privilege working for Dan Darvey over the past 3 years. For those that do not know Dan has combined the Ibiza Sun with his big beachfront apartment complex in Cala De Bou. Many of the development’s you’ll see in the newspaper have been ongoing discussions and ideas between the two of us over time. Reality of the situation for Dan has been that whatever could have been done in theory, it’s pretty hard to find the time when you have the 24/7 demands of 300+ guests . He is a very busy chap in the summer and I’m amazed he has managed to put as much into the newspaper as he has.. The only reason I can now print this revamped paper is because Dan got it to this stage, and I’m sure he’d say the same about the founder Chris Langley before him. So a big thanks Dan, and here’s hoping that’s complimentary enough to retain my staff discount at the hotel bar. Thanks for everything Dan. & a bottle of a strong tranquillizer.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

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English Language Cinema at Teatroespaña Sta Eulalia.

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Her (2013) 6-30pm Fri 21st, Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that's designed to meet his every need. Staring Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson

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The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

Active Ibiza...

Walking Ibiza Claire B Toby Clarke organises regular guided walks around the island under the guise of ‘Walking Ibiza’ and last Friday and Saturday (March 7th and 8th) the walks were from Playa D’en Bossa to Dalt Vila and back. I joined Toby and his group of walkers on the Friday, starting at 10.00 at the far end of Playa D’en Bossa. There were 9 of us in the group, plus Toby and his dog Cosmo who usually accom-

panies him on the walks. Toby was born in Ibiza but moved back to the UK when he was a child. Wanting to escape the rat race and return to his roots, he moved back to the island with his wife. He knows the island like the back of his hand (he’s walked around the entire coast twice). His regular walks (of varying length and difficulty) follow a tried and tested route and along the way he will entertain you with stories and interesting facts about the area, the landscape and plant life. The

3€ Walking & Cycling Tours... Claire B. The Ajuntament D’Eivissa is organising a series of walking and cycling tours around the area until the end of May. A great way to explore the Ibiza and keep fit at the same time! It is advisable to buy tickets in advance as it’s cheaper and your place will be reserved. Walks are 3€ in advance, 5€ on the day. Cycle tours are 4€ and are limited to 100 participants. Full details and how to buy tickets are at:

Sunday March 23




(Salinas beach) 09.30 – From Piscina Municipal Es Viver Route: Playa d’en Bossa – Sant Francesc – Es Cavallet – Torre de ses Portes – Playa de ses Salines. Return is by bus to Piscina Municipal Es Viver at 13.30

Sunday April 13

Walking: Gertrudis


09.30 – From Bulevard Abel Matutes Route: Plaza d’Antoni Albert

(Bulevard) – Puig d’en Valls – Camí Vell de Sant Mateu – Santa Gertrudis. Return is by bus at 13.00 and there’s also an option of Paella lunch, returning at 16.30

Sunday April 20

Cycling: Santa Gertrudis

10.00 – From Bulevard Abel Matutes Route: Eivissa – Puig d’en Valls Camí Vell de Sant Mateu – Santa Gertrudis -Eivissa Distance: 24 km Level: easy to medium (some steep, short climbs)

Weekend 3+4 May

Cycling: Formentera

3 rides over 2 days in some of the best natural places on the island

Saturday May 17

Moonlight Walk

21.00 – From Piscina Municipal de Can Misses Route: Piscina Can Misses – Can Negre – sa Coma – Camí des Fornás – Parque de Bomberos Return is by bus at 23.30 (if you have trouble with the short link, this is the full web address: portal/images/stories/ pdf/2014_Rutasciclistas_senderi smo.pdf)

walks are taken at a leisurely pace so that you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery that Ibiza has to offer. We started our 12km walk towards the old town of Ibiza on a sunny, warm, Friday morning. Most of us chose to walk barefoot along the 3km of beach (the longest on the island) at the edge of the sea. As we walked, Toby told us how he started walking seriously when he got his dog Cosmo, and realised how much he enjoyed it as a way of seeing the island. Numerous walks later, Walking Ibiza was born. We didn’t stop until we got to the end of the beach where we paused for a drink and for Toby to tell us about the posidonia sea grass that is washed up on the beach. From there we carried on following the coast, walked along the beach at Figueretas, along the promenade, over the rocks around the Los Molinos hotel and up the dirt path at the bottom of Los Molinos below the old windmills. You can pretty much walk from Playa D’en Bossa to Ibiza Town and Dalt Vila all along the coast. At the end of the path we turned inland and headed up the road that circles the city walls and takes you to the back of Dalt Vila. Here we stopped for a short break whilst Toby told us about some of the history of Dalt Vila (the high town) and that he wasn’t allowed to give us a guided tour inside the city walls as he isn’t a registered guide and could be fined. We entered Dalt Vila, walking through an illuminated passage through the thick stone walls, which show you the extent to which the city was fortified to keep out invaders. From there we took a break by the edge of the wall below the old castle, and looked back at where we had walked from at the end of Playa D’en Bossa. Carrying on along the walls, we stopped at several of the bastions to take in the view, looked at the statue of Isidor Macabich and paused in Plaça D’España. Then we walked through the narrow cobbled streets in the town looking at some of the buildings on the way, passing the old hospital and the shrine to Sant Chiriac on the way up to the cathedral. From there it was back down through the walls to where we had entered Dalt Vila. I left the group there to carry on their journey back along the coast to Playa D’en Bossa and enjoy their lunch at the end. It was a thoroughly

Page 5 enjoyable and illuminating walk with an amiable and knowledgeable guide and a lovely bunch of people to chat to along the way. The walks are a great way to see the island, keep fit and meet likeminded people. Well-behaved dogs can be taken along too. Lunch is usually organised afterwards in a local restaurant for anyone that wants it, or walkers are advised to take a picnic if that fits the location and schedule of the walk better. The walks are by donation (suggested 10€ per person) or what you feel the walk is worth to you. For full details of future walks see

More Walks Walks are also organised regularly by the Ibiza Walking Association around different parts of the island, and these are free for anybody to join. For more information see their Facebook page. Another interesting option is Walk & Talk Ibiza who combine guided walks with Spanish lessons. FB Walk and Talk Ibiza

Endurance Fitness James Davis Welcome to the first instalment of the Ibiza Sun’s new fitness and outdoor sports column, aiming to bring you fitness and nutrition tips, along with the highlights of the island’s many and varied fitness events. We’ll also cover the latest trends in fitness from around the world, look at different training techniques and have you up to speed on knowing your Barrecore from your Barry’s Bootcamp. This week we’re highlighting a few of the island’s more endurance led events, including the little known (in expat circles) round the island mountain bike race. Although many of you may have glimpsed peleton’s of lycra clad men snaking along the roads through winter, the sporting side of the island is largely overshadowed by its more hedonistic activities. In fact Ibiza and Formentera have a very lively racing calendar for biking, running, swimming and all things in between, with events every month, and often weekly through the cooler months. For those perhaps inspired by London 2012 and looking for a challenge, you have time to prepare for an Olympic distance (1.5km swim, 40km cycle, 10km run) triathlon taking place amid the beauty of Formentera on September 21st

Or if you really, really want to challenge yourself, and just giv-

ing you time to recover from those closing parties, there’s a half-Iron Man distance (2km swim, 90km bike ride, 21km run) from Figueretas on October 19th If you’d like to ease yourself in more gently, then why not take part one of the frequent and popular Duathlon crosses - these events skip the swim of the triathlon and instead have you out in the incredible natural of Ibiza’s country side for a spot of mountain biking and running. For example, on the 15th of March the Cala Basa event boasts a more manageable 6km run (in two sections) and 9km bike ride with stunning view of Es Vedra, or take part in the Sa Talia mountain run on the 30th, and opt for a 10km or 13km course (a great resource for details of these events is Finally, if you’d like to get to know the island better then you’ve got the option of a three day round the island mountain bike race from April 18th Or if water is more your thing (and you’ve got the time) spend 5 days circumnavigating Ibiza on a stand up paddle board in the Ibiza Sup Magic Xtreme It starts on September 22nd and hopefully you’ll wind up in Playa d’en Bossa on the 28th for well deserved cocktails and dancing. Of course half the fun of these events is the social side, they’re not only a great way to get fit and have fun, but to meet local people, and see the island from a new perspective. Events invariably end with smiles, paella and beer, and even your fitness writer isn’t going to argue with that.

Marathon Man Well known San Antonio business man Nathan Viva is running the 2014 London Marathon in aid of the British Royal Legion. Nathan is aiming to raise funds to buy wheelchairs for World War Two veterans. Please support Nathan by making donations through his online charity link as follows: www.virginmoneygiving .com/NathanViva

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

Page 6

Ibizan: Danny Whittle Ibizan: A series of interviews with some of the island’s prominent Artistic, Business and Public figures where we’ll be asking about their private and professional Ibiza life. Danny Whittle has rarely been out of the spotlight in recent years. Here he talks about the early days and family life, the truth behind Pacha, Booom, Eden and 123, plus an insight to his current projects IBZ Entertainment, the Ibiza Music Factory, and the hugely successful International Music Summit. We are Ibizan ...

Nick Gibbs

Name: Danny Whittle Age:51 Family: Married to Sally. One Son, 5 year old Danny Junior. Home: San Mateo, Ibiza From: Stoke On Trent Job: Owner & Founder of IBZ Entertainment and the International Music Summit. NG: Take us through your Ibiza journey please Danny. I first came here in the early 90s with Renaissance. I was working for them in the UK and we decided to put on some parties over here. We started with the one event in Privilege with Manumission, and then the following year we moved to Pacha. Then I moved to Ministry of Sound running their Pacha night. I then started Home at Space with Darren Hughes, The famous 22 hour parties. The owner of Pacha’s son Hugo, asked if I would like to come and work for Pacha full time in Ibiza, and I moved here 5th of January 2000. We’d just done the millennium on Bondai Beach with Carl Cox and 20,000 people. It was a great way to mark the end of one era and the start of another completely different life. I started to programme all the nights in Pacha, everything except Flower Power really and stayed with them for 13 years. NG: What was life like when you first came over? As part of the deal with me coming here I was set up by Ricardo in a little house just outside Santa Gertrudis. It was a great place in the forest with a pool, a fantastic way to step onto the island. NG: An important counter balance? Absolutely. Working in Pacha was pretty full on. You need to get away from it all and be in your own little paradise. I quickly got a dog, I didn’t want one but a friend’s wife brought him to me and I’m really grateful for that. He was a fantastic dog. They were good times. NG: Santa Gertrudis seems to have an enchanting effect on those who live there. How

We live near San Mateo, but we still think of Santa Gertrudis as our patch. We found a nice piece of land on a hill overlooking the ocean, then had to wait 3 years to get the licence to start building. We’ve been in there 5 years and it’s fantastic, like a dream come true. For a boy that grew up in a terraced house in Stoke on Trent next to the pit to end up in a villa with views over the ocean—I consider it part of my evolution.

did you find it? I love Santa Gertrudis. I like the history around there too. I was walking one day and found a NG: Danny Junior is 5, roman coin. It’s incredible when how’s your Lego? you think 2000 years ago some- I’m amazing at Lego but more one dropped that and there’s a importantly so is he. He’s doing link between that one guy two Technics and even reads the inmillennium ago, and you picking structions, he probably gets that it up. I’ve got a great book, The from his mum. It’s something I History Buff’s Guide to Ibiza, never do. I’m you should read it. I more the sort love that about “it’s fantastic, like a dream of person who Ibiza, it’s got a come true. For a boy that just tips it out great history. grew up in a terraced house of the box gets NG: When did in Stoke on Trent next to and stuck in. you meet your the pit to end up in a villa We also do a wife? with views over the lot of cycling. I met Sally when just we were doing a ocean—I consider it part of We’ve taken the Hip Hop and R`n´B my evolution.” stabilisers off, party in Grial during the winter. It was great fun so up to now its been mainly and a good change of pace from round Botafoch which is a pernon-stop House. Sally came in fect area to learn. I’m sure we’ll one night with a mutual friend soon be on some of the great and after a few weeks I plucked cycle paths down near Salinas up the courage to ask her out. On and around San Miguel and our second date we discovered Gertrudis. we had the same birthday. We We also do a lot of swimming, were married 2 years later on he’s a real water baby now. It’s our birthday, which is great for great to get past the stage when me - I just have to wake up once every swimming pool is a potena year and say Happy Every- tial death-trap. thing. NG: What is a perfect winNext came Danny Junior, he’s ter Sunday for the Whittle five now and its been the fastest family? 5 years of my life. They change We all love a Sunday roast and so fast, I still think of him as a at the moment our favourite pub baby yet he’s running around is the Olive Tree in San An— speaking 2 languages. they do a great one. NG: How are you coping When it’s warmer we might go with the Catalan from school? more for somewhere like YeOh forget it, but he goes to manja. I’ll get up with the boy Mestral in Ibiza Town which is and we’ll leave Sally in bed with mainly Castellano then English. a book while we go off to Mel’s

on the prom in Santa Eulalia for a really good English breakfast. Then perhaps a bit of Lego building and out for a good Spanish fish lunch

NG: Some people might be surprised that you’ve any personal life at all. Over the past couple of years your name has been connected with so much at the centre of Ibiza’s Electronic Dance Music industry it was like there were half a dozen Danny Whittles out there. You must get tired of explaining it all but when we contacted you for an interview we talked about having an opportunity to set the record straight in black and white once and for all. As far as Pacha goes I’ve no problem talking about it, but I do have a big problem with people making stuff up when they have no idea. The reality was I had taken things as far as I could go. I worked with Ricardo, Hugo and the family for 15yrs. Their ideas changed and their kids started to come through with their own direction. The relationship is so close that I will always have a very soft spot for Pacha. It was really a situation that it had reached a natural end. They are my friends, I won’t have a bad word said about them and they have done great job building one of the best nightclub brands on the planet. After leaving Pacha I met with Giuseppe who is a very confident man with great drive and determination. Working at Booom was so stressful, just getting it open was such a struggle that every other man I know would have given up. Giuseppe didn’t, he kept going, and I have to doth my cap to him for that. The thing was I’d set up IBZ entertainment by then and it became clear I couldn’t give both the attention they deserved. Leaving was about what I wanted to be doing and where I needed to put my attention not about anything

It’s a fantastic school the teachers are absolutely awesome. My wife is Ibicenco, as Ibicenco as they come, the Riera family. Her mother was English and came over in the 60s. Sally went to university to train as a translator and so in the family we have the older members talking to him in Catalan, Sally in Spanish and me in English. He has absorbed it, it is amazing how he can flick from one language to the other. NG: And your Spanish? Yeah it’s not too bad, I get by but in my business I deal with a lot of English people. If I have to speak Spanish I can, my wife makes sure of that. NG: Where do you live now?

IBZ Roster ...

Fabric Favourite Marino Canal

• Andy Baxter • Alex Wolfenden • Clara Da Costa • Dene Antony • Francesco Diaz • Harley Maxwell • Hutch & Mason • Jason Bye • JP Candela • Jamie Roy • Marino Canal • Manu Gonzalez • Roland Nights • Samu.l • YAX.X

wrong with Booom. Eden came up at what was a pretty crazy time. I met the new owners in May and they wanted me to join as a consultant. It was a very different demographic to Booom and I’ve always believed San An deserves a really good club so I agreed to get involved. Part of the problem is that San An has two good clubs side by side. What it really needs is one big one. They wanted me to use my experience and contacts from 20yrs working in electronic music and 15yrs in a nightclub. I started advising but it soon became clear that they basically weren’t listening to a word I said. I ended up putting in some of the DJ’s but I felt the point they were really missing in San Antonio was playing to your demographic. Ibiza Rocks do it perfectly, Ocean Beach Club do it perfectly, Tony Truman and the boys there have done a great job. They know who their customers are, they know what they want, they charge accordingly and the success has followed. I think the Eden people wanted it to be more of a club that would work in Ibiza town I think they were charging way too much on the door and way too much for drinks. The competition is different in San Antonio, and half the bars and shop there are promoting tickets for places outside of San An. The guys from Eden had their own ideas and I respect that. It’s not about saying who is right and who is wrong but it was clear they were going down a different path and so it was right to step away. NG: do you think your views have been borne out by Eden’s decision to bring in Gatecrasher this year? Yes I think it does totally. I’m sure Simon Rain from Gatecrasher has got a better idea of how to cater for kids of that age. NG: the Ibiza 123 event had massive ambition, how do you reflect on that now? The experience was difficult. You come up with all sorts of politics, not just from the government but also other businesses. It’s how the whole island ticks. There wasn’t the support you’d hope for. We were trying to attract another 20-30k people to the island in the first week in July. This would be to the benefit of everybody involved in the tourist trade. The reaction in Ibiza to any big plan is pretty nervous, people think is this going to affect my business negatively. Pino Sagliocco is a fantastic promoter. For somebody that put Freddie Mercury and Montserrat and Spandau Ballet and all the others into Ku to be involved was a big thing for Ibiza. People like Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, to be playing Ibiza was an incredible idea. It just became too difficult. People were spreading rumours (Continued on page 7)

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

Page 7

about it being cancelled, artists weren’t attending, all sorts of nonsense. It was getting totally out of control. NG: Do you resent that? You know what yes I do resent it. It’s narrow-minded. For example I’ve always been a huge fan of Ushuaia and I know lots of people who are not. I’m a huge fan because I think they have attracted more people to the island. They have made a huge impact on Ibiza and I don’t see any of the clubs quieter because of Ushuaia. I love what the Matutes family are doing in Playa d’en Bossa. Tourist areas need that level of investment to keep re-inventing themselves, you can’t stand still. I’m a big fan of creativity and fresh ideas. NG: The International Music Summit seems to carry universal support. You must be quite proud of that? Sure but it wasn’t an easy start. We lost money for the first 3 years and it was made difficult to put on events around it. In Ibiza. if you stick at it, you’ll eventually become an institution and people leave you alone. It’s all about getting through those first few years. We did our first IMS in LA last year and we’re on our 6th in Ibiza. This year we’ll have 1000 delegates and we’re excited about moving to the new Hard Rock Hotel. The owners have really stepped up, in fact all of the team at Hard Rock are doing a great job for us. Tell us more about your two latest projects, IBZ and IMF.

tory. It is a creative hub, where we could take the offices that we need for our company, then rent out the rest to young businesses that have some kind of link to electronic music / music in general. The idea is for an environ-

More Information ... IBZ Entertainment, Ibiza Music Factory, (contact via IBZ) IMS, The Olive Tree, theolivetreeibiza@gmail .com, 971 34 09 07 Mels,, 619 274 251 Yemanja,, 971 18 74 81 The History Buff's Guide to Ibiza, Emily Kaufman, Pub Tarita

IBZ Entertainment is a management agency where we represent different artists. It’s not just electronic music, we have a rapper, music producers and so on. We also programme events and festivals. Its really about creating a sort of one stop shop for artists and people who need artists. An important part of the business concept was to build this place, the Ibiza Music Fac-

ment where likeminded people meet on a daily basis, exchanging ideas and potential business, plus the benefit in working among other creative people. We’ve already got a really good mix. For example Sankeys have their office here, we’ve got Ibiza Digital Media a young social media management company who are doing really well, then we have Open Lab Radio moving in right now, it’s a really good mix.

Music Artists

NG: And the agency? IBZ is going really well. We are all very happy with where it’s at. We have 17 clients on the roster. We’ve brought in some great names, well known in electronic music and particularly the Ibiza scene. We’ve got some really good up and coming new artists, and some guys are making a real break through. We never wanted to go down the road of having an agency that covers one genre of music. If you do that you end up with a load of guys fighting for the same gig, so we’ve spread the musical genres from quite commercial main stage house down to underground dark room music and every thing in between. We’ve signed people like Marino Canal from Malaga, a 23 year old kid who is firing on all cylinders at the moment. His productions are unbelievable. He recently got his first gig in Fabric London which is kind of a Mecca for underground DJ’s. The owner Keith is a very good friend of mine. He is normally very

George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic– Keynote) Steve Angello (Size Records - Keynote Interview) Annie Mac (Radio 1 – Keynote Interview) Jamie Jones (Hot Natured/Hot Creations – Artist) Seth Troxler (Resident Advisor poll winning DJ – Artist Panel) Danny Tenaglia (legendary New York DJ – Artist) Andrew Scheps (producer/engineer/Pro-Tools creator – Keynote Interview) MK (famed remixer Marc Kinchen – IMS Anthem Remixer 2014) Alfredo (original Ibiza Balearic DJ – Keynote) Paco Osuna (ENTER. resident – The Spanish Underground)

Industry Icons

quiet about what he thinks and tastic. He is getting great supkeeps his cards close to his chest, port from people like Loco Dice but with Marino he made an and Luciano. We were very amazing statement by press re- happy to sign him, again he’s a lease. It was something like “in 23 yr old. this day and age we have such We also have some of your best incredible access to new music Ibiza residents, people like Andy online, but once Baxter, Clara de a decade a “In Ibiza, if you stick at it, Costa, Jason Bay, special talent Alex Wolfenden. you’ll eventually become comes along We signed a young and that talent an institution and people kid from Holland leave you alone. is Marino Cacalled Yax.x. We’ve nal” Marino is got Hutch & Mason also playing WE ARE FSTVL on board. Dene Anthony. The Festival in the UK and then the list goes on, we’re very positive after party at the EGG in Lon- about the kind of talents we take don. on board. They are all producers. We also signed a young kid from We don’t really take on people Birmingham called Samu.L who who only DJ. We need DJ’s is just absolutely born to fly. He making tracks, that’s how you has just put a record out on One make it in this business now. You Records that Martin Buttrich can do 10 gigs and have little remixed. His name started pop- impact, but put out one really ping up everywhere and now we good track and it goes out to the have so many clubs calling us on world. I’m really excited about a daily basis to try and book him. IBZ. We’ve got great artists, a So he’s doing really well too. great team, really good ideas— We’ve got Manu González, and I the future looks really good. want to speak about Manu because he is that rare breed of DJ’s born and bred in Ibiza. His See also comment p3 productions are absolutely fan-

Paul McGuinness (Long-term manager, U2) Daniel Haver and Mate Galic (Founders, Native Instruments) Horst Weidenmueller (Founder,!K7 Records) Alison Wenham (Founder, AIM: Association of Independent Music) Eelko van Kooten (CEO, Spinnin Records) Miles Leonard (Chairman, Parlophone / Warner Brothers UK) Bruce Eskowitz (COO, Red Light Management) Blaise Belleville (Founder, Boiler Room) Jamal Edwards (Founder, SBTV) Steffen Charles (Founder, Timewarp Festival)

Ten Topics

Meet Team Avicii El Row: The Story of the Juan Arnau Family & The Spanish Underground Growing Old Gracefully: Preserving the DJ Career AFEM Presents: The Distribution Debate – What Gets Played, Gets Paid AFEM Presents: Education, Education, Education Youtube and AFEM Presents: Introducing The EDM Playbook ADE & Dutch Impact Present 25 Years of Electronic Music from Holland Off the Wall: 20 Years of Wall of Sound Ticketing Success: Direct Ticketing Brick Countries: Brazil/Russia/India/China/Korea

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

Page 8 t urmer ic (curcum a), c lov es (clavos), or cracked cardamom seeds (cardamomo) but any spice or herb you like would infuse a good flavour. Put these in at the same time as the salt. A good knob of butter whilst the rice is steaming is always a winner! Once steamed use a fork to fluff the rice up, it is now ready to serve or be chilled for later use. Now you have the perfect rice, what better than a simple home style curry This dish is almost too simple to share, and apologies to all the local curry houses but once people have tried this, your weekend takings might take a hit.

Recipe Danny Sarah

Hello food lovers… My name is Danny Sarah and my passion is cooking good food. I try and balance good, healthy, home cooked food during the week with something a bit more extravagant on the weekend. The first recipe I would like to share is a very simple cooked rice dish that would pair with lots of other dishes that I will publish in the future.

Some people seem to struggle with cooking rice so we’ll start with the basics—this always works for me.

Perfect Rice For this recipe there is no need to worry about measurements, weights or volume. Boil a pan of water (enough to cover the rice), once boiling add a good pinch of salt. I usually use a wine glass of rice per portion but that is only because I'm always drinking wine whilst cooking, a good handful of rice per person is about right.

Authentic Curry

Now leave the rice to boil until just cooked through - al dente 4/5 minutes depending which rice you use, though this is not overly important once you have done the recipe a few times. You will find that the firmer you leave the rice the better the finished product is. Now drain the rice in the same vessel you cooked it in, return the lid and leave to steam for a few minutes. There are many tricks to flavouring the rice whilst its cooking, for example if it was to be for an Indian then I would suggest adding some

Ingredients. Chicken, lamb , beef or prawns (raw or leftovers) 2 onions (chopped or sliced) 2/3 cloves of garlic (chopped or grated) Thumb size piece of ginger (chopped or grated) Tin of tomatoes (plum , frito or triturado) or 3/4 fresh tomatoes (chopped) 1/2 litre Water or stock 1/2 teaspoon of cumin 1/2 teaspoon of ground coriander 1 teaspoon paprika (hot or sweet) 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric 1 teaspoon of garam masala Ground chilli to taste or fresh chilli (chopped) Fresh coriander Lemon or lime juice

Method. Slice or chop onions, chop or grate your garlic and ginger. Brown the onions in some olive or vegetable oil (or if it’s the weekend half oil half butter) we are looking for the onions to be quite dark without burning (the darker the onions the better the finished dish). Once the onions are browned, add the garlic, ginger and further fry for a couple of minutes. If you like your curry to have a bit of a kick now is the time to add fresh chilli. Next add all the powdered spices (except for the garam masala) and a good pinch of salt and pepper. Now add the tinned tomatoes or chopped fresh and use the tin to add the same amount of water or stock. If using beef or lamb add (without browning) and cook until sauce has thickened and the meat is meltingly tender for at least an hour on a gentle simmer. Please note if using chicken, prawns or leftovers, then wait until the sauce has thickened before adding meat, as it will be a much shorter cooking time. For a great finish add a teaspoon of garam masala 5 minutes before serving. At the last minute add a handful of fresh coriander and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice as this will lift the flavour. Enjoy! We’re looking forward to many more of Danny’s recipes in coming weeks

Thursdays @ The Olive Tree

Elaine Collins Situated slightly off the usual San Antonio track, The Olive Tree Public House is a bastion of English Gastro loveliness nestled in the hills above San Antonio bay. Proprietors Ana and Roland have certainly put as much effort into the look and atmosphere of The Olive Tree as they have the varied menu, which offered a wonderful selection that would cater to most tastes. While making our selections my

dining companion ordered a Kronenbourg 1664 on draft (which I’m told is nigh on impossible to find on the island) and I tried a very good house white. To start we ordered homemade breads of roast garlic and red onion or walnut and honey all served with olive oil and balsamic dip. My companion decided on the flavoursome smoked mackerel and warm beetroot salad all of which was beautifully presented.

Every Thursday the main menu offers a culinary trip around the world tonight it was Mexico so I chose the chicken fajitas with tortillas. These were served with spicy tomatoes, guacamole, soured cream, nachos with melted cheese and jalapeños, plus a side salad. As a fan of Mexican food as well as having Mexican in-laws, I can vouch that this was a good choice. I particularly liked the way the chicken had been cooked allowing the lime and coriander flavours to come through. My companion went for a more traditional choice of a Desperate Dan sized Steak and Ale pie which he declared delicious along with the

pear and celeriac mash accompanied with seasonal vegetables which all went down a storm. The wine list was pitched just right to complement the menu and at the Ana’s suggestion we ordered an Albariño, Mar de Ons. Well recommended and one we would definitely try again. Sufficiently sated we almost passed on the dessert. Glad we didn’t as the sticky toffee pud was delicious.

The Olive Tree is a must for those who enjoy good hearty food that encourages you to plan your next visit. The restaurant is also open for its very popular Sunday Roast,

booking advised—and that’s not just a marketing line, it really has become a Sunday hit so call first to avoid disappointment. The Olive Tree Public House Calle Cantabria 40, Cala de Bou San Augustine Tel. 971340907 for reservations.

The 2014 Michelin Guide recommends 12 Restaurants in Ibiza & Formentera. S’Oficina; Mirador de Dalt Vila; Nanking; Can Alfredo; El Cigarral; Ibiza Gran Hotel; Sa Nansa; Ca’s Milà; La Casita; La Sal; and the Hacienda Na Xamena all make the grade with two restaurants gaining the addition ‘charming’ designation; Can Curreu and La Masia d’en Sort. Formentera scores well with 3 Restaurants on the list; Pinatar; Sa Volta and Can Dani.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

Page 9

Villa Mercedes &... can’t be sure exactly what they do contain and as today was the first Minichefs session (see below) chef was far to frantic to ask. No mistaking the wasabi though, which together with a sweet chilli and soy mayonnaise should meet most people’s dipping demands.

Main Dorada (Fish) with a succulent aubergine garnish. Always so good to have a really fresh white fish. When a fish like Dorada is perfectly cooked and truly fresh, the best way I can describe it is as if you can still taste the sea. I hope that will make sense to other fish fans out there. The aubergine, peppers and onions again had that subtle smoke of sesame.

Fillet steak with porcini sauce & homemade chips. Nick Gibbs A long leisurely lunch at Villa Mercedes on the hottest day of the year so far. Great company with our oldest Spanish friends going back premillennium, plus views out over the marina and a birthday thrown in for good measure. Then factor in a 3 course menu of sublime quality for 15€ and it all adds up to one of those perfect Ibiza days. If people back home understood living a life full of days like these we’d never

again hear the question “do you think you’ll ever move back”.

Starters Vegetable prawns.



Packed with juicy prawns, red and green peppers and fine soft noodles with that great sesame smoke flavour that was to prove a hit on several of today’s plates.

Grilled goats cheese salad with red fruits vinaigrette and honey. A great example of how everything at Mercedes is

food for the eyes as well as the mouth. The strawberries are always a welcome addition to a summer salad of fresh leaf and popping cherry tomatoes. The caramelised onion and goats cheese also complementing perfectly—and what a piece of cheese.

Gyosas in tempura with sweet chilli sauce and soy mayonnaise. The Japanese dumplings are offered as a 2€ extra which did not deter 2 of us selecting these petite parcels of crispy …. actually I

Beef Skewers with zucchini and peppers with chimichurri. There was no lesser quality of beef on the skewers and this is in no small part (Continued on page 11)

event at Villa Mercedes where youngsters, resplendent in their bespoke aprons and chef hats, are given practical cookery lessons in the kitchen by Villa Mercedes own Chefs. Later they present their plates to 3 highly eminent chefs with the winner on the day going forward to the Grand Final to be held on the 16th April. All proceeds of the final are being donated to APNEEF the Ibiza Disabled children’s charity. On this first Saturday the judges were Chef from

... MiniChefs Mini Chefs is the brainchild of Nuria Moreno of Nuria’s company specialises in providing culinary experience for children. This was the first Mini Chefs

The fillet is a 5€ option— and good job too. If you are going to have steak surely better to pay a little more for a good one—and good it was, very good. Luckily for Rhian Mercedes had provided a steak knife of epic proportions and so she was equipped to fend off attempts to purloin the sirloin.

the Grand Hotel, the Mayor of San Antonio and a representative from Radio de Ibiza. Mini Chefs is running for 5 Saturdays with lunchtime and evening sessions, - however we must forewarn that all weeks are booked so it iswaiting list only. Contact for information on similar forthcoming events including more to come at Villa Mercedes later in the year.

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

Page 10

Community New boat service Claire B AquaBus Ferry Boats now operate a new boat service from Ibiza Town, Figueretas and Playa D’en Bossa to Formentera on Sundays. The price is 29€ (19€ for children) and includes Paella in the harbour of La Sabina in Formentera and sangria on the way back. People who don’t want paella can have a bicycle for free to explore the island instead. The boat leaves Ibiza at 11.00 in front of the Mar y Sol, Figueretas at 11.15 and Playa D’en Bossa at 11.30, returning from Formentera at 17.00. Tel 971317188

‘Natural is’ Claire B A new event taking place every Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00 in the Mercat Vell in Ibiza Town. Organised by the Cooperative Integral D’Eivissa there are stalls selling local products, and there will be yoga, massages and natural therapies available as well as live music, artists, craft stalls and activities for children. A market with a difference and something for all of the family.

Mailbag Thank You Es Canar I would just like to say a big thank you to Eddie, Jo and their customers at The Red Lion in Es Canar for their presentation of a total of 250€ raised at their Valentines Night event. This has been added to my sponsorship totals and will be passed to the Association Contra Cancer Ibiza

& Formentera. I would also like to remind everyone that the annual spring walks to raise funds for charities take place on Sunday 23rd March meeting at Bar Cebo, San Antonio (next to Thomas Greens) at 9-30 am, and Saturday 29th March meeting at Bar Noella Sta Eulalia at 9-30 am. Both walks last for about 2 hours. Information or sponsorship forms are available by calling 971 196394. Margaret Nawaz

The Far East The 2 Old Rockers A UK Sunday On Ibiza. The car was washed, polished and hoovered, just sitting there waiting to go out and show off. It was a beautiful sunny day so it was top down and set off for a cruise around. We eventually found ourselves in Figueretes wandering along the prom when we spotted Restaurant Turo Turo, whose ad we’d spotted in The Ibiza Sun a few weeks ago. The menu outside was promoting their Sunday Roasts which proved too tempting to pass by. As we sat selecting our dishes another customer recommended the Bloody Mary’s saying that she’d tried them all over the world but the one’s at Turo Turo were the best she’d ever tasted. Too much of a challenge for one of us and yes they were well up to, if not exceeding, expectations. The restaurant specialises in Asian food but on Sundays a chef (we’ll call him Neil to protect his identity) is bought in especially to prepare the roasts which were served slightly rare, you can ask for them to be cooked a little more if that’s your preference, with fresh tasty veg and Yorkshire puddings. We would describe Turo Turo as chic

but unpretentious, excellent food, very friendly and efficient service. Roasts are priced from 17€ which includes a dessert of either an amazing Sticky Toffee Pudding or the even more amazing Bead & Butter Pudding. We certainly needed some exercise to work our meal off, so dancing to Abbi at Bar Pio, nearer to home, in Cala Llonga rounded off a lovely Sunday. Mixed Emotions. It was with mixed emotions that we learned that Dan Darvi had decided that it was time for him to part from the editorship Ibiza Sun. We have worked alongside Dan and his wife (that girl in the office) Maria for seven years and it’s been a pleasure to be involved in each edition during that time, just as it was with his predecessor Chris (Big Ed) Langley. We understand only too well the amount of time and effort that goes into each edition, sometimes at the expense of time that should devoted to loved ones. We send Dan, Maria and their two boys, our best wishes for the future and our thanks for the many moments, some of happiness, some of pure despair, that we shared in those seven years. One lesson that Dan did learn during that time was if you buy your wife a pink vacuum cleaner for Christmas, don’t tell anyone, especially us! We now welcome Nick Gibbs and his wife Rhian, assisted by Nicole, to the hot seats. They are a vibrant young team who have some inspirational ideas for the future of The Ibiza Sun, we wish them and the newspaper continued success in bringing you all the island news, a “little” gossip, plus articles, hopefully of interest, from the contributors who you have learned either to love or hate.

Age Concern Ibiza & Formentera Gala Dinner, Saturday 22nd March, Muay Thai Restaurant Full Details Page 15 Letter from Juan

countryside and you should expect to see and experience aspects of wildlife like large rodents scavenging for food. But it came as a bit of a shock to my wife when she went down in the middle of the night to make ironically a cup of relax tea and there in the sink was this large rat sniffing around looking for food or water. All I know is I didn’t realise that my wife had such a fine pair of lungs- the scream was loud and blood curdling. I rushed down the stairs thinking she was being attacked by someone but thankfully it was nothing so frightening and of course our hairy friend had made a rapid exit from the scene. No doubt back down the hole at the back of the spin dryer that takes the exhaust air tube but naturally which didn’t have the tube in it. So a quick taping up of the tube and it was back to bed and back to sleep. The only evidence of the visit was that one of our oven gloves had been chewed apart and the stuffing strewn everywhere. Either it was looking for nesting material or the outside of

Juan Last week as I drove into town I was reminded of the old army expression “if it moves salute it, if it doesn’t move paint it” because everywhere I went they seemed to be painting the white lines on the road. It struck me at the time that the operation was a perfect example of why unemployment is so high these days. Not long ago this operation required about twelve people, some to put down bollards, some to wave start and stop signs and some to drive the paint wagon and some to spray the lines. Now it is carried out by three people one to drive the paint supply/ warning work ahead truck, one to drive the paint spray car and one to press the spray button. Not only is there a great reduction in manpower the whole operation is much quicker. So savings all round but tough on those out of work. The only other bit of excitement last week happened at home when I experienced a good reason and a not so good reason for living in the The "F" Word! campo. The Doris good reason is One day soon this estate will give up the ghost, that your wife Frazzled by its overload, filing endless post, can emit a ReFed up counting figures, fiddling me mouse, eva Steenkamp Used to be one left his droppings all over the house! type scream Firm resolve inside, foaming filthy floors, and y o u r Furry for-footed friends tread with muddy paws, n e i g h b o u r s Frenetically dusting old furniture and sink, don’t either Flashing his red light "Help ! I'm on the blink !" hear it or re- Tempus forgetting away, focused in me head, port that there Facebook told "Shut down" but wouldn't go to bed. may be a Pis- Future looking doubtful with financial stress, torious incident There's no fun and fairness living in a mess, h a p p e n i n g So it's time to sell now, face up to the fact, nearby. The With me dear late father I had made a pact, disadvantage is As he journeyed onward, forgetting which day, that in the I would hold the fort whilst entering his fray, campo you are With me sturdy mop, charging at all fear, living in the I promised to help him for year after year. Then once final curtain called him on his way, I'd find ways to frolic foolishly and play, Riding waves, favourite things, planning holiday, Mindful of me duties - how he had to pay, Financed flat, transport, forever writing cheques, Til dementia turned carers into nervous wrecks. Make sure stuff doesn't end up going for a song, With a firm commitment that we'll finish strong, Forest peace inside me, bring fine food along, Keep our spirits smiling with a lovely pong Wild fresias on me table, foraging for free, Faithful to me mission, laughing, cups of tea, And for all the fighting where our hearts have bled, My van can be painted in fire engine red ! But could someone help me to fill in the cracks ? Please fix me rusty pipes and pay the tax ! Luv Doris the new age guru x email:

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the glove had deposits of some tasty meal and it assumed it was going to be the same on the inside. Anyway considering it is the first such incident in fifteen years we can’t really complain. So block up you holes and remember they are more scared of you than you are of them, especially if you let out a good healthy scream!

Its Good To Talk Kate Stillman Hi, last week I Suffered a miscarriage and I am not sure why I am so upset, the Doctors say I was roughly 8 weeks, I started bleeding and had horrible cramps and went to hospital where they told me. The weird thing is I did not know I was pregnant, we were not trying and though I would have continued to have the baby it is not something that is really in our plans for the foreseeable future. So I am having difficulty coming to terms with what Seems to me to be an overly emotional response to something That I did not want and did not even know about until it was obvious it was not going to happen. Is this Normal because it feels quite strange? Thank you, FR

Dear FR Thank you for your e mail and I am very sorry to hear your about your miscarriage, it seems that physically it was very draining and That combined with your emotional reaction has left you exhausted. I hear you when you say that you do not understand why you are so upset but I urge you not to underestimate the impact of having something almost given to you and having it taken away simultaneously. It feels as if you are giving yourself a little bit of a hard time for feeling the way that you do, well you feel that way for a reason and maybe it is worth exploring some of those feelings and what this means to you on a deeper level, aside from the physical. What you are experiencing is totally standard and of course it is important that you acknowledge feelings and allow yourself to experience them fully rather than try hard to push them aside. This might have been not the right time for you to have a child but it seems as if it has raised some questions and feelings that could be interesting to work through now in preparation for the future and to help you make decisions about how you see your future. Take time and make sure you

Coffee Break

Page 11 rest, focus on yourself and most of all be kind and gentle to yourself. All the best, Kate

“Support Your Local Team” Ibiza Rugby Club vs Bahia Semi Final Play Off 3.45pm Sat 22nd March Can Misses Stadium

View From the Pew Lynne Pamplin Thought for the Week Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10) These words follow on from last week's Thought for the Week, which was the beginning of the Lord's Prayer. Many of us say these words frequently, or at least sometimes, but do we think about what they mean? What is God's kingdom? There are still kingdoms in our modern world, some of which have existed for a very long time. Two obvious examples are those of Spain and the United Kingdom While nowadays the monarch's power is limited, in the past our kings and queens had much more authority. When we talk about God's kingdom, it is those earlier styles of monarchy that we think of – and it is not just a question of more authority, but of absolute authority. That is the kind of kingdom we are praying for. We don't want earthly kings and

A return for the much missed crossword—surprisingly difficult to find a reasonable priced UK English puzzle. Please let us know what you think. Our pool league correspondent Captain Jack Cap’n Wharrie has also set some Brainteasers and puzzles to keep you busy. Answers in next week’s edition. Jack Wharrie This is the start of a magic square. A mathematical puzzle where all the numbers in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lmust add up to the same total. For example this would be a complete magic square as all directions add up to 30. 9 5 16 17 10 3 4 15 11 You have to finish this week’s square using the numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

queens to have absolute power – we have seen too much throughout history of what happens when a mere mortal grasps this kind of power, be it monarch or dictator. God's rule is different: it is a loving authority exercised for the good of humanity. Jesus said to his disciples, “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” When we keep this commandment, we are playing a part in making God's kingdom come on earth. When we pray, “Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”, we are not asking that God will act like a malevolent dictator, demanding obedi-

ence because he has the power instead we are asking for his rule of love to be true in our world. And we are not just asking God to rule in other people's lives: it begins with us! May you know more of God's love in your life. Services & Meetings Sunday 23th March: 11.00 Holy Communion at Capilla de Lourdes, #85, Santa Eulalia 16.00 Messy Church at Centro de Juventud, near the petrol station, San Rafael Monday 24th : Lent course 10.30 at S'Hort de Can Masia Friday 28th : Lent course 18.00 at Can Bagot

Villa Mercedes (Continued from page 9)

due to the chef’s heritage. It would take a crafty butcher to pass off anything but the best to an Argentinean. Served with some delicious baby roast potatoes—good enough to cause one of the now rare exceptions and allow yourself some salt.

Dessert We were happy to let Mercedes prepare a Sortido for the centre of the table. We had Chocolate

brownie, Forest Fruits Cheesecake and both Limon and Mango sorbets. And then with the food finished it is ’Villa Time’. Kicking back in the sun on the terrace after a fantastic lunch with no more cares than which of the speciality Gin and Tonics to go for today. Call me a bore but I prefer a straightforward Larios and Schweppes, but connoisseurs will find plenty to please. Our son is off happily playing with other diner’s children in the gardens that surround the restaurant. Parents from several tables seem to share that unspoken agreement to each take our turn at some supervision of the group, enough to keep everybody smiling but not so much as to detract

from the boozy slumber. Afternoons at Villa Mercedes often result in families joining together, it’s that kind of place. Quality without snobbery, relaxed yet refined. Between the four of us we had several cañas and soft drinks on arrival, 2 bottles of good wine, a half litre of water and the 4 menus which came to a total cost of 105€ - so with a tip around 30€ a head. For this standard of service, environment and of course quality of food it is exceptional value for money.

Also at Villa Mercedes Friday and Saturday nights along with the 15€ menu there is live music from DJ Masyga and friends Thursday 27th March is the final opportunity to enjoy Villa Mercedes Pintxas The following week Wednesday 2nd April is a welcome return to Wasabi Wednesdays offering an Asian tasting menu for 15€ with live music Bookings can now be made for the Balcony tables on the upper floors During April the BBQ will return on Sundays at 15€

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

Tarotscope 19-25 March 2014. Astroblog March 2014 Part3 By Elaine. For Readings Call (34) 619 813 172

ARIES - Seven of Disks You're full of good ideas Aries but isn't it time to put some into practice? If you continue contemplating your navel, you'll miss a financial golden opportunity. The enormity of what you want to achieve may seem overwhelming however, think about the end game. You've done the research so don't be fearful of success. Your money luck is riding high. TAURUS - Nine of Disks Money in the bank is all well and good Taurus but the saying 'money's round to go around', should be your mantra this week. Yes, you've worked hard to build up and conserve what you have. However, this card promises further gains which is why you can afford to dig a little deeper if someone needs a helping hand. GEMINI - Five of Disks Just when you thought you wouldn't get the help you needed (especially financially), toot, toot, toot, the cavalry arrives! Although money-wise it's been scary; you've been shown heaps of love and affection by those who matter most. Just remember, it's the tough times that help us tap into our strengths and importantly, reveals who our true friends are. CANCER - Queen of Disks This signifies a generous woman known to you, that can either financially or by the wealth of her wisdom make a difference to your week. Providing of course you're prepared to listen to advice. Ambitious Cancerians should be on the lookout for new financial opportunities which if acted on, will change your game plan. Your mantra; you snooze, you lose! LEO - Princess of Wands Go easy on yourself & others this week. Conservation of mind, body and spirit is called for. Discernment is a rarely used word but one who’s meaning you should heed for now. Rise above gossip; hold back on judgements. If you think a negative thought; hold it in your heart let it dissipate into something gentler, let it go. VIRGO - The World This card represents success and new beginnings. You've realised that a situation (career-wise or personally), holds little magic and you're not afraid to start again. Sometimes the gap between who we are and who we want to be may seem huge. However, take this opportunity to discover what truly makes you happy and apply your talents to make it so! LIBRA - Queen of Swords Understanding who has your back will be an interesting voyage of discovery for Libra's this week. Possessive or cranky individuals crawl out from under the woodwork; hoping to make life difficult. This may however, spur you on to dish out a few home truths. Remaining Zen will be a test indeed but be true to your ideals. SCORPIO - Eight of Cups Love returning to your life, or a lover coming back? Either way, others this week think you're pretty hot stuff. If your love life has been famine, expect a gourmet feast. You've been given the gift of reflection which has enabled you to examine the value of all your relationships. Those that haven't made the grade are not for you. SAGITTARIUS - Transformation Otherwise known Death in some decks the TAROT. However, let's be clear about this straight away. It doesn't literally mean a death. It refers to doors that are closing in your life, so that others can be opened. It's a BIG card, no doubt about it. Think a chrysalis becoming a Butterfly and a week in which to be extraordinary. CAPRICORN - The High Priest This card empowers you to reconnect with your inner world by guiding you to make the right choices; whether based on common sense, your intuition, or a gut feeling. It’s whatever way works for you. Not all of us decide to have a faith or path to believe in. However, believing in ourselves is certainly just as valid! AQUARIUS - Ten of Cups Expect a light hearted time surrounded by those who admire your talents and love you for being you. Sounds like an amazing week and guess what - it is! This card promises good fortune and the promise of happier times ahead. Please remember that you are here to be happy and to pay this gift forward. Make other peoples day! PISCES - Five of Cups It’s a time of deeper love and understanding with those you're closest too. Don't be tempted to look back or be afraid of the future; even if you are facing an emotional bridge to cross; that’s been holding you back from living a full life. There is one fractious situation that if fences can't be mended now, let it be.

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Sport Ibiza Sun Pool League

Well, you cannot say I didn’t warn you! Across the world – and there’s more to come – chaos and mayhem rule. Top of the pops this week, well today anyway, is the ongoing Ukraine/Russia/Crimea crisis. Syria continues in second spot, while the missing Malaysian airliner grabbed a headline for a day or so. I have to say that I find the ‘mystery’ of the missing plane less plausible than the cynicism with which some people view astrology. With all the spy/counter spy/satellite surveillance/listening systems held by America, Russia, China, and others, all having the capability to read a newspaper headline from an orbiting satellite……….. And they cannot find a huge airliner??? Clearly the fate of the plane is known by some, but it’s all being kept secret, probably in the hope that it will slip from view/interest. Corruption in high places – manipulation by government's) I suspect. They should however all remember that Pluto is still in Capricorn! Since 2008, Pluto in Capricorn has steadily revealed/exposed corruption/manipulation by ‘powers that be’, whether banks, governments, their agencies, the church, the police…. All have suffered the embarrassment of being ‘found out’ in one way or another. The current violent upheavals are linked to the approaching (and threatening?) Uranus square Pluto which becomes exact again on April 16th. The chart is somewhat ominous, and I add it for you to see, as it also features Mars opposite Uranus, implying sudden violence, and Pluto Jupiter opposite Pluto, implying intensity on a huge scale. This combination is a rare one, and is added to by Mars orbit being so close to Earth, thereby intensifying its influence at maximum as it reaches perigee (closest to Earth) on April 8th. Fortunately, Mars will be moving away from Earth by the 16th, so what was the approaching warrior will have passed, but a bit like a close passing train the noise and buffeting continue even as they abate. We have another Uranus square Pluto on December 15th this year, and the final one on March 16th next year, suggesting that the global unrest which has been experienced by 99% of countries will continue until the final square has sufficiently parted by 2016. Though Pluto can take us to a despairing and despondent place, there's always a rebirth on the other side. Life always follows death. Pluto is a planet that transforms whatever life energy it touches. And it does that by shattering the outer structure, so that the core gems can be searched out. That nucleus of what's real and true becomes the foundation for the new. That’s something to remember in the coming months as we may despair at what’s happening around us, beyond our control. My Mum’s saying ‘The tide never goes out so far that is doesn’t come in again’ can be a comforting anchor in such times. All of the above may appear to overshadow the major event of the week, which is the Vernal Equinox. That day when day and night are of equal length, and the days are set to increase in length until the Summer Solstice in June which is the ‘longest day’. The Vernal Equinox signals the coming of spring, signified in the heavens by the Sun moving from Pisces into Aries at 5.37pm on Thursday 20th. Aries is of course ruled by Mars, and so there will be plenty of energy available with the Mars mentality of ‘Full Steam Ahead - Damn the Torpedoes’! Mercury conjuncts Neptune on the 22nd, so fairy stories seem an appropriate analogy. Maybe some news of that missing airliner? Ho Hum! Weather wise there’s nothing surprising. Warmer, as expected, a few damp days and some odd cold days. Mercury is hiding, so the winds will not be as strong. Well, there it is for another week, and I leave you with a quote from Arthur C Clarke: ‘I’m sure the Universe is full of intelligent life – it’s just too intelligent to come here’. Blessings of the Cosmos until next week

JackWharrie Welcome back pool fans! After the return of the big issue I'm bringing you a double lot of no holds barred pool action from clashes so loud they could be heard all over the island! Let's begin with a double set of games from Father Jacks, both of which were against teams that weren't optimal opponents for them. They had to face Ibiza Piratas B in a rescheduled game and Sun and Moon, teams which were 2nd and 3rd in the league respectively. Both matches had the possibility of making this a nightmare week for Father Jacks but they ended up with two very different but also very similar results. In the first match, against Piratas B, the Figueretas Fathers tried to spice the action up, literally, by serving up an apparently very spicy chilli con carne, however this tactic proved fruitless as the Piratas were able to take the heat and carry on their hunt for the top-spot. Father Jacks 2 – Ibiza Piratas B 7. The next night they had to deal with Sun and Moon, a team still bouncing after their victory the previous week. Maybe the win had gone to their heads as they played terribly, giving Father Jacks a great win and for the first time in ages, lifting them out of last place. Father Jacks 7 – Sun and Moon 2. Afterwards was the battle of the A teams as the Smugglers A team went to Ibiza Piratas to take on the Ibiza Piratas A team. The war went on all through the night to show whose plan would come together and gain victory. In the end, the cries of “Death or Glory!” (the smugglers A team's motto) rang through the building and signalled the rise of the true A-Team. Ibiza Piratas A 2 – Smugglers A 7. Next up was a clash between Fish and Ships and Ibiza Piratas B. Both teams were pining for glory, as we all know, as a win would take Ibiza Piratas B further into the lead or get the Fish and Ships side away from bottom. It ended as you would expect a battle between a top team and a bottom team would go, an utter thrashing for the bottom team, leaving them with no choice but to congratulate their opponents for a great night. Fish and Ships 1 – Ibiza Piratas 8. Now for a bit of deja

Page 12 vu as I'm going to round up week 13 with the Ship Inn again. This week they had to face Bar Home at home, so... at the Ship Inn. It turned into a grand night, especially for the visitors, as it seems the Ship Inn's fortress is starting to crumble. Bar Home managed to do exactly the same as Sun and Moon last week and walk away with a win, leaving Ship Inn with a very unusual set of two consecutive losses and bringing Bar Home into 3rd. Maybe a change could be coming around... Ship Inn 4 – Bar Home 5. Now onto week 14, which brought plenty of good results for the away teams. Kicking off, the first result we received was from a match at the Sun and Moon, the first of what will be three consecutive home games for them, as they brought the Fish and Ships team round for a brawl. The away side must have been motivated by their loss last week as they roared into life, taking the fight to their oppo-

nents by winning the first three games and ending up with the win! Sun and Moon 3 – Fish and Ships 6. Following on we had Father Jacks having to leave their base in Figueretas for the first time in what feels like a long time as they had to go to Bar Home. This turned into the war of the week as both teams went win for win, ending up as close as it could have been with the victory ending up in the hands of the home team, Bar Home. Bar Home 5 – Father Jacks 4. Finishing up we had the return of the Smugglers vs Piratas double as it was Smugglers B vs Ibiza Piratas A and Smugglers A vs. Ibiza Piratas B. Both matches followed a very similar path as a pair of great, banter-filled nights emerged both with the exact same ending as the Piratas showed who truly deserved all the sea-based puns and glory. The big highlight of the nights came after the second match as a pool trick-shot challenge was laid out to all comers by a Piratas B player and the only person able to conquer the challenge was Smugglers A's banter-man Paul Worrell! Smugglers B 3 – Ibiza (Continued on page 13)

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Breaking News: Manchester United Win Something (Continued from page 12)

Piratas A 6. Smugglers A 3 – Ibiza Piratas B 6. For anyone wishing join in the fun and contribute to the banter, next week's matches are Fish and Ships vs. Smugglers A, Sun and Moon vs. Bar Home and Ibiza Piratas A vs. Ship Inn on Thursday and Ibiza Piratas B v Smugglers B on Friday, with Father Jacks having the week off. Matches have a tendency to start at 9pm but can be subject to changes to time and date. I'm Captain Jack

“Sparrow” Wharrie, now batten down the hatches everyone, next week's gonna get ugly! Relatively speaking.

Local Football Jack & Ian San Rafael 0-0 Alcudia At Rafal 1-2 Formentera Rotlet Molinar 1-0 Pena San Rafael went into this game having rediscovered their goal scoring, but also with the furore about refereeing decisions going in the favour of Alcudia, remarked upon by Pena’s

management after last week’s game and then by others during the week. San Rafael also knew that any points would help their push away from the relegation zone as 2 teams won and 3 lost in battle around them. It didn’t however, get off to a good start as Alcudia were awarded a corner in the first minute, the clearance was sliced behind for another and then another and San Rafael’s defence was looking shaky, but after clearing the fourth well up (Continued on page 14)

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Sport (Continued from page 13)

the pitch the sigh of relief was audible from the crowd and the Blue’s started to settle down and take the game to Alcudia. In fact it was the home side that could and should have scored the first goal. Adrian Ramos found himself with time and space on the edge of the penalty area and his powerful shot went just wide, really should have made the keeper do some work though. The rest of the first half however, only brought a series of stop and start periods of play due to a whistle happy referee, that brought some half chances for both sides from the free kicks. At the break though most thought that the stand out feature was the referee. In an almost photocopy of the first half, Alcudia had a series of corners that San Rafael dealt with shakily but on the one occasion they managed a shot, Jaime in the local goal, did well to touch the ball wide. San Rafael then started to better themselves and Carvajal rose above everyone to head a cross just over the bar, but the home side continued to press for the opener, the next 10 minutes showed the referee back to the fore with some dubious decisions in favour of the away side which saw San Rafael, direct their efforts into fighting the referee and not the opposition, however Alcudia couldn’t use these opportunities to their advantage, the game petered out with a series of substitutions and free kicks, but, which is not unusual for this level, the last few minutes created more excitement than in the previous 85 minutes. As the home side pressed forward, Alcudia won the ball and advanced with purpose, the attacked the box and Fuster was “brought down” on the edge of the area and fell into the box. The crowd held their breath as it could have gone either way, but the referee decided the original foul was some 5 metres outside the box, next question was, was it a red or yellow card for the challenge, but only a yellow, the resulting free kick was curled brilliantly around the wall, and with Jaime struggling to cover the distance to the ball it flew just outside the top right corner of the net, much to the relief of the home crowd and probably the players. The draw, a fair result on reflection but only little help for either side in their respective battles. Formentera travelled to Mallorca to play At. Rafal, hoping to ce-

ment their positions in the play off places, which they managed, in what seems to be a dull game with the slippery surface playing its part in stopping the free flowing football that most would like to see. Formentera managed to control the game from the start and Armando had a chance in the early minutes to open the scoring but his shot went just wide. However, in the 11th minute, Jose Carlos Moreno received the ball on the left side and advanced with pace skipped past a couple of players got to the edge of the At. Rafal box and let fly with a low drive that the home keeper Ivan couldn’t get down quick enough to stop and went under him into the net, a great moment from Moreno who has struggled with injuries lately. That seemed to knock the stuffing from the home side and they took awhile to regain some momentum but Formentera couldn’t capitalise further. The second half commenced with again Formentera controlling the match and should have extended their lead twice, with efforts from Argilaga, that just went wide from distance and one from Jesus Cruz that struck the post, but those failed attempts seemed to come back to haunt them, when on 58 mins Titi rose between two defenders, from a free kick, to glance the ball passed Contreras. Formentera tried as hard as they could but just couldn’t get going again and then as the final whistle was about to blow Mourad picked up the ball in midfield and drove towards the opposition box, jinked into the box and fired a shot that beat Ivan again, this sent the away bench into raptures and the home crowd despondent. Pena also travelled to Mallorca to play Rotlet-Molinar another top v bottom clash, with suspensions and injuries causing changes to their normal line up it seemed a good game to have this happen with Mallorca B coming to town next week but they still should have had enough fire power to see off their opponents. It came to pass that Pena created chance after chance but either failed to hit the target or found the home keeper in great form. Ayrton had a header that the keeper touch over and the same player was put through by Borja but some last ditched tackling prevented his shot going towards the home goal. Then on 26mins Pedro Garcia let fly with a speculative shot from distance that Seral misjudged and it flew into the net for 1-0. Pena then piled on the pressure with their normal possession football but again it seemed that they had left their goal scoring boots at the airport. They did manage to get the ball

Page 14 in the net, when a Ramiro corner, was headed home, after a scramble by Pomar, but he was adjudged to be offside. The second half was much the same, constant Pena pressure but without the end result and even when Sastre was sent off for a second yellow card with 10 mins left they just couldn’t find the home net. Which, with Mallorca B only drawing at home 1-1 with Ferriolense, they lost their chance to cut Mallorca B lead to 4 points but it is now 7pts. Onto next week the big game is Mallorca B coming to Pena. Kick off Sunday 4.30pm, a big crowd is expected, so get there early. Formentera are at home to Campos kick off 12.00pm on Sunday. San Rafael (16th with 29pts) travel to Collerense (14th with 33pts) kick off 4.30pm also on Sunday, with another challenge against a team around them in the table. Other matches of note for San Rafael are Felanitx (19th with 24pts) versus Montuiri (18th with 27pts) At Rafal (17th with 28pts) play Binissalem and Rotlet-Molinar (15th with 31pts) travel to Alcudia. As always see you there

Jezza’s Sports Report Jeremy Parmenter Hi, Sports Fans, here we are again as another week goes by and hoping that you're enjoying this glorious weather we're having and long may it continue. Great week of Sport to report on so, onwards and upwards! Rugby Union to start, and what a brilliant finale to the RBS Six Nations Championship as Ireland sneaked over the line to win it, with a 22-20 win over France in Paris. England needed to amass a cricket score in Rome against Italy, which they duly did, by 52-11 and then had to wait and hope that France would beat the Irish on their own patch unfortunately for us England fans, we watched in horror as the Boys in Green took the match and the title but give them their due, they did deserve it overall and what a great send off for that Irish legend, Brian O'Driscoll, winning his 142nd and last cap as he headed off in to the sunset. Still, lots of positives for the English, now with a settled and powerful squad to go towards their New Zealand Tour later this year but, more importantly, looking to next year's World Cup, back in Blighty. On the domestic front, my sincere apologies to Exeter Chiefs after my comments last week, referring to them as underdogs in the LV Cup Final against Northampton, as they won a trophy for the first time in 143 years, deservedly beating

the Saints 15-8 just goes to show that you shouldn't take any notice of my predictions! T'was a w/end to remember for you petrol heads out there who just lurve Formula 1, as lots of controversy in the first round of the new season, the Australian GP, eventually won by Nico Rosberg in his Mercedes unfortunately for the team, his colleague and favourite for this year's title, Brit Lewis Hamilton, had a shocker, as starting from pole, he was overtaken before the first corner and then suffered mechanical problems and retired after 3 laps. Disaster for Red Bull as World No 1 Vettell was forced to retire and altho' home favourite Daniel Ricciardo came in 2nd he was controversially disqualified for using too much fuel (?) which allowed the two McLarens of Magnusson and Brit Jenson Button to be promoted to 2nd and 3rd respectively great to see the Brit team come back to form after their miserable season last year. Tennis, and those two old foes, Federer and Djokovic were at it again over the weekend, this time in the Final of the ATP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California, and it was sweet revenge for the latter as he won in an enthralling 3 setter and only with a tiebreak great to see the Ole Man of the circuit, the Fed, in another final, after he beat Novak in their last tournament, as he continues his re-invention and resurgence back in to the world's top 5. Not good news, tho', for Brit Our Andy or, for that matter, Rafa Nadal, as both were beaten in earlier rounds. Cricket and the World T20 Cup started at the w/end, with host country Bangladesh hammering Afghanistan in the first match, followed by Nepal beating Hong Kong, and on Monday, Ireland pipping Zimbabwe with a run off the last ball the Big Boys start their campaigns this week including England playing New Zealand on Sunday. Footie now and what a weekend in the Premier League as the top 4 jostled for places leaders Chelsea had a nightmare at Villa Park as their 14 match unbeaten run came to a dismal end, losing out to Aston Villa 1-0 and having 2 players sent off (the first, absolutely ridiculous and the second justified!) and manager Jose sent to the stands. They were the only losers as Liverpool, definite contenders, humiliated Man United 3-0 at Old Trafford to go 2nd, 4 points behind the leaders but with a game in hand could have been more, as history was nearly created with Stevie G scoring 2 penalties and having a 3rd hit the post, the first time a hat-trick would have

been scored on penalties alone since the inception of the Premier in '92. As for United, it just goes from bad to worse, as not only were they well beaten in front of their own fans, but this was their 6th loss at home this season (in all comps) and they had Vidic sent off, and should have had Rafael off as well. Unusually for Arsenal, they produced a vintage defensive display at the Lane against Tottenham in the North London derby, and won 1-0 with a contender for goal-of-theseason from Rosicky, and are now in 3rd, same points as the 'Pool, whilst Man City also had a red card, for Kompany, but pulled out all the stops to win 20 at Hull and are in 4th, only 6 points behind the leaders, but with 3 games in hand. This season's title race is now definitely between these 4 and is surely going to the wire, altho' Chelsea could put a dent in Arsenal's hopes by winning the derby at the Bridge on Saturday mind you, it could just as well be viceversa! As for the race for Europe, 5th and 6th, Everton in the latter, gave their cause a fillip with a 2-1 home win against banned-Pardew's Newcastle to be only 2 points behind Spurs but with a game in hand, with Man U a further 3 points behind. At the bottom Fulham finally recorded a win as they beat Newcastle 1-0 down by the riverside (Thames not Tyne) but still remain bottom, a point adrift off Cardiff and Sunderland, who, after all their Cup exploits could only draw 0-0 with Crystal Palace, themselves only 3 points off the relegation zone. Elsewhere, West Bromwich helped themselves to new manager Pepe's first win (in 6), 2-1 at Swansea Stoke remain mid-table with a good 3-1 win against West Ham at the Britannia and Southampton, now in 8th and only 3 points behind Man U, beat struggling Norwich, only 4 points off the danger zone (and, by the way, now that we are under new management, and in deference to Delia and her Canary friends, we are not allowed to print N***rwich!) 4-2 at St Mary's. Lots to look forward to in Europe this week, hopefully by the time you are reading this it will be good news for our Chelsea, Man Utd and Tottenham in the Europa. Tis all for this week, lots of good luck to Nick and his new team in the corridors of power, as he takes over our island paper, so until next week........ Even Less Porky Jezza

The Ibiza Sun, Thursday 20th March 2014, Issue 726

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ClaireB (words & photos)

the morning in Av. Santa Eulária in the port, it passes through the main streets of the town on its way to Vara de Rey. For starters, the Ibizan weather performed beautifully, giving us sunshine and blue skies, the perfect backdrop to the colourful explosion of the parade as it passed through the town, making it a joy to stand around and watch everything pass. The ‘Diario’ reported that a record 2,413 people participated in the parade, and there were easily around 30 floats plus individuals of all Carnival 2015 ages taking part this year. We Who likes the idea of the ex pat community were treated to some spectacugetting together and entering our own lar choreographed routines float next year? Good fun and good P.R. from the island’s dance schools Let us know your thoughts. who were out in force – ing Singing in the Rain, The Lion King and The Egyptian Empire with Ibiza Town being no exception. - who shared the procession with Many of the local schools, dance everything from Barbie dolls, hedgeschools and associations take part, hogs, divers, Smurfs, princesses, alongside individuals who compete dancing bougainvillea trees, clouds, for prizes for the best costumes, choskeletons and cans of spinach, demreography and artistic direction. It’s onstrating the endless supply of creaalso an excuse for the local population tivity that exists in Ibiza. The lengthy to dress up and participate in the fun, parade of incredible floats and amazwhich many do. ing costumes passed by in a riot of This year the carnival took place on colour, accompanied by a barrage of Sunday March 2nd. Starting at 11.30 Alec Bettney (photos) Carnivals take place around the island over a few days. I went along to Ibiza Town. Carnival is a festive season that takes place before Lent in many countries (also known as Mardi Gras in some and carnival in Spain). It is usually characterised by a celebration and parade through the streets before the seriousness of fasting or giving up of something for Lent begins. Carnival is serious business in Ibiza, with all the major towns on the island having their own carnival parade,

sound systems, live musicians and an endless stream of confetti. Some groups used the carnival to publicise their protests against the proposed oil drilling and new abortion law to good effect. After the parade, the festivities continued in Vara de Rey into the afternoon, where you could watch the prize-giving, dance to the disco, feast on the Arroz de Matanzas cooked before you (if you could face the huge queue to buy it) or partake from the numerous stalls selling food and drinks. It’s one of the most entertaining days in the annual calendar, particularly welcome at this time of year when there’s not much else happening on the island. And not only is it fun, but it’s free to watch! If you missed it this year, then try and go next year – a party atmosphere descends over the whole town and it’s a great day out.

Ibiza sun 726 eissue March 20th 2014  
Ibiza sun 726 eissue March 20th 2014  

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